10 Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Mexico

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ItemPlastic Injection Molding CompaniesYear Established
2Providence Plastics Mexico1989
4Tooling and Plastics2007
5Plásticos Técnicos Mexicanos1985
6Century Mold1984
7Nova Plastica2004
9Polisac de Mexico1966
10Platinum Tool Group1999
Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Mexico

I. Introduction

Mexico is a country that relies on plastic mold injection to manufacture a wide variety of plastic products. Plastic injection molding is a  manufacturing process whereby a molten plastic polymer is injected into a preformed mold and allowed to cool, assuming the shape of the mold. This process is used for high volume production of plastic products because of its reliability, repeatability, and consistency. Many industries use plastic injection molding to produce parts of other components or end products. Some of the main industries that use plastic injection mold manufacturing in Mexico include the automotive industry, medical industry, and consumer goods sector. With the rising demand for cheaper and high-quality products in the Mexican market, many companies have shifted to offer this service. Mexico has over 100 plastic injection molding manufacturers. Finding the right company to partner with can be challenging, especially when you do not know what to look for. In this article, we have selected the top ten best companies offering injection molding services in Mexico and explained the type of services each company provides.

II. Tetakawi

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://tetakawi.com/industries/plastics/

Tetakawi is a Mexican plastic injection molding manufacturer that was established in 1986 with the aim of providing a world-class manufacturing environment and improving the manufacturing and consumer industries. The company has now grown and focuses on creating an enabling environment for other manufacturers to grow their manufacturing businesses with confidence. Being a leader in plastic manufacturing, Tetakawi produces almost 50% of plastic products in Mexico including primary plastics PET, PVC, HDPE, and resins. Tetakawi has a team of experienced professionals who help other startups with advisory services on how to enter and succeed as plastic manufacturers in Mexico. The company also offers on-site support services such as cost estimation, site selection, payroll administration, and recruitment among others. The manufacturing solutions provided by Tetakawi are used by many industries including aerospace, automotive, textile, HVAC, furniture, and medical industries.

Advantages: Leading manufacturer offering a diverse range of plastic injection molding services.

Address: Sonora, Mexico

Website: https://tetakawi.com/industries/plastics/

Contact: +52 622 225 7000

Founded: 1986

III. Providence Plastics Mexico

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://providenceplastics.com/

Providence Plastics Mexico is one of the leading plastic injection molding manufacturers in North America with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The company has injection molding factories in Monterrey and Queretaro, Mexico. Providence Plastics specializes in custom injection molding, tooling design, fabrication, and other value-added services. The main services provided by this company are insert molding, overmolding, and other post-molding services. These post-molding services include ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, assembly, and pad printing. Providence Plastics has a wide range of material selections with materials like PC, ABS, PBT, POM, HDPE, TPE, and more. The qualities that keep this company on top of the game are competitive prices, flawless quality, flexible manufacturing, and quick response to customer requirements.

Advantages: Specializes in custom injection molding, tooling design, fabrication and assembly.

Address: Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico

Website: https://providenceplastics.com/

Contact: +52 (81) 1599.2635

Founded: 1989

IV.  Plastirey

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.plastirey.com/

Plastirey is a plastic injection molding manufacturer that was founded in 1960 to manufacture affordable plastic products for the consumer industry. This company manufactures plastic packaging products such as caps, bottles, tubes, and jars for food, cosmetics, and other applications. The company has a modern facility in Tamaulipas, Mexico that offers full packaging solutions such as custom and proprietary molds, extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, flexible tubes, and decoration. Plastirey has an experienced design team that helps you throughout the product development cycle, from design and prototyping to high-quality mold manufacturing and design. This company continually refines its products and services to ensure you get maximum production efficiency and high functional safety. All the manufacturing operations of Plastirey are done in-house for maximum quality assurance. This company is ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified.

Advantages: Provides quality injection molding services for a wide range of industries.

Address: Tamaulipas, Mexico

Website: https://www.plastirey.com/

Contact: +52 833 213 1675

Founded: 1960

V. Tooling & Plastic

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: http://www.tpesolutions.mx/?lang=en

Tooling and Plastics is an injection molding company in Mexico that specializes in plastic mold injection and mold fabrication. This company is a one-stop shop for all your molding needs since it covers everything from plastic part design, mold design, mold injection & fabrication, and part of the assembly process. Tooling and Plastics has a team of experienced engineers who deliver end-user products with short lead times of 3 to 15 days. The company has a rapid tooling department that returns quote reports within 24 hours and offers customer support throughout the production process. The main molding services provided by this company include plastic injection molding, insert molding, overmolding, mold fabrication, and product design. Tooling and plastics can manufacture materials from various materials such as plastics and metals with the option of color and masterbatch depending on the customer’s needs.

Advantages: Specialized in precision plastic injection molding and tooling.

Address: Guadalupe, N.L, Mexico

Website: http://www.tpesolutions.mx/?lang=en

Contact: +52 (81) 8327 3229

Founded: 2007

VI. Plásticos Técnicos Mexicanos S.A. de C.V.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://ptm.mx/en/home/

Plásticos Técnicos Mexicanos (PTM) is an advanced plastic solutions company that is dedicated to providing tailored plastic transformation services to all its clients to generate economic values and sustainability. This is one of the largest plastic and POP-handling companies in North America. PTM has three business divisions namely: material handling, point of sale materials, and automotive components. In the material handling division, PTM manufactures comprehensive and strong plastic materials such as crates and pallets for transporting and handling products. In the point of sale division, the company produces branded materials for promoting and advertising your business such as plastic tables and chairs which are useful in marketing. The automotive division focuses on manufacturing strong automotive parts through plastic injection molding. PTM recycles more than 27,000 tons of plastic waste annually for environmental conservation and sustainability with a recycling line that can process more than 2,000 kilograms per hour. PTM has partnered with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Corona, H.E.B.E, and OXXO among others.

Advantages: Offers comprehensive plastic injection molding services.

Address: Mexico City, Mexico

Website: https://ptm.mx/en/home/

Contact: +52 55 5804 7500

Founded: 1985

VII.   Century Mold

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.centurymold.com/

Century Mold is an award-winning molding company that is dedicated to providing molding solutions to their customers’ challenges. The company has an injection molding factory that handles all molding projects from design to build and delivery. Century Mold has an in-house tooling division for tool building with dedicated engineers who work from the US and China. The company has over 50 program managers and engineers in charge of design and program launch who handle design for manufacturability, moldflow analysis, finite element analysis, reverse engineering, and 3D printing technology. The injection molding facility can handle injection molding of up to 2,000 tons, vertical & horizontal molding, multi-material molding, insert molding, and gas-assisted molding. Apart from injection molding, Century Mold offers secondary services such as sonic welding, vibration welding, pad printing, balancing, and assembly.

Advantages: Specializes in injection molding for industrial applications.

Address: Chihuahua and Queretaro, Mexico

Website: https://www.centurymold.com/

Contact: +52 614 8933 000

Founded: 1984

VIII.  Nova Plastica

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.novaplasticasa.com/

Nova Plastica is a plastic injection molding company that was created in 2004 to fill the gap in the demand for plastic products in Mexico. The company has a dedicated team of experts that has managed to create a national impact in plastic manufacturing through continuous improvement of service and quality in the plastic products produced. The company owns more than 15 different plastic container designs used in the tailor-made to meet the food industry standards and consumer industry standards. Today Nova Plastica has more than 200 international clients with its presence in other countries such as Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean. This company is ISO 9001 certified because of the quality of its products.

Advantages: Provides a variety of plastic injection molding services and plastic parts for different industries.

Address: Nuevo León, México

Website: https://www.novaplasticasa.com/

Contact: +52 81 8386 4078

Founded: 2004

IX. Rocand

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo Source: https://rocand.com/en

Rocand is a leading company in injection molding with advanced knowledge in extrusion blow molding and high-tech complex injection molding. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has gained a positive reputation because of its strong relationships with clients and its high technological expertise in plastic injection molding. Rocand has a unique business approach of bonding with its clients through constant engagement throughout the production cycle to ensure that all the customer requirements and specifications are met in the final product. Rocand has invested in the latest technologies to remain at the top of the game. The company facility has the latest CAD, CAF system, laser scanning, and reverse engineering capabilities. Rocand is equipped with heavy machinery for high-volume production and molding machines that support pressures of 35 to 35000 tons for injection molding.

Advantages: Specializes in high volume, precision plastic injection molding.

Address: Silao, Guanajuato

Website: https://rocand.com/en

Contact: +52 418 656 9917

Founded: 1996

X. Polisac de México

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.polisac.com/en/

Polisac de Mexico is a plastic injection molding company that was established in 1966 as a pioneer in plastic containers and packaging manufacturers. The company was formed in Spain but it has grown to become an international company with branches in other countries such as Mexico, the United States, and Italy. The company handles the complete process of converting polyethylene pellets to the final product in its in-house facility. This ensures quality assurance and complete control of the manufacturing process without external subcontracting. Polisac has equipped its manufacturing factories with traceability systems that monitor the manufacturing process to detect irregularities for faster on-site correction. This ensures that the products produced are of the same conformity and quality. Apart from injection molding, Polisac offers other additional services such as printing, and branding the final product as well as warehousing for storage according to the client’s needs. This company has a team of young talented innovators in its research and development department who have developed their own patented products. Some of the main products manufactured by Polisac include courier bags, airport security bags, self-locking zip bags, and sacks among others.

Advantages: Offers comprehensive services from mold design, and injection molding to assembly and packaging.

Address: Guanajuato, Mexico

Website: https://www.polisac.com/en/

Contact: +52 462 633 0148

Founded: 1966

XI. Platinum Tool Group

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://platinum-tool.com/

Platinum Tool Group is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision molds for the high-quality mold manufacturing industry. The company specializes in the production of high-quality molds, mold repair and maintenance, and engineering for molds and tooling. Platinum Tool Group has a presence in the whole of North America, covering Mexico, Canada, and the United States. This company produces innovative injection molding solutions for automotive and non-automotive parts. Platinum Tool Group has a group of experienced technicians who provide full design and engineering for any size of injection molding project. Some of the main services provided by this company include plastic injection molding, high-quality CNC machining, mold manufacturing, mold repairs, and project management. The company also offers custom plastic injection molding services which are structured to achieve maximum productivity with the highest quality possible.

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of high precision molds for automotive and non-automotive parts, expertise in mold design and engineering.

Address: Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

Website: https://platinum-tool.com/

Contact: +52 (844)454-5700

Founded: 1999

XII. Conclusion

As seen above, all these companies provide comprehensive plastic injection molding services. Although these companies do not offer similar services, each company has built trust and a positive reputation with clients through quality and exceptional service delivery. When looking for a plastic injection molding company, consider your requirements and specifications, and then contact your preferred company to get concrete information about what to expect. Mexico has one of the biggest turnover in plastic products globally. This means that the plastic injection molding industry will continue to grow as technology advances.


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