TDL: Leading Company of Plastic Injection Molding in China!

TDL offers full custom mold design, mold manufacturing, and plastic injection molding for automotive, medical, electronics and consumer goods industries.

About TDL

Who We Are

TDL Plastic Mould CO., LTD is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Established in 1995, covering 6500 square meters, Tdl has been offering mold-making services for clients around the world.

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TDL Robust Capabilities Behind Numbers

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Products We Have Done

Diverse Industry Solutions

Medical molds

Specialized innovations focused in meeting the unique needs of the medical industry


Advanced mold solutions for the automotive industry's unique demands


Tailored aerospace mold solutions for precision and quality

Industrial molds

Custom industrial molds for high-volume production and efficiency

Automation & Robotics

Precision mold solutions for automation and robotics industry

Electric & Electronics

Specialized molds for complex electric and electronics applications.


What products have we made?

What We Do

We can provide one-stop service

Plastic Product Design

Product Design

Our comprehensive product design services ensure that we work with our clients from the beginning stages to make improvements on all technical drawings, including 2D and 3D files, to ensure the best possible outcome for each project.
Mold Design

Mold Design

Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and innovative strategies to deliver top-quality mold designs that are optimized for efficient and effective production.
Mold Manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing

TDL's precision mold manufacturing process combines advanced technology with expert craftsmanship to deliver high-quality, durable molds for our clients
Injection Molding

Injection Molding

TDL's injection molding process leverages cutting-edge equipment and techniques to produce top-quality plastic components for a wide range of industries
Surface Finishes

Surface Finishing

TDL's comprehensive secondary process services include surface finishing, assembly, and packaging to deliver finished products that meet our clients' unique needs and specifications.

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Why choose TDL?

Experience, Expertise, and Excellence: The Advantages of Choosing TDL Engineering Solutions.

20 + Years Experience

For over 20 years, TDL mould has excelled in creating plastic tools for the automotive, medical device, and electronics industries.

Advanced Equipment

TDL factory is equipped with advanced mold manufacturing equipment and precision measuring instruments CMM.

On-Time Delivery

TDL schedule every mold projects manufacturing process very well, can guarantee on-time delivery for each production.

Professional Team

TDL mold design & engineering team has 34 skilled engineers to provide technical support for plastic mold making and plastic processing.

One-Stop Solution

TDL offers one stop solution to meet customers all demands about plastic mould and customized plastic products manufacturing.

Good After-sales Service

TDL is responsible for quality of each mold, will sign mold quality warranty with customers for every tools.

How Does TDL Achieve Precision in Automotive Door Handle Mold Manufacturing?

TDL excels in automotive door handle mold manufacturing by leveraging advanced technology and innovative solutions. They meet stringent client requirements for precision, quality, and short lead times through meticulous design, mold flow analysis, and rigorous quality control, ensuring superior performance and aesthetic standards.

door handle

Precision in Every Mold: TDL’s Seamless Solution for Quick Fit Corp

Uncover TDL’s transformative impact on injection molding for Quick Fit Corp. Our precision engineering eradicated defects, ensured timely delivery, and set new industry standards with a mold life of 500,000-800,000 shots. Explore the case study showcasing our commitment to accuracy, reliability, and cost-effective, fully automatic production that surpasses client expectations.

plastic injection mold on automotive industry

Precision Redefined: TDL’s Excellence in Bryant Tube Mold Manufacturing

Delve into TDL’s prowess in Bryant Tube mold manufacturing, where challenges of product eccentricity, dragging, and whitening are met with precision and innovation. Explore TDL’s mold design ingenuity, meticulous flow analysis, and machining excellence. This case study narrates how TDL overcame difficulties, ensuring high accuracy and a long mold service life while achieving short manufacturing cycles. Witness TDL’s commitment to quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Unfolding Precision: TDL’s Mastery in Collapsible Core Mold Manufacturing

Step into the world of TDL’s expertise as it tackles the challenges of collapsible core mold manufacturing. Discover how TDL’s technology caters to high-precision gear components, ensuring a seamless surface and perfect chrome painting finish. This case study unveils the intricacies of mold design, flow analysis, machining precision, and quality control, exemplifying TDL’s commitment to delivering molds that go beyond expectations.

collapsible mold project

Precision Healing: TDL’s Innovations in Medical Mold Manufacturing

Embark on a journey into TDL’s groundbreaking advancements in medical mold manufacturing. Uncover the intricacies of crafting molds for life-saving medical components with TDL’s precision technology. This case study narrates how TDL’s expertise addresses the unique challenges of medical-grade materials, stringent quality control, and the demand for impeccable precision. Explore TDL’s commitment to excellence, ensuring the seamless production of medical molds that meet the highest industry standards.

Soaring Horizons: TDL’s Prowess in Aerospace Mold Manufacturing

Dive into the realm of aerospace innovation with TDL’s exceptional mold manufacturing solutions. This case study illuminates TDL’s role in shaping the future of aerospace components, overcoming challenges in material resilience, complex geometries, and stringent industry regulations. Witness how TDL’s precision engineering propels aerospace manufacturing to new heights, delivering molds that redefine excellence in the sky. Explore the narrative of TDL’s commitment to elevating aerospace technologies through cutting-edge mold manufacturing.

aerospace plastic injection molding

Powering Efficiency: TDL’s Breakthrough in Consumer Products’ Mold Manufacturing

Embark on a journey through TDL’s transformative solutions in Consumer Products’ mold manufacturing. This case study unveils TDL’s instrumental role in enhancing the production processes of a leading consumer product manufacturer. Discover how TDL tackled challenges in precision molding, durability, and efficient production cycles to redefine the standards in the consumer product industry.

Cup made from injection molding

TDL’s Impact in Robotics Component Mold Manufacturing

Dive into the world of robotics through the lens of TDL’s groundbreaking mold manufacturing solutions. This case study illuminates TDL’s pivotal role in revolutionizing the production processes for a cutting-edge robotics company. Uncover the intricate challenges TDL addressed, from precision molding to intricate component design. Explore the narrative of how TDL’s mastery in mold manufacturing played a crucial role in elevating the quality, accuracy, and durability of robotic components.

robotic Automation injection molding

Our Equipment

Plastic Injection Molding Quality


High Speed CNC Machines

High Speed CNC Machines

plastic injection molding material selection and product design fundamentals

Double-Head EDM Machines

product mold design manufacturing bottle


plastic product design molder

CNC machining Workshop

molded product design advanced

Plastic Injection Molding Room

molds manufacturers

Mirror EDM Machining

product design concept molder

Mould Spotting Machine

Meet Us In Trade Shows

2012 NPE USA

Plastic & Mold Exhibition

2014 IRANPLAST exhibition

Machinery, Plastic & Rubber Exhibition

2021 ChinaPlas

Plastic Mold & Injection Molding

2012 NPE USA

Plastic & Mold Exhibition

2016 K exhibition Germany

Plastic & Rubber Exhibition

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Plastic Technology Mold & Injection Molding

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What our customer say

From start to finish, the team at TDL was knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful. They took the time to understand my needs and worked with me every step of the way to ensure that the final product was exactly what I wanted. The mold they created was of the highest quality and has held up perfectly over multiple runs.

Mike Kendricks