Plastic Injection Molding Production

TDL equipped with plastic injection molding machines can support high-volume injection molding production for customers. With the high energy cost in Europe, production in China will be more beneficial. At the same time, the delivery cost by air by sea has been going down since the Covid-19 breakout. We can create more benefits for our customers.

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TDL has strict quality control for injection molding production.

We make high-quality injection molded plastic parts for plastic products, such as consumer electronics products, automotive inner decorative trim, and plastic parts, high precise medical device, high surface requirements plastic parts, beauty device plastic parts, massager plastic parts, watch plastics, electronics plastics, etc.

After plastic injection molding production, TDL supports customers with post-processing service such as surface finishing, ultrasonic welding, hot melt welding, trimming, screwing, laser engraving, product assembly, and etc for plastic product OEM manufacturing.

Plastic injection molding for medical device plastic cover.

We also support customers in the medical industry with ISO8 cleanroom injection molding production and PVC injection molding production in a cleanroom.

We produced medical tips, medical centrifuge tubes, medical manifolds, medical stopcocks, medical Luer connetors & Luer caps, medical applicator plastic parts, syringes, and PET vacuum blood collection tubes.

TDL makes stainless steel molds according to SPI-SPE standard class 101 for the medical industry can be fully automatic injection molding production.

Mold injection molding cycle is 1,000,000 shots. Material for medical device are PP, Lexan HP1-1H112 (PC), Geon M4910 TRANS9494 (PVC), Cycolac HMG47MD-1H1000 (ABS), Lustran 348-000000 (ABS), Makrolon RX2530-451118 (PC), etc.

Plastic Injection Molding Material and Application

Common used material and detailed application help you to choose correct material for your plastic product.

Plastic Material

Polystyrene (PS) PES Polycarbonate (PC) ABS
Polyetherimide (PEI) HIPS PU Plastic PVC
TPEE Nylon PA-6 Polybutylene (PBT) LLDPE
Acrylic (PMMA) Polyphenylene oxiole (PPO) silicon rubber HDPE
Polysulfone (PSU/PSF) Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) Santoprene TPV Polypropylene (PP)
Polyurethane rubber (TPR) PEEK Polyethylene (PE) Soft PVC
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PETP) GPPS Polyurethane elastomer (TPE) LDPE

To know more detailed application about the injection molding material, please go to TDL blog.


TDL plastic material for medical & life science industries





HMG47MD-1H1000 (ABS)



HMG47MD-7H1D398 (ABS)



HP1-1H112 (PC)



348-012002 (ABS)



348-000000 (ABS)



348-904000 (ABS)



RX1805-451118 (PC)

Blue Tint


2458-550115 (PC)



RX2530-451118 (PC)

Blue Tint


8281-35MED (TPV)



8281-45MED (TPE)



8281-55MED (TPE)



181-55MED (TPV)



281-73MED (TPE)



8281-75MED (TPE)



8281-91MED (TPE)



M4910 TRANS9494 (PVC)

Blue transparent

SPI-SPE plastic mold classifications and standard

The mold category is divided into the following categories according to the American SPI-SPE standard.

SPI-SPE standard Class 101 Injection Mold

Cycles 1,000,000 shots or more, extremely high production mold

1. Detailed mold design required.
2. The minimum hardness of mold base material is 280BN. (DME #2 steel / 4140 steel)
3. The inner mold cavity/core steel must be as hard as 48~50HRC. All other details, such as sub-inserts, slides, heel blocks, gibs, wedge blocks, lifters, etc. should also be of hardened tool steels.
4. The ejection board must have guide posts.
5. Slides must have wear plates.
6. If possible, the mold cavity & core and slides should have temperature control.
7. For all cooling, it is recommended to use electroless nickel or 420 stainless steel plates. This can prevent rust and clean up garbage.
8. Need parting line locks for 101 class molds.

SPI-SPE standard Class 102 Plastic Mold

Cycles 1,000,000 shots or more, extremely high production mold

1. Detailed mold design required.
2. The hardness of the mold base material is at least 280BHN. (DME #2 steel / 4140 steel)
3. The inner mold cavity/core steel should be as hard as 48~52HRC at least, and the other useful mold components should also be treated in the same way.
4. It is recommended to use parting line locks for 102 class molds.
5. The following items may or may not be required. It depends on the final production quantity. It is recommended to check if the following items are used when make a plastic mold quotation.
A. Ejector plate guide post.
B. Slide ware plates.
C. Electroplating water line.
D. Electroplating mold cavity/core. 

SPI-SPE Class 103 Injection Mold

Cycles less than 500,000 shots, medium production mold

1. Detailed mold design required.
2. The minimum hardness of mold base material is 165BHN. (DME #1 steel / 1040 steel)
3. The inner mold cavity/core steel is P20 (28~32HRC) or high hardness (36~38HRC).
4. The rest of the requirements depend on the need. 

Class 104 Injection Mold

Cycles less than 100,000 shots, small production molds

1. The mold design is required.
2. The mold base material P20 (28~32HRC) can be made of mild steel or aluminum. (1040 steel)
3. The inner mold cavity/core can be made of aluminum, mild steel or other approved metals.
4. The rest of the requirements depend on the need. 

Class 105 Injection Mold

Cycles less than 500 shots, rapid prototypes or test mold

Can be cast aluminum or epoxy or whatever material is strong enough to produce the minimum number of parts, or prototypes.

Make your injection molding production more efficient

TDL plastic injection molding department support high-volume production. Our factory is equipped with 2K injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, micro injection molding machines, a fully automatic injection molding system, and a cleanroom injection molding environment to support customers` various demands regarding plastic product manufacturing.

We are capable of overmolding, insert molding, IMD molding, micro injection molding, gas assist injection molding, etc. Besides injection molding production, TDL also supports surface finishing, plastic product secondary processing, assembly, packaging, etc to help customers save costs overall.

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TDL team is proficient in various injection molding technologies to provide customers with high-quality injection molding production.


Why choose TDL plastic mold making?

High quality and cost-effective mold making, rich mold manufacturing experience makes TDL more trustworthy, also create more benefits for customers.

Following mold projects show TDL benefits and Challenges:


Automotive Industry: large bumper mold, large dashboard mold, precise headlamp mold, taillamp mold, rearview mirror mold, water tank mold, fuel system connect mold

Medical Industry: medical device mold, medical tips mold, medical manifold mold, medical centrifuge tubes, medical stopcocks, medical Luer connetors & caps, medical Y-connector mold

Consumer Electronics & Plastics: rectangular box filter, drone plastic part mold, applicator mold, massager mold, optical lens mold, plastic reflector mold, coffee maker mold, vacuum cleaner mould


  • It is difficult to process the complex three-dimensional surface of the product design, which requires longer time cost and high-end equipment investment.
  • Mold manufacturing technology is updated rapidly, and the engineering and technical team needs to continuously improve their technical capabilities.
  • New plastic raw materials are put into use, and injection molding production requires more trial and learning.
  • Diversified plastic product production, in addition to mold manufacturing, product surface requirements and assembly also require more technology and services.

Plastic injection molding applications

From functional prototypes to full production runs, plastic injection molding’s key industrial applications include:

Consumer electronics

TV, VCR, Camcorders, Integrated Audio, Record Players,  Telephones, Personal Computers, Home Office Equipment, Home Electronic Healthcare Equipment, Automotive Electronics, Digital Cameras, Wireless data communication devices, Video game devices, Smart watches, Drones, VR gaming equipment, etc.

Automotive products

Car bumpers, instrument panels, engine parts, water tank cover, air conditioning accessories, air filter parts, sunroof, steering wheel cover, car interior parts, rearview mirrors, buckles and fixing parts, lamp housing, automotive grilles, rear view mirrors, instrument panel body frame, battery brackets, electric control boxes

Medical products

Medical device, ventilator parts, medical tips, medical centrifuge tubes, medical manifolds, medical stopcocks, medical luer connetors & caps, applicator parts, syringes, PET vacuum blood tubes, laboratory device & equipment, testing instruments,  life science products, massager, health care device, beauty device, etc.

Bathroom products

Faucet accessories, bathroom showers, toilets cover, bathroom equipment, bathroom appliances, sanitary ware accessories, hand dryers, hair dryers, trays, plastic storage boxes, storage shelves, exhaust fan, makeup organizer, toilet tissue roll holder, paper dispenser, soap dispenser, pump, LED mirror accessories, wireless speaker.

Security products

Cameras, shooting lenses, network video recorders (NVR), hard disk video recorders (DVR), terminal monitoring equipment, optical transceivers, infrared detectors, alarms, electronic fences, emergency alarm buttons, control equipment, anti-theft security doors and intercom systems

Aerospace products

Aircraft and spaceship cabins, door handles, joysticks, helicopter fins, aircraft interiors plastic parts, fairings, engines parts, plastic seals, seats accessories, instrument panels, lighting, turbines, gears, bearings, impellers, blades, nuts , shuttle, sleeve, sleeve connector, etc.

Military parts

Military communication equipment, radar system equipment, radar cover, military equipment parts, rescue equipment, portable survival equipment, etc.

Small kitchen appliances

Coffee Maker, Rice Cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, Oven, Microwave, Fruit and Vegetable Washer, Dishwasher, Egg Steamer, Milk Maker, Juicer, Electric Kettle, Water Heater, Sterilizer, Toaster, Refrigerator, Sandwich Oven, beverage Dispenser, etc.

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