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TDL Plastic Mould CO., LTD is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Established in 1995, covering 6500 square meters, Tdl has been offering mold-making services for clients around the world.

About TDL

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Welcome to TDL Plastic Mould CO., Ltd We were founded in 1995 as an enterprise specializing in mold design, manufacturing, and injection molding. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient products and services. We also have a professional product design and CNC processing team to provide customers with one-stop services to meet their various needs.

Our products are widely used in medical, automotive, consumer electronics, and other industries.

Our company has obtained various international certifications and honors, which are a testament to our pursuit and commitment to quality and service.

Our mold design team is composed of a group of professional technical talents who have rich experience and innovative thinking to provide customers with comprehensive mold design services.

Our mold manufacturing production team is composed of a group of skilled professionals who have 20+ years experience and advanced technology in mold manufacturing, from mold design to manufacturing and mold trial. We have advanced mold manufacturing equipment, including MAKINO, FANUC, DAHLIH, YCM, DAHLIH CNC machines, Wire-EDM machines, EDM machines grinding machines, etc., which can meet customers’ various needs.

Our injection molding team is composed of a group of skilled and experienced professionals. We have advanced injection molding equipment, including YIZUMI, from 90 Tons to 650 Tons automatic injection molding machines, which can meet customers’ various needs.

We have a variety of advanced secondary processing technologies, including injection molding, painting, silk printing, pad printing, ultrasonic welding, heat staking, powder coated, transfer printing, electroplating, sandblasting, assembly, and other processes, which can meet customers’ different needs.

Quality control is an important department in our company. Our testing equipment includes CMM, Optical projector, hardness tester, 2 sets HEXAGON CMMs, 1 set SEREIN-Optical projector, 2 sets hardness testers.

Our service team always adheres to the concept of “customer first” to provide customers with professional, efficient, and thoughtful services.

Our technical director has over 25 years of experience in the mold industry. His profound understanding of the industry and rich technical expertise provide strong support for the company’s technical research and innovation.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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Our Robust Capabilities Behind Numbers

Dive into the compelling statistics that reflect TDL’s decades-long expertise, millions of products delivered, and a global clientele in mold-making.

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TDL Culture

Company Culture

Quality First

At TDL, we place an utmost importance on the quality of our products and services. We've implemented advanced quality control measures, such as CMM, Optical projectors, and hardness testers, to ensure our offerings meet international standards.

Innovation Driven

Our company is committed to innovation. Our teams are composed of experienced professionals with innovative thinking, consistently pushing the boundaries in mold design, manufacturing, and injection molding.

Dedication to Excellence

We were founded in 1995 and have since then been dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient products and services. Our technical director, with over 25 years of experience, is a testament to this dedication.

Customer-Centric Approach

At TDL, the customer always comes first. We provide a range of services to meet various customer needs, and we strive to provide professional, efficient, and thoughtful services to all our clients.

Our Management Team

Meet Our Expert Team: The Driving Force Behind TDL Mold’s Innovative Solutions.

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