10 Best CNC Machining Companies in Mexico

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ItemCNC Machining CompaniesYear Established
1Intermex Industrial Parks1971
2Macimex 1996
3XACTO, S.A. de C.V.1988
4TECMA Group1986
6A&G Precision1989
7MTI de Baja, Inc.2006
9Sussek Machine Company1960
10Grupo Conmet1964
CNC Machining Companies in Mexico

I. Introduction

Mexico is one of the largest economies to switch to the use of precision machines in the manufacturing industry in the last decade. The country has been purchasing a lot of precision machinery such as CNC machines to work in the wood, furniture, and metal processing sectors. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining refers to the use of computer-controlled programs to operate equipment such as mills, lathes, cutters, and grinding machines. The use of CNC machining has improved the production process because of its precision and minimum need for human intervention. This automation of production has led to flexibility and improved quality in the end products. It has also reduced the amount of waste in raw materials by 20 percent. These are among some of the reasons why many manufacturing industries have turned to CNC machining to streamline their production processes and maximize profits. The demand for CNC machining services in Mexico has led to the growth of many companies offering these services. In this article, we will look at the top ten best CNC machining companies in Mexico and the types of services they offer.

II.  Intermex Industrial Parks

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.intermex.com/

Intermex Industrial Parks is a Mexican multinational company that was founded in 1971 to help other high-quality mold manufacturing companies set up shop in Mexico with the best strategies for success. The company is structured in such a way that it helps other companies access the Mexican market. Intermex Industries has diversified in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, appliances, and metalwork sectors. The company has an industrial park equipped with advanced CNC machining tools that are available for use by other smaller manufacturing companies in Mexico. The main aim of Intermex is to provide resources and facilitate new companies to start operations in Mexico. By providing advanced CNC machines to new industries, this company helps to reduce the initial startup cost. Intermex also provides other secondary services such as logistics, business structuring, and site selection.

Advantages: Leading industrial development company providing CNC machining services among others.

Address: Chihuahua, Mexico

Website: https://www.intermex.com/

Contact: +52 614 439 0900

Founded: 1971


CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: http://www.macimex.com.mx/

Macimex is a manufacturing company in Mexico that specializes in the manufacture of CNC machined components. The company was formed in 1996 but it has merged with other companies to form the QUIMMCO group. This is a group of companies specializing in precision components for the high-quality mold manufacturing industry. The reason for merging is to combine resources and explore the global market. The QUIIMCO group is a global company with 5 main manufacturing facilities all located strategically along industrial corridors. These facilities have various capabilities such as casting, forging, machining, and e-mobility. Macimex, under the QUIMMCO Group, specializes in the manufacture of CNC machined parts for light vehicles, commercial vehicles, agriculture, and other industrial applications. The company has horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers for manufacturing high-precision parts. The company also has modern equipment such as orbitals for eccentric machining, turn-broach, and other special equipment for CNC drilling and turning.

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacturing of CNC machined parts for a wide range of industries.

Address: Nuevo León, México.

Website: http://www.macimex.com.mx/

Contact: +52 81 8384 1100

Founded: 1996

IV.  XACTO, S.A. de C.V.

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.xacto.com/

XACTO is a precision manufacturing company that has honed the art of precision machining since its establishment in 1988. When the company was initially established, it was the sole manufacturer and supplier of knives and surgical blades used by American soldiers. Today, the company uses CNC machining to produce precision cutting tools for various uses. Some of the main products produced by XACTO include precision knives, pencil sharpeners, and office cutter blades. All the products from XACTO are made from stainless steel and precisely engineered for maximum sharpness and durability. You can find products from this company in all the major wholesale and retail shops such as Amazon, Walmart, Staples, and Office Depot

Advantages: Offers comprehensive CNC machining services and high-quality components.

Address: Querétaro, Mexico

Website: https://www.xacto.com/

Contact: +52 442 295 2620

Founded: 1988

V. TECMA Group

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.tecma.com/

TECMA Group is a Mexican company that specializes in helping other manufacturing companies set up shop in Mexico and start operations as soon as possible. The company was established in 1986 and it has diversified into various industries over time. The main aim of TECMA Group is to facilitate and guide new companies in exploring the Mexican market with as little hassle as possible. The main service offered by the company is manufacturing support services such as CNC machining, logistics, recruitment, facility management, and government compliance. By providing these services, TECMA ensures that you run your production operations without worrying about other issues. The company also has machine parks and factories where new companies can access modern manufacturing tools such as CNC machines, 3D printers, and branding equipment. TECMA services can help you save costs by 20 percent while giving you access to the global market. Some of the main industries that use TECMA Group services include automotive, aerospace, electronics, roto molding, plastics, and textile industries.

Advantages: Leading provider of manufacturing support services, including CNC machining.

Address: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Website: https://www.tecma.com/

Contact: +52 656 227 1900

Founded: 1986

VI. Jotech

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://jotech.mx/en/

Jotech is a Mexican company that specializes in tech support and CNC machining sales representatives of premium and global machine tools manufacturers. The company was established in 1992 with its technical team based in Querétaro, Mexico City, Puebla, and Monterrey. Jotech focuses on providing support for custom projects where design and product functionality is a challenge. The company has a team of experienced designers and engineers who help customers and machine tool manufacturers develop customized solutions to manufacture quality products. The company has partnered with many internal brands such as General Electric, Sanfran, Grupo CIE, Tamsa, and Magna among others. The main services offered by Jotech are tech support and automation in mechanic and electric machining, particularly on CNC machines. These support services include full diagnosis of CNC machines, machine relocation, mechanical and electrical mounting, CNC retrofitting, CNC upgrading, machine tool refurbishing, and turn-key processes. Jotech is also a leading supplier of CNC machines’ original spare parts. In addition, the company offers comprehensive training for CNC machining. All the technicians in this company are regularly trained through the company’s partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers. The solutions provided by Jotech are used in industries such as foundry casting, mold & die tooling, cutting tools, and other industrial manufacturing industries.

Advantages: Specializes in tech support for CNC machining manufacturers. custom CNC machining projects consultation.

Address: Querétaro, Mexico

Website: https://jotech.mx/en/

Contact: +52 656 251 8715

Founded: 1992

VII.   A&G Precision

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://agprecision.ltd/

A&G Precision is a family-owned company that specializes in the manufacture of high-precision components. The company was formed in 1989 and it has three main manufacturing facilities including in Mexico. The company has invested in state-of-the-art technologies and machines to remain at the top of precision manufacturing in the aerospace and other industrial machining sectors. A&G Precision has a fully equipped machine park, loaded with 3,4,5 & multi-palletized machining centers, CNC turning machines, CNC milling machines, 3D printing technology, ERP systems, inspection tools, and assembly lines. The company uses advanced offline CAD/CAM software which ensures seamless data compatibility and efficient machining strategies. A&G Precision uses the latest metal testing processes such as non-destructive testing, hardness & conductivity testing, blasting, PEEK Etching, pressure testing, intricate masking, and part marking among others.

Advantages: Offers precision CNC machining services for a variety of industries including automotive and aerospace.

Address: Guanajuato, Mexico

Website: https://agprecision.ltd/

Contact: +52 477 772 5880

Founded: 1989

VIII.  MTI de Baja, Inc.

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.mtibaja.com/

MTI de Baja, Inc. is a precision machining and manufacturing company located in Baja California Mexico. The company was founded in 2006 and it operates the largest aerospace machine shop in Mexico. MTI de Baja, Inc. specializes in providing manufacturing services related to precision metal machining and assembly according to customer design and specifications in the aerospace and other commercial industries. The company is always dedicated to staying at the top of precision machining through continuous improvement and team training in high-quality CNC machining tools. MTI de Baja, Inc. has a production facility equipped with modern CNC lathe machines and CNC milling machines. Since its establishment, MTI de Baja, Inc. has earned the AS9100D certification because of its continuous improvement and quality standards. This company is always committed to total quality, fast delivery, and customer satisfaction. Apart from the Aerospace industry, MTI de Baja, Inc. also serves other commercial industries such as medical, oil & gas, and industrial manufacturing industries.

Advantages: Specializes in precision part manufacturing for the aerospace and commercial industries, CNC lathes, and CNC milling machines.

Address: Baja California, Mexico

Website: https://www.mtibaja.com/

Contact: +52 81 8191 0200

Founded: 2006


CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://sideco.com.mx/

Sideco is a Mexican CNC machining tools supplier that was established in 2011. The company has over 10 years supplying different types of CNC machines for cutting, engraving, and marking various materials such as plastics, wood, and metals. Sideco has a catalog of various metal CNC machines such as CNC Plasma, CNC laser cutters, laser engraving machines, and fiber optic welders. Other CNC machines for plastics and woodworking include CNC routers, CNC routers with oscillating blades, CNC wood sizing machines, squaring machines, and wood dimensional and metal bending machines. Sideco is a company committed to offering its customers state-of-the-art CNC machines that meet their growth and production requirements. The company offers after-sale services such as on-call customer services and 48-hour response time for all inquiries and spare part orders. Because of the quality of its services, Sideco earned the ISO 9001 certification in February 2020.  

Advantages: Offers various CNC machining equipment such as CNC laser cutters, CNC routers, and CNC plasma cutters. Wood and plastic processing equipment.

Address: Mexico City, Mexico

Website:  https://sideco.com.mx/

Contact: +52 (55) 6798 7220

Founded: 2011

X. Sussek Machine Company

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.sussek.com/

Sussek Machine Company is a Mexican machining company that takes pride in being a preferred machining and assembly company for most Fortune 500 companies globally. The company was founded in 1960 as Rajo industry with just a couple of local employees. Through growth and innovation, the company has grown to become Sussek Machine company, specializing in metal working solutions. Today, the company is dedicated to continuous growth and diversification of the customer base by investing in the latest technology and acquiring a competent team. Sussek Machine Company has a state-of-the-art machine park with over 250 CNC machines for precision machining and metalworking. The company has a team of expert engineers who strive to help customers with design and machining services at affordable costs without compromising on quality.

Advantages: Provides a wide range of CNC machining services with a focus on quality and precision.

Address: San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Website: https://www.sussek.com/

Contact: +52 (444) 821-1515

Founded: 1960

XI. Grupo Conmet

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://conmet.com/

Grupo Conmet is a Mexican company that specializes in the manufacture and supply of precision machined wheel ends, aluminum castings, and plastic components for the commercial automotive industry. The company is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for various components in the commercial vehicle industry. Grupo Conmet has a team of experienced engineers who work hand in hand with other OEMs to produce specifically designed and engineered interior and exterior vehicle components. The company has specialized manufacturing plants in Mexico and North America that are equipped with modern CNC machining tools and automated processes to produce quality, durable, and long-lasting parts. Comet also offers Aftermarket replacement hubs to help clients get cheaper products at competitive prices.

Advantages: Specializes in metalworking services, including CNC machining, casting, and forging.

Address: Mexico City, Mexico

Website: https://conmet.com/

Contact: +52 55 5096 4200

Founded: 1964

XII. Conclusion

With the continuous technological advances, CNC machining has taken the trend in the manufacturing industry because of various reasons. Some of these reasons include flexibility in production, accuracy, and precision, and the fast completion of projects. This has led commercial industries to adopt CNC machining services in order to remain competitive in the market. Mexico has a strategic location since it borders the United States, which is one of the largest markets for CNC machined components in the world. The companies listed in this article are some of the best companies offering reputable CNC machining services in Mexico. When looking for a company to partner with, you should understand all the aspects of this service. You can find more information at TDL – CNC Machining. This service will continue to grow because of the changes in technologies and shifting market dynamics.


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