10 Best CNC Machining Companies in Sweden

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ItemCNC Machining CompaniesYear Established
1Sandvik Coromant1942
2Weland CNC AB1947
3CNC-Factory AB2005
4PVI Segerström AB1906
5AB Lundbergs Pressgjuter1936
7Xano Industries AB1980
8Modellteknik AB1971
9Swedish Machine Tool Company AB2020
10Proplate AB2003
CNC Machining Companies in Sweden

I. Introduction

Sweden is one of the young economies in Europe that is experiencing robust growth due to changing technology. Sweden has adopted new manufacturing technologies such as injection molding, additive manufacturing, and CNC machining. Most of the manufacturing companies in Sweden have adopted CNC machining because of its accuracy and precision. CNC machining refers to Computer Numeric Control which is a method of integrating and automating machining tools with computers. This results in fast machining of components with very high precision. CNC machining has contributed to the exponential growth of manufacturing sectors in Sweden because of the fast lead times, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and repeatability. All the companies that wish to remain on top of their game in industrial manufacturing are switching to CNC machining and other advanced manufacturing methods. Due to this, there are many companies that have emerged to satisfy the demand for CNC machining services. This article analyzes the best companies offering CNC machining services in Sweden. 

II. Sandvik Coromant

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.sandvik.coromant.com/

Sandvik Coromant is an engineering company from the United States but has a branch and facility in Sweden. Since its establishment in 1942, the company has been striving to improve the manufacturing industry by adopting and developing new technologies. The digitization error Sandvik Coromant has invested in emerging technologies such as CNC machining and injection molding to add value to all its clients. This company has an extensive collection of modern metal cutting and machining tools in its machine parks. Some of the common solutions offered by Sandvik Coromant include CNC turning tools, CNC milling tools, CNC drilling tools, tooling tools, digital machining, and other accessories. Apart from the machining solutions, Sandvik Coromant also offers various training courses that can be done online from their online platform. The company has a team of experts who are available for consultations about tooling recommendations and project cost estimation. Sandvik Coromant is an international machining company that provides other additional services such as component reconditioning, educational resources, and logistics to reach all its international clients.

Advantages: World-leading provider of cutting tools and tooling systems for metal cutting.

Address: Sandviken, Sweden

Website: https://www.sandvik.coromant.com/

Contact: +46 (0)26 260000

Founded: 1942

III. Weland CNC AB

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.weland.com/

Weland CNC AB is a family-owned Swedish company that specializes in CNC metalworking and sheet metal processing. This company is one of the top companies in Sweden that has built a positive reputation for sheet metal working specializing in the manufacture and machining of metals for various applications. Among the top products offered by Weland CNC include gratings for roads, frames, and fixtures, various types of staircases, railings, racks, mezzanines, storage equipment, and other metal parts. The company uses modern CNC machines for metal cutting and processing. These include laser cutting, waterjet cutting, gas cutting, and plasma cutting. The company also has CNC machines for cutting, bending, and finishing. Other services offered by Weland CNC include design, color treatment, and surface treatment. With all its years of experience and world-class machinery, Weland CNC has accumulated extensive knowledge in sheet metal processing which enables it to produce high-quality work.

Advantages: Specializes in precision CNC machining, welding, and assembly.

Address: Borås, Sweden

Website: https://www.weland.com/

Contact: +46 (0)33 25 40 00

Founded: 1947

IV.  Cnc-Factory AB

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: http://cncfactory.se/

CNC-Factory AB, now rebranded to DynaMate is a manufacturing company that uses CNC machining to create tailor-made solutions for industrial use. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has at to provide sustainable solutions with a holistic approach and a long-term perspective to ensure profitability and a safe working environment for all its customers. CNC-Factory provides various services such as CNC machining and measurement, production & maintenance, and system automation. The company has a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with advanced CNC machines for industrial measurement, machining services, robotics and automation services, control systems, and PLC programming. CNC-Factory has comprehensive solutions that can benefit your business in production improvement, production maximization, project management, technical management, and other industry-related challenges. The manufacturing solutions provided by this company are used in different industries such as engineering, steel industry, paper/pulp industry, construction sector, and the energy sector among others.

Advantages: Provides high-quality CNC machining and manufacturing services.

Address: Gothenburg, Sweden

Website: http://cncfactory.se/

Contact: +46 (0)31 94 77 70

Founded: 2005

V. PVI Segerström AB

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: http://www.segerstrom.se/

PVI Segerström AB is an industrial contract manufacturing company that was founded in 1906 with its headquarters in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The company was established as a knife manufacturing company in 1906 and later adapted to the changing industrial environment, diversifying to other metal products. The company has a long experience in sheet metal forming and today it is one of the leading players in complex and high-precision CNC machining. PVI Segerström provides various high-precision services such as CNC Pressing, CNC welding, surface treatment, powder coating, and assembly mounting. The company uses wide hydraulic and mechanical presses making it flexible for forming various types of metal sheets. The company’s welding cell uses robotics for MAG, CMT, and spot welding for durable and high-quality welds. The company is made up of a cross-functional team that works together to ensure a streamlined production process. All the activities of PVI Segerström are carried out in-house from their 16,000 square meter factory. The company has earned ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 certifications for its quality of products and services.

Advantages: Expertise in complex and high-precision CNC machining.

Address: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Website: http://www.segerstrom.se/

Contact: +46 (0) 16 17 77 00

Founded: 1906

VI.   AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri

CNC Machining Companies
Logo Source: https://www.lpw.se/

AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri is a Swedish metal processing company that specializes in die casting and post-processing using CNC machining. The company has grown steadily since its establishment in 1936 to develop its die-casting capabilities and combine them with new advanced methods of processing such as CNC machining to get to the top of the metal processing industry in Sweden. AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri combines its team of experienced personnel and the experience gained over time to create good collaborations with clients and a healthy work environment. This company has ten advanced CNC machines of which seven are controlled by robots and have vision technology in its machine park. Other solutions available in the machine park include seven die-casting cells, robotic grinding cells, ultrasonic washing, CT X-ray, LOOP equipment, NovaFlow & Solid simulation software, CAM software, and 3D printers. AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri machine park houses modern equipment and a team of expert engineers who can handle long projects in a short period without compromising on precision or quality.

Advantages: Specializes in CNC machining, zinc die casting, and plastic injection molding.

Address: Vrigstad, Sweden

Website: https://www.lpw.se/

Contact: +46 382 301 39

Founded: 1936

VII.   Swedex

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: http://www.swedex.se/

Swedex is a manufacturing company that produces high-precision saw blades made using CNC machining, milling, and drilling for personal and industrial use. The company was established in 1985 with its headquarters in Motala Sweden. This company uses advanced CNC machines to produce high-quality saw blades that can be used for various applications. Swedex has a comprehensive inventory of saw blades that are ready for delivery and use. Apart from saw blade manufacturing, Swedex handles contract metal processing services on request. The company uses its in-house factory that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as CNC mills, CNC lathes, and CNC presses for handling custom projects. The company aims to become a global leader in providing special and custom solutions for aluminum, plastic, and metal processing.

Advantages: Offers a wide range of services, including CNC turning, milling, and drilling to produce industrial saw blades.

Address: Motala, Sweden

Website: http://www.swedex.se/

Contact: +46 (0)141 22 41 00

Founded: 1985

VIII.  XANO Industries AB

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.xano.se/

Xano Industries AB is a group of industrial companies that provides a comprehensive range of services in various manufacturing sectors. The company was formed in 1980 by a group of entrepreneurs with the aim of becoming a market leader by providing high-tech and flexible solutions to satisfy market needs. Xano specializes in handling customer-specific projects in a sustainable manner to bring maximum value to clients while creating long-term relationships. This company works closely with other entrepreneurs and businesses to develop niche technologies using innovative ideas and a team of experienced professionals. Xano has a precision technology unit that handles component and system manufacturing. This unit uses advanced CNC cutting, CNC laser welding, and industrial 3D printing methods to manufacture high-precision components. Some of the main services offered by Xano include precision drilling, manufacture of mechanical and transmission components, prototyping and industrial 3D printing technology, and CNC laser welding for metals. This company has an academy that serves as a training hub for designers and individuals willing to expand their knowledge in precision machining and create an impact in industrial manufacturing. Xano is one of the leading players in the manufacture of industrial CNC machined components and high-precision technology solutions globally.  

Advantages: Expert in the manufacture of CNC machined components and machines.

Address: Jönköping, Sweden

Website: https://www.xano.se/

Contact: +46 (0)36 31 22 00

Founded: 1980

IX. Modellteknik AB

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://modellteknik.se/

Modellteknik AB is a Swedish company that hosts a workshop that offers advanced CNC machining services and high-quality mold manufacturing. The company was established in 1971 to create competence and quality in the metal manufacturing industry. Modellteknik AB has a state-of-the-art machine park that is equipped with an array of high-speed performance CNC machines equipped with CAM systems. This machine park has rapid retooling capabilities which enable the company to meet customer requirements through efficient manufacturing. Modellteknik AB also provides prototyping and short-series manufacturing using their 5-axis precision machines that produce prototypes using different materials. This company offers other services such as product design and development, lego manufacturing, 3D scanning, and control measurement. All the production operations of Modellteknik AB are carried out in their own facilities located in Eskilstuna but the company serves all the global customers.

Advantages: Specializes in advanced CNC machining services, with expertise in complex parts and prototypes.

Address: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Website: https://modellteknik.se/

Contact: +46 (0)11 36 40 00

Founded: 1971

X. Swedish Machine Tool Company AB (SMT)

CNC Machining Companies
Logo Source: https://www.smtcompany.se/?lang=en

Swedish Machine Tool Company AB (SMT) is a partnership between three CNC machining companies in Sweden; SMT-Swedturn, Storebro Machine Tools, and SMT-Fräsmaskiner. These three companies joined together in the autumn of 2020 to merge resources and gain a competitive edge in the Swedish high-quality mold manufacturing industry. Through this merger, SMT is able to operate in synergy and achieve better results for its global customers. The main aim of SMt is to focus on CNC milling machines and expand the knowledge base in the CNC machining field. The company opened a new 4,000 square meters manufacturing facility in Främmestad that houses its machine park, showroom, and customer support services. The company owns various CNC machines for sale such as SMT universal milling machines, CNC lathes for high precision, and CNC laser cutters for complex parts production.  

Advantages: Offers a comprehensive range of CNC machines for milling, grinding, cutting, and turning.

Address: Norman, Sweden

Website: https://www.smtcompany.se/?lang=en

Contact: +46 (0) 21 – 80 51 00

Founded: 2020

XI. Proplate AB

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://proplate.se/en/

Proplate AB is a Swedish metal processing company that specializes in the manufacture of high-precision metal components. The company uses advanced CNC machines to produce mission-critical components with high specifications and tolerances for various industries. Proplate uses multiple supply processes into a single cost-effective package to supply quality parts to its international clients. The company provides comprehensive services such as cutting, high-quality CNC machining, welding, and CNC bending. Proplate uses its own facilities to handle the whole production process for its customers from cutting to welding and painting, delivering custom products that are ready for use.

Advantages: Provides a wide range of CNC machining services, with an emphasis on heavy-duty components.

Address: Oxelösund, Sweden

Website: https://proplate.se/en/

Contact: +46 10 19 54 100

Founded: 2003

XII. Conclusion

The CNC machining industry has undergone many technological changes since it was developed. This has enabled many companies to cut their production costs and improve the quality of their products. Because of this, CNC machining has become a major standard for many manufacturing companies in Sweden. The companies listed in this article are some of the most reputable companies providing CNC machines and services in Sweden. There are emerging companies in this field, which are growing exponentially through innovation and research to advance CNC machining even further. If you are interested in learning more about this subject, visit TDL – CNC Machining to get more insights.


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