10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG1924
2Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG1964
3Braunform GmbH1977
4Foboha GmbH1969
5Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber1950
6WEBO Werkzeugbau Oberschwaben GmbH1960
7EWIKON Heißkanalsysteme GmbH1978
8Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH1983
9Zahoransky AG1902
10PSG Plastic Service GmbH1969

I. Introduction

Germany is one of the leading counties that is known for its vast manufacturing industries using modern technology. The mold manufacturing sector in Germany has played a major role in the growth of various manufacturing industries and also in the growth of the economy. Germany, being one of the first countries to manufacture quality mold in Europe, has developed both large, medium sized and small companies that carry out research on mold manufacturing. To deal with the growing rate of competition from other countries such as China, Japan and USA, Germany has formed a consensus to enable team work, proper coordination and adoption of new technology innovations in the manufacture of molds. This has enabled the manufacturing industries in Germany achieve their goals and targets as well as ensuring the success of the industries. Germany has therefore been able to maintain a strong position in the production of mold. The common manufacturing process used in Germany is precision machining where computer numeric controls are used to come up different shapes and create materials of desired designs. The process is commonly used as it offers greater accuracy and precision of complex parts. Mold manufacturing is beneficial to Germany as it provides automotive industries with molds of high precision. It also benefits other industries like the electronics, medical and packaging industries. In this article we will highlight the best 10 high quality mold manufacturing companies in Germany.

1: HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG is a renowned mold manufacturing company that was founded in 1924. It has its headquarters in Ludenscheid and has both local and international markets. It is the leading producer of standard mold as well as standardized components and accessories in Germany and offers cost-efficient components. It is the leading international company that supplies standard and cost efficient accessories. It has a range of over 100,000 products hence providing the required materials for tool and mold- making industries as well as the plastic processing industry. The line of product includes use of innovations such as small series molds that are cost effective and saves on time and also accurate clamping devices of mold plates. The range also involves simplified and efficient cooling appliances with cool cross, push-lok elements as well as hot runner and control technology systems. The company offers the simplest and efficient method of manufacturing molds. All the components and services are made as a complete system that satisfies the customers wants and needs. The use of innovations and high technology know-how has enabled the company to have more than 20000 customers not only in German but also worldwide.

Key advantages: Standardized mold components, innovative solutions, and global presence

Address: Römerweg 4, 58513 Lüdenscheid, Germany

Website: https://www.hasco.com/

Contact: +49 2351 9570

Founded: 1924

2: Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG is an Austrian company that deals with the manufacture of standard molds. Its headquarters are located in Wolfurt, Austria. The company was founded as a one-man industry in 1964 and its mold and die sets are used by more than 24 000 customers both in Germany and abroad. Formed by one man in Durbin and it is a family business up to date. It leads in the production of accurate and high precision steel parts and customers all over the world benefit as a result of over 50 years of experience from the company in dealing with steel parts. The products portfolio involves high precision standard parts and WBI knowledge management methods that offer efficient solutions for corporate management in the ERP/PPS software area. It majors in the production of high precision parts such as plates, mold bases and accessories that are used in mold making. The production of high quality components has enabled the company to provide reliable and durable mold parts to its customers. In addition to provision of high quality mold parts the company also provides customer support service and uses online sources to assist the users in maximum optimization of its products and services.

Its reputation has made it possible to provide customers with its product not only in German but globally.

Key advantages: High-quality mold components, comprehensive product range, and extensive industry knowledge

Address: Kesselstr. 42, 88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee, Germany

Website: https://www.meusburger.com/

Contact: +49 7543 9644 0

Founded: 1964

3: Braunform GmbH

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Braunform GmbH is a company that was founded in 1977 and offers solutions in the field of injection molds. It has 365 into two different locations with the medium- sized company being one of the leading industries in the plastic processing industry. It consists of an air- conditioning mold shop and its sophisticated technology makes it different from the rest of the companies. The high level of technology is able to serve different industries such as the pharma, personal care, water technology and automotive industries that use mold in their day to day activities. Braunform majors in the manufacture of multi- components molds, multi cavity molds, stack molds, molds used in medical industries (MED Mold®) and long-life rotary tables. Sophisticated manufacturing processes are used by Braunform in the pharmaceutical industries. Customers may use injection mold machines that consist of two components and three components used for the pre-series manufacturing. Cost of manufacturing has significantly reduced as a result of project management by the company. The main goal for the company is shorter times processing assurance, increased outputs and production of high quality products. Therefore, Braunform is a long term family business and has high investments ranging to a 10% hence remains the top in the production of mold in Germany.

Key advantages:Precision molds, innovative technologies, and focus on pharmaceutical and medical industries

Address: Am Mühlbach 2, 79353 Bahlingen am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

Website: https://www.braunform.com/

Contact: +49 7663 9327 0

Founded: 1977

4: Foboha GmbH

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Foboha GmbH which is part of the Barnes group was founded in 1969 as one of the mold manufacturing industries in Germany and has over 50 years of experience in mold making. It majors in the making of stack molds and multi-component products. It is based in Haslach, Germany and specializes in mold manufacturing for both engineering and manufacturing industries both in Germany and abroad. Its ability to use modern technology in the field of mold making, especially the injection mold, has made it become so prominent in supplying multiplex molds. Multiplex manufacturing means injecting different materials and colors to form a single mold which increases both the functionality and efficiency of the component. The engineers working in the company work closely with the customers in order to cater for their needs which includes the mold structure specifications, injection units among many other things that the customers require. The mold components are fabricated together upon manufacture and proper alignment is carried out by the company to enhance efficiency. Before the products are sold to the customers the company ensures that they are tested to enhance the required performance. From their website the company majors on the production of multi cavity molds, multi-component molds and uses thin-wall technology for the packaging, healthcare, automotive and consumer goods.

Key advantages: Cube-mold technology, high-speed injection molding, and focus on packaging and medical applications

Address: Im Gereut 9, 77716 Haslach im Kinzigtal, Germany

Website: https://www.foboha.com/

Contact: +49 7832 7980

Founded: 1969

5: Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber is a mold making company that is situated in Germany with its headquarters in Lichtenfels, Bayern. It was founded in 1950. Hofmann relies on the many years of experience in the making of injection molding, mechanical engineering, particle foam and automation parts. The company uses a combination of various technologies for the manufacture of injection molds. The company has over 65 years of expertise and competence in mold making. The company also works with various science networks and technologies for the purpose of testing new technologies and developing the already existing ones. The advanced technologies in mold making ensures that the customers get the right and intended products. The company develops future solutions which are beneficial to the customers. The company also used 3D printing for the manufacture of injection molding and particle foam components. With the production of rapid prototyping in the injection molding technologies the company has set a viable urge on the automotive industry.

Key advantages: Innovative mold designs, rapid prototyping, and focus on automotive and consumer goods industries

Address: Robert-Bosch-Straße 10, 91301 Forchheim, Germany

Website: https://www.hofmann-impulsgeber.de/

Contact: +49 9191 34010

Founded: 1950

6: WEBO Werkzeugbau Oberschwaben GmbH

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

WEBO Werkzeugbau Oberschwaben GmbH is a Germany mold manufacturing company that majors on the production of mold making. They are located in the region of Oberschwaben. The company offers a wide variety of mold related tools for various companies in Germany. The company has a team of workers who are responsible for the designing of molds according to the specifications of the customers. They use CAD/CAM software and unique advanced technology to create molds that are precise and effective to the customers. The company uses CNC milling and electrical discharge machining techniques to manufacture the mold components. This is made possible by the use of modern machining technology which is adopted by the company. The company focuses on the manufacturing of high-quality molds which meets the needs of the customer. This is in terms of durability and functionality of the molds. The company is also involved in repairs and maintenance of molds. The repairs ensure the efficiency of the mold and increase their performance. The company majors on the production of molds that are mainly used by the automotive and medical industries. The company uses high tech to produce high-precision molds. Finally, the company assists in various prototyping activities which provides molds for small production runs and test samples.

Key advantages: High-precision mold manufacturing, focus on automotive and medical industries, and advanced technologies

Address: Reute 16, 88339 Bad Waldsee, Germany

Website: https://www.webo-gmbh.de/

Contact: +49 7524 906 0

Founded: 1960

7: EWIKON Heißkanalsysteme GmbH

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

EWIKON Heißkanalsysteme GmbH is a known company located in Germany and one of the main and top suppliers and producers of hot runner’s systems that are used for injection molding. It is located in Frankenberg in Germany. It is owned by the Barnes group and mainly focuses on the production of high quality hot runner systems that use Injection molding to bring molten plastic material to the mold cavities with high efficiency. The importance of the hot runner’s system is to eliminate waste and produce high quality products. The products that are manufactured by the company are used by various industries like automotive, packaging, medical and consumer goods. The company is known for its innovation and use of high tech in the production of molds. They take time to carry out research which ensures that they are in the top position on the manufacture of the molds. This makes their customers build their trust in the company. The company is also known for offering a wide range of hot runner systems which includes nozzle systems, manifold systems and a hot valve. EWIKONS hot runner systems are known for their excellent temperature control, uniform flow distribution and easy maintenance.

Key advantages: Hot runner systems, innovative solutions, and focus on improving mold performance

Address: Siegener Str. 35, 35066 Frankenberg (Eder), Germany

Website: https://www.ewikon.com/

Contact: +49 6451 501 0

Founded: 1978

8: Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH is a company that is based in Germany and it’s the leading major producer of hot runner systems, hot halves and other related products that are used in the plastic molding industries. The company offers high quality and innovative solutions for the hot runner technology. The runners are made in such a way that they optimize the injection molding process to ensure temperature control, uniform melt distribution and reduced cycle times. This helps to improve the quality, increase the efficiency as well as increasing the performance of the components. In the company different types of hot runner’s systems which include nozzle systems. Manifold systems and also complete hot valves. The company offers quality products that meet the needs of the customers especially for the customers in the automotive, packaging, medical and consumer goods.

Key advantages: Hot runner technology, focus on optimizing plastic injection molding, and customer-oriented solutions

Address: Am Stadtholz 24-26, 58509 Lüdenscheid, Germany

Website: https://www.guenther-heisskanal.de/

Contact: +49 2351 10640

Founded: 1983

9: Zahoransky AG

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Zahoransky AG is a machinery manufacturing company founded in 1902 with over 500 employees. The company deals with the production of molds, machinery, automation and medical technologies. It stands for the high technology in molds, machinery and automation.

It’s a full time producer of injection molding tools, automated parts used in the medical companies, final packaging companies, tufting and trimming machines for brushes and brooms. The company offers quality and durable molds as a result of the know-how by the specialist. Due to the production of high quality products the company has evolved to become a global leader in the production of molds and machinery for various industries not only in Germany. Its commitment in the production of high quality parts has made it possible for the customers to build trust in the company. It has led to an increase in customers. The molds produced by the company are known for their excellent performance, durability and efficient craftsmanship.

Key advantages: Mold and automation solutions, expertise in brush and household industries, and innovative technologies

Address: Anton-Zahoransky-Straße 1, 79674 Todtnau, Germany

Website: https://www.zahoransky.com/

Contact: +49 7671 9970

Founded: 1902

10: PSG Plastic Service GmbH

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Germany

This is a mold manufacturing company that is based in Germany. It specializes in the production of high quality hot runner’s systems that are used for the plastic injection molding company. The company is known for its use of high level technologies that offer the required wants for the customers. The hot runners produced are made in such a way that they optimize the injection molding process. This makes it possible to control the temperatures and ensure uniform melting. It also reduces the cycle time. PSG Plastic Service GmbH provides a variety of runners like the manifolds and complete hot valve. They are made in a unique manner so that they can meet the wants of the future user. This company offers the runners to various industries including the automotive, packaging, medical and consumer goods companies. They have good engagement with their customers which enable them to maintain and also gain other customers in Germany and other countries. With the solutions they offer the plastic processing company has more than 200 employed worldwide. The customers are actively in the medical industry, packaging, caps and the automotive industry.

Key advantages:Hot runner systems, mold components, and focus on improving plastic injection molding efficiency

Address: Gewerbestraße 20, 74869 Schwarzach, Germany

Website: https://www.psg-online.de/

Contact: +49 6262 92090

Founded: 1969

XII. Conclusion

Searching for a good mold injection company can be a major issue for someone. Many companies have invested and ventured into the mold injection industry to satisfy the ever growing demand for cheaper techniques of manufacturing parts. This article has highlighted some of the top companies that can assist in your injection molding project. Before selecting one, make sure that all requirements of your project match with the services offered. You should conduct proper research about the advancements in mold injection so as to understand the various factors involved and what to look for in the best injection molding company. Visit TDL:Plastic injection molding to learn more about plastic injection molding and how to select the right company for your project.


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