10 Best CNC Machining Companies in Germany

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1KERN Microtechnik GmbH1962
3Chiron Group1921
4INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG1914
5Datron AG1969
6EMCO GmbH1947
7Hermle AG1938
8GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG1926
9MAZAK Deutschland GmbH1919
10TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG1923

I. Introduction

CNC machining can be described as a method used in the process of manufacturing products whereby a computer software which is programmed in advance, controls how various tools and machinery work to produce a given product. In today’s world, most industries use computers which have made CNC machining to be used to ease the production process. This method is favorable to most manufacturers because of its ability to ensure that the end products are of good and the same quality no matter the number. Industries have also found ways to produce more products more quickly, increase safety and save costs through machine automation that takes on human roles without needing as many operators.

Germany ranks among the leading industrial nations in precision CNC turning services. Many German businesses produce equipment and machinery under contract for partners abroad. These companies have embraced CNC Machining to offer quality products and according to the designs given by their customers.

1: KERN Microtechnik GmbH

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

KERN Microtechnik GmbH was founded in the year 1962 by Kurt Kern so as to act as contract manufacturer for the developing industries using advanced technologies. Over the years, the company has evolved and today it is among the biggest contract manufacturers in the exclusive sector of machining in the whole of Europe. Kern Microtechnik has 18 Kern centers for CNC precision machining with milling spindles that are fast enough and there is production of about 50 to 10,000 pieces. Prototyping is carried out using the same machines before mass production to ensure there are no mistakes in the end product. This company has proven to have the best machining center in cases that involve highest precision. It gives the customers an opportunity to design the best machine for  specific types of applications. Kern Microtechnik specializes mostly in the manufacture of precision parts. This company also prioritizes its customers and makes sure that it improves the customer’s productivity and that their processes are efficient enough by keeping up with the changing technology.

Key advantages: High-precision machining, advanced technology, and excellent customer service

Address: Olympiastraße 2, 82438 Eschenlohe, Germany

Website: https://www.kern-microtechnik.com/

Contact: +49 8824 92080

Founded: 1962


CNC Machining Companies in Germany

This company has been operational for more than 100 years since its founding in 1870. DMG MORI AG has its headquarters at Bielefeld, Germany. This company consists of two brands which are Demag of Germany and Mori Seiki of Japan which decided to work as one company in Europe since September 2011. It has since then grown to be among the greatest producers of cutting machine tools and also Lathes and milling machines controlled by CNC. This company has gone global over the years and is available in 43 countries with 21 sites for production globally and 161 sites for sales and services internationally. Its activities are based on incorporating technology and digitization for better continuity of production. DMG MORI AG has enough workers who are more than 12,000 which ensures that every customer is satisfied by the services given. The company also specializes in additive manufacturing, die & mold and turn & mill complete machining.

Key advantages: High-quality machine tools, innovative technologies, and global presence

Address: Gildemeisterstraße 60, 33689 Bielefeld, Germany

Website: https://en.dmgmori.com/

Contact: +49 5205 740

Founded: 1870

3: Chiron Group

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

Chiron Group was founded in the year 1921 in a bid to produce precision equipment and surgical appliances after the origination of stainless steel in the year 1912. Over the years, Chiron Group has always been ready to make changes where necessary with the various developments in the technology so as to meet the needs of its customers. This has helped it reach a larger market and manufacture a variety of products. It currently helps to ensure machining that is flexible and productive in a variety of industries. Some of these industries include automotive, aerospace, medical, mechanical engineering and tool production industries. Chiron Group benefits from having ample knowledge and expertise in machining processes due to their long history in business. By understanding its customers’ needs, Chiron has designed machines and mechanisms tailored specifically to each one, producing high quality products quickly.

Key advantages: High-speed machining, versatile solutions, and a focus on innovation

Address: Kreuzstraße 75, 78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

Website: https://www.chiron-group.com/

Contact: +49 7461 9400

Founded: 1921

4: INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

INDEX-Werke was founded in 1914 and its founder was known as Hermann Hahn. The founder initially specialized in the manufacture of automatic turret turning machines and with the high quality of products and creative innovations, the company became a success and reached a large market. In the year 1975, the company advanced to being manufacturers of multi-spindle turning machines and later on in a couple of years, joined the CNC technology market. In 1997, INDEX-Werke took charge of TRAUB Drehmaschinen Gmbh & Co. KG and the two combined into one company. The group consisting of the two brands has specialized in providing the greatest program used for full machining for turned parts in all kinds of production. The dedicated and highly qualified employees ensure that the needs of their customers are met giving them a chance to enjoy competitive advantage. The company has adequate and advanced turning machines and turnmill centers for their production processes.

Key advantages: Multi-spindle automatic lathes, turn-mill centers, and advanced technology

Address: Michael-Flürscheim-Straße 2, 73037 Göppingen, Germany

Website: https://www.index-traub.com/en

Contact: +49 7161 610

Founded: 1914

5: Datron AG

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

Datron AG is a public company which was formed in 1969. The company makes sure that their products are of high innovation and that the preferences of their customers are met. The equipment from Datron are of light weight which makes them require less energy which helps save on costs unlike machines from other companies designed for similar measure of performance. DATRON AG is the leading company in Germany for machines manufactured for utilization in front panel and case mining. As part of its global distribution network, they also serve more than 20 countries worldwide. Over time, the company has established expertise in high-speed CNC milling machines best suited for future-oriented materials like aluminum and composite; dental milling machines equipped with dental CAD/CAM software which are used in dental labs to manufacture denture materials. Other specializations that add to its advantages include machines for high-performance metering used in industrial sealing.

 Key advantages: High-speed milling, dental CAD/CAM, and a focus on quality

Address: In den Gänsäckern 5, 64367 Mühltal, Germany

Website: https://www.datron.de/

Contact: +49 6151 14190

Founded: 1969

6: EMCO GmbH

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

This company was founded in 1947 and specialized in the production of conventional lathes. EMCO has grown over the years and is one of the companies in KUHN HOLDING which is a distributor found in Australia and consists of companies that produce heavy equipment. EMCO has also managed to be among the greatest manufacturers of machine tools and also has branches in Australia and Italy. High quality products and services, favorable costs and advanced products are some of the features that have led to the successful growth of EMCO. This company also operates on a two way business plan. One is the industry section which is responsible for solutions needed in CNC turning and milling machining with products consisting of CNC turning centers, vertical machining centers, high-speed milling and boring machine centers. The second section is the one involving industrial training whereby EMCO makes concepts for modular training available for its customers based on the current technology and the requirements of the industry. The trainees are usually offered training with the use of EMCO machines and training systems which might be merged to see to it that the company production is a success. Its experience over the years and adequate employees have made it easier for the company to ensure that the customers’ needs are met.

Key advantages:Modular CNC machines, training machines, and excellent customer support

Address: Salzburger Str. 80, 5400 Hallein, Austria

Website: https://www.emco-world.com/

Contact: +43 6245 8910

Founded: 1947

7: Hermle AG

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

Hermle was founded in 1938 and commenced the process of producing milling machines in the year 1957. It has since then grown to be among the number one companies that specialize in the production of milling machines. Hermles has a slogan that states “ milling at its best” which summarizes all that it stands for. It involves high-performance and advanced machining centers that have grown significantly over the years, high sales and quality services, and also the availability of installed machines that exceed 30,000 globally. Hermle also ensures that its customers are well satisfied and that they get to enjoy great results after using products from them. This company also offers automation solutions in the milling processes.

Key advantages: High-performance machining centers, automation solutions, and customer-oriented approach

Address: Industriestraße 8-12, 78559 Gosheim, Germany

Website: https://www.hermle.de/

Contact: +49 7426 95 0

Founded: 1938


CNC Machining Companies in Germany

GROB is a family business that was started in 1926. For the 90 years of its existence, GROB has been the number one company specializing in coming up with designs and production which are highly innovative and automation systems. The high quality of its products is also as a result of in-house expertise and system integration. GROB ensures that its customers’ preferences are met by use of its expertise gained over its years of operation, modular machining centers and machines that are connected with recent automation solutions. GROB has also specialized in products used in electromobility, machining technology, universal machines with 5-axis machining centers, assembly plants and automation.

Key advantages: 5-axis universal machining centers, automation solutions, and system integration

Address: Industriestraße 4, 87719 Mindelheim, Germany

Website: https://www.grobgroup.com/

Contact: +49 8261 9960

Founded: 1926

9: MAZAK Deutschland GmbH

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

Yamazaki Mazak Deutschland GmbH is one of the branches of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation which was founded in the year 1919 and has since then specialized in helping in the advancement of industries that produce machine tools. The machine tools developed include CNC turning centers, multi-taking centers, machining centers and machines for processing lasers as well as automation systems which help to boost worldwide manufacturing by ensuring there is versatility. Yamazaki Mazak Germany GmbH, operates in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The company’s use of advanced technology helps to ensure high quality products, low costs of labor and less time in the production process.

Key advantages: Multi-tasking CNC machines, automation solutions, and advanced technology

Address: Ankerstraße 9, 71642 Ludwigsburg, Germany

Website: https://www.mazakeu.de/

Contact: +49 7141 6750

Founded: 1919

10: TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG

CNC Machining Companies in Germany

Trumpf is considered to be the second best manufacturer of CNC machines in the world and was founded in 1923. It utilizes high technology and has its headquarters at Ditzingen, Germany. It specializes in the production of industrial laser machines and systems making it the leading company in this sector. Trumpf also deals with production of machine tools such as the ones used for bending, punching, welding and laser cutting among others. The laser sector consists of laser systems used for cutting, welding and treating surfaces of various three-dimensional parts. This company also provides Carbon dioxide lasers, direct diode lasers, ultrashort pulse lasers,marking lasers and disk and fiber lasers. In the year 2015, the company also included 3D printing machines in its production. Trumpf has branches in all crucial markets globally such as in China, France, the UK, Japan, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the US and Czech Republic.

Key advantages:Laser processing, punching, and bending machines, along with comprehensive software solutions

Address: Johann-Maus-Straße 2, 71254 Ditzingen, Germany

Website: https://www.trumpf.com/

Contact: +49 7156 3030

Founded: 1923

XII. Conclusion

In conclusion, you should note that CNC machining is taking over in most manufacturing companies due to the changes in technology. Computers are slowly replacing manpower which has made CNC machining take over in most production processes. Customers should choose the CNC machining company that specializes in their preferred sectors and the one that is customer-oriented for better services. The location, services and after sale services of the companies are also important when choosing a company to work with. 

The companies discussed have been operating for decades which gives them the experience and knowledge that they possess to serve their customers. More information about the products and services offered by each company are explained in detail on the company’s CNC machining homepage. It is also important to note that the companies are still embracing the various developments in technology to ensure that customers are kept updated and have access to quality products. More companies are growing and others are being formed in the CNC machining sector which shows that the market will have more options to choose from. This will ensure high quality and favorable costs from the companies.


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