10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Germany

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1EOS GmbH1989
2BigRep GmbH2014
3SLM solutions2006
4Voxeljet AG1999
6Kumovis GmbH2017
7Nanoscribe GmbH2007
8innovatiQ GmbH & Co KG2010
9GE Additive2000
10OR Laser/Coherent1997

I. Introduction

3D printing services have grown increasingly popular in Germany due to their ease of use and cost effectiveness, particularly with rising demand for affordable locally produced products. As more businesses provide these services, German demand has propelled further expansion for 3D printers. 3D Printing refers to an additive manufacturing process which uses various materials like DMLS and SLS technologies in order to produce real objects from computer-aided design (CAD/CAM models). Germany stands out among Asian competitors like China, Japan and India by being well known for quality and reliable products in Europe. Germany hosts some of the largest markets for automotive, aerospace and engineering brands making it one of the key target markets for 3D printing companies. Many companies have been established to offer 3D printing services to all these manufacturing industries in Germany. 3d printing is a very efficient method of creating design prototypes before mass production of final products. Most manufacturing industries in Germany have employed 3D printing because it cuts the costs of blind manufacturing and improves the reliability and dependability of the manufacturing processes. This article explores the popular 3D printing companies in Germany.

1: EOS GmbH

3D Printing Companies in Germany

EOS GmbH is a German 3D printing company that has invested in innovative 3D printing technology serving the German and the global market. The company was established in 1989 focusing on industrial 3D printing services using sustainable practices and holistic approach to additive manufacturing. EOS GmbH has integrated laser and powder materials to provide high quality 3D printing services to its global customers. The technology has a team of expert researchers and innovators who work tirelessly to ensure all customer demands are met. The company provides two main 3D printer systems, one for metal systems, and another for polymer systems. EOS GmbH provides a full system 3D printing solution with intelligently coordinated processes to gain a competitive edge with the customers. The company provides 3D printing services with a range of versatile materials ranging from thermoplastic polymers to metal alloys.

Key advantages: Industrial 3D printing, innovation, and high-quality standards

Address: Robert-Stirling-Ring 1, 82152 Krailling, Germany

Website: https://www.eos.info/

Contact: +49 89 893 36 0

Founded: 1989

2: BigRep GmbH

3D Printing Companies in Germany

BigRep GmbH is a German industrial 3D printing company that was established in 2014 to offer large format additive manufacturing solutions to individuals and low to high volume manufacturers. The company strives to offer cost-effective 3D printing services to creative designers and commercial companies looking for large scale 3D printing projects. The team of skilled engineers and technicians utilize their skills in various industries including electronics, mechanical engineering, medical science and industrial to guarantee our customers receive only high-quality products and services. BigRep GmbH provides 3D printers that are built to provide highly scalable solutions in design, prototyping and manufacturing solutions using engineered plastic and composite materials. All the production operations of the company are highly controlled to ensure consistent dimensions and precision for a wide range of applications. The company’s 3D printing solutions are applied in various manufacturing processes including rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, tooling and forming & molding.

Key advantages: Large-scale 3D printing, innovative designs, and diverse applications

Address: Gneisenaustraße 66, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Website: https://bigrep.com/

Contact: +49 30 208 4826 00

Founded: 2014

3: SLM Solutions Group AG

3D Printing Companies in Germany

SLM solutions is a company that was established in 2006 to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through affordable additive manufacturing technology. The company has its headquarters in Lübeck, Germany. The company focuses on selective laser melting technology to provide product oriented solutions to its global customers. SLM Solutions has different production facilities in various parts of the world to enable all clients to access commercial and industrial grade 3D printing services. The company provides different advanced 3D printing machines such as NXG XII, SLM 280 PS, SLM 500, SLM 800 and SLM 125 which are designed for maximum reliability with metal proof monitoring, laser power monitoring and laser control systems. SLM solutions uses an open architecture platform which gives the clients exclusive control of the 3D printing process, where they can control material variability, process parameters and variable controls. The company offers a wide range of 3D printing solutions that are applicable to different industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, tooling, energy and research.

Key advantages: Selective laser melting technology, advanced materials, and diverse industry applications

Address: Roggenhorster Strasse 9c, 23556 Lübeck, Germany

Website: https://www.slm-solutions.com/

Contact: +49 451 160 820

Founded: 2006

4: Voxeljet AG

3D Printing Companies in Germany

Voxeljet AG was founded in 1999 as a metal casting company. Since its establishment, the company has grown and diversified to various industries, becoming one of the leading 3D printing companies in Germany. The company now focuses on producing reliable and affordable solutions for the automotive industry to make transportation easy. The company values client feedback and bases all its innovations and improvements on the customer feedback to ensure streamlined and cost effective manufacturing process applicable in a wide range of industries. Voxeljet AG has invested heavily in optimizing the industrial 3D printing industry for applicability in a wide range of industries, exploring different production materials and methods such as sand casting, investment casting, polymer sintering, and technical ceramics. The company has capabilities to produce complex parts within a short delivery time and at the minimum costs.

Key advantages: Industrial 3D printing, sand and plastic materials, and high-speed sintering technology

Address: Paul-Lenz-Straße 1a, 86316 Friedberg, Germany

Website: https://www.voxeljet.com/

Contact: +49 821 7483 100

Founded: 1999

5: EnvisionTEC GmbH

3D Printing Companies in Germany

EnvisionTec is a German based 3D printing company that provides various 3D printing solutions for different clients with high precision, quality and accuracy. Company has one of the world’s most advanced polymer printers and materials, having pioneered DLP 3D printing technology. With over 100 patents related to 3D printing solutions, they have successfully served customers from industries like automotive, aerospace, medical and jewelry for more than two decades. Their printers include D4K for high resolution part production; P4K printer for small ultra resolution parts production; Envision One printers are ideal for rapid production of strong isotonic end user parts while their flagship Xtreme 8K printer is designed for mass volume end user production of large end user parts production. EnvisionTec offers Envision one for rapid production; D4K for high resolution part production while their flagship Xtreme 8K printer is ideal for high volume end user parts production. The company has an open material application policy which allows users to use any material compatible with the 3D printers. The common material categories compatible with EnvisionTec include hard plastics, high temperature plastics, elastomers and castable resins.

Key advantages: High-resolution 3D printing, diverse materials, and industry-specific solutions

Address: Brüsseler Str. 51, 45968 Gladbeck, Germany

Website: https://envisiontec.com/

Contact: +49 2043 9875 0

Founded: 2002

6: Kumovis GmbH

3D Printing Companies in Germany

Kumovis GmbH is a partner of 3D systems in providing high quality additive manufacturing solutions for the medical and industrial applications. The company was formed by Munich university alumni to provide medical grade 3D printing solutions integrated with advanced softwares to improve the patient outcomes. The company provides medical grade solutions featuring engineered plastic polymers PEEK, PEKK, PPSU, and PLA to manufacture medical implants and surgical equipment. The company has manufacturing facilities fitted with clean rooms to produce tailor made medical products using cost-effective methods and resources. All the products of Kumovis GmbH are focused on providing the leading patient care in Germany.

Key advantages: Medical-grade 3D printing, cleanroom technology, and focus on healthcare applications

Address: Rupert-Mayer-Str. 44, 81379 Munich, Germany

Website: https://www.kumovis.com/

Contact: +49 89 2314142 40

Founded: 2017

7: Nanoscribe GmbH

3D Printing Companies in Germany

Nanoscribe GmbH is a microfabrication company that was established in 2007 focusing on high performance laser lithography technology for rapid prototyping and high precision additive manufacturing. The company has created an advanced Nanoscribe Quantum X 3D printer that uses Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®) technology for high precision surface patterning. This new printer has high speed 2.5D and 3D micro fabrication capabilities that can print over 200 mesostructures overnight, with a wide range of substrate resin material combinations. Nanoscribe GmbH has developed various quantum 3X 3D printers such as Quantam X shape, Quantum align, Quantam bio and Photonic Profssional GT2. The company’s quantum X technology is applied in various medical and research departments such as lifesciences, microfluidics, integrated photonics, materials engineering and micromechanics.

Key advantages: Microfabrication technology, high-resolution 3D printing, and innovative applications

Address: Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany

Website: https://www.nanoscribe.com/

Contact: +49 721 981 5400

Founded: 2007

8: innovatiQ GmbH & Co KG

3D Printing Companies in Germany

innovatiQ GmbH & Co KG is a German based manufacturer and supplier of industrial 3D printing solutions. The company offers a wide array of industrial 3D printing services such as Liquid additive manufacturing, Filament 3D printing and commercial 3D printers. The 3D printing solutions provided by innovatiQ GmbH & Co KG are applicable in various industries including prototype design, medical technology, aerospace and automotive industries. The 3D printers from innovatiQ GmbH & Co KG are flexible and reliable in small scale to low volume production of end product prototypes. All the 3D printers from innovatiQ GmbH & Co KG are compatible with a wide range of additive manufacturing materials. The company has an online platform where customers can test the material compatibility for different 3D printers. All the materials and filaments used by innovatiQ GmbH & Co KG are recyclable, making the manufacturing process of the company sustainable and environmentally viable.

Key advantages: FFF 3D printing, wide range of materials, and open-source software

Address: Kapellenstraße 9, 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany

Website: https://www.germanreprap.com/

Contact: +49 89 2488 986

Founded: 2010

9: GE Additive

3D Printing Companies in Germany

GE Additive is an additive manufacturing company that was established in 2000 focusing on metal 3D printing. The company has partnered with other commercial manufacturing companies to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing. The company has a team of expert engineers and advanced additive manufacturing systems to ensure it brings the customer ideas and concepts to life. GE Additive has partnered with Concept Laser and Arcam EBM brands to solve additive manufacturing challenges to give innovative products and better business outcomes to all the clients. The company has earned the ISO 9001 certification for its quality management using LaserCUSING technology to ensure all projects align with the customer requirements and expectations. GE Additive 3D printing solutions are applied in diverse industries including aerospace, medical, automotive, military and industrial manufacturing.

Key advantages: LaserCUSING technology, metal 3D printing, and diverse industry applications

Address: An der Zeil 8, 96215 Lichtenfels, Germany

Website: https://www.ge.com/additive/

Contact: +49 9571 1679 0

Founded: 2000

10: OR Laser/Coherent

3D Printing Companies in Germany

OR LAser is part of the Coherent industries that focus on empowering innovators through the development of future sustainable additive manufacturing solutions. The company provides 3D printing and manufacturing solutions that resonate with customer expectations to ensure a safer, reliable and healthier manufacturing processes. Coherent Corp is a global leader in material systems and laser networking for various applications including electronics, communications, instrumentation and industrial markets. The company has a team of experienced technicians who solve more than 2500 manufacturing challenges using the latest advanced laser systems. The company has an online e-commerce platform that sells and delivers laser scanning and 3D printing machines to all customers globally. OR Laser provides various products such as laser scanning machines, Laser cutting  & welding systems, and other Laser measurement tools. The solutions provided by the company are used in various industries such as medical, aerospace & defense, automotive, microelectronics, and manufacturing & material processing.  

Key advantages: Metal 3D printing, laser technology, and tailored solutions for industries

Address: Dieselstraße 15, 64807 Dieburg, Germany

Website: https://www.or-laser.com/

Contact: +49 6071 209 89 0

Founded: 1997

XII. Conclusion

The 3D printing industry has evolved over the recent years due to a rise in demand for efficient and reliable prototyping methods. Many companies have ventured in the 3D printing industry due to the high upside potential and the sustainability of the method in manufacturing affordable products and components. This article has explored the top ten companies where you can order 3D printing services online. Each company provides different products and uses various technologies, so choosing a reliable 3D printing company can give your products a competitive edge in terms of product quality and delivery times. Conduct extensive research before selecting a partner 3D printer so as to gain maximum returns for your investment.


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