10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Canada

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Tinkerine Studios Ltd2012
3Objex Unlimited2011
5Create Cafe 3D Printing Solutions Inc.2016
6Print Your Mind 3D2014
9Axis Prototypes1997
10Agile Manufacturing2006
3D printing companies in Canada

I. Introduction

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing, usually referred to as digital fabrication. The process involves the creation of physical objects from digital and geometrical models through the continuous addition of materials. 3D printing is an emerging manufacturing technology that has rapidly gained popularity in Canada. Due to its flexible nature and a wide array of uses in the production of various parts, its adoption has steadily grown over time. Many industries in Canada have turned to 3D printing because of its ease of use, high replicability, and precision in the produced components. Additive manufacturing cuts the production costs and times because many materials can be used. A lot of industries have turned to 3D printing as part of their production processes, such as automobile, medical, agriculture, and commercial manufacturing sectors. This has led to an explosion of 3D Printing suppliers in Canada. This article lists the ten most popular 3D Printing service providers.

II. Tinkerine Studios Ltd.

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.tinkerine.com/

Tinkerine Studios Ltd is a Canadian additive manufacturing company that offers educational resources and training for students, product designers, small companies, and entrepreneurs who wish to hone their 3D printing skills. The company was established by young entrepreneurs who sought to create an accessible learning platform for those passionate about 3D printing technology. Tinkerine Studios Ltd is a platform that aims to train and prepare young passionate minds for the constantly evolving field of additive manufacturing by keeping learners updated on the everchanging technologies involved in 3D printing. The company has comprehensive courses that train the learners to grow from newbies to experts in additive manufacturing. All these resources are categorized and organized in such a way that learners can learn at their own pace, from any part of the world. Tinkerine Studios Ltd also offers specialized 3D printers such as the DittoPro Series 3D Printers, PLA filaments, and other 3D printing accessories.

Key Advantages: Specializes in 3D printers, filaments, and educational resources

Address: 202-19032 26 Ave, Surrey, BC V3Z 3V6, Canada

Website: https://www.tinkerine.com/

Contact: +1 604-288-8778

Founded: 2012


3D Printing Companies

Logo source: https://www.aon3d.com/

AON3D, located in St. Laurent, Canada was founded with the goal of making industrial 3D printing accessible and reliable for everybody. The company has a high-performance AON M2+ industrial 3D printer for creating affordable plastic components from thermoplastic polymers. This advanced 3D printer has a product parameter configuration function which enables you to configure and adjust the production parameters to suit your project requirements. The AON M2+ is compatible with a wide range of additive manufacturing materials including PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM™ among others. AON3D is one of the top 3D Printing suppliers serving different industries ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Some of the popular solutions provided by the company include additive training, material selection, process parameter development, and design for additive manufacturing. AON3D has a presence in more than 25 countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Key Advantages: High-performance industrial 3D printers using thermoplastics

Address: 9300 Trans Canada Hwy, Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 1K5, Canada

Website: https://www.aon3d.com/

Contact: +1 514-600-4587

Founded: 2015

IV. Objex Unlimited

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://objexunlimited.com/

Objex Unlimited was established in 2011 to serve as a one-stop shop for all 3D printing needs in Canada. Boasting modern 3D printing solutions and being one of the leading providers in Canada, Objex is comprised of experienced engineers, designers, technicians, and artists who continuously evaluate the services provided for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Objex Unlimited prioritizes all customer relationships with a team of disciplined staff who are trained regularly on the changes and emerging trends in the additive high-quality mold manufacturing industry The company has a comprehensive range of 3D manufacturing technologies which include ColorJet printing, Multijet printing, FDM, Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering. The popular 3D printing solutions offered by the company include concept modeling, rapid prototyping, direct digital manufacturing, and print-by-material services. Apart from these services, Objex Unlimited also offers 3D scanning and 3D design services. The company has invested in 3D printing machines, being the top authorized supplier of 3D printers and 3D printing accessories to distributors and other resellers in Canada.

Key Advantages: Offers a wide range of 3D printing services and technologies

Address: 36 Fieldway Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 3L2, Canada

Website: https://objexunlimited.com/

Contact: +1 416-233-7165

Founded: 2011

V. Filaments.ca

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://filaments.ca/

Filaments.ca is a leading supplier and manufacturer of 3D printing filaments that was established in 2013. To ensure quality and reliability, all the filaments manufactured by Filaments.ca are manufactured in Canada using premium raw materials. Some of the common 3D printing filaments available at this company include EconoFil PLA, PLA Pro, PTEG, True Food Safe, ABS/ASA, HD Fiber Nylon, and Flexible filaments. The company also offers modern 3D printers from trusted brands and partners. Filament.ca has been a premier supplier of 3D printing filaments in Canada for a long, providing quality yet cost-effective filaments to its customers. Filament.ca partners with other trusted 3D printing service providers around the world to meet customer demands while creating its own brands of filaments tailored specifically for each project requirement and material selection.

Key Advantages: Leading supplier of 3D printing filaments and accessories

Address: 2700 Dufferin St Unit 15, Toronto, ON M6B 4J3, Canada

Website: https://filaments.ca/

Contact: +1 416-630-0062

Founded: 2013

VI. Create Cafe 3D Printing Solutions Inc.

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.createcafe.ca/

Create Cafe 3D Printing Solutions Inc. is a professional 3D printing service provider, offering business and educational 3D printing solutions while training a new generation of young talent to shape the field of additive manufacturing. Create Cafe 3D Printing Solutions Inc. has teamed up with Saskatchewan Polytechnic – which boasts more than 28,000 students interested in 3D printing – forming a strong base to spread its skills and knowledge across Canada. The company has an experienced team that utilizes open-source projects to educate learners and develop business solutions that serve different industries. The company has a fully equipped cafe featuring modern 3D printing machines used by designers and engineers for various services related to 3D printing, such as consultation and services for custom projects using various materials such as PLA, BronzeFill ABS, or Nylon.

Key Advantages: Offers 3D printing services, education, and consultation

Address: 510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon, SK S7L 7K7, Canada

Website: https://www.createcafe.ca/

Contact: +1 306-954-2677

Founded: 2016

VII. Print Your Mind 3D

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.printyourmind3d.ca/

Print Your Mind 3D is one of the premier desktop 3D printer suppliers in Canada. Since 2014, they have established themselves as one of the first desktop 3D printing shops, serving local communities while expanding to work with high-profile 3D printing brands such as LulzBot, Ultimaker, and Creality. Print Your Mind has quickly risen to become one of the leading companies, with most schools and businesses turning to it for printing. The company provides professional 3D printing solutions such as desktop 3D printers, filaments, and other accessories to educators as well as small to large businesses. Print Your Mind 3D has assembled a team of expert engineers to train companies on how to apply 3D printing effectively in high-quality mold manufacturing processes to reduce costs, accelerate prototyping, and maximize product development cycle flexibility.

Key Advantages: Offers 3D printers, filaments, and educational resources

Address: 15711 66 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 3A6, Canada

Website: https://www.printyourmind3d.ca/

Contact: +1 587-882-6940

Founded: 2014

VIII.  3DPhacktory

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.3dphacktory.com/

3DPhacktory is a full-service 3D printing company based in downtown Toronto. Founded in 2013, the company offers high-resolution 3D printing services to various customers in Canada. 3DPhacktory is structured to help product designers create high-quality complex multi-material parts at their convenience without incurring any set-up costs. The company provides an online platform that enables you to upload any model file of your design in any format, then uses its collaborative studio environment to produce and ship out a prototype within 48 hours. Sharing ideas during production using the collaborative studio helps ensure that the final products meet the specific customer requirements. The company also uses a blend of various materials to produce a highly detailed and functional part. In case the final product does not please you, you can book a session at the fabrication studio and create your own product. The company uses an OBJET CONNEX500 Polyjet Printer that blends liquid polymers to give you a range of build materials that you can use. 3DPhacktory has a team of experienced designers whom you can hire to help you with your design and production challenges in case you’ve previously used other methods like high-quality CNC machining.

Key Advantages: Full-service 3D design and fabrication studio

Address: 213 Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON M6R 2B2, Canada

Website: https://www.3dphacktory.com/

Contact: +1 416-533-9339

Founded: 2013

IX. Proto3000

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://proto3000.com/

Proto3000 is a Canadian additive manufacturing company that integrates design, 3D printing, and metrology to provide end-to-end manufacturing solutions that maximize supply chain flexibility and improve production efficiency. The company has a suite of additive manufacturing solutions and equipment that help customers solve engineering and manufacturing challenges while empowering designers to develop better products. Proto3000 provides a wide range of full-service 3D printing machines such as the ETEC 3D polymer printers which have capabilities of printing and prototyping plastic parts at unrivaled speed and quality. The company employs the latest 3D printing technologies, featuring Polyjet 3D printing, FDM, Stratys SAF, Bound Metal Deposition, Single Pass Jetting, SLA, and Selective Laser Sintering. All the 3D printing services offered by Photo3000 are structured to empower customers to gain a competitive edge in the market by harnessing the power of industry-leading additive manufacturing technologies.

Key Advantages: Wide range of 3D printers, uses state-of-the-art technology, offers other services such as 3D scanning and 3D design

Address: 6260 Hwy 7 #10, Vaughan, ON L4H 4G3, Canada

Website: https://proto3000.com/

Contact: +1 905-738-1779

Founded: 2007

X. Axis Prototypes

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://axisproto.com/

Axis Prototypes is an expert in additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Founded in 1997, Axis Prototyping was among the pioneers of 3D printing in Canada. The company has established a strong reputation for fast delivery of custom projects. The company has a strong team of experienced professionals who analyze project details and develop custom parameters to achieve optimal project design for the best outcome. Among the most popular services, Axis Prototypes provides 3D printing, 3D scanning, and design consultations on 3D projects. The company uses the latest technology in additive manufacturing including SLA, SLS, DMLS, FDM, and PolyJet 3D printing. The company also has a wide variety of material choices for each type of 3D printing method selected.

Key Advantages: One of the first 3D printing services in Canada, offering a wide range of materials and technologies

Address: 6956 Jarry St E, Saint-Leonard, QC H1P 3C1, Canada

Website: https://axisproto.com/

Contact: +1 514-352-3022

Founded: 1997

XI. Agile Manufacturing

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.agile-manufacturing.com/

Agile Manufacturing, established in 2006, is one of the leading 3D printing companies in Canada with an advanced fleet of additive manufacturing equipment. Since its foundation, Agile has earned ISO 9001 certification demonstrating its dedication to quality and exceptional performance. Its fleet comprises 45 3D printers that are compatible with various materials including SLA, SLS, FDM, MJP, and DLP materials. The company offers various services including rapid prototyping, 3D model design services, and 3D laser scanning – available with same-day delivery on purchase orders in Canada. Agile Manufacturing has many 3D printers in stock depending on the material selection and project requirements. The company has more than 25 experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring all orders and projects are completed as scheduled. Agile manufacturing has its presence covering all of America, since its expansion to the United States in 2017.

Key Advantages: Provides 3D printing, prototyping, and production services

Address: 141 Reach St #3, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1L3, Canada

Website: https://www.agile-manufacturing.com/

Contact: +1 905-852-0794

Founded: 2006

XII. Conclusion

3D printing companies in Canada have experienced rapid growth due to the increasing need for more cost-effective manufacturing solutions. All the companies listed here provide distinct products and services designed to make 3D printing accessible and affordable to everyone in Canada. Most manufacturing companies that have adopted 3D printing have increased in profitability with fast market entry and better-quality products. Before you select a 3D printing company in Canada, visit 3D Printing-TDL to get more information about the industry and the important factors to look for in the company.


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