Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Canada

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
2Bock North America2007
3Mitchell Plastics 1997
4Exo-s 2012
5GreenLeaf Industries1999
6Plascon Plastics Corporation2006
8Plas-tech Inc.1987
9Cy Plastics 1991
10ABC Group 1974
Plastic injection molding companies in Canada

I. Introduction

Plastic injection molding is a process used in the production of various parts by inserting liquified materials into a mold under high pressure. The liquified material is left to solidify forming the anticipated end product. Some of the materials that can be used in this manufacturing process include metals, glasses, confections, and elastomers, while thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers are the most commonly used. This method has proven to be helpful in the production of parts with irregular shapes. Injection molding is applied by many industries due to its efficiency and its ability to produce a large quantity of similar parts over and over again.

Most companies in Canada specialize in mold manufacturing which is important in the injection molding process. Plastic injection molding services a range of industries including medicine, automotive, electric, electronic, and packaging industries among others. Below is a list of 10 plastic injection mold manufacturers in Canada.

II. StackTeck

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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StackTeck is recognized as a global company that specializes in the provision of advanced plastic tooling solutions used in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry. It offers designs for products as well as mold designs and complete automation systems which helps simplify the production processes of various industries. StackTeck ensures that its customers’ needs and preferences are met through the provision of high-quality molds which give the customers a competitive advantage in the market. With the continuous innovations in technology, the company is able to boost the productivity of the CAPS, Closures, Thin wall packaging, PET preforms as well as the medical markets, which makes it outstanding. It also offers high-quality products and services to the food and beverage packaging sector. The company further carries out testing, servicing, repairs as well and refurbishing services to its customers which makes it possible to give global multi-mold programs that monitor the performances annually. StackTeck also specializes in IML automation and exports IML molds and automated systems to Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

Key Advantages: Offers a wide range of services and innovative mold solutions

Address: 1 Paget Road, Brampton, ON L6T 5S2, Canada


Contact: +1 416-749-1698

Founded: 1972

III. Bock North America

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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Bock North was formed in 2007 and it belongs to a family-owned company known as the BOCK Group, which was founded in 1969. The BOCK Group of companies became the leading company and specialized in the production of components used in office chairs, lounge furniture as well as in the automotive industry. Bock North America is located in Canada and was formed to serve clients based in North America. It carries with it 50 years of experience and knowledge of the BOCK Group in the sector of aluminum and plastics production which makes it provide high-quality services and products for its customers in North America. Bock North America also benefits from the global connection of the Bock Group across three continents. The company has more than 150 employees who possess skills and are updated on the various innovations in technology. It also has an in-house tools shop with two cranes that carry 10 tons each and approximately 20 injection molding machines that help the company produce customized products depending on the preferences of its customers. Just like the BOCK Group, the company offers components of high quality as well as a variety of testing and measuring devices and testing systems. The company’s production process is controlled by SPC, ISR, and PPAP, which monitors the process from material selection to the release of end products. It is also certified by ISO 9001:2015. It offers after-sale services such as the dispatch and installation of the end products as preferred by its clients.

Key Advantages: Specializes in precision plastic injection molding and tooling

Address: 255 Bathurst Dr, Waterloo, ON N2V 2E9, Canada


Contact: +1 519-725-4445

Founded: 2007

IV. Mitchell Plastics

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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Mitchell Plastics was formed in 1997. Over the years of its operation, the company has grown and gained trust in terms of the quality of the services and products it offers as well as dependability. It is currently the top company specializing in the provision of automotive interior mechanisms as well as components used for decorating. It offers its customers a variety of services which include the designing and development of injection molded products and testing and validating of the products. The company’s culture in the place of work ensures that there is transparent and respectful communication to ensure that its operations run smoothly. The company researches and comes up with new innovative technology in the automotive interior sector so as to ensure that its customers get to enjoy a variety of modern designs. The company has expanded with time and has branches in the US as well as Mexico which has helped increase its production capacity and reach more customers. It is also present in Germany, Japan, and China which makes it a global company. It is also considerate in terms of costs and offers favorable costs to its clients.

Key Advantages: Offers comprehensive solutions from design to production

Address: 101 Howland Dr, Kitchener, ON N2G 4R4, Canada


Contact: +1 519-745-1131

Founded: 1997

V. Exo-s

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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Exo-s was founded in 2012 and over the years, it has grown and expanded its expertise in its specialized sector which is designing and production of plastic functional systems through injection or blow molding processes. The company currently has exceptional and particular knowledge in tooling using high-quality CNC manufacturing and production of plastic parts used in specialized applications. Exo-s puts a lot of commitment into creating new and modern solutions to meet its customers’ needs. The customers are able to receive customized services according to their individual preferences in designs. It has been able to serve a large number of clients globally having branches in Canada, the US as well as Mexico. The company serves various sectors including automotive, medical, transportation, consumer goods, and tooling. Today, Exo-s has become a Tier 1 and 2 provider to the automotive sector, mainly for the systems used in fluid management, thermal management, HVAC ventilation ducts as well as NVH acoustic engineering. It is also IATF 16949 certified.

Key Advantages: Innovative technologies and a focus on sustainable solutions

Address: 90 Ontario St, Stratford, ON N5A 3H4, Canada


Contact: +1 519-273-8700

Founded: 2012

VI. GreenLeaf Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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GreenLeaf Industries is a family-owned company that was founded in 1999 in a bid to provide its customers with quality customized plastic injection molded parts with speed and favorable costs, by use of all-electric machines used in plastic molding, that are unachievable by other companies. GreenLeaf has experienced remarkable growth through the years due to its ability to provide high-quality products with reliable delivery at cost-effective prices, all the while cultivating healthy relationships among its employees, customers, and suppliers – key components in running an efficient business. Its engineers make sure that they keep up with the innovations in technology throughout the production process from designing to the actual production to assembling the injection molded parts. GreenLeaf is always ready to take up challenges that other companies might consider impossible. It is certified by ISO 9001:2015.

Key Advantages: Emphasizes lean manufacturing and environmentally friendly processes

Address: 50 Nashdene Rd, Scarborough, ON M1V 2V4, Canada


Contact: +1 416-291-3934

Founded: 1999

VII. Plascon Plastics Corporation

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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Plascon was founded in 2006 with the aim of coming up with a better means to utilize waste from plastics that are created daily. The company began using the injection molding process to use waste materials to form products such as flower pots and cosmetic containers. It is considered to be among the first companies located in North America to focus mainly on the injection molding of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials. Over the years, Plascon Plastics has expanded from injection molding to partnering with international brands so as to come up with sustainable businesses and products. The company has more than 50 employees who are dedicated and have great expertise in the plastic industry sector. The company has a total of 10 injection molding machines that have a clamping force that ranges between 100 to 1000 tons and produces more than 1 million units monthly. Plascon serves customers all over North America in the plastic sector. It serves industries such as automotive, clothing, health, and beauty as well as the supply chain management industries.

Key Advantages: Custom injection molding and in-house tooling capabilities

Address: 6011 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V7C 4V4, Canada


Contact: +1 604-277-3044

Founded: 2006


Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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IPEX is a Canadian company that specializes in thermoplastic piping systems and is the leading company in this sector. IPEX companies are involved in the designing and production of the biggest, most known, and wide range of integrated piping products. The company prioritizes customer needs by fulfilling them through all available means and on schedule. In addition, it focuses on developing innovative technologies like 3D printing technology and products so its customers have access to cutting-edge solutions and products. IPEX recycles most of its materials, an example being using waste pieces to make new pipes as well as other materials such as water and acetone. Some of the products produced include plumbing products, municipal products, industrial products, and irrigation products among others.

Key Advantages: Specializes in manufacturing PVC and thermoplastic pipe products

Address: 2441 Royal Windsor Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 4C7, Canada


Contact: +1 905-403-0264

Founded: 1959

IX. Plas-tech Inc.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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Plas-tech, a Canadian Company established over 28 years ago, is one of North America’s leading producers of custom plastic components and finished products. It is recognized for its excellent work in designing, selecting materials, and overseeing assembling/installation processes for customers. It offers customized solutions according to the preferences of the customer. The company is continuing to grow and currently offers services such as metalwork, millwork, and painting among others. Plas-tech is a global company serving the whole of Canada and the US. It mainly focuses on three key abilities which include plastic manufacturing, plastic printing as well and plastic distribution.

Key Advantages: Offers a wide range of custom plastic injection molding services

Address: 350 Vaughan Valley Blvd. in Woodbridge, Ontario



Founded: 1987

X. Cy Plastics

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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Cy Plastics specializes in the injection and blow molding processes for high-quality mold manufacturing engineer parts used in a variety of products in different sectors. The company offers high-quality products as a result of combining excellent offshore partnerships in the tooling sector with in-house skills in tool design, manufacture, and maintenance. Its employees have great expertise in the production of molded parts which helps to ensure that its customers get the best services. Also, the company has embraced innovative technology over the years which ensures that they use modern solutions and machines in the production process. The company has been able to increase its production capacity and added more molding machines as well as crane systems used in the production process. Cy Plastics has branches in Canada and the US among other countries.

Key Advantages: Specializes in high-performance engineered plastics

Address: 1800 Bonhill Rd, Mississauga, ON L5T 1C8, Canada


Contact: +1 905-670-7862

Founded: 1991

XI. ABC Group

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
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ABC Technologies is a company based in Canada and was founded in 1974. It is the leading company globally specializing in the production of automotive components and systems. The company offers high-quality services and products in the automotive industry and as a result, it has won more than 100 awards since 1992. The company focuses on every aspect of the technologies used in plastic manufacturing as well as parts for the international automotive industry, flexible products, fluid management, interior & exterior systems, and air induction systems. Apart from injection molding, the company also uses other production processes such as thermoforming, sheet extrusion, material compounding, and interior and exterior painting. It provides all services related to the production process such as designing, choosing materials, testing, tooling, and assembling of the end products among others. This helps to simplify the production process for its customers.

Key Advantages: Global leader in the automotive parts manufacturing industry

Address: 2 Norelco Dr, North York, ON M9L 2X6, Canada


Contact: +1 416-246-1782

Founded: 1974

XII. Conclusion

Most of the leading injection molding companies in Canada have embraced innovative technology which has contributed to their growth and existence till today. Plastic injection molding has simplified the production processes for both companies and their customers. As the companies discussed above continue to grow, more injection manufacturing factories are being formed and this gives customers a wide range of companies to choose from. This may make it hard for customers to choose a company to settle on. However, the companies discussed above have proven to be the best plastic injection mold manufacturers in the country and the areas they specialize in are clearly stated. It is crucial for a customer to have full information about a company and know their sector of specialization so as to ensure that they get high-quality products and services that rhyme with their needs.


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