10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Canada

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1StackTeck Systems Ltd1993
2Axiom Group Inc.1987
3Omega Tool Corp1981
4Unique Tool & Gauge Inc.1982
5Service Mold + Aerospace1987
6Matcor-Matsu Manufacturing1991
7Protoplast Inc.1981
8Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd1975
9Exi-Plast Custom Moulding Ltd1996
10Cam Tool & Die Ltd1972
Mold manufacturing companies in Canada

I. Introduction

Mold manufacturing is a process used in production whereby liquified raw materials are inserted in molds under high pressure and left to solidify so as to form the required end products. Molds are created according to customer preferences and are usually made of steel or aluminum, thus streamlining production for manufacturers who can then mass produce similar items without incurring time constraints in production. Most companies in Canada use this manufacturing process and have exceptional experience in this sector which makes them reliable for local and international customers. Customers of companies offering plastic injection mold manufacturing enjoy innovative, flexible, and customized solutions from these businesses. When selecting an injection mold manufacturer, you should consider a company that offers experienced personnel as well as high-quality services in a timely manner that meets customer expectations while remaining up-to-date with changing trends and technological innovations. Below is a list of Canada’s top ten plastic injection mold manufacturers.

II. StackTeck Systems Ltd.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.stackteck.com/

StackTeck is a Canadian company that offers advanced and integrated solutions for plastic tooling in the injection molding company. The company focuses a lot on the needs and businesses of its customers and ensures that the mold designs it offers them give its businesses a chance to enjoy strategic advantage. StackTeck not only offers mold designs but also comes up with injection molds and systems that make production solutions available in the industry. The company further offers testing, service, repair, inspection as well and refurbishment to the customers’ products. With the continuous innovation in technology in mold bases, StackTeck has proven to be exceptional by providing greater productivity to Closures, Caps, PET preforms, Thin Wall packaging as well as the medical and technical markets.

Key Advantages: Specializes in high-performance injection molds and automation solutions

Address: 1 Paget Rd, Brampton, ON L6T 5S2, Canada

Website: https://www.stackteck.com/

Contact: +1 416-749-1698

Founded: 1993

III. Axiom Group Inc.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.axiomgroup.ca/

Axiom Group was founded in 1987 and has since then specialized in both automotive and non-automotive industries whereby it offers engineering solutions. It started with only one injection molding branch in Aurora, Ontario, and has grown over the years to become the leading company in the automotive as well as production industries. The company serves its customers by offering end-to-end engineering, design as well and development services. Axiom consists of more than 600 engineers and staff responsible for production. It has been acknowledged as the “Supplier of the Year” by a number of automotive OEM manufacturers. The company currently has branches in other countries such as Mexico and the US which has helped it grow its customer base. In 2022, Axiom Group adopted Campfire Interactive, which is a CRM software responsible for the management of automotive products, product tracking, and B2C communication. The Campfire Interactive CRM software has helped to simplify various production and delivery activities for the Axiom Group.

Key Advantages: Integrated design, engineering, and manufacturing for automotive and consumer products

Address: 2098 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X8, Canada

Website: https://www.axiomgroup.ca/

Contact: +1 905-465-1233

Founded: 1987

IV. Omega Tool Corp.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.omegatoolcorp.com/

Omega Tool Corp is a company in Canada with headquarters in Oldcastle, Ontario, and has been in operation for more than 40 years. It specializes in designing and production of precision plastic injection molds for a variety of markets. The company has a total of about 300 technicians with great expertise in the sector and uses innovative technology to offer modern and high-quality products and services to its customers. Omega Tool Corp serves its customers not only in Canada but also in Mexico where it has another division. The company is still reinvesting in its facilities as well as enlarging its footprint both in automation and machinery with a mission to come up with a factory for the future. It offers mold services such as the production of aluminum molds, die-cast mold bases, multi-cavity molds, and over-molding among others. Omega Tool Corp serves industries such as the automotive industry, aerospace, consumer products, medical, and packaging industries among others.

Key Advantages: Leading provider of plastic injection molds and die-cast dies

Address: 2045 Astor Crescent, Oldcastle, ON N0R 1L0, Canada

Website: https://www.omegatoolcorp.com/

Contact: +1 519-737-1391

Founded: 1981

V. Unique Tool & Gauge Inc.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.unique-tool.com/

Unique Tool & Gauge Inc. was established in 1982, and since then has become one of the leading mold manufacturing companies in terms of quality. By continually adopting cutting-edge technologies in their machines and services, Unique Tool & Gauge strives to offer its customers high-quality services while saving both costs and time. The company walks with its customers from the designing, high-quality mold manufacturing, and tooling management in the production of a product till the life cycle of the product is over. All jobs presented to the company by its customers are assessed first before coming up with the tool design so as to reduce the complexity of the tool and simplify the part. Also, Unique pioneered Aluminum Production Tooling used in the automotive industry. Due to the expertise and specialization in the automotive sector, Unique has worked with Honda for several years in the collection of data as well as carrying out comparison tests. This has helped the company grow its expertise in the Aluminum Production Tooling sector.

Key Advantages: Offers mold design, manufacturing, and repair services

Address: 5730 Theodore Dr, Windsor, ON N8S 2Y1, Canada

Website: https://www.unique-tool.com/

Contact: +1 519-948-8125

Founded: 1982

VI. Service Mold + Aerospace

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.service-mold.com/

Service Mold+Aerospace was established in 1987 and currently provides its services to top firms across North America and Europe in aerospace, automotive, medical, commercial, and other industrial sectors. Specializing in designing and producing various molds such as injection molds, blow molds, low-pressure injection molds, compression molds, low-pressure forming molds, and glass-encapsulation molds for glass encapsulation – their management team oversees each activity while possessing vast expertise combined. Service Mold+Aerospace has a department that focuses on in-house design and uses state-of-the-art design software and 3D printing technology to produce products as well as 3D mold designs for its customers which cannot be provided by a number of mold makers. The company focuses on ensuring that its customers get high-quality products in all their preferred designs. The company uses the most recent CAM software, high-feed cutter as well as high-end tooling in its production processes.

Key Advantages: Mold manufacturing and engineering services for automotive and aerospace industries

Address: 2711 St. Etienne Blvd. Windsor, ON N8W 5B1, Canada

Website: https://www.service-mold.com/

Contact: +1 519-945-3344

 Founded: 1987

VII. Matcor-Matsu Manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.matcor-matsu.com/

Matcor-Matsu is a privately owned company that was founded in 1991 and has headquarters in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The company specializes in the designing and manufacturing of metallic components that are precision stamped and assembled for the automotive industry. It has more than 1400 employees who serve its customers in more than 10 production centers across Canada as well as Mexico and the US. Its esteemed customers consist of various OEM and Tier 1 suppliers found in the automotive industry. The company also offers other services such as research, material selection, maintenance, repair as well as testing of the products. Matcor-Matsu deals with the production of both small and complex parts and concentrates on lightweight and favorable costs.

Key Advantages: Custom mold manufacturing and injection molding services

Address: 7657 Bramalea Road Brampton, ON L6T 5V3, Canada

Website: https://www.matcor-matsu.com/

Contact: +1 905-291-5000

Founded: 1991

VIII.  Protoplast Inc.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.protoplast.com/

Protoplast was founded in 1981 and has grown over the years to become one of the leading companies that specialize in the manufacture of injection molds. The company has continuously been providing turnkey services to its customers to ensure that all their needs and that they are fully satisfied. It has all the necessary equipment to carry out the whole production process in one building which includes CAD and high-quality CNC machining centers. Protoplast lies on a 55,000-square-foot building consisting of rooms used for designing, offices, a tool shop, a Research and Development room, a production sector, and an area reserved for handling integrated materials. The company offers customized and cost-efficient solutions according to their individual requirements. Protoplast has more than 16 machines with clamping force of between 38 to 600 tonnes which helps it to offer a variety of molding services such as over-molding, injection blow molding, straight injection, and 2-component molding. The company is also able to carry out Secondary Operations in-house.

Key Advantages: Provides mold design, manufacturing, and injection molding services

Address: 95 Ellis Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 8Z3, Canada

Website: https://www.protoplast.com/

Contact: +1 705-725-1100

Founded: 1983

IX. Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://cavaliertool.com/

Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd. is a privately owned company founded in 1975. It has grown to become an esteemed international manufacturer of both mid and large molds. The company creates molds to be used in a wide range of applications, especially in industries such as agricultural, recreation, automotive, and commercial industries. Cavalier has approximately 250 employees, two production plants consisting of 85,000 square feet, the ability to create tools ranging between 250 and 4000-ton presses as well, and the ability to produce more than 200 molds annually. As a result of all these possessions, Cavalier has the ability to work on any kind of project. Apart from injection molding, it has the ability to offer services such as structural foam, gas assist, multi-shot, thermoset, prototype, and compression mold. This company offers high-quality molds with on-time delivery and favorable costs that enable its customers to have a competitive advantage. It also offers other services such as program management services, advanced designs, assembling as well as testing.

Key Advantages: Specializing in large, complex tooling systems

Address: 5955 Rhodes Dr, Windsor, ON N8N 2L9, Canada

Website: https://cavaliertool.com/

Contact: +1 519-944-2144

Founded: 1975

X. Exi-Plast Custom Moulding Ltd.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.exiplastcm.com/

Exi-Plast Custom Moulding Ltd. is a Canadian company that offers custom plastics molding services and focuses mainly on the blow molded solutions sectors for various manufacturers, designers as well and suppliers across the world. Exi-Plast is under EFS-Plastics which deals with recycling waste plastic products. As a result, Exi-Plast also specializes in reusing waste products from plastics. This company is certified by ISO 9001 and offers full project management in the blow molding sector for its customers. Exi-Plast has embraced innovative technology over the years and uses state-of-the-art robotic trim to ensure that its customers get high-quality products. The company’s growth and expertise are mainly contributed by the three principles that guide it and they include the following: maintaining a safe and team-first working environment for its employees, going beyond the expectations of its customers, and continuous advancements in the manufacturing process.

Key Advantages: Specializes in blow molding solutions

Address: 69323 Richmond St. Centralia, ON N0M 1K0, Canada

Website: https://www.exiplastcm.com/

Contact: +1 519-418-3377

Founded: 1996

XI. Cam Tool & Die Ltd.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.camtool.com/

CAM-TOOL is based in Canada and has been in operation for over 35 years in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry. It is an Elite CAD/CAM system that is used to deal with various needs in the tool manufacturing industry. It specializes in CAD/CAM software but also focuses on other roles such as actual cutting as well as in-house testing. The company has a total of two CNC machines of high-speed and high accuracy which it uses to make cutting samples and carry out tests on them. It also has a hybrid CAM engine which makes it possible for direct machining to be used on materials that have a high level of hardness. CAM TOOL also helps to ensure a higher-level finish on surfaces, and tools with longer durability as well as shorter machining and finishing time. Over the years, it has supplied about 2,700 companies as well as 5,500 licenses.

Key Advantages: Specializes in high-precision mold manufacturing

Address: 975 Mid-Way Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2C6, Canada

Website: https://www.camtool.com/

Contact: +1 905-670-7862

Founded: 1972

XII. Conclusion

As seen above, each company has its own area of specialization in which it is best suited. It is therefore important for customers to choose the company that rhymes with their needs and preferences so as to ensure they get high-quality services and products. You should have all the background information about a company before choosing it since it contributes greatly to the success of your business. With the developments in technology, mold manufacturing companies continue to grow as others are being formed. This has led to the growth in the mold manufacturing industry as well as many options for the customers. The list above will help make it easier for the customers when choosing the company to work with.


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