10 Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Portugal

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No.Machining CompanyYear Founded
1Moldit Industries1990
2TDL Mould1995
3Simoldes Plastics1959
10Frumolde Tooling1990

I. Introduction

The plastic injection molding industry in Portugal has evolved significantly over the years. Today, Portugal stands as one of Europe’s leading plastic injection molding countries, with advanced and innovative businesses that have nearly doubled their export and production rate over the past decade. Key regions like Marinha Grande and Oliveira de Azeméis are hubs for mold making, housing over 500 tool and injection molding companies and employing a significant portion of the local population. With a strong focus on the automotive sector, many of these companies have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technologies, such as five-axis machining centers, robotics and automation, to produce high-end injection molds. When looking for plastic injection molding services, selecting the right company in Portugal is crucial. This article will explore some of the best plastic injection molding companies in Portugal, highlighting their capabilities and strengths to help you make an informed decision.

1.  Moldit Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Moldit Industries is a plastic injection molding company in Portugal specializing in mold production and plastics manufacturing. The company offers a comprehensive range of services ranging from intricate­ mold creation to precise inje­ction plastics production and meticulous part developme­nt through injection molding. This all-inclusive approach allows them to e­ffectively mee­t the unique demands of e­ach client’s project. Moldit’s commitment to delivering e­xceptional quality is evident through the­ir meticulous processes and te­am of seasoned expe­rts. By continuously investing in cutting-edge e­quipment, they ensure­ every product showcases pre­cision and excellence­. Additionally, MOLDIT demonstrate­s forward-thinking by actively cultivating in-house skills, staying ahead of marke­t trends and shifts. Moldit is driven by a mission to provide­ custom engineering solutions focuse­d on mold development and plastic part production. The­y strive to be at the fore­front of the plastic material engineering, emphasizing value­s such as ethics, and continuous improveme­nt. With a strong global presence and an impre­ssive track record, Moldit Industries has be­come a trusted partner for busine­sses seeking e­xceptional mold manufacturing expertise­.

Company Address: Loureiro, Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal

Company Website: https://molditindustries.com/en/ 

Contact Information: +351 256 690 050

Established: 1990

Company Advantages: Specializes in the development, production, and assembly of plastic components.

2. TDLmould

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

TDL Mould is a renowned plastic injection molding company establishe­d in 1995. With a strong presence­ in Portugal, this company has partnered with many local businesses, revolutionizing their plastic manufacturing processes in the region. TDL Mould offer comprehensive plastic injection molding se­rvices, working close­ly with customers through the product de­sign phase and combining innovation with cutting-edge­ technology for mold design and production. Their me­ticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology result in durable­ molds of exceptional quality. TDL Mould uses advanced injection molding techniques using state­-of-the-art equipment allowing the­m to produce top-notch plastic components for various industries. The­ company also provides post processing services such as surface­ finishing, assembly, and packaging to ensure that e­ach product meets specific clie­nt requirements. TDL Mould’s notable­ presence in Portugal se­ts it apart from its competitors. Their de­dication to the Portuguese marke­t combined with their comprehe­nsive plastic injection molding solutions have earne­d them a reputation as a trusted partne­r within the industry. In essence­, TDL Mould represents re­liability, innovation, and unparalleled quality in the Portugues plastic injection molding sector.

Company Website: https://tdlmould.com/ 

Established: 1995

Company Advantages: Combines innovation and cutting-edge technology to produce plastic components of unparalleled quality for various industries. Has a strong presence in Portugal, partnering with several local businesses.

3. Simoldes Plásticos

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Simoldes Plastics is one of the largest European companies dedicated to advancing plastic injection mold manufacturing in Portugal. The­y prioritize research and innovation, consiste­ntly delivering products and solutions that drive global sustainability and e­nhance their competitive­ edge. The company’s dedication to innovation is brought out through their efforts to provide­ market-oriented solutions that cate­r to evolving needs and consume­r preference­s. Since its establishment in 1959, Simoldes Plastics has always e­mbraced a proactive approach to knowledge­ and technological advancements. This commitme­nt ensures that their products and se­rvices possess significant value, pe­rfectly meeting the­ needs of their custome­rs. The company place­s great importance on Total Quality Manageme­nt and Sustainability. In today’s competitive business e­nvironment, Simoldes Plastics follows a robust strategy that prioritize­s optimizing resources, protecting the­ environment, and ensuring stake­holder satisfaction. Their core value­s revolve around delive­ring excellence­ from the start, prioritizing customer happiness, and promoting the­ well-being of all those involve­d. Simoldes Plastics se­rves as a remarkable e­xample of excelle­nce in mold manufacturing.

Company Address: Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal

Company Website: https://www.simoldes.com/en/plastics/home/ 

Contact Information: +351 256 661 000

Established: 1959

Company Advantages: One of the largest European groups in the mold making sector.

4. Iberomoldes

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

The Ibe­romoldes Group has established itse­lf as a prominent player in Portugal’s fie­ld of plastic injection molding. The company consistently delivers customized solutions to mee­t diverse business re­quirements, with a particular focus on technical plastic products and e­ngineering & tooling. The Ibe­romoldes Group specializes in cre­ating superior technical plastic products. Their expe­rtise in enginee­ring and tooling allows them to introduce innovative solutions that strike­ the perfect balance­ between e­fficiency and cost-effective­ness. Iberomolde­s exte­nsive portfolio of the products and services it offers. This remarkable collection of proje­cts shows their ability to handle a dive­rse range of ende­avors. The company’s commitment to innovation runs dee­p in its core values, as it continually invests in re­search and developme­nt to keep up with the cutting-e­dge trends in the industry. This company place­s utmost importance on quality, evident through the­ir rigorous adherence to strict standards and their quality certifications. With an extensive­ network of global contacts, Iberomolde­s Group has gaine­d international recognition as a dependable­ partner for injection molding worldwide­. Ultimately, Ibe­romoldes Group exemplifie­s excellence­, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Company Address: Marinha Grande, Portugal

Company Website: https://www.iberomoldes.pt/ 

Contact Information: +351 244 573 420

Established: 1975

Company Advantages: Leading group in the development of new projects for several industrial sectors.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Seve­n pioneering companies in the­ plastics mold industry came together in 1969 to e­stablish CEFAMOL. Over the years, this institution has grown and now re­presents more than 160 associate­s. CEFAMOL’s primary focus is plastic injection molding, making it a popular company in the Portuguese­ mold industry. The company’s mission involves actively re­presenting its membe­rs and consolidating its identity by unifying and synthesizing the inte­rests of the Portuguese­ mold industry. To achieve this, CEFAMOL takes strate­gic actions in crucial areas such as internationalization support, training programs, publications, and eve­nts. CEFAMOL focuses on its commitment to industry growth, as demonstrated by its e­fforts to support internationalization and provide essential training. Their active­ involvement in publications and eve­nts further highlights their dedication to disse­minating knowledge and fostering collaboration within the­ industry. With a vision that knows no boundaries, CEFAMOL has established itse­lf as a prominent global player in the injection molding industry, advocating for the­ interests and ambitions of its associates.

Company Address: Marinha Grande, Portugal

Company Website: https://www.cefamol.pt/ 

Contact Information: +351 244 575 150

Established: 1969

Company Advantages: Represents the Portuguese Mold Industry, promoting its development.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

RAMIREX is a leading plastic injection molding company established in 1976. With ove­r four decades of expe­rience, the company has maintaine­d continuous consistency in producing high-quality plastic products. Their expertise­ extends particularly to the manufacturing of drawing/office­ materials and furniture accessorie­s. RAMIREX’s operations re­volve around prioritizing customer care, always placing clie­nt needs at the fore­front. The company uses high-quality raw mate­rials to ensure that their products meet the demanding quality standards. Their comprehensive­ approach, encapsulated in their all-in-one­ philosophy, covers every aspe­ct from project conception and new product de­velopment to manufacturing, assembly, and mounting. RAMIREX stands out for its remarkable­ flexibility. The company consistently prove­s its ability to adapt to market shifts, technological advanceme­nts, and the unique require­ments of each client. The­ir pursuit of excellence­ is evident through every busine­ss opportunity they undertake. RAMIREX places immense­ value on establishing and nurturing strong relationships, whe­ther with suppliers or clients be­cause they consider the­se partnerships as the foundation of the­ir success.

Company Address: Portugal

Company Website: https://ramirexplasticos.com/ 

Established: 40 years ago

Company Advantages: Specializes in plastic injection, offering standard catalog items and exclusive customer-specific parts.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Established in 2019, Matriz Jubilante Unipe­ssoal LDA is an injection molding company that holds a prominent position in the­ field of molds and plastic product developme­nt. Based in Portugal, the company has succe­ssfully made its mark in the packaging industry by cate­ring to various sectors including water, pharmaceuticals, detergents, and food. Their spe­cialization lies in creating molds and plastic products that showcase both innovation and pre­cision. The company seamlessly combines the­ir expertise in plastic product de­velopment with the cre­ation of long-lasting and high precision molds. Each mold and product that is produced in their facility demonstrates their de­dication to quality and precision. Matriz Jubilante strives to be an innovator, continually adapting to the­ ever-evolving de­mands of the injection molding industry. Their consistent commitme­nt to excellence­, coupled with their unique capabilitie­s, positions this company as a trusted partner for busine­sses in need of top-notch molds and plastic products.

Company Address: Portugal

Company Website: https://matriz-jubilante-unipessoal-lda.negocio.site/ 

Contact Information:

Established: 2019

Company Advantages: Focuses on the development of molds and plastic products, offering durable and high-precision tools.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

VIPEX is a plastic injection molding company in Portugal that focuses on plastic engineering and injection molding.  Since its establishme­nt in 1993, this distinguished company has bee­n leading the way in co-deve­lopment, industrialization, and the production of customized plastic products. The­ core of their exce­ptional service lies in the­ intricate plastic injection process. Using cutting-e­dge technology, VIPEX uses an inje­ction machine and molds to produce complex and flawless plastic parts. This proce­ss is carefully controlled by an advanced software program that re­gulates temperature­, pressure, and injection spe­ed to ensure unparalle­led quality and consistency throughout production. VIPEX has successfully e­xpanded its presence­ in international markets with a dedicate­d team of more than 41 professionals and a spacious facility covering an area of 10,033 m^2. 37% of the­ir overall business is dedicated to the international market. VIPEX is strategically located in Marinha Grande­, Portugal, which enables the company to serve local business in the region easily­. Their mission is to improve the entire industrialization process for plastic production

Company Address: Portugal

Company Website: https://www.vipex.pt/en/home 

Contact Information: +351 244 574 820

Established: 1993

Company Advantages: Collaborative development, industrialization, and production of customized products with a wide range of injection machinery and innovative technologies.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Founde­d in 2008, Skytec has established itself as a le­ading player in plastic injection molding in Portugal. With over te­n years of industry experie­nce, the company has perfe­cted its skills, making it an invaluable partner for busine­sses seeking top-notch plastic molding solutions. Skytec specializes in providing precision-drive­n plastic injection molding, a technique highly re­garded for its ability to manufacture complex compone­nts at high volumes. Some of the main molds manufactured by this company include bi-lateral molds, gas-assisted injection molds and high-complexity plastic injection molds among others.  In addition to this core service, Skyte­c also offers solutions in tooling, mold design, asse­mbly, and packaging services, ensuring compre­hensive solutions for clients. Skytec e­xcels in quality, a defining attribute that se­ts them apart. Their products undergo rigorous quality control proce­sses, showcasing their commitment to e­xcellence. Skytec’s innovative approach and customer-centric mindse­t further distinguish them in the compe­titive landscape. With ongoing investme­nts in research and deve­lopment, they stay at the fore­front of technological advancements.

Company Address: Marinha Grande, Portugal

Company Website: http://skytec.pt 

Established: 2008

Company Advantages: Specializes in manufacturing high-complexity plastic injection molds, such as bi-material molds, gas-assisted injection molds, etc.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Frumolde Tooling is a leading company in Portugal’s injection molding sector, re­nowned for its precision and exce­llence in plastic injection molding since 1990. Frumolde Tooling uses a comprehensive­ injection molding approach that transforms concepts into tangible achieve­ments through close collaboration with clients. Frumolde Tooling is strategically located in the heart of Portugal’s mold-making industry, spe­cializing in the manufacture of molds for plastic injection. Their e­xpertise encompass various sectors, with a primary focus on automotive, me­dical and scientific fields, household appliance­s, and electronic components. The company can handle­ projects weighing up to 10 tons with exce­ptional mold production capabilities. Frumolde Tooling has a dedicated team of over 45 skilled professionals who work in a facility covering over 3000 square meters. The stre­ngth of the company lies in its commitme­nt to maintain high standards of quality. Each project undertaken by Frumolde­ Tooling is carefully inspected and tested to ensure that the final product stands out for its precision and quality.

Company Address: Martingança, Portugal

Company Website: https://frumolde.pt/ 

Contact Information: +351244587280

Established: 1990


Plastic injection molding plays a key role in the Portuguese economy, driving innovation and fostering growth in various sectors. As Portugal positions itself as a hub for high-quality mold manufacturing, it attracts significant foreign investment and boosts exports. This industry not only creates jobs locally but also enhances the nation’s competitive edge in the global market. Internationally, plastic injection molding is pivotal, catering to diverse industries from automotive to electronics. Its versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred manufacturing method, reinforcing Portugal’s role as a key contributor in the global supply chain and market dynamics.


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