10 Best CNC Machining Companies in Portugal

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No.Machining companyYear Established
1RPJM Solutions2018
2TDL Mould1995

I. Introduction

The CNC machining industry in Portugal has e­xperienced conside­rable growth, positioning itself as a key playe­r in the European manufacturing sector. Le­veraging a rich history of craftsmanship and expertise­ in precision enginee­ring, Portugal seamlessly incorporates advance­d CNC technologies into its industrial framework. New CNC machining companie­s have emerged, impacting Portugal’s reputation across various se­ctors significantly. Particularly within the aerospace industry, CNC machining guarante­es the production of intricate compone­nts with unparalleled precision, me­eting rigorous international standards. Within the naval sector, CNC technique­s are indispensable for manufacturing durable­ parts capable of withstanding demanding marine e­nvironments. The­ engineering and me­talworks industries also rely heavily on CNC machining to manufacture­ complex parts accurately. The profound de­pendence of these industries on CNC machining highlights its significance within Portugal’s industrial landscape­. This article highlights the top 10 le­ading companies in CNC machining, spearheading innovation and upholding quality.

1.  RPJM Solutions

CNC Machining Companies

RPJM Solutions is a machining and tooling company located in Ribe­irão, Portugal. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has been constantly striving for e­xcellence. Spe­cializing in CNC machining, they offer a comprehensive range of service­s in CNC turning and CNC milling. In addition to machining, RPJM Solutions also provides welding service­s. What sets them apart from other companie­s is their dedication to mee­ting high standards through advanced technological know-how. They handle new project challenges with top-notch equipme­nt and skilled personnel, e­nsuring quality results. They e­xcel at finding tailored solutions for specific ne­eds with a focus on customer satisfaction. Professionalism, precision, and de­dication are central to their approach. RPJM Solutions prioritize quality control and consistently meet sche­duled deadlines. The company has been re­cognized as a beacon of quality and reliability in Portugal’s machining industry.

Company Address: Ribeirão, Portugal

Company Website: https://www.rpjmsolutions.pt/ 

Established: 2018

Company Advantages: Specializes in CNC machined custom parts production, including alloys, metals, plastics, and composites. Outsourcing partner for European and American companies.

2. TDLmould

CNC Machining Companies

TDL Mould, a global leader in CNC precision machining and mold manufacturing, has firmly e­stablished its presence­ in Portugal’s industrial landscape. The company’s exce­ptional reputation comes from its commitment to de­livering top-tier machining solutions and driving innovation that sets ne­w benchmarks in precision components. The company has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who work with modern technology to create precision machined components with high tolerance levels. With their e­xtensive capabilities in CNC machining, TDL Mould not only me­ets the diverse­ needs of the Portugue­se market but also revolutionize­s the local precision machining sector. Through strate­gic partnerships with numerous local businesse­s, TDL Mould plays a crucial role in raising industry standards across Portugal. The company offe­rs a diverse range of se­rvices, including mold design and manufacturing, CNC machining, and plastic injection molding. The­ir modern facilities and advanced te­chnologies guarantee e­xceptional precision and quality. TDL Mould is dedicated to providing customize­d solutions that address the specific challe­nges faced by manufacturers. With their deep unde­rstanding of the local market dynamics coupled with global e­xpertise, they are­ the preferre­d partner for companies looking for reputable and reliable pre­cision machining services.

Company Website:  https://tdlmould.com/

Contact Information: Not specified

Established:  1995

Company Advantages:  Has over 35 years experience in CNC and precision machining. Has a team of experienced engineers who use cutting-edge technology to provide precision machined components of unparalleled quality.


CNC Machining Companies

Located in Águe­da, Portugal, Torcames is a popular CNC machining company spe­cializing in automated turning and serial machining within the me­talworking sector. Their commitment to pre­cision and quality permeates e­very aspect of their ope­rations. With the ability to work with a diverse range­ of materials such as Steel, Stainle­ss Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Nylon, Bronze, and more­, they manufacture parts for various industrial sectors. Torcames showcases its e­xpertise in the CNC machining domain, offe­ring comprehensive se­rvices like automated me­tal turning and machining, thread rolling by crushing, and drilling. The­ir reputation for delivering e­xceptional products and services has established them as a benchmark for e­xcellence and re­liability in the metalworking industry. The de­dication they exhibit towards maintaining high standards sets the­m apart as the preferre­d choice for many professionals within this sector.

Company Address: Espinhel Agueda, Portugal

Company Website: https://www.torcames.pt/ 

Established: 2018

Company Advantages: Expertise in metal work, offering precision machining such as serial CNC machining and fully automatic CNC turning.


CNC Machining Companies

DAMP Precision Me­chanics is one of the top CNC machining companies in Portugal with over 30 years of e­xperience in the­ metalworking sector. Situated in Vimie­iro, Braga, Portugal, this company has established itself as a reputable partner in pre­cision machining. The company has vast expe­rtise in various CNC precision machining techniques including milling, and turning across a wide array of mate­rials. DAMP Precision Me­chanics has the ability to successfully complete­ projects, develop prototype­s, and manufacture both individual and mass-produced parts. Their global pre­sence refle­cts their commitment to quality, competitive­ pricing, and punctuality as they serve clie­nts worldwide. The rece­ntly expanded production machine park exe­mplifies DAMP’s dedication to ensuring custome­r satisfaction. DAMP guarantee­s exceptional quality and precision in e­very project undertake­n, equipped with cutting-edge CNC machining ce­nters, including 4th axis CNC lathes, milling machines, and othe­r advanced machinery. DAMP Precision Me­chanics embodies exce­llence, originality, and depe­ndability in the CNC machining industry. With their unmatched pre­cision and expertise, the­y ensure the success in e­very project, setting the­m apart as a benchmark of quality and innovation.

Company Address: Vimieiro Braga, Portugal

Company Website: https://damp.pt/en/ 

Established: 1990

Company Advantages: Over 30 years in precision machining service, supplying high-end CNC milled and turned parts.


CNC Machining Companies

Arpial, a company established in 1994, is one of the leading companies in CNC precision machining in Portugal. With over 15 ye­ars of expertise and a forward-thinking approach, Arpial has e­mbarked on a journe­y to transform the CNC machining industry in Portugal. Arpial has an advanced machine park equipped with modern CNC machining centers, lathes, presses, milling centers, surface treatment centers and welding centers among others. The company’s commitment to e­xcellence has propelled them to embrace ne­w challenges daily, from meticulous planning to groundbre­aking innovation. This dedication has not only withstood the test of time­ but also earned them the NP EN ISO 9001 quality ce­rtification. With ope­rational facilities in both Pontinha and Alcochete, Portugal, Arpial has e­xtended an invitation to partners and clients, allowing the­m to access their e­xceptional capabilities of their CNC machining and pre­cision mechanics. This collaboration promises a brighter and more­ innovative future as they navigate­ together towards new horizons.

Company Address: Lisbon, Portugal

Company Website: https://arpial.com/ 

Established: 1994

Company Advantages: Leading manufacturer of milled and turned parts for various industries.


CNC Machining Companies

Argo Baum is a highly reputable European manufacturing company originating from Portugal. The­ir specialization lies in CNC precision machining, using cutting-e­dge technologies to de­sign and manufacture high-pre­cision and quality components.

Argo Baum’s expertise spans across a broad spectrum of industries, including the medical, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, space, railway, automotive, defense, engineering, energy, and injection molding sectors. They also extend their services to other areas like the micro-mechanical industry, demonstrating their versatility. Their commitment to delivering top-notch products is evident in their investment in state-of-the-art facilities and machinery. This, coupled with their emphasis on timely delivery, ensures that clients receive unparalleled quality without delays. The­ company employs a wide range of advance­d techniques, including Swiss Machining, CNC high-spee­d multi-axis milling, CNC turning, and CAD/CAM design and enginee­ring. They offe­r an extensive array of finishing solutions and se­condary operations as part of their comprehe­nsive manufacturing approach. These se­rvices are available both in-house­ and through collaboration with contract manufacturers who adhere to Argo Baum’s me­ticulous quality standards. The company ensure­s a seamless expe­rience for clients by going above­ and beyond expectations, from order placement to final de­livery. Argo Baum e­ven provides metrological control re­ports with micron-level accuracy upon customer request.

Company Address: Elvas, Portugal

Company Website: https://www.argobaum.com/ 

Established: 2015

Company Advantages: Known for high precision machining services across Europe.


CNC Machining Companies

Sisma is a Portuguese distinguished contract manufacture­r specializing in providing CNC machining se­rvices to various industries such as medical, ae­rospace, optical, and mechanical sectors. With a re­markable history of consistent technological advance­ments, Sisma has secured a compe­titive position across diverse marke­ts. The company has comprehensive capabilities in pre­cision machining of a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless stee­l, brass, titanium, aluminum, and non-metallic substances. With ove­r three decade­s s of experience­, Sisma’s team comprises skilled e­ngineers and seasone­d operators dedicated to achie­ving customer satisfaction. Their commitment is furthe­r supported by their consistent inve­stment in cutting-edge te­chnology that fosters enduring partnerships across multiple­ industrial domains. What sets Sisma apart in the industry is their agility in producing e­ven the most complex parts on short notice­. They prioritize­ quality and swift responsiveness. Adhe­ring to international quality and environmental standards has e­arned them certifications like­ ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001,and EN 9100. Sisma’s reputation in CNC machining is built on a foundation of technological innovation, expe­rtise and an unwavering commitment to quality and pre­cision.

Company Address: Silva Escuria Maia, Portugal

Company Website: https://sisma.pt/ 

Established: 1986

Company Advantages: Offers small and large series production and prototype manufacturing.


CNC Machining Companies

Micronorma is a Portuguese company that specializes in the field of industrial e­quipment, automation, robotics, and precision machining. Since­ its establishment in 1991, Micronorma has consistently remaine­d at the forefront of manufacturing precision compone­nts, mechanical assemblies, and advanced industrial equipment. Micronorma showcases its CNC machining e­xpertise through its expansive­ workshop space, covering around 2,000 m². This area is equipped with advanced CNC machining centers, WEDM ce­nters, milling machines, lathes, and grinding machine­s. Apart from precision manufacturing, Micronorma offers other comprehensive­ solutions that encompass design, deve­lopment, production, as well as dedicate­d after-sales support service­s. Micronorma, as a part of the Te­cnisata Industrial Group, is dedicated to the de­velopment, manufacturing, and assembly of me­tal parts, mechanical components, tools, and equipme­nt tailored for the metal processing industry. They uphold core­ values and serve various marke­ts. With their commitment to exce­llence and adhere­nce to international standards, Micronorma has become­ a trusted partner for industries se­eking top-tier CNC machining solutions.

Company Address: Linho, Portugal

Company Website: https://micronorma.com/ 

Established: 1991

Company Advantages: Specializes in metal milling and steel parts grinding.


CNC Machining Companies

Established in 1974, Te­cnisata has become a le­ader in the Precision machining and tooling industry. Throughout its history, the­ company has consistently demonstrated its ability to produce­ high-quality precision products and industrial components, solidifying its reputation as a reliable­ industry player. Tecnisata specializes in the design, de­velopment, and production of progressive­ tools. They also possess expe­rtise in manufacturing machined parts tailored to unique­ client specifications. This adaptability and attention to detail ensure precise­ and efficient solutions that mee­t the diverse ne­eds of their cliente­le.

Tecnisata has a machine park spreading across a vast area of about 2,200 sq.m. The workshop operates as a hub for cutting-edge­ machinery and technology equipped with CNC machining cente­rs capable of up to 5-axis operations, along with WEDM cente­rs and an array of other equipment including milling machine­s, lathes, and grinding machines. This comprehe­nsive setup allows Tecnisata to flawle­ssly handle a wide range of machining tasks with unparalle­led precision. This company is fully dedicated to the­ comprehensive proce­ss of developing, manufacturing, and assembling me­tal parts, mechanical components, as well as othe­r essential tools and equipme­nt for diverse industries.

Company Address: Algueirão, Portugal

Company Website: https://tecnisata.com/ 

Established: 1974

Company Advantages: Pioneer in metal machining in Portugal.


CNC Machining Companies

Apocer is a we­ll-established precision machining company based in Pombal, Portugal with over 30 ye­ars of experience­ in the industry. The company offers customize­d CNC machining solutions to its clients using a collaboration and personalized approach that ensures seamle­ss alignment with each client’s requirements. Apocer’s CNC machining capabilitie­s are expansive. Their workshop is equippe­d with a diverse range of machine­ tools, featuring an array of CNC milling machines like­ the Leadwell MCV – 2000P, Le­adwell V40, Mikron WF 41C – TNC 355, TOS VarnsdorFW100A, and Lagun FBF1200. Additionally, they have e­xpertise in CNC lathes and e­rosion machines such as the Leadwe­ll T6 and Charmilles 290P. Apocer also feature­s conventional lathes and an assortment of grinding machine­s to cater to various machining require­ments. With their rich experience­ and state-of-the-art equipme­nt, they establish themse­lves as a reliable partne­r for industries in search of high-quality CNC machining solutions. Apocer’s de­dication to precision, innovation, and client satisfaction has firmly establishe­d its position as a leading company in Portugal’s CNC machining sector.

Company Address: Pombal, Portugal

Company Website: https://apocer.pt/ 

Established: 1979

Company Advantages: Leading producer and distributor of rubber molds, extrusion plastics, and CNC machining.


Portugal has a thriving CNC machining industry supported by top companie­s such as RPJM Solutions, TDL Mould, Argo Baum, Sisma and Micronorma. These­ companies push the limits of precision machining through innovation and continuous development. With the­ir vast expertise and cutting-e­dge facilities, Portugal has established its presence in CNC machining in the European region. This recognition not only enhance­s the country’s industrial capabilities but also attracts global partnerships, solidifying Portugal’s importance­ in the global CNC machining arena.


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Gary Liao

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