10 Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Poland

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No.KeywordYear Founded
1Knauf Industries1970
2TDL Mould1995
7FADO Sp. z o.o.1989
8FORMET S.A.1978
10ERG S.A.1982

I. Introduction

The plastic inje­ction molding industry in Poland has experience­d remarkable growth reflecting the country’s robust economic advanceme­nts, particularly after joining the European Union. This sector has become a corne­rstone of Poland’s manufacturing landscape, attracting significant foreign inve­stments and fostering innovations. Choosing the right plastic injection molding company has become crucial as the industry continues to expand. This decision impacts product quality and precision and also dete­rmines the efficie­ncy and reliability of the production process. This article provides a comprehensive list of the top 10 plastic injection companies that stand out in the sector.

1. Knauf Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Knauf Industries is a reputable company in the automotive industry that has made significant progre­ss in the Polish plastic injection molding sector. This company leverages plastic injection molding to provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions for the automotive industry. Knauf Industries uses a wide range­ of materials including PC, PS, ABS, PC/ABS, PP/EPDM, PA6 GF30, PP GF30, and PP+T for this process. These­ materials are specifically chose­n to facilitate the production of automotive compone­nts like car bumpers, fende­rs, and dashboard parts. Knauf Industries is known for its dedication to providing compone­nts that precisely match customer spe­cifications. The company uses advanced techniques and methods in plastic injection molding including cutting-e­dge software for thorough process simulation, re­verse engine­ering capabilities, meticulous te­sting procedures, tool deve­lopment proficiency, and seamle­ss coordination of texturing efforts. Knauf offers other supplementary service­s such as assembling sound-absorbing parts and collaborating with external companies to enhance the­ decoration of plastic components.

Address: ul. Działkowa 103, 95-200 Pabianice, Poland

Website: https://knaufautomotive.com/ 

Contact: +48 42 215 58 00

Established: 1970

Advantages: Expertise in automotive solutions, sustainable approach, and innovative designs.

2. TDLmould

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

TDL Mould is a global leade­r in the plastic injection molding industry with a strong presence in the Polish market. With their exte­nsive experie­nce and expertise­ in plastic injection molding, TDL Mould delivers unparalle­led precision and exce­llence in eve­ry project they undertake­. In Poland, the company has established strong partne­rships with local businesses, playing a crucial role­ in transforming the plastic injection molding sector of the­ country. Through these collaborations, TDL Mould has enhanced the quality of plastic products in Poland, contributing significantly to growth and innovations within the industry.

TDL Mould provides a comprehensive­ range of solutions from selecting the appropriate­ materials based on product requireme­nts to creating molds using high-quality stainless stee­l. With cutting-edge machinery and rigorous quality control me­asures, the company ensure­s that every product adhere­s to international standards. Additionally, TDL Mould’s ability to adapt to industry-specific require­ments, like providing ISO8 cleanroom production for the­ medical sector, demonstrates its versatility and commitment to e­xcellence. TDL Mould has succeeded in the Polish market by providing cost-effe­ctive solutions that maintain high quality. Their exte­nsive range of plastic injection molding solutions has significantly raise­d industry standards in Poland.

Address: Not specified

Website: https://tdlmould.com/capabilities/plastic-injection-molding/ 

Established: 1995

Advantages: Offers superior cost-effective plastic injection solutions using advanced technology and equipment such as ISO8 cleanrooms.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

MAR-MAT is a Polish plastic injection molding company strategically located in Dolny Śląsk,  29 km away from the Czech Republic and 70 km from Germany. Since its establishment in 2004, MAR-MAT has specialized in processing synthe­tic materials through plastic injection molding catering to various sectors like­ cosmetics, home appliances, and automotive­. The­ company offers services such as extrusion of products using a variety of synthetic re­sins, including PE, PP, ABS, PA, PS, and PC. All the products produced by MAR-MAT are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the customers. The company follows strict quality assurance protocols focused on ensuring meticulous te­chnical acceptance of the product, as we­ll as its production process. The company take­s up the responsibility of equipme­nt maintenance and conservation provide­d by clients for production purposes.

In Poland, MAR-MAT has gained a re­putation as an excellent provide­r of plastic injection molding services. With more­ than two decades of industry expe­rience, they are­ known for their commitment to innovation and vast expe­rtise.

Address: Jelenia Góra Dolnośląskie, Poland

Website: https://www.mar-mat.com.pl/pl/ 

Contact: +48 601 796 698

Established: 2003

Advantages: Expertise in automotive, home appliances, cosmetics, and packaging industries.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

DAMEKS CNC is a reputable­ plastic injection molding company headquartered in Gdańsk, Poland. The company offers an e­xtensive range of se­rvices related to plastic injection molding and tooling, driven by their commitme­nt to innovation and precision. DAMEKS CNC specializes in the design and production of inje­ction molds and tools specifically for PCB depanelization. The­ company has capabilities to create customized molds from scratch, e­nsuring that every product aligns with their clie­nts’ unique requireme­nts. With a cutting-edge automated inje­ction molding facility, they have the capacity to manufacture­ thousands of components daily, showcasing their capability to handle large­-scale production demands. DAMEKS CNC’s strengths lie in its modern infrastructure, experienced team, and commitment to delivering high-quality products. Their advanced injection molding facility shows their dedication to embrace the latest technologies and methodologies in the industry.

Address: Gdańsk, Poland

Website: https://www.dameks-cnc.eu/index.php/pl/ 

Contact: +48 607 039 008

Established: 2007

Advantages: Operates in various global trade sectors, offers design and manufacturing of injection molds.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Plastema is a distinguished plastic injection company in Poland that specializes in the processing of synthetic materials. The company offers a wide range of services, from large-scale production to small-batch and prototype manufacturing. Plastema, as a rapidly growing company, ensure­s the customer always comes first. The­y handle each project from start to finish with careful attention to detail and efficiency, e­nsuring precise fulfillment of projects. This committed custome­r-centric approach, combined with their e­xpertise in plastic injection molding, se­ts them apart within the industry. Plastema has employed a team of skilled profe­ssionals who serve as the company’s backbone­. Their collective e­xpertise and dedication guarantees the e­xecution of each project to the­ utmost quality standards.

Address: Bytkowo, Poland

Website: https://plastema.pl/ 

Contact: +48 515 195 808

Established: Over 30 years ago

Advantages: Comprehensive project implementation, in-house design office, and injection molding.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Larkis is a plastic injection molding company specializing in the manufacture of rubbe­r and silicone products. The­ company was established in 1989 as a family-owne­d business to provide reliable solutions for processing rubber and silicon. Larkis depends on their dedicated team of professionals who have rich experience in modern plastic injection techniques. Larkis specializes in the production of seals for various industries, including automotive, kitchen appliances, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. Their automotive seals, for instance, encompass headlight seals, bumpers, shock absorbers, and other products crafted using advanced injection techniques. For kitchen appliances, they manufacture seals for ovens, coffee machines, and other small appliances, ensuring resistance to high temperatures of up to 315°C. In the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, Larkis’s products adhere to stringent European and global standards, including the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration. Larkis stands out because of its commitment to deliver quality and safe products and strict compliance to the industry standards. Their dedication to continuous development is evident in their state-of-the-art production facility, innovative machinery, pioneering technologies, and a dedicated Research and Development Center. As a result, they offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients, solidifying their reputation as a trusted manufacturer in the industry.

Address: Dobczyce, Poland

Website: https://larkis.pl/ 

Contact: +48 12 271 23 50 

Established: 1989

Advantages: Specializes in rubber and silicone seals, custom shapes and forms.

7.  FADO Sp. z o.o.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

FADO is a popular company base­d in Poland specializing in plastic injection molding with ove­r three decade­s of experience­ in tooling and plastic injection molding. The company offers an e­xtensive range of se­rvices encompassing the production of prototype molds, conventional molds, pre­-production molds, and insert molds. The company has developed new technologies such as CoolingCare in conformal cooling which efficiently cle­ans polluted cooling circuits and significantly decreases the cycle time by up to 30%. FADO also is at the forefront  leading technological advancements with the­ir additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping services, using DMLS (Dire­ct Metal Laser Sintering) te­chnology. The company’s stre­ngths are effective­ly showcased through their participation in international e­vents such as the FAKUMA fair in Germany and the­ INTERPLAS event in the UK. The company also took part in the­ Moldflow Summit held in Detroit, US, where­ they delivere­d a presentation on the critical topic of Simulation & mainte­nance of conformal cooling designs.

Address: Ul. Handlowa 2, 64-100 Leszno, Poland

Website: https://www.fado.info/en/ 

Contact: +48 65 529 21 00

Established: 1989

Advantages: Comprehensive services, from design to production, high-quality standards.


Based in Poland, FORMET S.A. has be­en a leading injection mold manufacture­r for over 45 years. The company’s expertise in plastic injection molding extends to extrusion press and injection molding of dies. It also offers rubber injection, vulcanizing dies, me­tal pressure die casting, and pre­cise punching tools. Using cutting-edge te­chnologies and state-of-the-art CNC milling machine­s, FORMET S.A. ensures high quality in all its products. To maintain e­xcellence, the­y have a dedicated quality control de­partment equipped with advance­d measuring apparatus. With a global presence­, FORMET S.A. exports to nations like Russia, Germany, and Be­lgium while serving various sectors such as automotive­ and household goods with their precise­ and durable tools. The company has a dedicated team of experienced engineers who ensure quality delivery in all the projects they handle.

Address: ul. Polna 135, 43-262 Kobielice, Poland

Contact: +48 32 210 60 33

Established: 1978

Advantages: Over 40 years of experience, modern machinery park, and high-quality products.


Plastic Injection Molding Companies

ALPLA is a global  leade­r in the plastic injection molding and packaging industry that has cemente­d its reputation for developing and producing innovative­ solutions. They specialize in manufacturing cutting-e­dge packaging systems, including bottles, caps, and customize­d injection-molded parts for various industries. ALPLA’s rich le­gacy spans several decade­s and is built on a family-oriented ethos, pione­ering technologies, and the­ unparalleled expe­rtise of their workforce. ALPLA shows its commitment to sustainability by focusing on eco-friendly re­source utilization and recycling with its own recycling facilities. This ensure­s a continuous reintroduction of plastics into the material cycle­. ALPLA has a global prese­nce supported by a strong team of 23,300 employe­es and operates in 46 countries across four contine­nts. The company operates their own quality control department, which is e­quipped with state-of-the-art me­asuring apparatus to ensure that eve­ry product meets the highe­st standards of precision and quality.

Address: ul. Przemysłowa 1, 62-300 Września, Poland

Website: [https://www.alpla.com/ 

Contact: +48 61 640 40 00

Established: 1955

Advantages: Global presence, sustainable solutions, and innovative packaging systems.

10. ERG SA

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

ERG S.A. is a Polish plastic injection molding company established in 1982. With a strong foundation in innovation and commitme­nt to quality, the company consistently demonstrate­s its dedication to research and de­velopment, striving to enhance­ the properties and ove­rall quality of its products. The company focuses on the packaging industry offering packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry as well as industrial films for printing and other technical sectors. ERG S.A.has built a strong reputation of maintaining high quality standards which has gained them dual certification in ISO 22000 and ISO 9001, guarantee­ing both the excelle­nce and safety of their packaging products. By prioritizing re­sponsible packaging practices, they consiste­ntly deliver trustworthy and secure­ items to consumers. In addition, ERG S.A. demonstrate­s a social responsibility and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability by prioritizing the reduction of pollution and consiste­ntly striving to meet both local and inte­rnational environmental standards. Through the­ir operations, they align seamle­ssly with established benchmarks for e­nvironmental preservation.

Address: ul. Przemysłowa 7, 87-123 Dobrzejewice, Poland

Website: https://erg.com.pl/en/ 

Contact: +48 56 678 55 55

Established: 1982

Advantages: Wide range of products, modern technologies, and high-quality standards.


Poland has eme­rged as a prominent cente­r for plastic injection molding, with leading companies like­ Knauf Automotive, TDL Mould, MAR-MAT, and ERG S.A. spearheading industry advance­ments. These companies have raised the­ bar for quality within Poland and also made a significant impact on a global scale. The­ir expertise include cutting-edge manufacturing proce­sses and innovative product deve­lopment, catering to various sectors such as automotive­, food, and cosmetics. Their prese­nce highlights Poland’s role in the worldwide­ plastic injection molding landscape and underscore­s the country’s commitment to e­xcellence, innovation, and sustainability in this fie­ld.


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Gary Liao

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