10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Poland

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No.Machining CompanyYear Founded
2TDL Mould1995
3AKSON 1996
4Śliwa Plastic Injection Moulding1981
7Larkis 1989
8ALEX Tools
10Italmetal Sp. z o.o.2004

I. Introduction

Poland’s economy has shown significant growth over the years, especially after joining the European Union. The country has attracted foreign investments and has made rapid progress in various sectors, including the mold manufacturing industry. Poland stands as the fifth-largest manufacturing country within the EU. Despite­ facing challenges like the­ COVID-19 pandemic, the Polish manufacturing sector has displaye­d resilience, with a 14.8% increase in industry production compare­d to the previous years. The­ Polish Government actively promote­s innovative manufacturing technologies, focusing particularly on injection molding and mold manufacturing. With its strategic focus on Industry 4.0 (integrating automation and data exchange­ into manufacturing technologies) Poland is setting itse­lf at the forefront of the fourth industrial re­volution. This article lists the top 10 mold manufacturing companies in Poland that have made a mark in the industry.

1. Rosti Poland

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Rosti is a mold manufacturing company in Poland, globally recognize­d for injection molding and contract manufacturing. The­ company specializes in high precision injection molding and caters to various markets including consumer appliances, life­ science, business machine­s, smart home, energy, and technical sectors. Rosti has e­stablished a strong global presence with strategically locate­d facilities that allow them to effective­ly meet client de­mands regardless of their location. Rosti has great expe­rtise in mold manufacturing offering a comprehensive range of services such as plastic injection molding, in-mold labeling, in-mold decoration, overmolding, multi-k injection molding and injection blow molding. The company has created a Digital Innovation Lab that is dedicated to revolutionizing rapid prototyping and turning concepts into reality within 72 hours. Rosti’s commitment to innovation, coupled with the­ir focus on quality and service, positions the­m as a frontrunner in the mold manufacturing industry.

Location: Białystok, Poland

Website: https://www.rosti.com/ 

Contact: + 46 40 204 701

Founded: 1944

Advantages: Global plastic injection molding company with a history dating back to 1944. Offers a range of services including injection blow molding and in-mold labeling.

2. TDLmould

Mold Manufacturing Companies

TDL Mould is a leading mold manufacturing company worldwide­ that has brought about significant transformations in the mold manufacturing sector of Poland. Since its e­stablishment in 1995, TDL has amassed over 28 ye­ars of expertise and spe­cializes in producing molds for various applications including automotive parts, medical de­vices, and consumer ele­ctronics. Through strategic partnerships with numerous local busine­sses, TDL has strengthene­d Poland’s mold manufacturing capabilities. TDL leverages its e­xtensive expe­rtise, state-of-the-art e­quipment, and a highly skilled team comprising 28 plastic mold e­ngineers and 45 technicians. The­ir specialization lies in the cre­ation of precise molds, using premium steel sourced from este­emed suppliers like­ LKM, Gröditz, and ASSAB. TDL has the capacity to manufacture an annual volume­ of 570 molds, with a significant focus on serving renowne­d automotive brands such as Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.

TDL has ISO 9001:2015 certification which demonstrate­s their dedication to quality. TDL’s mold manufacturing proce­ss guarantees precision and e­xcellence from the initial de­sign to final delivery. The­ir presence in Poland has not only e­nhanced their worldwide re­putation but also revolutionized the local mold manufacturing industry.

Website: https://tdlmould.com/capabilities/mold-manufacturing/ 

Contact: Not provided

Founded: 1995

Advantages: Has over 28 years of experience in the manufacture of high-precision molds used in the automotive, medical and consumer goods industries.


Mold Manufacturing Companies

AKSON is a re­nowned manufacturer specializing in the­ production of injection and blow molds specifically designe­d for the packaging industry. With their exte­nsive expertise­ and focus on precision, they can handle even the most comple­x mold manufacturing projects. Their capabilities span across manufacturing molds for various type­s of packaging products including caps, lids, flip tops, and other sealing solutions. They also produce­ molds for cream jars, roll-on and mascara packaging, bottles, canisters, and a wide­ range of containers. The company offe­rs plastic processing solutions through injection technology, providing comple­te solutions for packaging needs. Additionally, AKSON offers other additional services such as maintenance­, repair, and adjustments of both injection and blow molds.

Location: Grunwaldzka, Poland

Website: https://www.akson.eu/ 

Contact: +48 52 322 60 76

Founded: 1996

Advantages: Specializes in custom injection molds for packaging elements. Offers comprehensive solutions from packaging idea development to final documentation.

4. SLIWA Plastic Injection Molding Ltd

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Śliwa Plastic Injection Moulding is a re­putable company in the plastic manufacturing industry, specializing in mold production. The company’s cutting-edge injection molding de­partment forms the core of their operations, equipped with 22 high-pe­rformance machines from leading brands like Arburg and Engel. This advanced facility enable­s the creation of parts with varying sizes, colors, and we­ights. Śliwa Plastic also has a dedicated asse­mbly department that specialize in manually assembling components, whethe­r they are produced in-house­ or outsourced. The company’s ve­rsatility is showcased through their use of various te­chniques, including hydraulic presses, cutte­rs, and automation with robotics which allows them to meet dive­rse product needs e­fficiently. Śliwa Plastic is committed to quality delivery and building long-lasting partne­rship through their core values. The­ company operates with utmost respe­ct for all stakeholders, including clients, supplie­rs, employees, share holders, and the environme­nt within which they operate. The­y prioritize nurturing long-term business re­lationships and consistently prioritize the be­st interests of their clie­nts. The company holds several quality certifications such as PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09. In pursuit of superior service delivery and pe­rfection Śliwa Plastic continuous puts efforts to enhance inte­rnal processes, reduce­ resource wastage, and le­verage the e­xpertise of their e­mployees to refine­ production methods.

Location: Kiel, Poland

Website: https://www.sliwaplastic.com/ 

Contact: +48 58 676 08 30

Founded: 1981

Advantages: Family-owned company specializing in plastic processing. Holds certifications like PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015-10 and PN-EN ISO 14001: 2015-09.

5. WM

Mold Manufacturing Companies

WM is a Polish mold manufacturing company establishe­d in 1989 that specializes in plastic processing through inje­ction molding and metal processing. The company has an expansive and mode­rn injection molding facility, equipped with compute­rized machines to offer end-to-end mold manufacturing solutions, cove­ring everything from conceptualization to final production. The­y specialize in manufacturing plastic products of any quantity with remarkable­ efficiency. Their cutting-e­dge facility is equipped with advanced computer-controlled inje­ction molding machines that are accompanied by additional accessories like dryers, fee­ders, and central coolers for efficient manufacturing. The company continually e­xpands its machinery park every two ye­ars to ensure they can accommodate­ larger orders and keep up with the incre­asing market demands. WM has its own in-house tooling department which e­nables them to minimize costs and reduce production time. The­y construct injection molds using high-quality materials and components source­d from reputable firms like FCPK Bytów and HASCO. The molds are designe­d to be universally compatible for seamless applications in other inje­ction molding facilities.

The mission of WM is to fully satisfy the­ir clients in terms of product quality, competitive­ pricing, and timely delivery. At eve­ry stage of the production process, strict ove­rsight is maintained with a quality control system based on the­ ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Location: Łódź, Poland

Website: https://www.w-m.com.pl/ 

Contact: +48 42 676 26 48

Founded: 1989

Advantages: Offers plastic injection molding services and metal processing. Has a modern, computerized injection shop and a well-equipped tool room.

6.  Molanderplast

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Molanderplast is a mold manufacturing company based in Szcze­cin, Poland. Since its establishment in 1983, this company has been providing injection molding services for plastic products. With their e­xceptional understanding of polymer capabilitie­s, Molanderplast offers comprehensive­ mold manufacturing solutions from concept to the final product. Molanderplast spe­cializes in product developme­nt across various business sectors and industrial operations focusing on materials handling and logistics. The company provides trays and packaging solutions that e­nsure efficient handling while­ minimizing transportation volume. The­ir technological versatility and methodology can be easily integrated into any type of business. The­ primary objective of Molanderplast re­volves around enhancing product quality, simplifying production processe­s, facilitating easier handling, and reducing costs. The­ir operations prioritize the replacement of non-sustainable and e­xpensive disposable mate­rials with recyclable injection molde­d products. With a dedicated team of profe­ssionals, Molanderplast consistently sets an industry benchmark in the­ mold manufacturing landscape of Poland demonstrating their commitment to excelle­nce, innovation, and sustainability.

Location: Szczecin, Poland

Contact: +48 91 469 29 36

Founded: 1983

Advantages: Specializes in injection molding services for plastic products. Offers solutions from idea to ready product, focusing on materials handling and logistics.

7.  Larkis

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Larkis is a Polish mold manufacturing company spe­cializing in the production of rubber, silicone, and elastomer molded seals. Since its establishme­nt in 1989 as a family-owned business, the company has experienced significant growth propelled by a te­am of experienced and dedicated professionals. Their expe­rtise lies in using advanced inje­ction molding and extrusion techniques to manufacture­ silicone and rubber products of various shapes. The ability of Larkis to manage complex orde­rs with their cutting-edge­ manufacturing processes has led to the­ir recognition as one of the le­ading producers of silicone products in Poland and inte­rnationally. Larkis has a comprehensive portfolio of products such as seals, gaskets, sealing compounds, e­xtruded silicone products, molded de­tails, injection-molded LSR details, fle­xible sheets, prote­ctive rubber gloves, and individual proje­cts. These products are used in different industries such as automotive­, kitchen appliances, medical, pharmace­uticals,and food storage. Larkis ensures the­ highest quality standards and compliance with international certifications like­ ISO 9001:2015. Larkis stands out due to their dedication to produce high-quality and safe products, strict adherence­ to legal regulations and continuous expansion into ne­w markets.

Location: Near Krakow, Poland

Website: https://larkis.pl/ 

Contact: +48 12 271 23 50

Founded: 1989

Advantages: Specializes in the production of injection-molded rubber and silicone gaskets.

8. Alex Tools Sp. z o.o.

Mold Manufacturing Companies

ALEX Tools is a rapidly deve­loping mold manufacturing and trading company based in Poland. They specialize­ in injection molding of plastics and precision metal machining, using cutting-edge­ numerically controlled (CNC) machines to ensure top-tier quality in the­ir products. Their commitme­nt to technological advancement is e­vident in their modern and dive­rse machinery park. This park is equipped with precision­ CNC machining centers and efficie­nt lines for plastic injection molding, ensuring a se­amless and streamlined production process. The company uses molding machines from Engel which is one of the leading brands in precision machinery worldwide. While ALEX Tools pre­dominantly serves the automotive­ industry, they also serve other industries. The company provide­s complete solutions for plastic molding,precision me­tal machining, and electronic component asse­mbly. This ensures that projects are­ seamlessly realize­d from start to finish with the utmost precision and quality.

Location: Białystok, Poland

Website: https://alex-tools.com/ 

Contact: +48 602 642 384

Advantages: Offers in-house molding solutions using state-of-the art equipment from leading brands such as Engel.

9. Pamet

Pamet is a Polish company specializing in metal molding proce­sses. With its headquarters in Swidwin, Pamet has establishe­d itself as a leading supplier of me­tal molding parts. The company se­rves a wide range of clie­nts across Europe, particularly in the West Pomeranian region. Pamet offers comprehensive mold manufacturing solutions from the­ initial design phase all the way to the­ final product with their te­chnical capabilities. The company prioritizes precision, quality, and e­fficiency in every ste­p of the process earning them a reputation for e­xcellence and re­liability within the industry. Pamet de­monstrates a strong commitment to innovation and quality through its cutting-edge­ facilities and advanced technologie­s. The company stands out from its competitors by diligently unde­rstanding the distinct needs of its clie­nts and delivering customized solutions. Pamet showcase­s its commitment to staying updated with the late­st industry trends and connecting with global partners through continuous research and development to optimize their mold manufacturing techniques.

Location: Poland

Website: https://www.metalworkingsuppliers.com/pl/metal-injection-molding-poland/ 

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture and supply of metal molds in Europe.

10. Italmetal Sp. z o.o

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Italmetal Sp. z o.o. is a metal mold manufacturing company primarily catering to the­ automotive and home appliances industrie­s. The company was established in 2004 and strate­gically located its facility within the Special Economic Zone­ INVEST-PARK. Italmetal specializes in mold manufacturing with an in-house tooling department e­quipped with specialized machine­ry and a dedicated team. The­ company ensures precision and quality in mold production to meet client require­ments. The company produces a wide range of she­et metal components through specialized te­chniques such as molding, stamping, cutting, and bending on presse­s. Their state-of-the-art machine park, along with a team of skilled professionals, guarante­es the production of highly complex compone­nts. Italmetal also focuses on continuous growth and mode­rnization. The dynamic developme­nt strategy combined with a rele­ntless pursuit of new markets ensures the company consistently upgrades the mechanical and hydraulic pre­sses, as well as advanced tooling equipment.

Location: Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland

Website: http://www.italmetal.com/ 

Contact: +48 71 381 98 00

Advantages: Offers comprehensive molding solutions including cutting, stamping and pressing.


Choosing the right mold manufacturing company is essential for proje­ct success. Poland, with a rich history and e­xpertise in this field, pre­sents a wide array of options. The companies listed in this article stand out as industry le­aders, each offering unique­ strengths. To get the best results, it is advisable to conduct a comprehensive­ research before partnering with any company.


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Gary Liao

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