Top 30 Plastic Injection Molding Companies in The USA – 2024

Table of Contents

S/NMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1The Rodon Group1956
2TDL Mould 1995
4Berry Global2015
5Proto Labs1999
8Evco Plastics1964
9Plastic Components1969
10Four Process Ltd1974
11LTM Plastics1977
12GSH Industries1986
14Maryland Plastic Prdts1939
15Accurate Products1960
16Pioneer Plastics1985
17Texas injection molding2013
18MME Group Inc1974
19ADM and API 1995
20Valencia Plastics2000
21Ken Mold1994
22Steven Plastics Inc.1989
23Somerset Plastics1981
24Nylacarb Corporation1988
25PTI Tech1987
26VEM Tooling1998
27Nubs Plastics Inc1997
28Xcentric Mold & Engineering1998
29Crescent Industries1997
30Ironwood Plastics Inc.1979

I. Introduction

The plastic injection molding industry holds significant importance worldwide, as it caters to the production needs of various sectors. From consumer electronics to household items, automotive components to medical devices, plastic injection molding companies are indispensable across diverse industries.

In the United States, there is a substantial presence of over 800 plastic injection molding companies. These companies either manufacture their own products or offer customized injection molding services to clients. Concentrated mainly in states like California, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, these manufacturers contribute significantly to the country’s manufacturing landscape.

Why not relax and digest this list of 30 plastic injection molding companies in the US that we’ve provided just for you.

1. The Rodon Group

rodon logo

Rodon Group stands out in the realm of plastic injection molding manufacturers, boasting extensive expertise and a flair for mass production. From offering design support to Mold manufacturing and assembly, they cater to a diverse clientele across various industries, covering a wide spectrum.

Dedicating their services to high-volume precision manufacturing and custom plastic injection molding, Rodon Group has served industries ranging from windows, doors, and household appliances to consumer goods, healthcare products, and construction materials. Committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability, this ISO-certified company, despite its family-owned roots since 1956, has grown to become one of the largest injection molders in the United States.

Key advantages: plastic injection molding, plastic mold and tooling building, contract manufacturing

Address:  2800 Sterling Drive Hatfield, PA 19440


Contact: 1-800-523-8792

Founded:  1956

2. TDL Mould 

tdl logo

Embarking on their journey in China and later expanding into the United States, TDL Mould has emerged as a prominent injection moulding manufacturer. Since its establishment in 1995, TDL Mould has been steadfast in providing custom and standard injection molding solutions to its extensive clientele. This commitment extends to delivering competitive pricing and employing innovative methods to meet client requirements. Moreover, TDL Moulds distinguishes itself by conducting rigorous quality checks to ensure customer satisfaction and meet industry standards.

Furthermore, TDL Moulds harnesses state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, granting them a competitive advantage. This ensures the delivery of products to specification without compromising quality and within a remarkably short timeframe.

Key advantages: Plastic injection molding, Design and Engineering, Competitive pricing, cutting-edge equipment techniques,

Address:  Build.57, QinLin Villa, , DongGuan, China. 523820


Contact:, +86-0769-8228 8296

Founded:  1995

3.  Xometry

xometry logo

Xometry is renowned for its custom plastic injection molding services, offering expertise and quality assurance to clients. With a focus on both prototype and production molding, Xometry provides personalized consultation for each project and assigns a dedicated project manager to oversee every order, ensuring a smooth transition from design to production.

Catering to a wide array of industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, energy, hardware startups, industrial, lighting, medical, dental, robotics, and more, Xometry’s plastic injection molding solutions are versatile and adaptable. This extensive experience highlights Xometry’s ability to deliver top-notch services across diverse sectors, meeting the unique needs of each industry.

Key advantages:  plastic injection molding, blow molding, precision molding, plastic extrusion, plastic CNC machining, plastic prototyping, 3D printing, sheet metal manufacturing, metal injection molding.

Address:  6116 Executive Blvd Ste. 800 North Bethesda, MD 20852


Contact: +1-800-983-1959,

Founded:  2013

4. Berry Global 

Berry Logo blue

Berry Global stands as a prominent figure in the injection molding manufacturing realm, boasting a heritage rich in product innovation, customer-centricity, and strategic expansion. Their journey to becoming a leading global provider of innovative solutions has been fueled by the unwavering dedication of team members.

Each day, they embark on a mission to craft inventive packaging and engineered products that enhance both lives and the environment. Leveraging their unparalleled global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and profound expertise in innovation, they cater to customers of all sizes across the globe.

With a workforce exceeding 40,000 skilled individuals spanning over 250 locations worldwide, Berry Global tap into the power of their diverse talent pool and industry-leading expertise in plastics molding.

Key advantages: Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing, Plastic Mold Building, OEM Plastic Molded Products Making.

Address:  Evansville, IN USA


Contact: +1(877)662-3779

Founded:  2015

5. Proto Labs

Proto labs logo

Proto Labs prides itself on its extensive range of services, spanning from rapid prototyping to low-volume production. With cutting-edge technology and automated systems, they excel in delivering high-quality plastic parts with impressive turnaround times.

Across industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer products, they are trusted for their ability to not only meet but often exceed customer expectations. They can handle complex geometries and stringent requirements using engineering-grade resins, ensuring precision and durability. The key lies in configuring tolerances.

Key advantages: low-volume injection molding, plastic injection molding, insert molding, overmolding, liquid silicone rubber molding, CNC machining, 3D printing, and sheet metal manufacturing.

Address: 5540 Pioneer Creek Dr. Maple Plain, MN 55359 United States


 Contact: 877-479-3680,

Founded: 1999

6. Jabil

Jabil logo

Jabil leverages extensive expertise across various markets, coupled with technical prowess, design capabilities, manufacturing proficiency, supply chain insights, and global product management acumen. This unique blend enables their success as a leading global brand.

As a global injection plastic molding manufacturer, Jabil operates with over 250,000 employees spanning 100 injection molding factory locations in 30 countries. Despite their expansive reach, they may not be a household name because the majority of their products are manufactured for other companies. These clients include 300 of the largest brands globally, spanning diverse sectors such as healthcare, packaging, smartphones, cloud equipment, automotive, and home appliances.

Key advantages: Plastic injection molded products for healthcare, packaging, smartphones and cloud equipment to automotive and home appliances

Address:  Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States of America


Contact: (727)577-9749

Founded: 1966 

7. Plastikon

Plastikon Logo

Plastikon Healthcare, was founded with the ambition to establish itself as a premier plastic and contract manufacturer globally. Presently, both Plastikon and its healthcare division continue to deliver acclaimed services, serving as vital components in the success of numerous leading companies across diverse sectors like medical, automotive, and electronics. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and the dedication of its workforce, Plastikon and Plastikon Healthcare have earned a worldwide reputation for surpassing customer expectations.

Key advantages: plastic injection manufacturing, Injection Mold Design & Tooling, Plastic Engineering and Design

Address:  687 Sandoval Way Hayward, CA 94544


Contact: 888-538-9374

Founded:  1984 

8. EVCO Plastics

EVCO logo

EVCO Plastics serves as your all-in-one solution for plastic injection molding needs. With facilities scattered across the United States, they seamlessly guide your project through every stage, from start to finish.

Whether you require design assistance, mold creation, injection molding, assembly, or post-production work, EVCO’s team handles all aspects of the process, allowing you to relax while leaving the details to them.

No matter the industry you operate in—be it automotive, medical, industrial, or consumer products—EVCO Plastics is equipped to handle your project with precision and expertise.

Using state-of-the-art procedures and cutting-edge machinery, they ensure the rapid and accurate production of even the most complex parts.

Key advantages: Mold Tooling, Plastic injection manufacturing, Injection Mold Design, Plastic Engineering

Address:  121 EVCO Circle, Deforest, Wisconsin, 53532-0497 USA


Contact: 800-507-6000

Founded: 1964

9. Plastic Components

Plastic components logo

Plastic Components has been a frontrunner in delivering top-notch products within the industry. They took the initiative to submit their PVC trim products for evaluation and certification by an independent third-party testing organization. This ongoing evaluation, overseen by Warnock Hersey, ensures that Plastic Components’ products consistently meet or exceed the stringent standards set by ASTM for factors like tensile and flexural strength, dimensional stability, and exterior weather resistance. With their trims now listed with Intertek Testing Services/ Warnock Hersey, customers have confidence in the exceptional performance and proven compliance of Plastic Components’ products with ASTM standards. 

Key advantages: PVC products injection molding manufacturing, plastic mold building

Address:  9051 NW 97 Terrace, Miami, Florida 33178 USA


Contact: 800-327-7077

Founded:  1969

10. Four Process Ltd

Four Process ltd+Logo

In the journey from concept and prototype to full-scale production and beyond, Four Process stands as a steadfast companion. Specializing in custom precision plastic injection molding services, the team’s commitment extends far beyond mere manufacturing. They adopt a strategic approach to plastic injection molding solutions, ensuring they cater to and anticipate evolving requirements throughout the product’s life cycle.

With flexible operations, Four Process efficiently handles short, medium, and long-term production runs, adapting seamlessly to clients’ specific needs. Their plastic precision injection molding solutions and capabilities guarantee the timely delivery of high-quality plastic molded products.

Key advantages: Custom injection molding, insert molding, overmolding, hot and cold runner injection molding, tool design and custom fabrication, prototyping, component assembly, and packaging.

Address:  595 8th Street Valley Park, MO 63088


Contact: 636-677-5650,

Founded: 1974

11. LTM Plastics

LTM logo

Established in 1977 and currently operating under the name LTM Plastics as an injection mould manufacturer, Lawrence Tool & Molding was initially founded as a tool shop by a veteran. Despite its transformation, it remains a family-owned business, having evolved into a state-of-the-art injection molding facility.

LTM Plastics prides itself on being a mid-to-high volume contract molder known for its collaboration, competence, and production of quality plastic parts. Operating as a Quick Response Manufacturer (QRM), the company possesses the flexibility to adjust internal systems to accommodate almost any project.

Ideal for emerging businesses seeking to introduce new product lines or stabilize their existing supply chain, LTM Plastics offers reliability as a domestic molder.

Key advantages: Custom injection molding tooling, plastic injection manufacturing, mold production.

Address:  1100 W 45th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211, USA


Contact: +1(888)258-0218, (303)592-9548,

Founded:  1977

12. GSH Industries

ghs industries logo2

GSH Industries sets itself apart through its expertise in designing and developing tooling and secondary equipment for a diverse range of plastic extruded shapes and profiles. With a dedicated team aligned with the company’s values of professionalism and customer satisfaction, GSH Industries has become renowned for its contribution to bolstering the local US manufacturing sector. Although privately owned, GSH Industries maintains strong connections with the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce, emphasizing personalized service to the community and ensuring top-notch quality in their work.

Key advantages: custom-made plastic, injection molding, rubber, and aluminum extrusions.

Address:  15242 Foltz Industrial Pkwy, Strongsville, Ohio 44136


Contact: 440-238-3009, SALES@GSHINDUSTRIES.CO

Founded:  1986

13. Aptyx

Aptyx Logo

With a commitment to quality, integrity, and a can-do spirit, APTYX is deeply rooted in innovation. Established in 1949, APTYX specializes in manufacturing plastic injection molding components tailored for various industries, including medical, energy, and aerospace.

Their expertise lies in custom plastic molding, encompassing rubber dip coating, dip molding, and molding processes. Additionally, they offer custom plastic injection molding and cleanroom assembly services, enabling clients to meet their needs without outsourcing.

Furthermore, APTYX collaborates with clients to engineer innovative solutions, providing them with the confidence to overcome tough challenges.

Key advantages: Project management, plastic injection molding, extrusion, coatings, and assembly.

Address:  740 W. Knox Rd. Tempe, AZ 85284 USA


Contact: 1-800-852-1472,

Founded:  1949 

14. Maryland Plastic Prdts

maryland plastic slogo

With over 70 years of experience as a plastic injection mould manufacturer, Maryland Plastic Products evolved from its parent company, Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Company, to establish itself as a prominent manufacturer of molded plastic products, particularly for electronic packaging.

Benefiting from cutting-edge machinery with capacities ranging from 30 tons to 200 tons, Maryland Plastic Products can efficiently process a wide range of thermoplastics.

Thanks to their in-house tool shop, they can swiftly handle design and engineering tasks, resulting in quicker delivery times compared to industry norms.

Key advantages: Injection-Molded Plastics, In-Mold-Label, Custom Molded Plastics, and Custom Engineered Plastics

Address:  251 E Central Ave, Federalsburg, Maryland 21632, US


Contact: (410) 838-4114,

Founded:  1939 

15. Accurate Products

Accurate product logo

Accurate Molded Products, Inc. has established itself as a leading manufacturer with a rich legacy spanning over 65 years. Specializing in custom rubber molding and plastic injection molding, the company caters to diverse industries such as industrial, automotive, and agricultural. Operating from facilities in Southeast Asia and Chicago, Accurate Molded Products offers a comprehensive suite of services, including assembly, inventory management, and reverse engineering.

With ISO and TS certifications in place, the company maintains rigorous standards to ensure the highest quality products and processes. Their primary goal is to exceed customer expectations across all aspects of service, including injection molding, product delivery, quality control, and pricing.

 Key advantages: plastic injection molding, rubber molding, die cutting, custom tooling.

Address:  4645 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL 60640, USA.


Contact: 773-878-2200,

Founded: 1960

16. Pioneer Plastics

pioneer plastics logo

Pioneer Plastics, a leading figure in plastic parts molding, boasts a team of designers and engineers with extensive expertise in the field. They possess in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process and are adept at guiding clients in selecting the most efficient production methods for their products.

Over the course of nearly four decades, Pioneer Plastics has continuously expanded its manufacturing capacity as a plastic parts manufacturer. Operating from a cutting-edge 100,000-square-foot facility, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and innovative technologies, they have simplified and improved the custom mold design process for their clientele.

 Key advantages:  Custom Injection Molding, Custom Plastic Parts Molding, Tool Building, Engineering.

Address:  1584 US Hwy 41 A North, Dixon, KY 42409


Contact: 800-951-1551,

Founded:  1985

17. Texas injection molding

Texas injection molding logo

With extensive experience spanning decades in the manufacturing industry, Texas Injection Molding has finely tuned its expertise in processing both custom plastic and commercial resins. Situated in Houston, Texas, and serving clients across Austin, San Antonio, and the Southeastern United States, the company specializes in delivering custom plastic injection molding services to OEM manufacturing and consumer products industries. Moreover, they provide comprehensive product design and engineering assistance for developing plastic injection molded products.

The company offers innovative solutions for intricate engineering plastics and injection molding applications through strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of custom resins and compounds. 

Key advantages: custom plastic injection molding, plastic engineering, injection mold design and tooling, plastic blow molding, plastic assembly and decoration.

Address:  11015 Bay Commerce Dr, Houston, TX 77034, United States


Contact: +1 281-489-4292,

Founded:  2013

18. MME Group Inc

MME group full color transparent

Notwithstanding its acquisition by Seaway Plastics in 2022, Minnesota Mold and Engineering (MME) has a storied history dating back to 1974, when it emerged as a small tool shop. However, in 2000, MME embraced new challenges within the injection molding arena, solidifying its commitment to delivering top-quality contract manufacturing services under visionary leadership.

Since then, MME has operated 24/7, running a three-shift operation across more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space spread over two locations in Minnesota. Moreover, MME boasts a range of state-of-the-art, in-house solutions to meet all deliverables, including both clean room and non-clean room production, an internal tool shop for mold design and builds, and dedicated space for secondary operations and assembly.

 Key advantages: Engineering, Tooling, Molding Assembly, Medical, Highly-regulated Consumer Products.

Address:  1185 Willow Lake Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55110


Contact: +1 (651) 483.0965,

Founded:  1974

19. ADM and API 

adm and api logo

Starting its operations in 1995 as a die and mold production service from a small garage, the company experienced rapid growth within five years, prompting a relocation to a larger facility spanning 221,000 square feet in the Somerset Industrial Park. Subsequently, the expansion of services to include plastic injection molding was driven by increasing opportunities. However, the cornerstone of the business’s growth has been its unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, resulting in repeat business from loyal customers.

Presently, ADM and API offer a wide array of services tailored to core markets such as Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Medical, Water & Wastewater Treatment, and more.

 Key advantages: precision machining, tool & mold design, build, repair, and maintenance, metal injection molding, and plastic injection molding.

Address:  492 Drum Avenue Somerset, PA 15501


Contact: 814-443-1737

Founded:  1995 

20. Valencia Plastics

valencia plastics logo

Established in 2000, Valencia Plastics Inc. has been a trusted Full-Service Blow Molding & Injection Molding Product Manufacturer. They are committed to delivering quality plastic products at affordable prices, maintaining high standards across various industries such as Medical, Commercial, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, and Military.

Valencia Plastics’ products have a global footprint, contributing to life-saving efforts, supporting military operations, promoting preventive healthcare, and bringing joy to children worldwide. Their innovative solutions have propelled them forward since their inception, making them a go-to choice for inventors bringing their ideas to fruition.

Key advantages: Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing, Project Management, and Packaging and Distribution.

Address:  25611 Hercules Street, Valencia, CA 91355


Contact: +1 (844)574-2040,

Founded: 2000 

21. Ken Mold 

ken mold logo

In 1994, Ken Mold embarked on its journey in China, where its founder, Zhong Jianwu, developed a unique mold-making technique. However, the company soon expanded its operations to the US, catering to a wide range of injection molding needs.

Fast forward over two decades, and Ken Mold has evolved into a premier ISO9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of high-performance, cost-effective custom molds. Serving major industries such as Appliances, Electronics, Automotive (interior and exterior), Packaging, and Medical, they boast cutting-edge equipment with capacities ranging from 25T to 1250T. Additionally, they operate a Class 4 clean room dedicated to medical devices and parts.

Key advantages: R&D, Tooling, and Molding, integrated precision injection molds, and assembly.

Address:  WKU R&D Center, 2413 Nashville Rd., Bowling Green, KY


Contact: +1 270-792-5768,

Founded: 1994

22. Steven Plastics Inc.

stevens plastic logo2

Drawing upon decades of experience in processing both commodity and custom-engineered plastic resins, Steven Plastics Inc. (a subsidiary of Primarc-Nilan) has been at the forefront of providing solutions for complex plastic engineering applications. Over the span of 33 years, they have specialized in offering custom and production injection molding solutions. Through their in-house Technical Services Team, they ensure the delivery of superior quality molds and injection molded parts to their global clientele.

Fondly referred to as SPI by their customers, Steven Plastics Inc. aims to establish itself as the premier partner in the injection molding industry, offering top-notch mold building and custom plastic injection molding production.

Key advantages: Bespoke plastic injection molding, Advanced injection molding equipment, .

Address: 2125 Stonington Avenue, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169


Contact: 847-885-2300,

Founded:  1989

23. Somerset Plastics

sommerset plastics logo

 With nearly three decades of experience, this family-owned and operated company has been steadfast in its commitment to providing high-quality tooling solutions within tight timelines. Their proficiency extends to supporting a wide array of needs, including new product launches, tradeshow demonstrations, engineering testing, and refining existing products.

Having obtained an ISO 13485:2016 certification, the company specializes in offering plastic injection molding services tailored to industries such as medical, lighting, appliance, electrical, and hardware. Their capabilities encompass molding tasks for both small and large components, covering thermoset molded parts and thermoplastic parts across prototype, low to high, and short-run production volumes. 

Key advantages: Plastic Injection Molding (Thermoset Molding/Thermoplastic Injection), Prototype & Design, Production Mold Making, Insert Molding and Overmolding.

Address:  454 Timber Ridge Road, Middletown, Ct. 06457


Contact: (860) 635-1601

Founded:  1981 

24. Nylacarb

Nylacarb Logo

With three generations of family operation, Nylacarb Corporation has upheld unwavering standards of quality. This commitment entails integrating total quality across various facets of injection molding, such as part inspection, material specification, and mold maintenance. Moreover, their ISO 9001:2015 certification assures customers of their adherence to a robust quality management system throughout the injection molding process.

Based in the Vero Beach area of Florida, Nylacarb prioritizes continuous communication with customers to ensure product compliance and satisfaction. They have optimized their processes across all departments, including Machine Operators, Shift Supervisors, Quality Control Team, all of whom execute their roles promptly and meticulously. 

Key advantages: Plastic Injection, Insert Molding, In-Mold Decorating.

Address:  1725 98th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32966


Contact: 772-569-5999,

Founded:  1988

25. PTI Tech

pti tech logo

 Established in Bloomfield, New Jersey, in 1987, PTI Tech emerged with a clear goal: to deliver top-notch precision injection molding services to aerospace, medical, and defense sectors. As demand surged, PTI expanded, moving to a larger 40,000 sq. ft. facility and later to a 100,000 sq. ft. space in Clifton, New Jersey. This strategic relocation fueled PTI’s growth and facilitated a stronger focus on research and development, particularly in Metal Injection Molding. Notably, it forged partnerships with AlliedSignal/Honeywell and secured a significant $5 million research grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Key advantages: R&D, Prototyping, Polymer Injection Molding, Metal Injection Molding, Tungsten Injection Molding

Address: 10 Clifton Boulevard Clifton, New Jersey 07011, USA.


Contact: 973-778-9100

Founded:  1987 

26. VEM Tooling

vem tooling logo

 With over three decades of experience, VEM Tooling has been at the forefront of the injection molding industry, providing comprehensive solutions for molding and tooling needs. Their team of seasoned engineers offers expert insights into design, manufacturability, and flow analysis, ensuring the flawless execution of plastic injection molding projects.

VEM Tooling is proficient in all aspects of the molding process, from initial design to assembly solutions. Extensive testing is conducted to maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the production process. Over the years, VEM Tooling has been instrumental in establishing successful injection molding and assembly lines across various industries, both locally and internationally.

 Key advantages: Manufacturing, tooling, molds, plastic injection, mold flow, multi-cavity tools, medical, automotive, aerospace, and electronics

Address: 235 W. Paul, Clovis, CA 93612, US 


Contact: +1 908 892 6872, BRYAN.CARROLL@VEM-LTD.COM

Founded: 1998

27. Nubs Plastics Inc

Nubs plastics Inc

 Established in 1997 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Nubs Plastics, Inc. is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing molded plastic products. Specializing in precision plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, including design, engineering, materials selection, molding, mold making, and quality control.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, Nubs Plastics caters to a diverse clientele across industries such as aerospace, medical, irrigation, and consumer products. Their streamlined manufacturing process ensures efficiency, and stringent quality checks guarantee the delivery of only top-quality products to customers.

 Key advantages: design and engineering, materials selection, molding, mold making, and quality contro

Address:  991 Park Center Dr, Vista, CA 92081, United States


Contact: 1-760-598-2525,

Founded:  1997 

28. Xcentric Mold & Engineering

xcentric mold and engineering

Xcentric Mold & Engineering has solidified its position as a reputable plastic injection molding company in the United States. Renowned for its comprehensive services, the company covers everything from rapid prototyping to bridge tooling solutions, ensuring prompt fulfillment of each customer’s unique requirements.

Backed by a highly skilled team and cutting-edge technology, Xcentric Mold & Engineering guarantees a seamless start to every project. Their unwavering commitment extends to optimizing designs for manufacturability and cost efficiency. Throughout the process, expert coaches oversee quality control while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

 Key advantages: Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing, Prototype Injection Molding, Mold Making

Address:  24541 Maplehurst Dr, Clinton Twp, MI, USA


Contact:  +1(206)203-1430,

Founded:  1998 

29. Crescent Industries

crescent idustry logo

With a focus on plastic injection molding, Crescent Industries stands as a premier manufacturer, offering end-to-end solutions spanning from design conception to final production. Their comprehensive services encompass product development, mold fabrication, assembly, and packaging, catering to a wide array of industries such as medical, aerospace, and industrial sectors. Renowned for their expertise in design optimization and material selection, Crescent Industries guarantees unmatched performance across various applications.

Ranked among the top-tier plastic injection molding companies nationwide, Crescent Industries is deeply committed to understanding and meeting their customers’ unique requirements. Their priority lies in delivering products that align with contracted specifications within the stipulated timeline. 

Key advantages: Plastic injection molding service, Tooling for Injection Molding, custom injection molding.

Address:  70 E High St, New Freedom, PA 17349, United States


Contact: 717-235-3844,

Founded: 1997

30. Ironwood Plastics Inc.

Ironwood logo

Founded in 1979 by Gordon K. Stephens, Ironwood Plastics stands as one of Michigan’s premier plastic injection molding companies. Recognizing the dynamic nature of technology, the company remains proactive in staying abreast of the latest trends and advancements to deliver superior-quality products to its clients.

Renowned for its expertise in insert molding and injection molding, the company has built a solid reputation for successfully executing even the most intricate projects within the industry.

Key advantages: Injection-Molded Plastics, Custom Engineered Plastics, and Custom Molded Plastics

Address: 1235 Wall Street Ironwood, MI 49938


Contact: 906-932-5025

Founded: 1979 


In essence, the leading 30 plastic injection molding providers across the United States stand out for their exceptional service and expertise. These seasoned firms have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products while ensuring that customer demands are fully met. Whether it’s a large-scale order or a small one, these reputable companies have the resources and capabilities to address any requirements effectively.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology alongside a skilled workforce, engaging these experts for your plastic injection molding needs ensures swift and accurate execution of every task. However, staying informed about advancements in the plastic injection molding industry gives you a head start ahead of competitors in your industry.


Gary Liao

Gary Liao

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