10 Best CNC Machining Companies in the USA

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
2TDL Mould1995
3Empire Group1999
4BDE Manufacturing Technologies1995
5Titan America MFG2005
7Rapid Manufacturing2001
85th Axis2004
9Aaero Swiss1966
10Owens Industries1944

I. Introduction

CNC machining has quickly gained popularity in the US since the introduction of precision machining tools and technologies. CNC refers to using computer programs to run and control machine tools such as mills, laser cutters, lathes and drills. CNC machining offers the ideal combination of precision, speed, and reliability when it comes to producing multiple parts at once. CNC machining has become an indispensable process in numerous sectors, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, medical and electronic. This technique can be used to process different materials like sheet metals, plastics, wood resin and composite materials. Many American companies have entered the machining field to provide high-precision CNC turning services for other companies. Here is our analysis of 10 CNC machining companies which have a strong reputation when it comes to precision CNC turning services.

II. Protolabs

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

Protolabs was established in 1999 by Larry Lukis who was a computer scientist with the goal of replacing the traditional machining with computer controlled systems integrated with mills and presses. The company was started as a plastic injection molding company. Larry Lukis wanted to create an automation software that would automate the process of molding and machining to reduce the time of manufacturing parts and increase the precision. By the late 2000s, Protolabs had grown and expanded to introduce CNC machining and turning. Protolabs expanded its portfolio of services in 2014 by adding 3D printing. CNC milling and turning capabilities allow Protolabs to work with materials like metals and plastics for prototyping purposes. Protolabs offers fast and reliable delivery with its automated design analysis software that analyzes any defects in design before commencing manufacturing. The company has advanced CNC machining capabilities and technologies for tighter tolerances and volume pricing options which are accessible through their manufacturers’ network Hub.  

Key advantages: Rapid prototyping and low-volume production, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service

Address: 5540 Pioneer Creek Dr, Maple Plain, MN 55359, USA

Website: https://www.protolabs.com/

Contact: +1 877-479-3680

Founded: 1999

III. TDL Mould

tdl logo

Since its inception in 1995, TDL Mould has evolved into a leading CNC Machining service provider, specializing in bespoke CNC machining solutions for both plastic and metal parts. The company prides itself on a range of services from crafting precise prototypes to managing mass production with the use of sophisticated CNC milling and turning techniques. At the heart of TDL Mould’s operations are its state-of-the-art facilities, which boast two Beijing JingDiao 5-axis CNC machines, three ultra-precise 5-axis CNC machines, along with 33 high-speed CNC milling machines, 38 lathes, and 17 CNC lathes. TDL Mould stands out not only for its capacity to manufacture large volumes of machined components but also for its ability to offer prototype production for small orders of 1-2 items, promising rapid turnaround times of just 3-4 working days. Each custom machined piece undergoes a rigorous quality control process, from inspection to finishing, ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision. In partnership with American manufacturers, TDL Mould brings to the table advanced CNC machining technologies and the profound knowledge of its engineering team. This collaboration empowers the company to handle intricate projects across various sectors, demonstrating its commitment to outstanding quality, precision, and swift service delivery. TDL Mould is recognized as a trusted partner for enterprises in search of unparalleled CNC machining services.

Website: https://tdlmould.com/ 

Year Established: 1995

Contact Information: +86-769-82288296

Email: jason@tdlmould.com

Advantages: Provides customized CNC machining services tailored to individual client specifications and requirements.

IV. Empire Group

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

The Empire Group was founded in 1999 by Jason Enos who had a passion for motorsport car restoration. Jason discovered the need for prototyping and started Empire Group as a company where other craftsmen would come to create prototypes of the dream and concept cars. Since then, Empire Group has grown and expanded into other services which include 3D printing and CNC machining. Empire Group has established themselves as one of the premier CNC machining firms in the USA, offering precision CNC machining of molds, prototypes and production parts. Their in-house design team can adapt to complex geometries with tight tolerances to produce results quickly. Empire group CNC machining services can be used for rapid prototyping, low-volume production and rapid tooling such as thermofold molds and foundry patterns. Upon request, you can get heat treatment, anodizing and passivation metal finishing services. The company’s CNC machining services can work with virtually any material, from plastics to metals and composites. You can request a quote from the Empire group feedback by uploading a CAD file and receive feedback within 24 hours.

Key advantages: A wide range of service, experienced machinists using CAD/CAM technology, receive instant quote within 24 hours 

Address: Address: 217 East Street, Attleboro, MA,02703, USA.

Website: https://www.empiregroupusa.com/

Contact: +1 508-222-3003

Founded: 1999

V. BDE Manufacturing Technologies

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

BDE Manufacturing Technologies was established in 1995. The company has a state-of-the-art facility in Beaverton Oregon which offers all the production services of CNC machining, starting from consultation, design, prototyping, tooling, production and assembly services. With more than 30 years of experience, BDE manufacturing technologies has invested heavily in various CNC machines which offer great flexibility and high-precision for all the projects. The company has a team of experienced engineers and staff who are dedicated to providing the best support and solutions to all client challenges. BDE Manufacturing Technologies offers a wide range of CNC manufacturing services such as quickturn prototyping, design support, simulation and solid works production. Apart from the CNC machining services, BDE Manufacturing Technologies also offers other services related to the field. These include CAD/CAM programming, electrical discharge machining and contract manufacturing & assembly services.

Key advantages: Precision machining, engineering support, and a wide range of services

Address: 3350 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA

Website: https://www.bdeinc.com/

Contact: +1 561-295-2100

Founded: 1995

VI. Titan America MFG

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

Titan America MFG was founded in 2005 by Titan Gilroy in Rocklin, California. As the leading CNC machining experts in the United States, the company has one simple mission; to provide quality parts, on time, at the best prices. The company has a team of experienced engineers, who wear a badge reading “CNC Machining Expert” to illustrate skill, creativity and dedication to perfection in their work.

Titan America MFG offers three main categories of CNC machining services. These are High Tolerance High Precision Machining, Production machining and High Speed CNC Machining. The company is equipped with the latest CNC machines and techniques that ensure it delivers quality parts at affordable prices. The company is popular for its high tolerance machining and working with some of the toughest metals like titanium, Nitronic 60 and carbon Fiber. Titan America MFG has been serving some of the most demanding industries like aerospace, medical and 3D printing industries. The company has a dedicated support system that listens and understands client concerns for the company to meet the client expectations.

Key advantages: Comprehensive CNC machining services, advanced equipment, and a skilled workforce

Address: 964 Ventura Ave, Oak View, CA 93022, USA

Website: https://titanamericamfg.com/

Contact: +1 805-646-9948

Founded: 2005

VII. Fictiv

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

Fictiv was founded in 2013 to solve the problem of sourcing custom made parts. In the past, sourcing customized parts was difficult because there were many companies each producing different parts. The founders of Fictiv discovered the gap and created this company. Fictiv has partnered with different vetted manufacturers who produce high quality and standard parts for various industries. Through these partnerships, Fictiv has created a system that helps designers and engineers to get access to various custom made parts, from design to finish at much less time and cost. The company has integrated manufacturers and suppliers together, creating a digital manufacturing platform, where you can request and order your own custom part by uploading a CAD file and receiving the finished part in at least two days. Fictiv CNC machining services are virtually compatible with almost all plastic and metal materials. Quality assurance is maintained by the company through hand metrology and laser & CMM inspections.

Key advantages: Digital manufacturing platform, quality assurance, and a wide range of services

Address: 1231 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Website: https://www.fictiv.com/

Contact: +1 415-580-2509

Founded: 2013

VIII. Pacific CNC Machine Co.

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

Established in 2001, Pacific CNC Machine Co is one of the premier precision CNC machining firms located in Carlsbad, California that specialize in custom part production. Their state-of-the-art technologies and software for their CNC machines enable them to deliver top-of-the-line services throughout each stage of the manufacturing process. They boast full house production capacity so as to meet all their customers’ needs throughout the manufacturing process. The company has a team of knowledgeable engineers and technicians who are experienced in industrial and commercial, and committed to timely delivery and  quality. The company’s capabilities include CAD design, precision lathe, precision mill, assembly and finishing.

Key advantages: Fast lead times, wide range of materials, and a strong focus on customer service

Address: 2702 Gateway Road, Carlsbad, CA, USA

Website: https://pacificcnc.com/

Contact: +1 760-431-7558

Founded: 2001

IX. 5th Axis

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

5th Axis Machining is a San Diego CNC machining company founded in 2004 with one CNC machine. Today, this number has increased to over 100 and covers 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machines. The company offers virtual tours and 3D models to showcase all their services while helping users assess compatibility of tools provided by 5th Axis with your machines or projects. 5th Axis has invested in a comprehensive collection of high precision machines and accessories for better service delivery. The company has a strong team of engineers who are committed to help clients throughout the production process from design to product commissioning. The company also has a 24 hour support system dedicated to help and answer all client questions and concerns anytime.

Key advantages: Precision machining, innovative workholding solutions, and strong engineering support

Address: 7703 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111, USA

Website: https://www.5thaxis.com/

Contact: +1 858-505-0432

Founded: 2004

X. Aaero Swiss

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

Aaero Swiss is a precision machining company established in 1966 with its headquarters in Brea, California. The company offers high-quality parts that are machined with precision and delivered on time. Aaero Swiss focuses on the supply of high to low volume machined parts in the California area. The company has a team of skilled individuals who use their skills and innovation in the medical industry. This expertise has made Aaero Swiss the go-to company for machining dental implants, medical screws and other precision parts for medical products. The company works with various products such as steel, brass, copper, titanium, carbon steel and plastics.

Key advantages: High-precision CNC machining, Swiss machining, and a commitment to quality

Address: 1100 W Central Ave, Brea, CA 92821, USA

Website: https://www.aaeroswiss.com/

Contact: +1 714-529-5757

Founded: 1966

XI. Owens Industries

CNC Machining Companies in the USA

Owen Industries is one of the best CNC machining companies in the US offering high-precision manufacture and machining of complex products. The company engineers can work with ultra accuracies of tolerance ranging from 1 to 100 micron. The company has invested in a range of CNC machining services such as lathe/turning, micromachining, 5-axis, sinker EDM, wire EDM and swiss machining. The company offers prototyping and precision machining for various industries including military, aerospace, medical, oil & gas and optics among others.

Key advantages: Ultra-precision CNC machining, industry-leading technology, and experienced engineers

Address: 1040 Cottonwood Ave, Hartland, WI 53029, USA

Website: https://www.owensind.com/

Contact: +1 262-369-0400

Founded: 1944

XII. Conclusion

CNC machining has quickly become one of the most widely used methods of producing parts requiring high precision. Due to demand, numerous CNC machining companies have been established in America. This post highlights some of the top and reputable providers. As technology evolves, many firms are adopting advanced techniques of CNC machining in order to reduce production costs while increasing efficiency. Staying informed about these advancements helps you to analyze different companies for you to select the company that suits you best. You should visit each company’s CNC machining homepage to understand the various services offered by the company.


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