10 Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Brazil

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Injequaly Industria Ltda2003
2Polimold industrial1971
3Plastireal Indústria e Comércio Ltda1984
6Emmeti Brasil1976
9Plasticos Romi1930
Plastic injection molding companies in Brazil

I. Introduction

Plastic injection molding can be described as the process used by manufacturing companies in which liquified raw materials are inserted into a mold. The mold is usually in the shape and has features designed for the end product therefore, the liquid raw materials are left to solidify so as to acquire the shapes. Plastic injection mold manufacturers specialize in the use of plastic raw materials to come up with plastic end products.

This process of production is utilized by many companies since it is less time-consuming and also increases the amount of production. Some of these companies are based in Brazil where there are many production industries serving both the local as well as the other markets across the world. Plastic injection mold manufacturing helps to serve a variety of sectors which include the automotive, packaging, aerospace, medical, and engineering sectors among others. Below is a list of the top plastic injection molding companies in Brazil.

II.  Injequaly Indústria Ltda

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:http://www.injequaly.com.br/

Injequaly Industria Ltda was founded in 2003 and has since then been specializing in the production of plastic parts of high quality. It has its headquarters in Sao Paulo and since 2013 it has been in partnership with Viking Plastics company which is based in the USA. Injequaly ensures that its customers get products and services of high quality as well as on-time delivery of the final products. This is made possible by its investment in training its employees as well as distributors, its many years of experience, and also keeping up with the various innovations like 3D printing technology. The company has three injection molding factories in Brazil which have machines that have processing capacity of 1420 tons in a month. It makes sure that its customers get complete services starting from their initial idea of a product to the production of the end product and that the production is eco-friendly. Some of the raw materials used by the company include Nylon, PEEK, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polystyrene, and Polyethylene just to mention a few.

Key Advantages: Mainly focuses on the provision of a wide range of plastic injection molding services and prioritizes quality and reliability.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://www.injequaly.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2053-3376

Founded: 2003

III. Polimold industrial

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:https://polimold.com.br/en/

Polimold Industrial is a molding manufacturer that was founded in 1971 and mainly focuses on the provision of solutions to its customers in the plastic manufacturing sector. The customers get to enjoy solutions from designing to the actual production of the desired final product with on-time delivery and assembly. It also ensures that its customers get to have access to high-quality products and services that exceed their expectations which is made possible by the company’s employees who have great expertise as well as the company embracing innovative technology. The company also ensures that there is a good relationship between its clients, employees, distributors, and the entire society as a whole to ensure smooth running. Some of the high-quality products include mold bases, ejector pins, and hot runner systems among other mold components.

Key Advantages: Specializes in providing a wide range of plastic injection molding services

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://polimold.com.br/en/

Contact: +55 11 4358-7300

 Founded: 1971

IV. Plastireal Indústria e Comércio Ltda

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.plastireal.com.br/

Plastireal Indústria e Comércio Ltda is a plastic injection molding company that started its operations in 1984. Over the years of its operations, the company has gained experience and knowledge which have helped it to diversify its production, from partially finished materials to customized technical parts for various customers.  This has also been made possible by its dedicated employees who are well trained to boost the expertise as well as advanced machinery. The plastic products produced are of great mechanical strength, easy machining as well, and low costs of maintenance. The company serves a variety of industries which include the mining industry, textile, beverage, mechanical, equipment, and pharmaceutical industries among others. Plastireal is certified by ISO 9001 which keeps its quality in check.

Key Advantages: Has decades of experience in the market, providing quality plastic products and machinery.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.plastireal.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2360-2601

Founded: 1984

V. Injeplast

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:http://www.injeplast.com.br/

Injeplast was founded in 1988 and specializes in the production of packaging products made from plastics which are mainly used in pharmacies and laboratories. It is also determined to deliver world-class products and services, exceptional customer assistance as well and after-sale services to its customers. The company sees to it that its products used for packaging are eco-friendly and disinfected. Injeplast invests in the training of its employees to ensure that they exceed the expectations of its customers and maintain a good relationship between them. The employees also follow up on their customers so as to ensure that the products are efficient enough. It has grown to expand its market not only in Brazil but also in other countries and has proven to be the perfect partner in terms of plastic packaging.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the production of plastic parts through injection molding, serving various industries.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://www.injeplast.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2723-5959

Founded: 1988

VI.  Plasmold

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:https://plasmold.ind.br/

Plasmold was founded in 1987 and mainly focuses on the transformation of thermoplastic resins into end products through the injection molding procedure. It strives to ensure that its customers get customized products of advanced technology and on-time delivery of the end products. This goal is possible due to the company’s possession of machines used for high-quality mold manufacturing and high-quality plastic injection molding. It walks with its customers to the actual production of the end products from production of the mold, the actual production of end products as well as finishing services. It ensures that there is a good relationship between the employees and customers so as to ensure that the needs of the customers are well communicated and satisfied. Plasmold ensures that it helps add value to its employees, clients, distributors, and society in general.

Key Advantages: Offers full-service from mold production, and plastic injection molding to finishing services.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://plasmold.ind.br/

Contact: +55 47 3974-9469

Founded: 1987

VII.  Emmeti Brasil

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:https://emmeti.com.br/

Emmeti is located in Brazil and was founded in 1976. It is considered the number one plastic injection molding company in Europe due to its ability to provide products and services of high quality, dependability as well as the use of advanced technology.  Its growth over the years has been contributed by its dedicated team of employees with great expertise to fully meet the needs of its customers. Over the years, it has expanded its markets to a variety of countries across the world including Brazil, Italy, Spain, France as well and England. It is also in Asia, America, and Europe as a result of various distributors. It invests in research and development of new technologies such as the use of solar energy as well as ensuring that its products are safe by use of advanced solutions. It also ensures that the customers get their products on time and also safe installations of them.

Key Advantages: A part of the global Emmeti group, providing innovative and reliable solutions in the plastic injection molding industry

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://emmeti.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2955-4963

Founded: 1976

VIII. Novel

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:https://www.novel.com.br/

Novel was founded in 1974 and has gained exceptional experience over the years making it the company of reference in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry. It possesses at least three mold manufacturing factories in Brazil, one in the Northeastern, another in the southern, and the other one in the southeastern parts of Brazil. It also has at least 200 employees who help to ensure that its production runs smoothly resulting in at least 12,000 tons of products annually. Their products serve industries such as the pharmaceutical, automotive, beverage, and agricultural industries among other manufacturing industries. It is focused on ensuring that its customers are successful in their operations having access to high-quality services as well as competitive prices. Novel is working towards expanding its operations to Latin America and becoming a top company in the sector in Brazil.

Key Advantages: Specializes in offering a variety of plastic injection molding services and prioritizes environmental sustainability.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.novel.com.br/

Contact: +55 44 3847-9999

Founded: 1974

IX. Plasbel

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:https://www.plasbel.com.br/

Plasbel was founded in 1995 and specializes in the modification of thermoplastics by use of the injection molding process. The company always prioritizes the customers and ensures that they get high-quality products and services through their possession of advanced machines which ensure advanced customized products for the customers. Plasbel also has a team of dedicated employees who have great expertise and are later trained more so as to keep up with the innovations in technology. The company serves various industries such as the construction, automotive, decoration, and communication industries just to mention a few. Its delivery of products depends on the delivery zip code as well as how much the order weighs but it is usually favorable to the customer. It ensures that the end products are not defective, the products are safe during shipping, and that their prices are favorable to its customers.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the modification of thermoplastics by use of injection molding process.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://www.plasbel.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 4582-1732

Founded: 1995

X. Plasticos Romi

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:https://www.romi.com/en/

Plasticos Romi was founded in 1930 initially as a car shop by Americo Emilio Romi. Over the years, the company has grown and currently serves a larger market not only in Brazil but also in other countries across the world. It has also diversified its productions and serves a variety of industries which include the agricultural, industrial, automotive as well and consumer industries among others. The company is usually in the service of its customers by ensuring products and services of high quality, and advanced technology as well as being dependable to the customers. As a result, the company puts approximately 4% of its annual net income into R&D. It has at least 13 injection molding factories 11 of them being in Brazil while 2 are in Germany which have advanced machinery.  Some of its companies include plastic processing machines such as plastic injection molding machines and blow molding machines, high-quality CNC machining tools such as CNC Lathes and turning centers as well as nodular and gray castings.

Key Advantages: Plasticos Romi provides high-quality plastic injection molding services.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.romi.com/en/

Contact: +55 11 3455-9000

Founded: 1930

XI. Plascar

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source:https://www.plascar.com.br/

Plascar is a Brazilian company founded in 1982 and specializes in the production of finishing parts used inside and outside of automotive. It offers its customers exceptional solutions throughout the production process from the initial idea to the production of the final products. Some of these products include air vents, interior rims, inner fenders, tail lights, brake lights, and headlights among others. The company has at least 3 units with injection machines that have clamping forces of between 70 and 3,200 tons which results in a high capacity of transformation. The company’s location in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais eases its distribution process due to its location near the country’s main highways. It has a team of dedicated and experienced engineers who are responsible for innovations as well as being in charge of the production line.

Key Advantages: A leading company in the production of injected plastic parts for the automotive industry.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.plascar.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 4784-4555

Founded: 1982

XII. Conclusion

In conclusion, it is important to note that each company discussed above plays a very crucial role in the plastic injection molding sector of the country. Each company strives to provide world-class products and services due to their specific specializations in specific areas of production. It is therefore crucial for customers to have complete information about a company they want to partner with so as to ensure that their needs and the company’s services are compatible. The continuous innovations in technology have made it possible for companies to diversify their productions as well as the formation of new companies. These plastic mold manufacturing companies serve both Brazil and other countries across the world which helps boost their production and economies.


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