10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Brazil

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Ferramentaria JN Ltda1987
4Alpha Plast1999
9Mold Line1994
10Brazil Molding1998
Mold Manufacturing Companies in Brazil

I. Introduction

Mold manufacturing is a growing industry in Latin America due to the rising demand for packaging products for the industrial manufacturing industries. Brazil is growing as one of the largest plastic product manufacturers in South America.

Mold manufacturing has played a vital role in the growth of the Brazilian economy due to the availability of a large consumer market. Mold manufacturing is the process of creating molds that are used in the mass production of packaging products such as bottles, containers, and other components. A mold is a hollow form made from aluminum, copper, or steel alloys.

This hollow form “mold” is designed to have a shape that a molten material will assume when injected into it. Many companies use mold manufacturing to make molds that are used in the commercial production of packaging products because of their efficiency, repeatability, and constant quality in all the products. This process is used in many industries such as automotive, consumer goods, packaging, and other end-user industries. This article explores some of the best injection mold manufacturers in Brazil.

II.  Ferramentaria JN Ltda

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://www.ferramentariajn.com.br/

Ferramentaria JN Ltda is a Brazilian precision machining company that was established in 1987. With over three decades of experience, the company now specializes in the manufacture of molds and dies for industrial applications. Ferramentaria JN offers a comprehensive range of mold manufacturing and tooling solutions which are divided into four segments. These are die casting, plastics, spare parts, and the “try it out” segment which gives you the freedom to try out your own projects. Ferramentaria JN focuses on the automotive sector, where they offer mold designs for injection molding and manufacturing of automotive plastic components.

The company has a large manufacturing plant that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all the manufacturing operations run seamlessly. The company plant occupies an area of 24,000 square meters with a capacity of up to 35 tons of molds. The company has a team of experienced engineers who work with customers to ensure every customer detail is captured from the design stage to the completion of the project. With its 31 years of experience, Ferramentaria JN has built a global reputation that is recognized for its quality and timely delivery. The company has earned ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 because of its ability to conform to global standards.  

Advantages: Specializes in molds for plastics, possessing vast experience and recognized quality in the market.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://www.ferramentariajn.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2412-0566

Founded: 1987

III. Brasmo Industria e Comercio Ltda

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://www.brasmo.com.br/

Brasmo is an injection Molding company in Brazil with its headquarters in Chapecó/SC, São Paulo. The company was established in 1972 to offer reliable injection molding and die-casting solutions to the industrial protection and industrial hygiene sectors. Brasmo has over 25 years of experience in providing the most reliable and affordable molds for creating protective and hygiene products such as PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment), industrial cleaning FBKs, industrial vacuum cleaners, drainage systems, and central vacuum systems. Apart from high-quality mold manufacturing, Brasmo also produces these products in its manufacturing facilities offering the best cost-to-benefit ratios in the market. The company has a presence in more than nine countries and serves more than 6,000 customers globally. Brasmo has been accredited by the Global Food Safety Initiative for producing quality, safe, and durable products.

Advantages: Expertise in the production of molds and dies for various industries.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://www.brasmo.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 4648-4055

Founded: 1972

IV. Plastireal

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.plastireal.com.br/

Plastireal is an injection molding manufacturer that was established in 1984. The company focuses on developing new innovative methods of plastic engineering to make better plastic products that add value to the domestic market in Brazil. The company has invested in research and development to find new ways of improving plastic materials to improve their strength and durability. Plastireal now specializes in offering molding and plastic injection services for various applications. The molds provided by this company are compatible with various materials such as Real ACM, Acrylic, Aluminum, and Celeron among others. Plastireal has more than 5,000 products for various industries in its portfolio. These industries include mills, agribusiness, medical & pharmaceutical, machinery & equipment, food & beverage, paper industries, and plastic resellers. Other additional services offered by this company include high-quality CNC machining of technical parts, extrusion, and custom cutting. Plastireal has a team of dedicated workforce that ensures customer requirements are met through customer engagement and stakeholder segmentation.

Advantages: Provides molds and plastic injection services with a focus on quality and precision.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.plastireal.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2631-6055

Founded: 1984

V. Alpha Plast

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://alphaplast.com.br/en/home-en/

Alpha Plast is a Brazilian mold manufacturing company and an industry leader in the transformation of thermoplastic resins for plastic products. The company was established in 1999 and specializes in plastic injection molding using modern equipment and the latest technologies. Since its establishment, Alpha Plast has won customer loyalty because of its high-quality products and services. The company has two injection molding factories which are strategically located in Brazil for fast and flexible service delivery to meet the market demand. This company has a total of 62 injection machines and two commercial blow molding machines in both its factories. Alpha Plast uses injection and blow molding technologies to manufacture products that meet client requirements and conform to global quality standards. The company has a team of designers and engineers who are dedicated to helping customers throughout the production process from design to manufacturing. Alpha Plast also offers additional services such as mold maintenance for third-party customers.

Advantages: Offers comprehensive solutions in plastic injection molding, from design to manufacturing.

Address: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Website: http://alphaplast.com.br/en/home-en/

Contact: +55 81 3476 0800

Founded: 1999

VI.  Polimold

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.polimold.com.br/

Polimold is an injection mold manufacturer that was formed in 1976 with its headquarters in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil. This company specializes in the manufacture of modern mold bases, hut runners, dies, and mold accessories for the plastic and stamping industries. Polimold uses an in-house injection molding factory that is equipped with modern machinery for high-quality molds. Some of the featured machines used by this company include mold holders, hot round systems, temperature controllers, extractors, and stamping bases. Polimold uses a team of experienced personnel who use 2D and 3D mapping techniques to ensure high precision and quality molds are produced. This company is built on two strong pillars that ensure they remain on top of their game as the leading injection molds in Latin America; Proximity and Quality. Throughout its existence, Polimold has invested in customer relationships by ensuring constant interaction with customers. This guides the engineers and technicians in designing molds that meet the wishes and requirements of the customers. In addition to this, the company uses its modern equipment and advanced technologies to create injection molds that conform to global quality standards.

Advantages: One of the largest manufacturers of injection molds in Latin America, offering high-quality products.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.polimold.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 4746-5222

Founded: 1976

VII.  Moldit Brasil

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.moldit.com.br/

Moldit is an injection molding company that specializes in the production of molds, injection plastic products, and injection molding components. The company was founded in 1964 to create engineering solutions in mold manufacturing and production of plastic parts that meet customer requirements. Since its establishment, Moldit has created a global presence in injection molding focusing on the production of automotive and aeronautical plastic parts for various clients in Brazil and the entire globe.

This company uses a three-phase strategy to ensure high precision and quality molds are produced. These are mold production, testing, and ramp-up. In the first phase, the molds are designed and produced in accordance with international standards. In the second phase, the molds are tested for functionality and optimized before delivery to the clients. In the final phase, follow-up is done by the technicians to ensure the molds produced meet customer requirements.

Moldit uses advanced technologies in its manufacturing process to create molds that can be used for plastic injection molding, compression molding, 2K & 3K injection molding, overmolding, gas injection, and stack molds. This company is built on the philosophy of quality, innovation, and technology which guide it to be a market leader in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry.

Advantages: Specializes in the development, production, and repair of molds for various applications.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.moldit.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 4555-6400

Founded: 1964

VIII. Tecniplas

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.tecniplas.com.br/

Tecniplas is a molding company in Brazil that specializes in the manufacture of FRP products through injection molding. This company was founded in 1976 to create strong and durable tanks and piping equipment made from composite materials. The products developed by Tecniplas are customized for various capacities and configurations to suit various applications. The main products manufactured by this company include tanks, mega tanks, pipes & connections, cooling towers, wash columns, and special equipment. Tecniplas also offers other additional services such as installation of the tanks, assembly, transport logistics, and technical assistance to get started.

Advantages: One of the leading Brazilian manufacturers of composite tanks, pipes, and equipment.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: https://www.tecniplas.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2118-3200

Founded: 1976

IX. Indusat

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://www.indusat.com.br/

Indusat is a Brazilian plastic injection mold manufacturer established in 1982 to create affordable household products using injection molding. The company has its headquarters in São Paulo where its mold manufacturing factory is located. Indusat has a manufacturing factory that covers more than 8,000 square feet where all the production activities are conducted. The company focuses on the manufacture of plastic products such as TV brackets, antennae, transformers, and TV accessories. The company also manufactures home accessories like sofas and tables made from composite materials for strength, durability, and comfort. Indusat has invested in its workforce with a team of experienced engineers who are dedicated to helping customers get quality products. The engineers overlook the whole production process from mold development to the final assembly of the products. The main objective of Indusat is to achieve the highest level of excellence by competing according to the principles of sustainability and giving consistent results to the customers and stakeholders.

Advantages: Offers comprehensive solutions in the manufacture of plastic parts, from mold development to final product assembly.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://www.indusat.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 2196-7600

Founded: 1982

X. Mold Line

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://www.moldline.com.br/

Mold Line is a mold manufacturing company that was established in 1994 to offer customers high-quality precision molds. The company specializes in the production of molds from carefully selected raw materials for reliable and efficient injection molding. Mold Line collaborates with customers throughout the mold development process to ensure the molds produced meet the customer’s requirements. The company offers customized solutions that allow customers to grow their businesses with maximum productivity and efficiency while reducing risk factors and errors. Mold Line has a modern manufacturing facility equipped with top-of-the-line equipment including 3D printing technology that can produce a wide range of mold designs.

Advantages: Offers a complete range of services from product development, and mold manufacturing, to injection molding of plastic parts.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Website: http://www.moldline.com.br/

Contact: +55 11 4070-6000

Founded: 1994

XI. Brazil Molding

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://www.brazilmolding.com.br/

Brazil Molding is a Brazilian tooling company that was established in 1998. The company specializes in the design, production, and reforming of rubber injection molds. Brazil Molding has a machine shop near its headquarters that is a fully equipped machine park that covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. The machine park has advanced equipment such as electro-erosion machines, conventional lathes, CNC lathes, and CNC machines with the capacity to build small to large molds. Brazil Molding is dedicated to quality customer service with a team of professionals who strive to ensure customer deadlines are met without compromising on quality.

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of molds for the production of technical parts in plastic, providing complete solutions to its customers.

Address: Valinhos, Brazil

Website: http://www.brazilmolding.com.br/

Contact: +55 19 3876-1713

Founded: 1998

XII. Conclusion

Mold manufacturing is a key sector contributing to the growth of the Brazilian plastic industry. With a projected growth of up to 4% per year, Brazil is one of the leading countries in injection mold manufacturing innovation and development in Latin America. The demand for quality mold manufacturing services has led to the growth of many companies in the region. This article has analyzed some of the best companies offering mold manufacturing services in Brazil. These companies offer various products and services and most of them have partnered with other international brands. With the continuous development in technology, the mold manufacturing industry is expected to experience a forward trajectory with time. Many businesses and companies are incorporating molding in their manufacturing process because of its efficiency, reliability, and reusability.


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