10 Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Argentina

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ItemPlastic Injection Molding CompaniesYear Established
2Madel Company1992
3APG Industrial1982
6Grupo Hefu1986
10D&M Plasticos1986
Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Argentina

I. Introduction

The plastic injection molding industry has continued to experience steady growth in Argentina and the rest of the world because of the increased demand for alternative plastic products for packaging and the manufacture of plastic parts for the automotive and engineering industries. Argentina is one of the largest importers of plastic products from countries like Brazil, China, and India. To counter these imports, many plastic injection molding companies have been established to meet the local market demand. Plastic injection molding is the process of making plastic products from various materials such as thermoplastics, acrylic, nylon, and other composite materials. Recent technological advancements have created engineered plastics, which are stronger compared to traditional plastic. This has resulted in stronger and more durable plastic components that perform better than metal parts and are cheaper to produce. These components are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, agricultural, medical, and general consumer goods among others. The packaging industry has also contributed largely to the adoption of plastic injection molding in Argentina. In this article, we will explore some of the top plastic injection molding manufacturers in Argentina.

II.  Polisur

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://polisur.es/en/

Polisur is an Argentinian injection molding manufacturer that was established in 1984. The company specializes in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of EPS molding products. The company has developed a new injection molding material called EPS-Airpop which is a versatile material with excellent qualities and properties for multiple applications. Polisur is a dynamic company that uses advanced industrial technology in its manufacturing processes to ensure quality products are delivered to all its clients. The company has a team of experienced professionals and a design team that offers custom packaging solutions tailor-made to the customer’s requirements. Polisur has a comprehensive collection of products such as EPS-Airpop products, PEP-PP, face protection kits, and Polar Box coolers that service many manufacturing sectors. Polisur is guided by the philosophy of continuous development of technology to adapt to the needs of the customers.

Advantages: Specializes in manufacturing a wide range of plastic products using injection molding.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://polisur.es/en/

Contact: +54 11 4489 4500

Founded: 1984

III. Madel Company

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://madelcompany.com.ar/

The Madel Company was established in 1992 specializing in the manufacture of plastics products for advertisement across various industries. Since its establishment, the company has expanded and now it focuses on the production of various products for point-of-sale displays, advertisement, hospital equipment, electromedicine, signage, and urban furniture among others. The company has an experienced team of designers and engineers who help customers with personalized projects from design to completion. Some of the main solutions offered by Madel company include design and development, plastic injection molding solutions, thermoformed products, and PoP products. The plastic injection solutions offered by this company use advanced high-precision engineering that ensures quality products are delivered at quick turn-around times to ensure fast market arrival. Madel company has built a positive reputation in the market with many international brands counting on them to deliver on complex and challenging projects. The company consistently invests in the latest machinery, technology, and human resources to maintain quality standards and ensure customers get their products promptly for better market entry and positioning.

Advantages: Produces plastic components for various industries including construction and home appliances.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://madelcompany.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 4754-3800

Founded: 1992

IV. APG Industrial

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.callapg.com/

APG Industrial is a high-quality mold manufacturing company that was founded to supply fluid sealing and conveyance products in the manufacturing sector. Since its establishment, APG has focused on building global relationships with customers and other manufacturers in the industry. This company has its headquarters in Houston, Texas, but it has an Argentinian Branch in Buenos Aires. Over the last decades, APG Industrial has diversified to manufacture various products such as safety plastics, industrial glass, industrial couplings, seals, and provision of raw materials. In the plastics department, APG manufactures a wide range of safety plastics such as replacement visors, sandblast lenses, blast cabinet underlayment, PPE headgear, and respirator cover lenses. APG also offers bulk purchases of various raw materials that customers can choose depending on the applications. This company is committed to creating value for its customers with a state-of-the-art injection molding factory. APG Industrial has internal structures that ensure constant fabrication and production throughout the year to ensure that products are always available at a moment’s notice. The company is globally recognized as a leader in quality products and services with its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Advantages: Offers custom plastic injection molding services for a wide range of applications.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://www.callapg.com/

Contact: +54 11 4724 7000

Founded: 1982 (Argentina Branch)

V. Ampacet

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.ampacet.com/

Ampacet is a global plastic injection molding manufacturer that specializes in color, special effects,s, and advanced functional additive and masterbatch manufacturing. The company was established in 1937 and has a presence in more than 17 countries. The company was created to offer customers forward-thinking solutions in order to increase product performance, durability, and sustainability. The solutions offered by Ampacet are used across a wide range of industries such as packaging, home decor, sports goods, cosmetics, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, and 3D printing technology. The company works closely with customers and other suppliers to create masterbatch formulae that help in the fast manufacturing of products. Ampacet has a team of multidisciplinary professionals who offer comprehensive technical, analytical, and color-matching support, as well as onsite troubleshooting and prototyping services. The masterbatch formulae developed by Ampacet are used in all polymer and plastic processing applications including injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming, and other processes. The company uses Industry 4.0 technology in its smart feeders and color blenders to reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality, and upgrade the operating efficiency of plastic processing. Ampacet uses sustainable manufacturing methods to reduce waste and improve the recyclability of all their products.  

Advantages: Specializes in producing plastic containers through injection molding.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://www.ampacet.com/

Contact: +54 11 4110 4200

Founded: 1937

VI.  Injectoplast

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.injectoplast.com/

Injectoplast is a tier-1 System supplier specializing in the manufacture of modules and systems made from plastic components and assemblies for the automotive industry. The company was established in 1988 focusing on the manufacture of plastic automotive parts, but it has expanded its operations to other industries with branches in Argentina, North America, Europe, and Asia. The company is now recognized globally with on-time deliveries and competitive pricing in the global market. Injectoplast now manufactures various products such as powertrain components, EV & E drive propulsion, Assistant handles & interior trims, HVAC & ECM parts, and ETC plastic pedals. The company has an injection molding factory that is fully equipped with various plastic processing capabilities such as thermoplastic injection molding, vertical insert molding, gas injection molding, 2K overmolding, plastic welding, and surface decoration. The injection molding factory at  Injectoplast is compatible with a wide range of materials used in plastic processing.

Advantages: Offers plastic injection molding services for various industries.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://www.injectoplast.com/

Contact: +54 11 4732 7700

Founded: 1988


Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://aguaclara.com.ar/

Grupo Hefu is a partnership between two brands; Agua Clara and Practi House. These companies started their journey 30 years ago from the Grupo Hefu factory in Santa Fe, Argentina. Grupo Hefu specializes in the manufacture of household plastic products through injection molding. This company has a wide range of plastic products in its portfolio including plastic home furniture, painting products, sanitary products, and storage dishes for food and other consumer products. This company is built on the values of unique designs and large capacity which ensures enough stock availability at all times. Grupo Hefu has advanced machine and tooling workshops that enable it to meet market demands and keep up with market trends. This company has managed to capture the Argentinian market with commercial agreements between retailers and distributors which has enabled the company to have selling points in over 10 provinces in the region. Through constant product line innovation and unique designs, Grupo Hefu has managed to remain at the forefront of quality and sustainable plastic manufacturing in Argentina’s high-quality mold manufacturing industry.

Advantages: Provides a wide range of plastic products made through injection molding.

Address: Santa Fe, Argentina

Website: https://aguaclara.com.ar/

Contact: +54 9 341 3970462

Founded: 1986

VIII. Merplast

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: http://www.merplast.com.ar/

Merplast is an injection molding company that was established in 1979 with its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company specializes in the field of reinforced plastic engineering. Merplast has a team of professionals who are highly skilled in fiberglass-reinforced plastic which is the main material used in the manufacture of its products. This company focuses on manufacturing tanks, vats, pipes, and other accessories. The company uses vinylester and polyester resins which have great corrosion resistance properties to produce strong and durable products. Merplast uses a filament winding system to manufacture the tanks and pipes resulting in products with high mechanical resistance for transporting, storing, and processing all types of liquids with great security and confidence. Merplast also integrates fiberglass technology in its products to increase the quality and durability of the products. This company has partnered with other top-tier companies in research and development to continually improve the safety and quality of all its products.

Advantages: Offers custom plastic injection molding services for various industries.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: http://www.merplast.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 5490 0291

Founded: 1979

IX. Novopack

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: http://www.novopack.com.ar/

Novopack is an Argentinian plastic injection company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of top-of-the-line disposable and packaging products. The company was established in 2005 with its headquarters in Buenos Aires. Since its establishment, Novopack has been supplying unique designs of disposable products such as plates, glasses, cutlery, bowls, pots, napkins, runners, cake pots, etc. The packaging solutions offered by Novopack include seals, adhesive paper, wrapping papers, boxes, and films among others. This company has facilities with large capacities and a vast distribution network to ensure fast delivery of products and services all over the country. Novopack also has an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to fulfilling customer orders the same day or within 48 hours of ordering.

Advantages: Specializes in manufacturing plastic packaging through injection molding.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: http://www.novopack.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 4732 2200

Founded: 2005

X. Ideplas

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: https://www.ideplas.com.ar/

Ideplas is an Argentinian plastic injection molding company that specializes in the comprehensive development of plastic products. This company develops plastic products that are designed according to functionality and innovation to provide products that are optimized for the market. Ideplas uses state-of-the-art machines and top-quality raw materials in all their production processes. This company has a team of experienced professionals who oversee the whole production process from the design to the simulation of the end product. Ideplas uses modern injectors in plastic injection molding to ensure high precision in every finished product. The company also offers industrial design for mass-produced products and 3D printing services to create detailed and realistic models for prototyping.

Advantages: Provides plastic injection molding services for a wide range of industries.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://www.ideplas.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 2647-5084

Founded: 2002

XI. D&M Plasticos

Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Logo source: http://www.dmplasticos.com.ar/

D&M Plasticos is an injection molding company in Argentina specializing in the manufacture of thermoplastics since 1986. This company uses plastic injection molding to manufacture various plastic containers for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, and cosmetics industries. D&M Plasticos uses top-level raw materials and modern machinery as they use for high-quality CNC machining in its injection molding factory to ensure high productivity and excellent product quality. The company has five printing systems to ensure that every product is manufactured according to the personal requirements of each client. All the production operations of D&M Plasticos are made in-house with their own molds to ensure homogenous production and consistency in all the products produced. The company is ISO 9001 certified which ensures that all products conform to the international quality standards.

Advantages: Specializes in the production of plastic products through injection molding.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: http://www.dmplasticos.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 4252 5126

Founded: 1986

XII. Conclusion

Plastic injection molding is a service that has gained popularity in the manufacturing sector because of the rise in demand for simple and affordable packaging solutions. This service has also been adopted by many mass production companies in other sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical, and agricultural sectors among others. The need for this service has led to the startup of many plastic injection companies in Argentina. This article has explored some of the top ten companies offering plastic injection services in Argentina. Globally, the growth of the injection molding industry is expected to keep rising as the demand for cheap and reliable plastic products keeps increasing. Technological advancement is another factor that will greatly influence the growth of plastic injection molding.


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