10 Best CNC Machining Companies in Argentina

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ItemCNC Machining CompaniesYear Established
1Patagonia CNC Machines1999
3Indumet SRL1990
4Difra CNC1984
5Musso Precision1996
7Fanuc Argentina1982
8Intertech Argentina1992
9Himaq CNC Machine Tools1987
10ADV Technology2009
CNC Machine Companies in Argentina

I. Introduction

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a growing trend in the manufacturing and sheet metal processing industry because of its ease of use and high precision in the end products produced. This process involves the integration of computer controls with machining equipment such as CNC mills, lathes, and presses. Many companies in Argentina and other parts of the world are quickly adopting CNC machining as a manufacturing method because of its accuracy since the whole process is automated by computer programs. This has reduced raw material waste and increased production efficiency by almost 80%. The less reliance on human labor has also led to an increase in company profits. Automation of factories and the development of artificial intelligence in manufacturing has also contributed to many companies switching to CNC machining. With all these technological changes, many CNC machining suppliers have established new companies to tap into this opportunity. This industry is expected to experience a growth of more than 10% by the end of 2029. In this article, we will explore some of the top ten best companies in Argentina offering CNC machining services.

II.  Patagonia CNC Machines

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://patagoniacnc.com/

Patagonia CNC Machines is a metallurgy company that was established in 1999 to offer quality and affordable CNC machining services to all its clients in Argentina. Since its establishment, the company has grown to build one of the largest automation plants in South America, covering a total area of more than 15,000 m2. Patagonia CNC machines specialize in the fields of Industrial Automation, manual and robotic welding, control gauges, CNC machining from 3 to 9 axes, control gauges, palletizing robots, and other industrial components. The company has a team of experienced engineers who are ready to offer consultations for customers who need advice on welding, handling, palletizing, thermal cutting, and CNC modeling. Patagonia CNC Machines also manufactures all types of laser cutting and CNC machining devices for manual and robotic processes. This company is internationally recognized for its exceptional and high-value services, with a technical support team that is ready to help 24/7. Patagonia CNC machines are constantly developing new technologies in the field of CNC machines and strive to achieve excellence in technical customer support. The company also offers excellent after-sales services which include quick customer response, free maintenance of all CNC machines and equipment, trained technicians, and guaranteed spare parts in stock.

Advantages: Offers a wide range of machining services, including CNC milling and turning.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://patagoniacnc.com/

Contact: +54 9 11 2381 1956

Founded: 1999

III. Starcam

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://starcam.com.ar/

Starcam is an Argentine machine and tooling company that was established in 1981. This company specializes in the manufacture of quality products that are designed to withstand rigorous working conditions and deliver optimal production capacity of excellent finishing. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Starcam specializes in the manufacture of industrial CNC machines and other mechanical assembly. The company has a state-of-the-art machine park that is equipped with almost all types of CNC machines for metal processing. This company uses its team of professionals and quality raw materials to continually improve the design and construction techniques in order to remain at the top of the Argentinian market. Some of the most common products from this company are desktop CNC routers, mini-series routers, standard series routers, pro series routers, and CNC CO2 laser machines. Starcom has a showroom in its headquarters where it showcases all

the machinery available in stock. After purchase, the company offers professional training for easy setup and operation of the machines by the customers.

Advantages: Specializes in CNC machining and mechanical assemblies.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://starcam.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 4229-5200

Founded: 1981

IV. Indumet SRL

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.indumec.com.ar/

Indumet SRL is a metallurgy company that was established in 1990. The company specializes in the development and engineering of projects, construction, manufacturing, and repair of industrial products. Since its foundation, Indumet has established itself in the manufacture and processing of metallic structures, equipment, and machinery. The company offers a comprehensive range of services in engineering, metallurgy, machining, mining, and the manufacture of heavy-duty replacement parts. In its engineering department, Indumet SRL offers personalized design and calculations for metallic structures, development of turnkey projects, reverse engineering, and mechanical modeling. Indumet has a machining department that is equipped with all types of machine tools such as 3D printing technology, CNC machines, lathes, mills, cutters, boring machines, and grinding machines among others, for handling complex and demanding projects. The company aims to position itself as the leading problem solver in metal-mechanic manufacturing, metallurgical, and industrial maintenance services in Argentina.

Advantages: Provides CNC machining services for a variety of sectors.

Address: San Juan, Argentina

Website: https://www.indumec.com.ar/

Contact: +54 9 264 520 2083

Founded: 1990

V. Difra CNC®

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: http://www.difracnc.com/

Difra CNC is a machining company that was established in 1994 to offer various CNC machining solutions in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry. Since its establishment, this company has specialized in the manufacture of CAD, CAM, and CNC machining equipment. The company has a comprehensive catalog of different CNC routers, pantographs, milling machines, and other CNC accessories. Difra CNC combines structure, dynamic design, and advanced technology to provide customers with CNC machines that have high performance and speed for better productivity and superior quality products. All the CNC machines provided by Difra CNC are accompanied by a comprehensive training course that can be offered virtually or in person. The company also provides maintenance services, technical support, and spare parts for all its customers after equipment purchase.

Advantages: Offers precision CNC machining and fabrication services.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: http://www.difracnc.com/

Contact: +54 11 4282-3855

Founded: 1994

VI.  Musso Precision

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: http://www.mussoprecision.com.ar/

Musso Precision is an Argentine precision machining company that specializes in the manufacture of metal parts by chip removal, grinding, milling, and polishing. This company was established in 1996 and since its establishment, it has developed strong relationships with clients through constant customer engagement and attention to customer requirements to ensure that all the products it manufactures align with client specifications. Musso Precision has a fully equipped machine park that features modern machining equipment such as 4-axis machining centers, numerical control lathes, parallel lathes, tangential grinders, gear-toothing machines, and other machine support secondaries. Musso Precision relies on its team of experienced professionals to develop new products and machining concepts. The CNC machining solutions offered by this company are used in the plastic, automotive, metallurgical, steel, valve, hydraulic and pneumatic industries.

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacturing of CNC machined parts.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: http://www.mussoprecision.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 4763-2778

Founded: 1996

VII.  Quilinox

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://quilinox.com/

Quilinox is a precision machining company that was established in 1978 to provide the best fluid-handling solutions using CNC machining. This company specializes in the manufacture of precisely machined pumps, valves, flowmeters, agitators, and other fluid-handling accessories. Quilinox serves a wide range of industries with its solutions including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, microelectronics, engineering, installers, etc. Since its establishment, this company has built its reputation as a trusted supplier with all its products conforming to the ISO 9001 quality standards. Quilinox has partnered with more than 18 international brands which are its main clients. This company is continuously evolving and creating new solutions that will add value to the overall customer experience

Advantages: Provides high-precision CNC machining services and components.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://quilinox.com/

Contact: +54 11 4200-7337

Founded: 1978

VIII. Fanuc Argentina

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.fanucamerica.com/

Fanuc Argentina is an American automation company that specializes in automating industrial manufacturing processes. The company has its South American branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is a regional office that handles sales, automation services, and customer support for local customers. Fanuc is a large multinational company with a presence in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The company offers a comprehensive range of services including CNC machining systems, robotics, and ROBODRILLS. All these solutions aim to automate customer factories and workshops for improved productivity and general improvement in product quality. Fanuc has a wide range of CNC machining solutions available. These services feature 5-axis machining centers, CNC retrofitting, CNC software solutions, CNC motion controllers, and CNC simulators for training. The company also has a dedicated CNC customer services team that offers lifetime support for all their solutions and equipment.

Advantages: Offers precision CNC machining and assembly services.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://www.fanucamerica.com/

Contact: +54 11 4942-8504

Founded: 1982

IX. Intertech Argentina

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://intertechargentina.com.ar/

Intertech Argentina is a subsidiary of the Intertech worldwide company that was established in 1992 as one of the leading suppliers of CNC machines in the Argentine market. Together with other subsidiaries in Brazil and Peru, Intertech is the largest supplier of the latest CNC machining technology in South America. This company has an extensive range of high-tech CNC machines in its machine parks, featuring high-quality CNC machining centers, lathes, grinding machines, CNC routers, electro erosion machines, sheet metal shaping machines, and plastic injection molding machines. Intertech also offers turn-key systems to all its clients through five simple steps. The first step involves the analysis of specific needs according to the design and complexity of the parts to be manufactured. The second step involves technical diagnosis to maximize productivity, quality, and efficiency. The third step involves cost and benefit evaluation. The fourth step involved the provision of the main and complementary equipment. The last step involves startup, training, and after-sale services that accompany new product purchases. Intertech works with the customer throughout projects to ensure they provide the best machines that optimally meet production requirements within the highest quality standards.

Advantages: Specializes in the CNC machining of large parts.

Address: Caba, Argentina

Website: https://intertechargentina.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 4573-3755

Founded: 1992

X. Himaq CNC Machine Tools

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.himaq.com/inicio

Himaq CNC Machine Tools is a CNC machining company that specializes in offering clients the best machine tools available to remain competitive in the market. The company was established in 1987 and it offers a comprehensive range of machine tools including CNC vertical lathes, vertical & horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers, CNC EDMs, and grinding machines among others. Himaq CNC Machine Tools has a team of experienced technicians who are always ready to help all customers with installation, maintenance, and technical services. This support team also helps customers in making the best decisions about purchasing, leasing, and importing CNC machines depending on the particular applications. The machining solutions provided by Himaq CNC machine tools are applied in various industries including auto parts, agricultural machinery, tooling, and metal mechanics sectors.

Advantages: Offers a wide range of machining services, including CNC.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://www.himaq.com/inicio

Contact: +54 9 11 5642 5624

Founded: 1987

XI. ADV Technology

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.adv-technology.com.ar/

ADV Technology is a CNC machining company that was founded in 2009 with its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company specializes in the manufacture and supply of machines and devices integrated with CNC control systems. ADV Technology has a wide range of machines in its collection including CNC routers, CNC plasma cutters, CNC lasers,s and CNC retrofitting in traditional machines such as mills, lathes, and presses. The company also develops special machinery with CNC commands for use in various industrial sectors. The machines provided by ADV Technology are compatible with a wide range of materials used in high-quality mold manufacturing. The main aim of this company is to provide customers with products and services that increase productivity, providing quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Advantages: Specializes in high-precision CNC machining services.

Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Website: https://www.adv-technology.com.ar/

Contact: +54 11 7078-0170​

Founded: 2009

XII. Conclusion

CNC machining is a processing technique that has been adopted across many industrial sectors because of its reliability, efficiency, and precision. Although it is a relatively new technology, many companies are switching to CNC machining because of its enormous benefits. The companies mentioned in this article are some of the best CNC machining suppliers in Argentina. If you are looking for a reliable CNC machining company to partner with, you should understand what the process entails and the type of materials that are compatible with it. Visit TDL – CNC Machining to learn more about this method and the factors that you should consider before partnering with a particular company.


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