Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Finland

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ItemMould Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1SabriScan Oy1998
2Muovisola Oy1993
3Muovityö Hiltunen Oy1969
4Berry Solutions1984
5Plastoco Oy1980
6Camteam Oy1991
7Artekno Oy1953
8Piiplast Oy1970
9Wipak Oy1975
10Okartek Oy1983
Top Finnish Injection Molding Companies

I. Introduction

Plastic injection moulding is a high-volume manufacturing process that uses thermoplastic polymers to make plastic parts and products that are used in various industries. The process involves using a precast mould, where molten plastic polymer is forced into the mould to assume the shape of the mould. Plastic injection moulding is used in many manufacturing sectors in Finland such as automotive, food processing, cosmetics packaging and the medical industries among others. Finland is a growing economy that has adopted the use of plastic injection moulding because of its low cost of production and the use of locally available materials. Companies that use plastic injection moulding have increased their ROI mostly because of the efficiency and reliability of the process and the quick turnaround time which give businesses a competitive edge in the market. To reap these benefits, businesses must ensure that they get quality moulds for the mass production of their products. The need for quality moulds has led to an increase in demand for reliable moulding manufacturers. This post is an analysis of the top 10 plastic injection mould manufacturers in Finland.

II. SabriScan Oy

Injection Molding Companies
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SabriScan is a family-owned Finnish injection moulding company that was established in 1998. With its headquarters in Riihimäki, Finland, SabriScan is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of moulding solutions such as injection moulding, casting and supply of special moulding tools. The company uses a collaborative approach to mould manufacturing where its research and development team engages with the clients from time to time to ensure all the requirements and details of clients’ needs are met. SabriScan carries all its manufacturing activities in-house for better control and quality management. Apart from high-quality mould manufacturing, SabriScan also provides mould care services which include repair & maintenance, modifications and optimizations of moulds. These additional services ensure that the company maintains good relationships with the clients keeping competitors away. SabriScan also provides optical inserts which are mainly used in the manufacture of Automotive OEM parts for the European market.

Key Advantages: Custom plastic injection moulding services, in-house tooling, optical inserts

Address: Riihimäki, Finland


Contact: +358 19 760 220

Founded: 1998

III. Muovisola Oy

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Muovisola Oy is an injection moulding company that was founded in 1993 as a small subcontracting company with the desire to train and spread mould manufacturing knowledge. Since its establishment, the company has grown to become a modern facility for injection mould manufacturing because of its commitment to quality and uncompromising standards. Muovisola provides various plastic injection moulding services including product design, mould manufacturing, injection moulding and post-processing services. The company employs modern injection moulding equipment that can handle a wide range of tonnage ranging from 1 to 450 tons. This company’s injection moulding equipment has In-Mould Decoration (IMD) and In-Mould Labelling (IML) capabilities which enable it to manufacture aesthetically pleasing moulds. The manufacturing operations at Muovisola are automated using robotics to ensure production runs all the time for maximum production. This company has cleanrooms that have been certified for quality and highly hygienic productions with ISO 8, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

Key Advantages: Full-service plastic injection moulding, design, and tooling

Address: PL 10, 40101 Jyväskylä, Finland


Contact: +358 14 333 1200

Founded: 1993

IV.  Muovityö Hiltunen Oy

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Muovityö Hiltunen is one of the leading injection moulding companies in Finland specialising in the manufacture of high-quality composite and plastic structures for various industries. This company has decades of experience in providing industry-leading solutions to guarantee the quality and durability of its products. Muovityö Hiltunen combines several raw materials such as thermoplastics, reinforced plastics and composite structures to produce parts that are sustainable and long-lasting depending on the customer and industry needs. This company provides customer-oriented services with a team of dedicated customer support that offers their services throughout the production life cycle. Some of the main products manufactured by Muovityö Hiltunen include containers, tanks, chimneys, gas reactors, pipelines, special structures, transportation tanks and industrial baths.

Key Advantages: High-quality products and customer-oriented service

Address: Ollilantie 64, 84100 Ylivieska, Finland


Contact: +358 8 349 600

Founded: 1969

V. Berry Solutions

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Berry is a global company that creates innovative packaging solutions and engineered plastic products to ensure sustainable and strategic growth for businesses and the whole of society. The company has innovative expertise that serves a wide base of clients globally with more than 46,000 employees in 250+ locations worldwide. Berry provides a wide range of injection moulding solutions including product development, manufacturing, tooling and agile solutions. The tooling solutions offered by Berry help customers get their own customised mould. These solutions include injection moulds, blow moulds, compression moulds, and thermoforming moulds that can be integrated with the customer’s manufacturing facilities. The company also provides technical services through its team of experienced personnel to help customers identify and solve any challenges during the production life cycle. Berry produces various plastic products that are used in different industries. These include bottles & vials, containers & tubs, tubes, trays, applicators, jars, lids, jerrycans, medical devices, filtration materials, etc..

Key Advantages: Global plastic injection moulding company, innovative solutions

Address: PL 9, 24101 Salo, Finland


Contact: +358 2 489 555

Founded: 1984

VI. Plastoco Oy

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Plastoco Oy is a Finnish family-owned plastic injection moulding company that was established in 1980 as a small subcontracting company. This company specialises in the manufacture of small to medium technical injection moulded components. Plastoco uses a customer-oriented approach to business by ensuring customers get high-quality parts within the promised time frames to maintain long-term relationships. The company has a plastic injection moulding machine park that is equipped with more than 20 machines that can clamp up to 240 tons. Plastoco focuses on the production of small technical plastic parts weighing between 0.1 to 450  grams. This company also provides metal injection moulding services for steel products. Other additional services offered by Plastoco include assembly, laser marking, metal plating, machining and ultrasonic welding. These extra services are offered at the request of the customer.

Key Advantages: Specialises in technical plastic components

Address: Workshop Road 14, 06150 Porvoo, Finland


Contact: +358 19 5767 200

Founded: 1980

VII.  Camteam Oy

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Camteam is a Finnish plastic injection moulding company that was established in 1991 as part of Plastic Tool Oy company, which specialises in the manufacture and servicing of injection moulds for high-volume manufacturing. The company chose the name “Camteam” because during that time, 3D and CAM were the main design methods used, and the company was founded by a team of 6 entrepreneurs. Hence the name “CamTeam”. The company’s growth was fueled by the mobile phone industry since it was one of the early manufacturers and suppliers of Nokia and Brentford plastic moulds for mobile devices. Since then, Camteam has expanded to become one of the leading experts in plastic injection moulded complex parts with more than 150 multicomponent plastic parts being manufactured. Camteam has invested heavily in advanced plastic injection moulding technologies, acquiring the Autodesk® Moldflow® software for plastic geometry analysis and simulation of manufacturability and functionality before production. The company has also acquired Siemens NX design software that works with modern mould manufacturing machines to help customers get better quality products. Camteam has kept its machinery up-to-date by renewing the EDM and CNC machining centres and upgrading the injection moulding machines with a nitrogen system for gas-assisted injection moulding capabilities. This company also provides mould maintenance services and logistics for consignments.

Key Advantages: Expertise in various plastic materials and moulding techniques

Address: Rakentajantie 32, 20780 Kaarina, Finland


Contact: +358 40 544 3273

Founded: 1991

VIII.   Artekno Oy

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Artekno Oy is an individualised plastic injection moulding contract manufacturer that produces custom-made injection moulding services for individuals and businesses in Finland. The company manufactures high-quality moulds that can produce new products designed according to the customer requirements and specifications. Artekno uses various injection moulding technologies that can be flexibly changed to suit the product requirements and customer needs. The company manages the whole production chain and logistics making the whole production process seamless for the customers, ensuring reliable delivery at affordable prices. The main services provided by Artekno include product design, prototyping, mould manufacturing, assembly & packaging and contract storage. This company uses industry-leading technologies that work with different materials such as expanded plastics, reinforced plastic and polyurethane. The main products manufactured by Artekno are cold and hot storage solutions for storing and transporting medical products and for food packaging.

Key Advantages: High-quality mould manufacturing, scalable technology, customised solutions and versatile materials

Address: PL 26, 15141 Lahti, Finland


Contact: +358 3 828 6411

Founded: 1953

IX. Piiplast Oy

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Piiplast Oy is a family plastic injection moulding manufacturer that specialises in the manufacture of on-demand thermoplastic products for various industries. The company has managed to build long-term relationships with customers because of its capability to create technical products without compromising on quality. Piiplast has invested in modern injection moulding machines which have a clamping force of 20 to 650 tons. All the injection moulding machines owned by this company are automated to ensure continuous production guaranteeing reliability and timely delivery. Piiplast has partnered with other manufacturers to provide post-production services such as pad printing, ultrasonic welding and assembly & packaging services. This company uses carefully selected materials to ensure quality and durability in all their products.

Key Advantages: Advanced plastic injection moulding, in-house design and tooling

Address: Lentiläntie 6, 37800 AKAA, Finland


Contact: +358 03 342 8244

Founded: 1970

X. Wipak Oy

Injection Molding Companies
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Wipak Oy is a global expert in the manufacture of flexible packaging solutions using plastic injection moulding. The company manufactures premium quality packaging products for food, medical and pharmaceutical products. Wipak has set up an innovation centre called NEXT, where it collaborates with customers to design and develop sustainable packaging solutions. The NEXT innovation centre works with the customers by providing training courses, workshops and seminars to ensure that all the products are optimised for a sustainable future. The main product categories offered by Wipak are food packaging, medical packaging and films for various applications. Wipak also provides other value-added services such as support with product development, implementation of technical packaging ideas, help with material selection and development and testing of the sample packages.

Key Advantages: Expert in flexible packaging solutions and plastic injection moulding

Address: Sinimäentie 8B, 02630 Espoo, Finland


Contact: +358 20 510 5000

Founded: 1975

XI. Okartek Oy

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Okartek Oy is a plastic injection moulding company based in Finland. The company manufactures high-quality plastic products through injection moulding and thermoforming. All the manufacturing operations of Okartek are done in-house where the company controls the whole production process from design to delivery of the finished products. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, this company has developed vast knowledge and skills that ensure products of unravelled quality. Okartek provides full-service production solutions that include project management, injection moulding, thermoforming, assembly and logistics. This company also provides quick models and prototypes for new products to enable customers to assess their functionality and usability.

Key Advantages: Specialises in technical plastic parts, also offers assembly services

Address: Askistontie 1, 00700 Helsinki, Finland


Contact: +358 9 350 7530

Founded: 1983

XII. Conclusion

The development and growth of the Finnish manufacturing sector have made the demand for plastic injection moulding services rise. Reliable injection moulding companies are vital to the manufacturing industry because most manufacturers depend on these services to manufacture their products. Finding a reliable plastic injection moulding company in Finland can help your company beat the competitors because of the quality of your products and the low costs involved in production. The article above has highlighted the top ten notable injection moulding manufacturers in Finland to help you make the right choice.


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