10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Italy

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1GF Machining Solutions1955
2Meccanica R.C. S.r.l.1980
3Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A1963
4CO.STAMP S.r.l.1968
5Effegici srl1980
7Idea Stampi s.r.l.1986
8S.I.M.E. SRL1989
9MOLTEC S.r.l.2000
Italian Top Mold Manufacturing Companies

I. Introduction

Molding can be described as the process used in manufacturing whereby molten or ductile raw materials are shaped by the use of a specific frame which is known as a mold. The mold is an empty cavity that in most cases is metallic and is in the shape and design intended for the final product. This process is widely used in injection molding factories found in companies due to its ability to produce end products with similar designs and is used for both simple and complex parts. Molding has been in practice for decades and has evolved over the years as new innovations in technology are being embraced. Some of the innovations include processes such as plastic injection molding, overmolding, insert molding, and Liquid Silicone Rubber molding. For companies that need to produce customized prototypes and end products for their customers, plastic injection molding is used.

Italy has been at the forefront of the high-quality mold manufacturing industry for years and its plastic injection mold manufacturing industry has grown to be the second-largest market across Europe. It is also the leading exporter of injection mold manufacturers to countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Italy has great expertise in the mold manufacturing sector which makes it possible for it to offer high-quality products. In case you are looking for the best mold manufacturers to work with in Italy, below is a list of the best companies that will suit your needs perfectly.

II. GF Machining Solutions

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.gfms.com/

GF Machining Solutions is the leading supplier of solutions necessary for precision components tool manufacturers and mold industries. This company is a branch belonging to the Georg Fischer Group based in Switzerland, which also consists of 50 more branches across the world. Some of the industries served by GF Machining Solutions include the automotive industry, aerospace, medical, and energy industries among others. The company offers a wide variety of services such as Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM) solutions, Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Software, and Digitalization, high-quality CNC machines, three five-axis milling machines, and spindles among others. It is able to satisfy the needs of its customers by use of its solutions and adequate employees with the necessary knowledge and experience.

Key Advantages: Global leader in mold manufacturing

Address: Via Lago di Vico, 40, 36015 Schio VI, Italy

Website: https://www.gfms.com/

Contact: +39 0445 576226

Founded: 1955

III. Meccanica R.C. S.r.l.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://www.meccanicarc.com/

Meccanica R.C Srl was formed in 1980. It manufactures machine parts and automation lines which are customized in reference to the customer’s needs and preferences. The company ensures that its customers get the best services with high-quality date products by embracing innovations and having employees with the required knowledge and experience. It also has specialized designers who use CAD-CAM technology and software when coming up with designs for their employees. Recently, the company has become a member of the fourth industrial revolution whereby it has machine systems that have 4.0 technology which helps the manufacturer and customers monitor the production process.

Key Advantages: Expertise in complex mold construction

Address: Via del Commercio, 2, 25039 Travagliato BS, Italy

Website: http://www.meccanicarc.com/

Contact: +39 030 686 4681

Founded: 1980


Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:  https://www.nuova-idropress.com/

Nuova IDROPRESS was founded in 1963. It has since then specialized in designing, manufacturing, and installing complete systems and machines that are used to produce, process, and recover EPS. Some of these machines include Vertical block molds, Presses used for elasticizing the EPS blocks, Automatic trolleys used to transport the blocks, Automatic cutting lines with oscillating wires, Curing silos, and Discontinuous and continuous pre-expanders among others. The company consists of two plants which are found in Canossa (RE), which is in the northern area of Italy, and about 110 employees who work as technicians and workers. As a result of the continuous advancements in technology, the company is working with at least 30 engineers with great expertise to ensure that their customers get the best services and products that suit their needs. Nuova IDROPRESS is a global company and has its machines present and working in about 50 countries across the world. The company also has the ability to design and manufacture a whole turnkey system and all accessories required in the system, including high-quality mold manufacturing, especially in cases where a customer asks for such services.

   Key Advantages: Renowned for their hydraulic press for mold manufacturing

   Address: Via Provinciale, 17, 25080 Mazzano BS, Italy

   Website: https://www.nuova-idropress.com/

   Contact: +39 030 2590658

   Founded: 1963

V. CO.STAMP s.r.l.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.costampgroup.it/

CO.STAMP Srl was founded in 1968 and has since then specialized in manufacturing molds used in the die casting of alloys of aluminum and magnesium. The company has grown to be among the leading companies in Europe in this sector over the years, which has been made possible by adopting new technology innovations as well as ensuring that the preferences of their customers are met. This company serves the industrial application sector as well as the automotive industry which is considered its main market. It has been working with automotive companies such as Nissan, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ferrari among others.

Key Advantages: Specializes in complex molds for the automotive industry

Address: Via per Cerro 29, 27010 Siziano PV, Italy

Website: https://www.costampgroup.it/

Contact: +39 0382 6671

Founded: 1968

VI. Effegici Srl

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.effegicimoulds.com/en-gb/home

Effegici Srl was formed in 1980 and has since then focused mainly on the production of injection molds, both of medium and large size, used to make thermoplastic resins. The company’s many years of existence make it possible for it to have knowledge that helps its customers use recent technologies and have a variety of solutions in the rapid prototyping process. The company’s employees consist of designers who use 2D-3D printing technology as well as CAD-CAM design technology which makes the production process easier. This company serves both Italy and other countries across the world. Effegici Srl makes industrial molds which consist of gas molds, injection molds, stack molds, and two material molds. These industrial molds are used in the manufacture of a wide range of equipment used in households.

Key Advantages: Specializes in molds for thermoplastic resin

Address: Via Marigonda, 40/42, 31040 Navolè TV, Italy

Website: https://www.effegicimoulds.com/en-gb/home

Contact: +39 0422 742062

Founded: 1980


Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.inipress.net/en-gb/home

INIPRESS was founded in 1969 and has since then specialized in the manufacturing of plastic parts by using the injection molding process. The many years of its operation have made it the necessary experience in the mold manufacturing sector. The company also has grown over the years and gained a large number of customers due to its dedication to the needs of the customers. They focus on the quality of services they offer, the relationship they have with the customers as well as offering after-sales services such as assembly and packaging. The company also gives its customers a chance to enjoy a variety of molding technologies such as Thin wall injection molding, Gas-assisted injection molding, Metal over molding, Bi-injection molding, and Tri-injection molding among others.

Key Advantages: Wide range of mold manufacturing technologies

Address: Via Magnadola, 24, 31045 Motta di Livenza TV, Italy

Website: https://www.inipress.net/en-gb/home

Contact: +39 0422 768317

Founded: 1969

VIII. Idea Stampi srl

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:  https://www.ideastampi.it/

Idea Stampi was founded in 1986. Since then, it has specialized in designing and production of injection molds used in the manufacture of high-precision thermoplastic parts that have notable aesthetic demands. The company also helps its clients to come up with prototypes as well as pilot molds for production involving products that are small or medium-sized. It has technical employees with a significant level of expertise and uses the CAD/CAM systems which makes it partner with several industries in Europe to serve its wide market. Some of these industrial sectors include the automobile sector, electric sector, medical sector, electronic sector, and industries that manufacture appliances used in households. To fully satisfy its customer’s needs, Idea Stampi offers in-house manufacturing of plastic injection molding and stamping services which include services before the production to the production of end products. It also offers customized molds for its customers to ensure that their preferences are taken care of. It is a global company and cooperates with other industries found in the US and across the world.

Key Advantages: Expertise in mold design and manufacturing for plastic materials

Address: Via dell’Industria, 4, 31041 Cornuda TV, Italy

Website: https://www.ideastampi.it/

Contact: +39 0423 83019

Founded: 1986


Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: http://www.sime-srl.com/

Sime s.r.l was founded in 1989 and specialized in the electrical sector to produce electrical equipment. After two years, the company started offering services in the mechanical engineering sector too, and continued to have more developments over the years. Sime has always been thoughtful of its customer before anything else and therefore since 1999, it has a new site in Romania as well as a division called SimeROM, which help to ensure favorable costs of production and increase the amount of work being done by the company. The company has embraced new technology innovations that come along the way in its services which include designing, installing, and the growth of electrical systems. It has come up with a sector in the company that deals with the designing and production of hydraulic systems as well as fire protection systems.

   Key Advantages: Specialization in molds for thermoplastics

   Address: Via della Scienza, 50, 36100 Vicenza VI, Italy

   Website: http://www.sime-srl.com/

   Contact: +39 0444 971071

   Founded: 1989

X. MOLTEC S.r.l.

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.moltec.it/

Moltec Srl has been in operation for more than 30 years since it was founded. It is experienced in the manufacture of molds used in technical and aesthetic parts of various equipment. It specializes in the manufacture of steel springs and other metallic components used in the industry. Its experience gained over the years assures its clients of high-quality services and products as well as a competitive advantage in the market. The company has embraced new technology by carrying out research to ensure that its customers get advanced products. Moltec Srl serves a number of industries such as the automotive industry, electrical, agricultural machinery, and household equipment industries, among others.

   Key Advantages: Expertise in molds for technical and aesthetic parts

   Address: Via dell’Artigianato, 31, 35010 Santa Giustina in Colle PD, Italy

   Website: https://www.moltec.it/

   Contact: +39 049 9301787

   Founded: 2000


Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.ommp.it/

OMMP-MOULDS is a company that has been in existence for over 30 years and focuses mainly on the production of molds used for various utilizations in the packaging sector as well as the medical sector. Some of the processes used include blow molding, extrusion molding, and injection molding. This company serves a global audience and has made sure to keep up with the various advancements in technology so as to fully satisfy the needs of its customers. To make this possible, it offers training to its employees, carries out research on new innovations as well, and ensures that it has the most recent equipment to use in the production process. For further satisfaction of the customer, OMMP-MOULDS also offers after-sale services to its customers.        

Key Advantages: Specialization in the production of molds for medical and packaging sectors

Address: Via Enrico Fermi, 27, 25017 Lonato del Garda BS, Italy

Website: https://www.ommp.it/

Contact: +39 030 9919181

Founded: 1991

XII. Conclusion

In today’s world, there are continuous innovations in technology which has led to the growth of industries using the mold manufacturing process. Technology has also made it possible for more companies specializing in the same field to be formed. These new companies have resulted in multiple companies being available which might make it hard for customers to find the right and trustworthy company to work with. However, the list of companies above will help you decide on which company to partner with in the production process. The information discussed above makes it possible for customers to have the right background information about a company and know the areas where each company specializes in. This makes it easy for customers to choose the right company and get quality services and products which helps to ensure that the businesses of the customers are successful.


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