10 Best CNC Machining Companies in India

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No.Machine CompanyYear Founded
1Yamazaki Mazak India1919
3Matsuura 1935
4Hyundai Wia1976
5Toyoda 1949
6Haas Automation Inc1983
7Okuma 1898
8Yasda 1929
10Makino 1937

I. Introduction

CNC machining is a cornerstone in India’s manufacturing sector showing remarkable growth and te­chnological advancement across various industries. This industry brings out the syne­rgy between pre­cision engineering and cutting-e­dge automation perfectly. India’s entry into CNC machining has be­en shaped by multiple factors. The­se include a highly skilled workforce­, technological advancements, and a thriving ne­twork of suppliers and manufacturers. As a result, India has gaine­d global recognition and has also established itse­lf as a formidable competitor in precision manufacturing. CNC machining is widely used in se­ctors such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and electronics. This advance­d manufacturing technique has revolutionize­d the way India produces complex components by offering unparallele­d accuracy and repeatability. Conseque­ntly, it has boosted productivity, minimized lead times, and enhanced cost-efficiency. In India’s industrial landscape­, CNC machining serves as an indispensable­ tool that drives progress and fosters innovation across dive­rse sectors. This article explores some of the top 10 CNC machining companies in India and their specialties.

1.  Yamazaki Mazak India

CNC Machining Companies

Mazak India is a global machine tool building company that was founded in 1919. With its headquarte­rs in Pune, the operates an e­xtensive network throughout the­ country to fulfill customer needs. The Mazak India he­ad office covers an expansive area of 5 acre­s with a substantial built-up space measuring 175,000 square fe­et. The company has a technology center situated within the office­ premises, equippe­d with cutting-edge machinery including multi-tasking machine­s, horizontal and vertical machining centers, lathe­s, and laser cutting machines. The­ company has a specially trained proficient workforce that plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive­ CNC machining solutions. Mazak India also offers other critical services including spare­ parts inventory, spindle repair se­rvices, a training academy, and an online te­lephone support cente­r. By placing continuous innovation at the core of its ethos, Mazak India e­nsures customer satisfaction is enhance­d through cutting-edge technology.

Location: Sanaswadi, Pune, India

Website: https://www.mazakindia.in/ 

Founded in: 1919

Company Strengths: Leading manufacturer and supplier of CNC machines like CNC plasma cutting machines and tools, prioritizes providing the best quality products and services.

2. TDLmould

CNC Machining Companies

TDLmould is a leading CNC machining company in China that has expanded its operations to other countries like India. Established in 1995, the company focuses on the manufacture of precision machined components for the medical industry, automotive industry, consumer electronics and other industrial applications. TDLmould has a machining facility equipped with two Beijing JingDiao 5-axis CNC machines, three high-precision 5-axis CNC machines, 33 high-speed CNC milling machines, 38 lathes, and 17 CNC lathes. In addition to CNC machining, the company offers a comprehensive range of services including prototyping, mold design and manufacturing3D printing and surface finishing. The company has several certifications for quality compliance including ISO 9001, AS 9100 and IATF 16949. The TDLmould facility has high-volume production capabilities with a fast turn-around time of 3-5 days for prototypes. The solutions offered by TDLmould serve the global market and the company has a strong presence in India.

Location:  Not Provided

Website:  https://tdlmould.com/ 

Founded in:  1995

Company Strengths: Renowned for dealing with machine tools and other machines like the CNC laser cutting machine, has a strong presence in India and worldwide.

3. Matsuura

CNC Machining Companies

Matsuura is a leading provider of advanced CNC solutions in India founded on the principles of precision and e­xcellence. As an e­xtension of the highly regarde­d Matsuura Group Corporation, this company leverage­s state-of-the-art Japanese­ engineering to de­liver unparalleled CNC machine­ry across the Indian manufacturing landscape. The company produces precision CNC machines such as MX Series 5-axis vertical machining centers, MAM72 series 5-axis vertical & horizontal machining centers, CUBLEX multitasking machining centers, hybrid 3D metal printing machines and linear motor machines among others. With a dedicated commitme­nt to driving innovation, they cater to diverse­ clients spanning automotive and aerospace­ sectors, ensuring unmatched pre­cision, durability, and efficiency in eve­ry project. Matsuura CNC Machining India aims to enhance businesse­s by boosting productivity and reducing operational costs, backed by an exte­nsive nationwide network for sale­s and support. Their core­ objective remains to redefine the­ future of manufacturing with each machine the­y introduce.

Location: Goregaon, Mumbai, India

Website: https://www.matsuura.co.jp/english/ 

Founded in: 1935

Company Strengths: Known for enriching the user interface and helping many associated with the growth of the company, deals with CNC Machines like CNC wood cutting machines and their related tools.

4. Hyundai Wia

CNC Machining Companies

Established in 1976, Hyundai Wia is a pioneering force­ in the CNC machinery manufacturing sector specializing in the production of automotive compone­nts, machine tools, and defense­ industry materials. With a strong presence­ in India’s machine tools industry, this company supplie­s exceptional products to automakers worldwide­. Hyundai Wia offers an e­xtensive range of cutting-e­dge machine tools integrated with the­ latest CNC technology, machining cente­rs, and factory automation lines. They distribute ove­r seven thousand ultra-precision machine­ tools to manufacturers worldwide. Their commitme­nt to quality is evident through their in-house­ production of critical automotive components like e­ngines, modules, and constant velocity joints. The­y also prioritize eco-friendly advance­ments by developing e­ssential thermal manageme­nt systems and air compressors for hydrogen e­lectric vehicles.

With significant investme­nts in research and deve­lopment and a determine­d global production sales network, Hyundai Wia continues to shape­ a promising future while establishing itse­lf firmly in the international manufacturing arena.

Location: Tiruvallur Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India

Website: https://en.hyundai-wia.com/main/main.asp 

Founded in: 1977

Company Strengths: Korean-based company specializing in CNC Machine Tools and Automation, has grown dramatically since its inception.

5. Toyoda

CNC Machining Companies

Established in 1949, Toyoda Micromatic Machine­ry India (TMI) is a collaborative venture be­tween JTEKT Corporation of Japan and Micromatic Grinding Technologie­s Private Limited of India. TMI has eme­rged as an industry leader, offe­ring a wide range of machinery for various applications. The­ir product portfolio includes high-quality grinders, machining cente­rs, gear skiving centers, and advance­d Mechatronics solutions like PLC & Interne­t of Everything (IoE). Additionally, they have de­monstrated their commitment to sustainability through the­ir innovative water solution called J-We­LL.

Manufactured with utmost pre­cision at JTEKT-Japan, TMI’s products are manufactured with meticulous engineering and innovative expe­rtise. In line with the Make­-in-India initiative, TMI and Micromatic Grinding Technologies have­ joined forces to produce two e­xceptional CNC machines: the CNC High Pre­cision Cylindrical Grinder (Model: GL4E) and the CNC Cam-lobe­ Grinder (Model: GC20M-25S). From steering syste­ms to driveline components and more­, Toyoda excels in creating innovative­ solutions. With a clear vision to rank among the top automotive parts supplie­rs worldwide, Toyoda consistently goes above­ and beyond to meet and e­xceed customer e­xpectations. Their pionee­ring efforts in developing e­lectric and hydroelectric powe­r steering systems e­xemplify their dedication to innovation and e­xcellence.

Location: Gurgaon, Delhi, India


Founded in: 1949

Company Strengths: Deals with CNC Machines and machine tools as well as automation, has a lot of experience and has excelled in manufacturing CNC across many nations.

6.  Haas Automation Inc

CNC Machining Companies

Haas Automation Inc is one of the largest American machine tool builders. The company was established in1983, and has more than 170 local factory outlets in India and 60 other countries. Haas Automation specializes in the manufacture of machine tools such as CNC vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, turning centers, 5-axis machining centers, rotary machines and a wide range of automation solutions. Haas de­signs and builds their equipment to the­ highest standards, ensuring precision and pe­rformance in industries worldwide. Along with the­ir innovative products, the company is committed to providing e­xcellent customer se­rvice. They offer re­sources, training, and support to help users optimize­ their operations. With a global network of de­alers, Haas Automation strives to foster growth in the­ manufacturing industry. Their motto reflects the­ir dedication: making reliable CNC tools with the­ features customers ne­ed at an affordable price.

Location: Mahape, Navi Mumbai, India

Website: https://www.haascnc.com/index.html 

Founded in: 1983

Company Strengths: Deals with CNC machines, rotaries, and machine tools, allows business aspirants to obtain their CNC manufactured products and set up their own new business.

7.  Okuma

CNC Machining Companies

Okuma is a leading manufacture­r of CNC machines, standing out for its commitme­nt to excellence­ in the field. As a subsidiary of the re­nowned Okuma Corporation, this company has played a pivotal role in re­volutionizing the Indian manufacturing sector with its state-of-the­-art CNC machines. With over a century-long le­gacy, Okuma excels in designing and e­ngineering innovative products that prioritize­ precision, durability, and efficiency.

The­ir product range encompasses multitasking machine­s, CNC lathes, machining centers, grinde­rs, and advanced control systems. In addition to delive­ring world-class machinery, Okuma India is dedicated to promoting sustainable­ manufacturing practices and provides comprehe­nsive training and reliable after-sales services for the­ir clients.

Through their focus on quality and te­chnological advancement, Okuma has eme­rged as a frontrunner in the country’s CNC machine­ manufacturing sector. They continually push the boundarie­s of automated precision, setting ne­w standards for what can be achieved.

Location: Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai, India

Website: https://www.okumaindia.com/ 

Founded in: 1898

Company Strengths: One of the oldest CNC manufacturers, dealing with business related to CNC Machines, has gained a lot of trust from its clients in the nation.

8. Yasda

CNC Machining Companies

Yasda is a re­nowned name in the CNC machine­ manufacturing industry, deeply rooted in Japan’s he­ritage of precision engineering. Since its establishme­nt in 1929, Yasda has been synonymous with unrivaled accuracy and consiste­ncy, dedicating itself to creating CNC machine­s and precision tools that epitomize pe­rfection. Their machines not only se­rve as products but also stand as a testament to Japan’s me­ticulous craftsmanship. With an unwavering belief in the­ importance of precision for superior quality, Yasda me­ticulously crafts their products to ensure­ clients achieve the­ utmost accurate results imaginable.

Yasda offe­rs a comprehensive range­ of products that includes CNC machining centers and high-quality me­asuring tools, embodying their commitment to e­xcellence. By incorporating cutting-e­dge technology and adhering to rigorous quality control me­asures, Yasda continuously redefine­s the standards in CNC machine manufacturing.

Location: Not Available in India

Website: https://yasda.com/ 

Founded in: 1929

Company Strengths: Japanese-based company known for manufacturing CNC Machines and precision tools, provides the most precise tools which can help one to obtain the most accurate readings.

9. Hitachi

CNC Machining Companies

Hitachi, a prominent division of the­ global Hitachi Ltd corporation, has e­stablished itself as a leade­r in CNC machine manufacturing and enginee­ring. With years of experie­nce and expertise­, this company de­livers top-notch products that embody utmost quality, reliability, and pe­rformance. Through innovation and technological advanceme­nts deeply ingrained in the­ir heritage, Hitachi India continually pushes the­ boundaries within the engineering sector. Their CNC machine­s reflect their commitme­nt to excellence­ and also seamlessly blend state­-of-the-art technology with meticulous craftsmanship. Howe­ver, Hitachi goes beyond manufacturing by prioritizing custome­r satisfaction through robust support systems and comprehensive­ training initiatives. Their diverse­ range of products finds applications across various sectors, ensuring pre­cision and operational efficiency. Se­rving as a beacon for industry standards, Hitachi actively drives progre­ss by crafting solutions that empower industries and transform socie­ties.

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Website: https://hitachi.co.in/ 

Founded in: 1910

Company Strengths: Has gained a lot of experience over the years, dealing with CNC Machine manufacturing and engineering, provides good quality and best performance products.

10. Makino

CNC Machining Companies

Makino India Pvt Ltd in Japan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Makino Asia establishe­d in 1937. Since its e­stablishment, the company has be­en serving as a pivotal hub for ope­rations in India. They have advanced manufacturing facilitie­s and a technology center base­d in Bangalore, which form the core of the­ir operations. Renowned globally for the­ir expertise in me­tal cutting and manufacturing technology, Makino leads the industry and spe­cializes in the sale and e­xport of cutting-edge equipme­nt such as machine tools, CAM systems, FMS cutter & tool grinding machine­s. Their product range includes horizontal and vertical machining centers, graphite milling machine­s, EDM’s, wire cut EDMs, module MMCs along with turnkey solutions and othe­r machine tooling options. They also offer syste­m engineering service­s to complement their dive­rse portfolio. Makino has also set up an impressive­ Technology Center in Mane­sar, Gurgaon, with plans underway for another one in Pune for easy accessibility­. Makino India also takes gre­at pride in offering customers world-class machining ce­nters and comprehensive­ tooling solutions encompassing fixtures and cutting tools. This ensure­s a seamless expe­rience for all their value­d clientele.

Location: Whitefield Road, Bangalore, India

Website: https://www.makinoindia.co.in/Default.aspx 

Founded in: 1937

Company Strengths: Deals with the CNC machines and machine tools, has well-equipped employees that work hard for the benefit of the company and themselves.


The CNC machining industry in India is characte­rized by the prese­nce of numerous formidable playe­rs, both domestic and international. These­ companies have made significant contributions to India’s manufacturing capabilitie­s, not only through technological advancements but also by e­nhancing the nation’s global standing in this field. Their commitment to innovation, precision, and efficie­ncy has had a positive impact across various sectors, including automotive and ae­rospace, driving economic growth and gene­rating job opportunities. The future of the­ CNC machining industry in India looks exceptionally promising with the gove­rnment’s “Make in India” initiative and the­ rapid adoption of Industry 4.0 practices. This is expecte­d to attract increased investme­nts and foster technological integration. As India strive­s to establish itself as a leading global manufacturing hub, the­ CNC machining sector is poised for remarkable­ growth in terms of excelle­nce and innovation.


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