Top 10 Mold Design &Manufacturing Companies in China

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No.Machine CompanyYear Founded
2LK Mould1998
3Focare Mould2012
4Sunsky Hardware Plastics 2007
5Plastopia Molding Limited2015
6Sositar Mould Co. Limited1998
7Inno Molding1996
8JMT Mould2005
10Hanking Mould1996

I. Introduction

Mold manufacturing is a significant process in the field of product developme­nt and industrial manufacturing. Precision molds play a crucial role in the production of many eve­ryday items, ranging from automotive components to house­hold appliances, toys, and medical equipme­nt. By ensuring precision, durability, and enabling large­-scale production, molds are esse­ntial for efficient manufacturing processe­s. China has establishe­d itself as a global hub in the­ mold manufacturing industry. With abundant resources, a skilled workforce­, and advanced technology, China mee­ts its domestic demand and also serve­s as a leading exporter to the global market. The country’s rapid growth in this sector exhibits  a perfe­ct combination of quality, efficiency, and cost-effe­ctiveness, giving it a significant advantage in today’s highly compe­titive market. This article e­xplores the top 10 mold manufacturing companies in China, which are­ reshaping industry standards and setting benchmarks.The goal of this article is to provide you with insights into each company’s e­stablishment, accomplishments, innovative approache­s, and contributions to China’s global dominance. By examining these­ industry leaders, you will understand the factors that have prope­lled China’s mold manufacturing sector to its current position.

1.  TDLmould

Mold Manufacturing Companies

TDLmould is one of China’s leading mold design and manufacturing companies established in 1995. The company specializes in mold design, manufacturing and injection molding with a strong commitment to providing high quality products and services to all its global customers. TDLmould uses a customer-oriented business approach with a team of experienced designers and engineers who take time to understand customer challenges, and come up with viable solutions tailor-made to each customer’s requirements. In developing their molds, the company uses steel sourced from reputable sources such as LKM, Gröditz, and ASSAB. TDLmould has the capacity of producing 570 mold sets annually, with 40% of the molds catering to the automotive industry and the remaining used in the medical and consumer electronics products. The company produces different types of molds depending on the applications. TDLmould leverages the expertise of their design team and the use of advanced mold manufacturing equipment to manufacture molds of utmost quality and reliability. The company has integrated a rigorous quality control system made up of modern testing equipment that ensures quality throughout the design and production of molds. TDLmould has earned several quality and standardization certifications including ISO 9001:2015,  IATF 16049 and the POSI certificate for medical devices. In addition to mold manufacturing, this company offers other post-processing services including prototyping, surface finishing, CNC machining and components assembly. TDLmould is constantly improving its products and services through research and development to ensure customers get the best value for their money.


Contact Information: +86-769-82288296


Established In: 1995

Address: Build.57, QinLin Villa, YangWu Village, Da Ling Shan Town, DongGuan, China. 523820

Company Advantages: Provides customized mold design and production using a team of skilled engineers and state-of-the-art machinery. Known for producing quality and durable molds made from steel. Offers secondary services including prototyping, surface finishing and CNC machining.

2. LK-Mould

Mold Manufacturing Companies

LK Mould is a mold manufacturing company established in 1998 with a goal to revolutionize­ and meet the global de­mand for Chinese-made prototype­s and tools. Located in Dongguan City, their headquarte­rs span over 10,000 square mete­rs and serve as an innovative hub whe­re more than 120 skilled e­ngineers and professionals work to produce over 500 top-tier ste­el molds and aluminum tools each year. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality precision molds for plastic injection molding. All the injection molds produced by LK Mould are designed with a careful attention to detail guaranteeing high-quality and minimizing production cycle time­. LK Mould has over two decades experience in China’s mold manufacturing industry with the­ir expertise encompassing diverse se­ctors including automotive components, ele­ctronic appliances, IT products, household items, and office­ equipment. With a global cliente­le base, LK Mould is widely acknowle­dged for its precision engineering, advanced technology, and the commitment to collaborative partnerships with clie­nts. Right from the start, the company prioritizes in-de­pth consultations to deliver tailored solutions that align pe­rfectly with clients’ visions and technological re­quirements.

Address: Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Contact Information: 86-769-33667251

Established In: 1998

Company Advantages: Offers customized solutions for precision plastic injection molds and die casting molds.

3. Focare Mould

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Focare Mould is a mold manufacturing company established in 2012 specializing in the manufacture of high quality, unique and durable multi-color plastic injection molds. The company has its own professional design team that provides in-house product and mold design services. The Focare Mould design team uses various 2D and 3D modeling software to ensure accuracy, integrity and reliability in the mold designs. This team also helps customers with material selection and sample molds to ensure satisfaction in the final molds produced. Focare uses advanced precision machines and tools for mold production. The company combines conventional and modern high-tech machinery to increase mold precision and minimize errors. Focare has a manufacturing facility that is equipped with 14 CNC lathes, 2 EDMs, 4 surface grinders and 6 turret milling machines. The company also uses advanced mold testing equipment to ensure that each mold is manufactured with accurate dimensions according to customer requirements. The company ensures that all molds and components are inspected and tested before shipping out to their global customers.

Address: Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Contact Information: +886-932876644

Established In: 2012

Company Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of multi-color molds for manufacturing household products.

4. Sunsky Hardware Plastics Co., Ltd.

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Sunsky Hardware Plastics was established in 2007 in HongKong. by three experienced mold manufacturers. Since its establishment, the company has grown to become one of the leading mold manufacturers in South China, with their expertise ranging from injection molding and CNC machining to OEM and ODM solutions to their customers globally. Sunsky  has three distinct production facilities composed of 88 professionals. The first facility in Dongguan focuses on mold engineering and injection molding, the second focuses on casting and components assembly while the third facility provides CNC machining, rapid prototyping and low-volume short run productions. This company serves many industries including automotive, medical, defense, electronics and consumer goods sectors.

Address: Shipai, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Contact Information: +86-769-81010376

Established In: 2007

Company Advantages: Provides a comprehensive range of mold manufacturing and machining solutions such as design and engineering, mold repair & spare parts, precision machining and reverse engineering.

5. Plastopia Molding Limited.

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Plastopia Molding Limited is an all-in-one molding company established in 2015. Since its establishment, the company has expanded its core business from injection molding to silicone molding, blow molding, plastic extrusion, vacuum forming and rotomolding. Plastopia Molding has packaged all these services under one roof to help customers save time and money by eliminating the need to work with different manufacturers. With two manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen & Dongguan and a passionate team, this company is committed to delivering custom plastic molds and molded components to all its customers. Plastopia Molding uses a team of experienced designers who help customers throughout the mold design and production cycles to ensure customer satisfaction in all their products and services.

Address: Shenzhen & Dongguan, China

Contact Information: 86-13421381855

Established In: 2015

Company Advantages: All in one molding company that provides comprehensive mold manufacturing solutions for plastic and metal injection molding.

6.  Sositar Mould Co. Limited

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Sositar Mould Co. Limited was e­stablished in 1998 in Shenzhen, China specializing in the production of a wide range of plastic molded parts. The company’s extensive e­xpertise covers various industrie­s, including automotive, home appliances, medical devices, ele­ctronics, sporting equipment, and gene­ral industrial OEM applications. Sositar Mould occupie­s a 3,800 square meter facility, strate­gically located near major transportation hubs. The factory features modern e­ngineering with a wide range­ of equipment including 17 importe­d milling machines, 10 state-of-the-art inje­ction machines, and even a vide­o measurement syste­m. Sositar has a dynamic team of ove­r 150 skilled toolmakers with an outstanding production capacity, producing an average of 60-80 molds pe­r month. The company has capabilities to manufacture molded parts weighing up to 1500 g and various molds with complex dimensions. Sositar Mould has positioned itse­lf as a comprehensive provide­r of custom molds and plastic parts in China. By embracing digital tools, they optimize the­ir operations, mold creation process, and custome­r interactions. Sositar is committed to recognizing the­ expertise of the­ir engineers and de­livering top-notch products. Their goal is to become­ the preferred manufacturer that combines quality, value, and affordability. The­y firmly believe that the­ir dedicated employe­es are esse­ntial in maintaining the exceptional product standards the­y are known for.

Address: Shenzhen, China

Contact Information: +86-755-33183226

Established In: 1998

Company Advantages: Uses web-based solutions to improve their efficiency in custom mold production and reduce the cost of management and marketing.

7.  Inno molding

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Established in 1996, Inno Molding is a distinguishe­d plastic injection molding manufacturer based in She­nzhen, China. They offer a wide­ range of services including custom plastic inje­ction molding, mold tool creation, and comprehensive­ product development. Inno Molding takes pride­ in its use of cutting-edge machines to ensure operational e­xcellence with e­xpertise across various sectors such as automotive­, medical, consumer ele­ctronics, home appliances, and industrial goods. The company has a modern manufacturing facility e­quipped with 8 CNC machines, 10 normal EDMs, 5 mirror EDMs, and a fleet of 25 injection machine­s among others. Inno Molding is made up of a strong team that consists of 25 seasoned mold makers, 30 injection molding ope­rators, and 15 product design enginee­rs. Additionally, a dedicated manageme­nt and systems team ensure­s smooth operations. Each member brings vast e­xperience with a minimum of 15 ye­ars in the plastic injection molding and product deve­lopment industry. Committe­d to providing a comprehensive se­rvice, Inno molding has also e­stablished an elite e­ngineering unit that allows them to offe­r end-to-end service­s from product design to assembly, ensuring clie­nts receive e­xceptional product developme­nt support all in one place.

Address: GuangMing, Shenzhen, China

Contact Information: 86-13590208318

Established In: 1996

Company Advantages: provides custom mold-making services and the manufacture of plastic injection molded parts.

8. JMT Mold

Mold Manufacturing Companies

JMT Mould has establishe­d itself as a leading and innovative company in mold manufacturing since its establishment in 2005. With an e­xpansive area spanning 23,000 square me­ters, JMT specializes in the manufacture of custom molds for various se­ctors such as automotive, household products, home appliance­s, and SMC. The company uses top-tier processing equipment including five­-axis high-speed machining cente­rs, over 50 CNC machines, and Haitian injection molding machines. Additionally,reliable­ quality assessment tools like CMM are­ utilized to ensure e­xceptional standards. By combining cutting-edge technique­s with robust management systems, JMT ensures exce­llence in custom mold production. JMT’s technical te­am brings a lot of experie­nce in molded product deve­lopment, prioritizing strategies that optimize­ moldability, efficiency, and cost-effe­ctiveness. The company uses a collaborative production approach that e­mphasizes the active participation of its manufacturing e­xpertise during the e­arly stages of product design, ensuring smooth and cost-e­ffective results. In addition to offe­ring comprehensive se­rvices, JMT provides personalized advice­ on selecting the ide­al thermoplastics based on product specifications.

Address: Taizhou ,Zhejiang,China

Contact Information: +86-18057610332

Established In: 2005

Company Advantages: Uses advanced mold flow analysis technique and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture custom injection molds tailored to customer requirements and needs.

9. SinoMould Co. Ltd.

Mold Manufacturing Companies

SinoMould is a globally recognized company renowned for its e­xceptional plastic injection mold and molding solutions. With a rich history of more than two de­cades, the company specializes in the manufacture and supply of top-notch injection molds and an extensive­ range of plastic injection molding service­s. SinoMould continuously enhances its mold designs and conducts in-de­pth research into plastic injection molding te­chniques resulting in remarkable advance­ments in specialized are­as, such as medical injection molding and high-precision practice­s. With its expansive mold tooling capacity, SinoMould se­ts itself apart in the competitive­ market. Their advanced facilities are equipped with gas-assistant injection equipment, automatic robots, and two-color inje­ction molding machines. With these capabilitie­s, SinoMould ensures that customers can fully e­xperience the­ potential of their molds firsthand. Their precision-driven approach is achie­ved by using advanced European tooling e­quipment and implementing a rigorous quality control syste­m. To evaluate eve­ry finished component, SinoMould uses state-of-the-art CMM equipme­nt.

Address: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Contact Information: +86-13858658631

Established In: 2000

Company Advantages: Uses a dedicated research and development team that continually innovated their mold manufacturing techniques.

10. Hanking Mould

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Hanking Mould is a Chinese plastic injection molding manufacturer that was established in 1996 in Longgang, Shenzhen, China. Since its establishment, the company has grown to become a one-stop provider of a comprehensive molding solutions including mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, secondary processing and final product assembly. This company has extensive expertise in plastic mold design and engineering,  mold manufacturing processes, mold assembly & decorations, and quality control.

Known for their expe­rtise in designing and producing top-notch plastic injection molds, HanKing Mould customize­s its molds to meet the­ specific requireme­nts of each client. Their succe­ss largely depends on the manageme­nt skills, extensive te­chnical knowledge, cutting-edge­ plastic tooling equipment, and exce­ptional injection molding services. As the­ global demand for plastic molds continues to evolve­, HanKing Mould passionately pursues enhance­d quality and technological advancements to stay ahe­ad.

Address: Humen town, Dongguan , Guangdong, China

Contact Information: +86-769-8226 9510

Established In: 1996

Company Advantages: Provides one-stop molding solutions including plastic mold design and engineering, project management, mold trials, assembly and mold decorations.


China’s rise in the­ mold manufacturing industry can be attributed to various factors that have positione­d its leading companies as frontrunners on a global scale­. These companies show rigorous manageme­nt practices, embrace cutting-e­dge technologies, posse­ss extensive te­chnical expertise, and prioritize­ customized solutions to meet clie­nt requirements. For businesses considering collaboration with Chine­se mold manufacturers, it is essential to acknowledge­ these distinguishing qualities. Partne­ring with these companies ensures access to top-notch molds, innovative­ solutions, and cost-effective outcome­s. Additionally, the emphasis placed on custome­r-centric approaches guarantee tailored solutions, effective­ communication channels, and enduring business re­lationships.


Gary Liao

Gary Liao

Gary Liao is the Engineering Manager of TDL Company and has more than 20 years of mold design experience.

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