10 Best CNC Machining Companies in Switzerland

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ItemCNC Machining CompaniesYear Established
1Badog CNC2007
2Crevoisier SA1966
3Mikron SA1908
4GF Machining Solutions1802
5Starrag AG1862
6Tornos SA1880
7Reishauer AG1788
8Agathon AG1918
9Schaublin Machines SA1915
CNC Machining Companies in Switzerland

I. Introduction

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, therefore, CNC Machining can be described as a process used in manufacturing whereby how tools and machinery work in a factory is controlled by a computer software that is programmed in advance. A variety of machines are used with this method and they include the following: CNC Mills, Plasma cutters, Lathes as well and water jet cutters just to mention a few. CNC Machining services serve a wide range of industries which include: the automotive industry, marine, aerospace, healthcare, automation, and the electronics industry among others. Most companies in Switzerland with markets in the above sectors prefer the process due to its ability to speed up production among other benefits. Below is a list of the top CNC Machining companies in Switzerland.

II. Badog CNC

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.badog.ch/

Badog was founded in 2008 and mainly focuses on the production of Swiss machines used for CNC milling as well as Swiss machine tools. The company ensures a good relationship with its customers and walks with them throughout the production process to ensure that they achieve their goals. This is also made possible through the company’s investment in innovative technology like 3D printing technology as well as a team of dedicated employees with exceptional expertise. The company’s line of production has made it possible for it to keep up good quality of products and favorable prices. Badog has been able to continue with the same prices over the years of its operation different from its competitors. All the company’s CNC models are manually assembled so as to see to it that the machines are of good quality and efficient enough. The company also offers its customers training so as to have enough information about the machines.  

Key Advantages: Specializes in CNC milling machines and machine tools using Swiss aluminum.

Address: Boulevard de Perolles 13a 1700 Friborg

Website: https://www.badog.ch/

Contact: +41 78 891 86 96

Founded: 2008

III. Crevoisier SA

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.crevoisier.ch/

Crevoisier SA is a Swiss company founded in 1966 by Rene Crevoisier. It specializes in the production of automatic parts used in the construction of both simple and complex equipment. The company came up with its first-ever machinery in 1974 and has since then grown in the sector. Its growth is a result of its at least 100 experienced employees and its strong spirit in innovation which also results in end products of high quality. Crevoisier SA serves a wide range of industries which include: the aeronautic industry, automotive, medical, and microtechnology industries among others. It is in partnership with Symbios Orthopedie SA which specializes in the production of customized knee and hip orthopedic implants. This partnership has helped to boost the quality and accuracy of implants, boosting the medical sector, especially for surgeons.

Key Advantages: Offers a broad range of machining services and has extensive experience in the industry.

Address: La Sagne au Droz 7 2714 Les Genevez

Website: https://www.crevoisier.ch/

Contact: +41 32 484 71 00

Founded: 1966

IV.  Mikron SA

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source: https://www.mikron.com/

Mikron SA was founded in 1908 and initially contributed to the growth of the watchmaking industry through the production of machines and tools used in gear-cutting. With time, the company diversified its production and started producing machining systems, milling machines as well and plastic components. It is currently known for its prowess in the advancement, manufacturing, and marketing of high-precision automation solutions, cutting tools, and machining systems. The continuous innovations in technology have helped it grow and currently serve a number of industries such as the consumer goods industry, pharmaceutical, and the automotive industry just to mention a few. Mikron SA also has great experience gained over the years of its operation and is available in a number of countries internationally which helps it to offer its customers customized high-quality products.

Key Advantages: Known for their high-speed, high-precision automation solutions.

Address: Muhlebrucke 2 CH-2502 Biel, Switzerland

Website: https://www.mikron.com/

Contact: +41 32 321 72 00

Founded: 1908

V. GF Machining Solutions

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.gfms.com/

GF Machining Solutions was founded in 1802 and specializes in the provision of full solutions to manufacturers that specialize in the production of precision components and tools as well as the die and high-quality mold manufacturing industry. Some of the company’s products include milling machines and other services such as additive manufacturing, laser texturing, laser micromachining, and EDM among others. The company ensures that its solutions are eco-friendly and save on the amount of energy used in the production process. It also practices recycling and reusing materials for the safety of the environment.  Its innovative technology and exceptional customer service make it possible for the company to serve a variety of industries such as the aerospace industry, automotive and software industries.

Key Advantages: A globally recognized provider of machine tools, automation solutions, and services.

Address: Roger-Federer-Allee 7 2504 Biel

Website: https://www.gfms.com/

Contact: +41 32 366 11 11

Founded: 1802

VI.   Starrag Group

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.starrag.com/

Starrag was founded in 1862 and has grown over the years to become the number one company internationally in the production of machine tools of high accuracy. The machine tools are specifically used in turning, milling, grinding, and boring of materials being worked made of metal, ceramic, or composite. The company also offers other services such as combined technology and maintenance that help to boost the quality of products as well as productivity by the customers. These end products consist of the following: Bumotec, Berthiez, Dorries, Heckert, and Ecospeed among others. Starrag Group serves a variety of sectors which include: the aerospace sector, transportation, energy, and the industrial sector among others. Apart from the Swiss high-quality mold manufacturing factory, the company also has manufacturing factories in other countries across the world such as France, the UK, Germany, and India. It also has sales branches in a variety of countries internationally.

Key Advantages: Provides premium machine tools and technologies for mechanical processing.

Address: Seebleichestrasse 61, 9404 Rorschacherberg

Website: https://www.starrag.com/

Contact: +41 71 858 81 11

Founded: 1862

VII.  Tornos SA

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.tornos.com/

Tornos is a Swiss company that specializes in the advancement, manufacture as well and distribution of Swiss-type lathes, micro-milling, and multi-spindles among others. With the experience gained by the company over the years, it became the inventor of CNC Swiss-type. Tornos serves customers not only in Switzerland but also in other countries across the world such as in Asia, Europe, and the US. These customers are in a variety of industries which include: the medical industry, automotive, electronic, and micromechanics industries among others. It strives to ensure that its customers get high-quality products to boost productivity and this is made possible by the company’s group of experienced employees who keep up with the innovative technology.

Key Advantages: A leader in the development of Swiss-type automatic lathes.

Address: Rue Industrielle 111, 2740 Moutier

Website: https://www.tornos.com/

Contact: +41 32 494 44 44

Founded: 1880

VIII.  Reishauer AG

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.reishauer.com/

Reishauer AG is a family-owned Swiss company founded in 1788. It specializes in the production of gear grinding machines that are used for machining gears and introduced the first ever gear grinding machine in the world in the year 1945. The company aims to ensure that its services and products are of high quality and add value to its customers. The customers also benefit from the advanced solutions offered by the company. Currently, Reishauer has a merger with Felsomat which has boosted its proficiency in the whole production process of gears. The company has in-house loader systems that give customers more roles that ensure that the manufacturing process is safer and more manageable.

Key Advantages: World leader in gear grinding technology.

Address: Industriestrasse 36, 8157 Dielsdorf

Website: https://www.reishauer.com/

Contact: +41 44 832 22 11

Founded: 1788

IX. Agathon AG

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.agathon.com/

Agathon AG was founded in 1918 and is located in Bellach Switzerland. Over the years it has grown in its production and is currently known across the world for being the number one manufacturer of high-tech machines used for grinding for indexable inserts. Apart from that, the company also specializes in the manufacture and supply of quality customized parts used in mechanical engineering and mold construction. The company is very dedicated to satisfying its clients and also has a wide network of branches in a variety of countries across the world. Agathon is certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 as well as OHSAS 18001:2007. It has enough machines that are of high technology and are active 24/7 for production. Some of the industries served by this company include the automotive industry, watch-making, and the medical industry.

Key Advantages: Specialized in manufacturing high-precision indexable insert grinding machines.

Address: Gurzelenstrasse 1 4512 Bellach

Website: https://www.agathon.com/

Contact: +41 32 617 45 02

Founded: 1918

X. Schaublin Machines SA

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.smsa.ch/

Schaublin Machines SA was founded in 1915 and specializes in the production of high-precision machine tools. Its experience gained over the years in the sector makes sure that its multi-spindle CNC turning centers have a long life span. The company is also known for its high-quality lathes that are sold to markets across the world in countries like India, China, and Europe. The current technologies as well as the continuous innovations have made it possible to integrate them with past advantages in the production process. The company also offers other services such as painting machines, exchanging mechanical parts for better ones, leveling, and retrofitting. It offers its customers customized machines so as to give them a chance to satisfy their particular preferences in their machining processes.

Key Advantages: Known for high-precision lathes and milling machines.

Address: Rue Principale 4, 2735 Bévilard

Website: https://www.smsa.ch/

Contact: +41 32 491 67 00

Founded: 1915

XI. Willemin-Macodel

CNC Machining Companies
Logo source:https://www.willemin-macodel.com/

Willemin-Macodel was founded in 1974 and specializes in the provision of advanced and customized machining solutions used for complex as well as high-quality CNC machining.  The company is focused on ensuring that the customers’ needs are fully satisfied to exceed their expectations with the help of its experienced and dedicated employees who are at least 310 in number and 268 in Delemont. This company is not only located in Switzerland but also has branches in other countries such as China, the US, Germany, India, and Italy. It also has agents located in at least 20 more countries representing it. The company’s sectors of specialization serve a variety of industries such as the aerospace industry, jewelry, medical, and dental industries just to mention a few.

Key Advantages: Offers high-precision CNC machining for complex and highly technical parts.

Address: Route de la Communance 59, 2800 Delémont

Website: https://www.willemin-macodel.com/

Contact: +41 32 427 03 03

Founded: 1974

XII. Conclusion

It is crucial to note that most of the companies discussed above have been in operation for many years and their growth and existence have been made possible by the companies’ spirit of innovative technology. With the innovations in technology, companies have been able to increase their products and also improve the quality of their products and services hence reaching more customers. The customers get a chance to have their needs fully satisfied since each CNC Machining company has areas that it specializes in and therefore, it is important for customers to be well-informed about a company before partnering with it. Most of these companies serve not only Swiss but also international markets. The success of these companies has greatly contributed to the growth of the Swiss CNC machining industry.


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