10 Best 3D Printing Companies in the USA

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
2TDL Mould1995
6Desktop Metal2015
8LulzBot 2011

I. Introduction

3D printing has seen immense growth across the US due to its easy process, precision, efficiency and low costs of printing. 3D printing involves creating physical objects from digital models using additive manufacturing and multilayering techniques. At first it was limited solely for rapid prototyping, however with technological changes and advancements people have come to appreciate its capabilities and have come to gain knowledge and appreciate its applications more broadly; by 2022 this industry could reach $5.1 Million, marking a 20% compound annual growth from 2016-2020 growth rates.

Many industries have also realized the advantages of 3D printing in terms of reliability in material use, fast products and accuracy and precision. Due to this market opportunity, several companies have started to provide 3D printing services. Each uses unique technologies and equipment; in addition to offering extra services so as to stay competitive in their fields. In this article we highlight ten popular 3D printing sites where you can order online 3D printing services.

II. Stratasys

3D Printing Companies in the USA

Stratasys is an additive manufacturing leader in the USA that was founded in 1989 in Eden Prairie Minnesota. The company specializes in providing full 3D printing solutions from product design to creation of the real objects. Stratasys has a team of well talented employees who strive to make ideas become a reality. The company has developed the 3D printing industry into the US making it easy for and adoptable for daily use by everyone. The 3D printing solutions offered by Stratasys are made with the latest technologies such as FDM technology, PolyJet technology, Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF), P3 technology and Stereolithography technology. The company has different types of 3D machines which are accompanied by the best and most suitable softwares. All the machines provided by Stratasys are compatible with various materials such as FDM, PolyJet and SAF/Powder Bed Fusion. This company has a recycling program which promotes sustainability and environmental conservation.

Key advantages: Industry-leading technologies, diverse product portfolio, and extensive market experience

Address: 7665 Commerce Way, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, USA

Website: https://www.stratasys.com/

Contact: +1 800-801-6491

Founded: 1989

III. TDL Mould

tdl logo

Since launching in 1995, TDL Mould has quickly become a standout in the 3D printing sector, extending its reach into the US. They specialize in additive manufacturing, a technique that builds objects from 3D models using materials like metal powder or plastic, layer by layer. TDL is recognized for elevating manufacturing efficiency and quality across various industries with its advanced 3D printing services.

Their team excels in crafting custom solutions that incorporate the latest in technology and design, offering innovations for the medical, automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors, as well as automation and robotics. TDL Mould’s expansion into the US market underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and innovative 3D printing solutions to a wider audience.

Website: https://tdlmould.com/ 

Year Established: 1995

Contact Information: +86-769-82288296

Email: jason@tdlmould.com

Advantages: Specializes in 3D printing for plastic injection molding, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of plastic products

IV. MakerBot

3D Printing Companies in the USA

Founded in 2009, MarkerBot was the pioneer of creating accessibility to affordable and reliable 3D printing educational services in the US. The company created its first 3D printer called the Cupcake in 2010. IMarketBot was also the first company to donate a 3D printer at the largest 3D printing show, the Consumer Electric Show. MarketBot is one of the largest distributors and suppliers of educational 3D printers in the US and boasts the world’s largest community of 3D designers. MarketBot specializes in providing educational 3D printers to colleges, high schools and kindergartens. MarkerBot has a series of educational 3D printers such as the Method Series and Sketch Series which are compatible with a range of materials such as

polymers, metals and composites. Reliability and user friendliness are the primary design focus of the MarketBot 3D printers and the softwares that makes it stand out.

Key advantages: User-friendly 3D printers, strong community, and innovative product development

Address: One MetroTech Center, 21st Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Website: https://www.makerbot.com/

Contact: +1 347-334-6800

Founded: 2009

V. Formlabs

3D Printing Companies in the USA

Formlabs was launched in 2011 when an MIT graduate engineer created the first mass produced and affordable 3D printer that offered high quality printed parts. Since then, Formlabs has become one of the largest producers and suppliers of selective laser printers and stereolithography laser printers for professional use worldwide – boasting 10 global locations around the globe and employing over 750 team members as they sell over 1 Million 3D Printers annually. The printers provided by Formlabs are compatible with a wide range of additive manufacturing materials with Formlabs having more than 40 proprietary materials. Other additional services you can get from this company include post-processing services such as wash & cure, fuse fist and finishing tools as well as the suitable software for running the 3D printers.

Key advantages: High-quality SLA and SLS 3D printers, wide range of materials, and strong customer support

Address: 35 Medford St., Suite 201, Somerville, MA 02143, USA

Website: https://formlabs.com/

Contact: +1 617-702-8476

Founded: 2011

VI. Carbon

3D Printing Companies in the USA

Carbon is a 3D printing company established in 2013 to revolutionize the 3D printing industry in the USA. Carbon is all about empowering and educating people about 3D printing. The company’s model is based on idea-to-production. This means that the product designers come up with the idea, then carbon steps in and helps with the model design, materials selection, prototype development and finally product production. The company is built on the values of innovation, integrity, ambition and collaborating with creators and designers to empower them. The company uses a new technology called carbon digital light synthesis (Carbon DLS), which makes it faster for engineers to reimagine and recreate their products. Apart from empowering designers, carbon also has different materials such as rigid materials, elastomeric materials and dental materials. The company also has two powerful 3D softwares; Design Engine and Cogni3D which are superior to the traditional 3D softwares that are common to other companies.

Key advantages: Advanced Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, high-performance materials, and industry partnerships

Address: 1089 Mills Way, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA

Website: https://www.carbon3d.com/

Contact: +1 650-285-6307

Founded: 2013

VII. Desktop Metal

3D Printing Companies in the USA

Desktop Metal is a company that was founded in 2015 with the sole vision of achieving the goal of 3D printing to mass production. The company has a team of enthusiastic individuals that look for solutions and ways to integrate 3D printing and the additive manufacturing materials so that they can fit in our day to day life increasing the production speed and lowering the costs. Desktop Metals has had a massive growth in the last decade with more than 1000 global employees and leading in BinderJet 3D printing and having the largest DLP Polymer customers network in the world. The company offers different kinds of 3D printing systems for each industry. These innovative 3D printing solutions are easily accessible and user-friendly for all users, from mass production systems and the X-series for special materials such as ceramics to shop systems for personal home use and studio systems for office metal production/rapid prototyping. These cutting edge 3D printing solutions are easily accessible.

Key advantages: Innovative metal 3D printing solutions, accessible technologies, and end-to-end production systems

Address: 63 Third Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803, USA

Website: https://www.desktopmetal.com/

Contact: +1 978-224-1244

Founded: 2015

VIII. Ultimaker

3D Printing Companies in the USA

Ultimaker is one of the only companies that provide two different series of 3D printers that are built for each application. The company was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California. Ultimaker has specialized in two series of 3D printers; the S series printers and the Method series printers. The S series printers are versatile and easy to use, allowing you to select and print your models from more than 280 materials with just a few clicks. The S series printers use the Ultimaker Cura technology which speeds up your workflow and enhances printing with remote printing and enables different user profiles. It also has free enterprise software tools and supports filaments of up to 2.88 mm. The Method series printer is ideal for producing high-quality engineering parts for end users, featuring metal frames with actively heated chambers and direct drives for working various metallic materials. Their unique operational environment also makes them compatible with most injection molding materials used today.

Key advantages: Reliable FFF 3D printers, user-friendly software, and strong global community

Address: 800 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Website: https://ultimaker.com/

Contact: +1 888-229-9046

Founded: 2011

IX. LulzBot

3D Printing Companies in the USA

LulzBot is a company dedicated to expanding awareness of creativity, design and production using 3D printing technology. Their various models of 3D printers and custom solutions for educators and tutors in a variety of industries showcase these ideas of learning through innovation and creation. Their ultimate aim is to develop 3D printing from its core. It starts with education, then manufacturing and finally creating masterpieces. LulzBot has educational 3D printers which are provided with a free 3D printing curriculum to give the learners a career readiness with unparalleled engagement and hands-on experience. The manufacturing sector uses LulzBot printers that are suitable for rapid prototyping, decentralized manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing. Creators also have their versatile custom LulzBot solution for creating their own freedom through imagination.

Key advantages: Open-source 3D printers, high-quality components, and commitment to customer support

Address: 626 W 66th St, Loveland, CO 80538, USA

Website: https://www.lulzbot.com/

Contact: +1 970-377-1111

Founded: 2011

X. XYZprinting

3D Printing Companies in the USA

XYZprinting is a company that was established in 2013 with the aim to make 3D printing affordable and easy to be part of our daily life. The company has three main types of 3D printing solutions. The first one is tailored for explorers, people who want to try new things out of their imagination. The second one is for educators; people looking to tutor and mentor the next generation of 3D printing geniuses. The third is for professionals. These are the people who use 3D printing commercially for manufacturing and production of end-user parts. Apart from the 3D printers, XYZprinting also offers various materials and softwares that are compatible with its printers.

Key advantages: Affordable 3D printers, easy-to-use software, and a variety of materials and technologies

Address: 9877 Waples Street, San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Website: https://www.xyzprinting.com/

Contact: +1 855-999-3348

Founded: 2013

XI. Raise3D

3D Printing Companies in the USA

Raise3D is an industrial 3D printing company that was founded in 2014 to offer flexible manufacturing. The company offers various solutions such as industrial printers, professional printers, softwares and printing materials. Their industrial printers are the RMF500, which is best for printing high-precision end-user components with great reliability and repeatability, and the MetalFuse which uses an indirect 3D printing process.They have a wide range of professional 3D printers which include the Pro3 series, the E2CF, E2, and the Pro2 series. All the solutions offered by Raise3D are applicable where large production volumes and versatile printing options are required.

Key advantages: High-quality FFF 3D printers, large build volumes, and versatile printing options

Address: 2828 Faber St., Union City, CA 94587, USA

Website: https://www.raise3d.com/

Contact: +1 888-963-9028

Founded: 2014

XII. Conclusion

The USA is one of the largest economies in the world and 3D printing has become increasingly popular within its economy. Due to this increase, 3D printing services are in high demand for various applications including education, personal exploration and commercial use – leading to numerous new 3D printing companies coming into being since 2000. This post explores 10 best 3D printing companies in America.

Understanding technological trends is essential to choosing a suitable 3D printing company for your projects, as each change in trend could affect costs, turnaround time and quality. Selecting one that aligns with you could make all the difference for the success of your projects.


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