Top 10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Switzerland

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Item3D Printing Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Sintratec AG2014
23D Systems GmbH1986
3Swissto12 SA 2011
4Proform Sa1991
5Scrona AG2014
7Femtoprint Sa2010
8RegenHU Ltd2007
9Cytosurge AG2006
103D Experts.ch2016
3D Printing Companies in Switzerland

I. Introduction

3D printing can be described as a process used to manufacture a tangible item with the use of designs that are created by a computer. This process, also known as additive manufacturing, is a modern technology that has made designing and production faster for a variety of companies.  It allows the use of a variety of raw materials which may be metallic materials, thermoplastics, ceramics and in other cases resins can be used. The 3D printing industry has really grown in Switzerland as many companies have opted for it due to its many advantages. It ensures that there is flexibility in the designs and that there is a decreased amount of waste materials as well as saving on costs. The companies that use 3D printing serve markets in sectors like the medical sector, aerospace, automotive, construction, and design sectors just to mention a few. Below is a list of the leading 3D printing companies in Switzerland.

II. Sintratec AG

3D Printing Companies
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Sintratec AG is a Swiss company that was founded in 2014 and mainly focuses on developing and producing professional SLS, selective laser sintering, printers. These printers enable designers to have enough freedom to come up with any complex designs. Also, the materials used by Sintratec are very tough and can withstand being exposed to high temperatures, which has made them to be preferred for application by a variety of industries such as the automotive industry, tooling using high-quality CNC machining, and electrical engineering industries. The company has a team of dedicated employees who ensure full satisfaction of its customers, which is assessed through the customers’ feedback. It is also focused on ensuring transparency and trust with its customers as well as the growth of its employees.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the development and production of SLS 3D printers.

Address: Badenerstrasse 13, 5200 Brugg, Switzerland


Contact: +41 56 552 00 22

Founded: 2014

III. 3D Systems GmbH

3D Printing Companies
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3D Systems GmbH was founded in 1986 and specializes in additive manufacturing in which it has grown to be the number one company in the sector. It offers software and hardware among other services and products and its experience enables it to offer world class qualities. The company’s customers are able to surpass all kinds of limitations in high-quality mold manufacturing as well as increase their productivity and fast marketing. 3D Systems keeps up with the innovative technology to ensure up-to-date solutions for various manufacturing problems. The company has at least 130 kinds of materials that are used in various applications. It has partnered with a variety of well-known organizations across the world to deal with AM challenges. Some of the industries served by this company include the automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, and jewelry industries just to mention a few.

Key Advantages: A global leader in 3D printing solutions.

Address: Rte Ancienne Papeterie 185,1723 Marly, Switzerland


Contact: +41 55 225 43 00

Founded: 1986

IV.  Swissto12 SA

3D Printing Companies
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Swissto12 SA was founded in 2011 and the founder came up with the technology of using 3D printing to make elements and systems of radio frequency. Over the years of its operation, the company has developed to become the top company in the sector of Satellite Telecoms with HummingSat which is a geostationary telecommunications satellite and was invented by the company in partnership with the European Space Agency.  The company utilizes innovative technologies in 3D printing technology as well as product designs in Radio Frequency which offer light, closely packed and effectual RF functionality. It also serves the aeronautic industry in the telecommunication, radar as well as the surveillance sector. This company is currently private-owned and serves other countries such as the US and Israel.

Key Advantages: Innovator in 3D printed Radio-Frequency products for telecommunications.

Address: Avenue des Baumettes 19 CH-1020 Renens, Switzerland


Contact: +41 21 552 05 90

Founded: 2011

V. Proform Sa

3D Printing Companies
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Proform Sa was founded in 1991 and since then has been mainly focusing on the production of parts that are 3D printed. Along the way, it expanded its services and started offering rapid prototyping as well as vacuum casting. Its dedicated team of employees and the experience it has gained over the years have made it well-known for its expertise in the production of both small and composite items. The company is able to offer its customers with customized solutions as a result of the availability of a wide variety of materials and procedures. Some of the industries served by the company include the jewelry industry, automotive, electronic, and medical industries just to mention a few. Proform strives to ensure that it keeps up with the various innovations in technology so as to ensure services and end products of high quality.

Key Advantages: Specializes in 3D printing for complex and small parts.

Address: Route de Chesalles 60 1723 Marly 1, Switzerland


Contact: +41 21 701 33 33

Founded: 1991

VI.  Scrona AG

3D Printing Companies
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Scrona AG was founded in 2014 and it specializes in providing 3D printing services to the Czech Republic and other European countries. The company has developed with a print engine which presents the high resolution potential of electrostatic printing into a multi-nozzle MEMs chip that can be scaled with digital control. This company is found in a variety of countries such as Italy, Romania, Germany, Ukraine and Spain among others. Its multi-nozzle printheads have the ability to automatically print the most difficult challenges with a precision of less than a micrometer and on any type of raw material. This has resulted in a more enhanced and faster way of production. The company has the Scrona LabPrinter which possesses the most recent printheads which are available to its customers through Notion-Systems. Notion-Systems is the number one organization that deals with the distribution of inkjet printing systems used in industries for various functional materials. Scrona is determined to increase its operation of inkjet as well as the technologies in 3D printing so as to pave the way for the discovery of new products.

Key Advantages: Known for the creation of the world’s smallest inkjet-printed color image.

Address: Grubenstrasse 9 8045 Zürich, Switzerland


Contact: +41 26 436 43 83

Founded: 2014

VII.  9T Labs

3D Printing Companies
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9T Labs was founded in 2014 and mainly focuses on the provision of carbon fiber composites for series production by using additive manufacturing. It provides its customers with all-round services which involve actualizing the initial ideas of the customers into series production within a favorable amount of time. The company is also very mindful of the environment which is a good thing in the high-quality manufacturing industry. Therefore they come up with new designs and manufacturing quality that ensure zero waste of raw materials and end products that are lighter at a reduced cost. It has a team of at least 62 dedicated employees with expertise who ensures that the customers are fully satisfied. The customers are also trained so as to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge on every stage of production and application. 9T Labs serves at least 22 countries across the world and specializes in sectors such as the aerospace, medical and education sector just to mention a few.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the provision of carbon fiber composites

Address: Badenerstrasse 790, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland


Contact: +41 43 311 91 85

Founded: 2018

VIII. Femtoprint SA

3D Printing Companies
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Femtoprint SA mainly focuses on the production of micro devices that are 3D printed in glass or other kinds of materials that are transparent. It also focuses on the advancement and assembly of platforms for 3D micromachining used in rapid prototyping and other serial productions in industries. The company’s spirit of innovative technology has enabled it to improve the production processes and the quality of end products through its innovation of FEMTOPRINT®. Its products and services serve a variety of industries that include: the optics industry, electronics, micromolding and the micromechanics industry among others. FEMTOPRINT® employs light as a strong ink source. This company is certified by ISO 13485:2016.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the production of micro devices in glass through 3D printing.

Address: Via G. Borradori 13, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland


Contact: +41 91 601 14 70

Founded: 2010

IX. RegenHU Ltd

3D Printing Companies
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RegenHU Ltd is a Swiss company that mainly serves the medical sector  by producing bioprinting equipment. It ensures that its customers get to advance their productions and reach their goals and ambitions by offering them state-of-the-art technologies as well as high-quality products and services. It has a team of dedicated employees, it is customer-oriented, and has enough advanced equipment which ensures that each customer gets customized solutions. In 2011, the company got into partnership with Nivalis Group which has really boosted the company’s production and growth. It invests in research and development as well as getting more technologies from other companies in Europe to continue its growth.  It has up-to-date 3D bioprinters and also SHAPER software which are precisely designed to be used for biofabrication as well as the production of medicine now and in the future.

Key Advantages: Innovator in the field of bioprinting, with a focus on tissue engineering.

Address: Z.I. du Vivier 22, 1690 Villaz-St-Pierre, Switzerland


Contact: +41 26 653 72 20

Founded: 2007

X. Cytosurge AG

3D Printing Companies
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Cytosurge is a Swiss company that specializes in the biotechnology sector. It produces and supplies advanced solutions depending on its FluidFM technology. It has a vision to give way to novel cures by changing the genetic designs of the next generation into living cells. This company connects tools used for genetic design with the actual production of high-quality cell lines that are engineered by genes. It has at least 34 employees who use their exceptional expertise to ensure top-notch services and products for the customers. Cytosurge has grown in its production and currently has more than 100 FluidFM publications as well as more than 120 installations across the world.

Key Advantages: Developed the FluidFM technology, enabling a variety of applications at the nano- to microscale.

Address: Wagistrasse 27, 8952 Schlieren, Switzerland


Contact: +41 43 544 87 00

Founded: 2006


3D Printing Companies
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3DExperts was founded in 2016 with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. It mainly focuses on offering services such as 3D printing, 3D designing, and 3D scanning for prototypes as well as single and mass productions. With its expertise and experience gained over the years, it has grown to become one of the number one companies in Switzerland in the 3D printing sector . It serves a variety of industries such as the engineering industry, mechanical as well as the model making industries among others. 3DExperts walks with its customers throughout the production process, from the initial idea of the customers to the actual production of the end products. It also ensures that the production uses the right resources and saves on time as well as ensuring on-time delivery of the final products.

Key Advantages: Offers a digital platform for 3D printing services

Address: Sonnentalstrasse 8 CH-8600 Dubendorf, Zürich, Switzerland


Contact: +41 76 577 73 53

Founded: 2016

XII. Conclusion

In conclusion, it is crucial to note that the companies discussed above have gained exceptional experience over the years of their operation which has made customers trust them. Each 3D printing supplier has its own areas of specialization which makes it easier for customers to choose which supplier to settle on in reference to their needs. The companies also strive to ensure that their customers get products and services of high quality and on time which has helped to boost the 3D printing industry of Switzerland. With the continuous advancements in technology, companies grow and go beyond the country’s borders as more companies are being formed. These companies get to deliver quality services and products to the markets in Switzerland as well as in other international countries. To understand more about the 3D printing industry, visit 3D Printing – TDL for a comprehensive guide.


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