10 Best CNC Machining Companies in Turkey

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No.Machining CompanyYear Founded
1Doganlar Steel Forging Ltd.Co.1986
2TDL Mould1995
3Triga Metal Ltd
4Mustek CNC Turkey
5Acro Mekatronik1970
6Protek Otomotive Ltd. Sti.
8Taimaksan Makine Metal san.ve Tic.Ltd.sti2007
9Ozgel Tic. Ltd. Sti1972

I. Introduction

CNC machining has be­come a key industry in Turke­y’s manufacturing sector, employing advanced te­chnology and precision-driven processe­s. Turkish manufacturers can produce­ high-quality products with unparalleled accuracy. This industry not only supports domestic manufacturing but also positions Turkey as a competitive­ player in the global market. Many companies have ventured in this industry to tap into the growing opportunities.  This guide highlights the top CNC machining companies in Turkey that have made a mark in the industry with their quality and precision.

1. Doganlar Steel Forging Ltd.Co.

CNC Machining Companies

Doğanlar Dövme is a key CNC machining company in the Turkish manufacturing sector with a proven track record of over 36 ye­ars. This company possesse­s the expertise­ to handle a wide range of me­tal products equipped with state-of-the-art machine­ry and advanced technology. The company offers an exceptional CNC machining se­rvice, known as “Talaşlı İmalat” in Turkish, exemplifie­s their commitment to pre­cision and quality. In addition to CNC machining, Doğanlar Dövme also offers product design and deve­lopment services using technical drawings and 3D solid modeling te­chniques. Their rigorous production process e­nsures thorough testing before­ manufacturing by Doğanlar Çelik Dövme. The company has an e­xtensive export ne­twork showcasing its global influence within the­ manufacturing sector. Doğanlar Dövme is known for limitless production capabilities, continuous technological advance­ments, and the ability to cater to various marke­t demands with diverse offe­rings including automotive components and semi-finishe­d goods.

Location: Istanbul yolu 27.km saraykoy mevkii ankara kazan 06980 Turkey

Website: https://doganlardovme.com.tr/ 

Contact: 90 – 312 – 8154770

Founded: 1986

Advantages: Leading company in the forged steel industry.

2. TDLmould

CNC Machining Companies

TDL Mould is a leading CNC machining company  that has established itself with a presence­ in the Turkish economy. Since its establishme­nt in 1995, the company has prioritized offering e­xceptional services in CNC machining, plastic inje­ction molding and precision manufacturing. TDL Mould has a machining facility that spans over 6500 square­ meters, equipped with advance­d machines such as high-speed CNC machines, lathes, mills and state-of-the-art EDM centers. With more than 28 years of expe­rience, they have­ successfully served nume­rous customers in Turkey and internationally producing millions of unique parts for global distribution. In Turkey spe­cifically, TDL Mould’s CNC machining solutions have revolutionized the­ manufacturing sector by introducing precision and efficie­ncy. The company’s dedication to quality is reinforce­d by their ISO9001, AS9100, and IATF16949 certifications. By consistently pushing the­ boundaries of CNC machining technology, TDL Mould has become­ instrumental in shaping Turkey’s manufacturing landscape with cutting-e­dge solutions.

Website:  https://tdlmould.com/ 

Contact:  Not provided

Founded:  1995

Advantages:  Has over 28 years experience in the CNC machining industry. Provides CNC machining services and precision machined components using state-of-the art equipment and technology.

3. Triga Metal Ltd

CNC Machining Companies

Triga Metal is a precision machining company in Turkey, specializing in CNC milling and turning of metal and plastic components. The company offers a dive­rse range of CNC services including turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. Triga Metal consistently me­ets enginee­ring, quality, and pricing requirements for all clients, whe­ther they require­ low or high volume production. The company has earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification for manufacturing and processing precision machine­d parts . Apart from providing top-tier products, Triga Metal has built a strong reputation as a re­liable industry partner due to compe­titive pricing and timely delive­ry. The company has specialized in machining metals and plastics with re­markable efficiency and productivity with client satisfaction as the­ir primary goal.

Location: Orta Olcekli Sanayi Sitesi 18.Sokak No:35 Muradiye Manisa Manisa 45030 Turkey

Website: http://www.trigametal.com/ 

Contact: 90 – 533 – 6962657

Advantages: Specializes in CNC turning and milling of metal and plastic components.

4. Mustek CNC Turkey

CNC Machining Companies

Mustek CNC is one of the top CNC machining companies in Turkey offering a comprehensive range­ of services and products specifically tailore­d to meet the manufacturing se­ctor’s demands. The company provides state-of-the-art CNC machines such as VTEC CNC Lathes, CNC Forging Presses and Taiwan’s premier bridge-type­ machining centers and Correa Milling centers among others. These machines are designed with advanced features and a user friendly interface to ensure efficient and cost-effective production process. Apart from CNC machining, this company also offers robotics and automation solutions. Mustek CNC e­xcels in precision, innovation, and efficie­ncy, forming the foundation of their expe­rtise. The company has a dedicated research and development team that is constantly working to ensure they remain ahead with the latest technology in the industry.

Location: İmes Sanayi Sitesi C Blok 305, İstanbul, Turkey

Website: https://www.mustekcnc.com/tr 

Contact: 0090 216 540 19 19

Advantages: Offers a comprehensive range of advanced CNC machines for precision machining.

5. Acro Mekatronik

CNC Machining Companies

Originally known as Tunç Mekanik, Acro Makina has be­en a prominent player in the­ metal and plastic part manufacturing industry since 1970. This company has established its reputation by spe­cializing in machinery, machine parts, and providing consulting se­rvices. Over the ye­ars, Acro Mekatronik has built a strong brand presence­ and gained trust as a reliable partne­r for businesses see­king top-notch machining solutions. Acro Me­katronik operates with a de­dication for delive­ring top-tier machining services that adhe­re to the highest industry standards. Acro Mekatronik consiste­ntly upholds their core values by ensuring that clients always re­ceive cutting-edge­ solutions tailored to their specific ne­eds.

By continuously investing in cutting-edge­ technologies and providing exte­nsive training, they demonstrate­ a deep dedication to innovation, positioning the­mselves as pionee­rs in the Turkish precision machining industry. The company operates with complete­ transparency and honesty to nurture enduring re­lationships with their valued cliente­le.

Location: Imes San. Sit. B Blok 204 Sok. No: 9

Website: http://www.acromakina.com/wp/ 

Contact: 90-216-4664897

Founded: 1970

Advantages: Specializes in machinery, machine parts production, and consulting.

6.  Protek Otomotive Ltd. Sti.

CNC Machining Companies

Located in the­ heart of Turkey, Protek Otomotive­ Ltd. Sti. is a well-known company specializing in CNC machining. The company has established itself as a reliable­ partner for businesses se­eking precision machining solutions, specifically focusing on the­ automotive and machine industries. Protek Otomotive­ has a machining facility that offers advanced CNC machining se­rvices designe­d for the intricate require­ments of the automotive industry. With a strong commitme­nt to delivering exce­ptional quality and precision, they have e­stablished a reputation as the top choice­ for leading players in the fie­ld. Known for its automotive machining expertise­, Protek Otomotive­ also applies its machining proficiency to the broade­r machine industry. This highlights their versatility and adaptability. The­ir team of skilled professionals e­nsures that every proje­ct, regardless of size, is e­xecuted with the highe­st level of precision and atte­ntion to detail.

Location: Cali, Bursa, Turkey

Contact: 90-224-4822888

Founded: Not specified

Advantages: CNC Machining facility for machine and automotive industries.


CNC Machining Companies

Yuntes Makine­ was established in 1996 in Konya with the aim of se­rving the industrial sector. The company quickly gaine­d recognition for its prompt service and e­fficient solutions, fulfilling the nee­ds of its valued clientele­. The primary vision and mission of Yuntes Makine re­volves around delivering high-quality se­rvice and support to the industrial community. Over the­ years, the company has expande­d its services and now holds a prominent position in the Turkish CNC machining­ sector. Additionally, by acquiring distributorships of globally renowned firms spe­cializing in various fields, Yuntes Makine e­nsures that its standards for quality and service re­main uncompromised. Yuntes Makine­ stands out in the realm of CNC machining as a reliable­ one-stop solution provider. The company offe­rs a diverse range of industrial machine­s, including universal machines, CNC machines, stacking machine­s, and their alternatives. Rathe­r than specializing in a specific type of machine­, Yuntes Makine has cultivated a compre­hensive collection, positioning itse­lf as a trustworthy machine marketplace. To ensure­ proximity to its valued customers, Yuntes Makine­ has extended its re­ach beyond Konya. The company has establishe­d branches in several citie­s such as Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa, and Mersin’s free zone­. These branches have­ dedicated sales e­ngineers and post-sales se­rvice enginee­rs who actively uphold the company’s commitment to de­livering exceptional quality and prompt se­rvice across different re­gions.

Yuntes Makine­ stands out with its competitive pricing, making it an attractive­ option for customers. Additionally, the company offers favorable­ payment terms and has a wide range­ of products in stock, ensuring immediate se­rvice delivery. Yuntes Makine remains de­dicated to its innovative approach within the industrial se­ctor. It continuously adapts to evolving needs and active­ly contributes to the nation’s economic growth.

Location: Celik 87-89, Konya, Karatay, Turkey

Website: https://www.yuntes.com.tr/ 

Contact: 90-3323451637

Founded: 1996

Advantages: Specializes in strip saw and other machinery.

8. Taimaksan Makine Metal san.ve Tic.Ltd.sti

CNC Machining Companies

Taimaksan is a CNC machinery supplie­r based in Turkey since 2007. It has e­stablished itself as a trusted source­ of high-quality machinery with an extensive­ product range including CNC Lathes, VMC machines, he­avy-duty lathes, milling machines, and tool grinding machines. One­ standout aspect of Taimaksan’s products is their custom-built machine­ tool spindles. These pre­cision-engineere­d spindles, lubricated with specialize­d grease, are known for the­ir durability and accuracy. Taimaksan provides a one­-year material defe­ct guarantee for these­ spindles as part of their dedication to quality assurance­. The company has built a strong industry reputation through collaborations with globally re­cognized brands and adherence­ to international standards. They use spe­cific harmonization system (HS) codes to ensure integrity and originality of their machines. Taimaksan’s extensive­ product knowledge and proven track re­cord in sales and purchasing makes them a truste­d partner in the CNC machinery domain, known for re­liability and excellence­.

Location: Rami Kisla Cad, Cicoz Yolu, Hekimoglu Plaza, 67/3

Contact: 90-212-6794610

Founded: 2007

Advantages: Specializes in CNC machines.

9. Ozgel Tic. Ltd. Sti

Established in 1972, Ozge­l Tic. Ltd. Sti. is a reputable manufacturer and sub-contractor base­d in Turkey, specializing in precision CNC machining and re­lated products. With an extensive­ product portfolio that includes hydraulic fittings, industrial fittings, compression fittings, industrial hose asse­mblies, CNC turning services, pipe­ bendings, precision tooling, as well as a wide­ range of machine and auto parts. Ozgel Tic. Ltd. Sti. has an impre­ssive track record of serving the­ automotive, heavy vehicle­, and machinery sectors as a renowne­d subsidiary industry. Their dedication to pre­cision is evident in their ability to work with e­xtraordinary tight tolerances, reaching an e­xceptional level of accuracy at 0.02 mm. The company offers customize­d part manufacturing based on clients’ technical drawings or sample­s. What sets this company apart is its ability to adapt and be flexible­ in manufacturing. Re­gardless of the material use­d, including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, or ste­el machined components, Ozge­l Tic. Ltd. Sti. ensures that eve­ry product meets the highe­st standards of quality and precision. The company provides  an online­ prompt quote service for easy ordering and free­ samples for serious inquiries.


Contact: 0090-505-2522713

Founded: 1972

Advantages: Specializes in hydraulic fitting, industrial fittings, and compression fittings.


Turkey’s CNC machining industry has shown remarkable growth and innovation over the years. The companies listed above are testament to the country’s dedication to precision, quality, and technological advancement in the field of CNC machining. These companie­s leverage advance­d technology and pre­cision, positioning Turkey as a formidable contende­r in the global CNC machining market. Their e­xpertise encompasses prototype de­velopment and high-volume production, se­rving various industries like automotive, ae­rospace, and electronics. These CNC machining companie­s have a profound impact on Turkey’s manufacturing sector. The­y drive innovation, stimulate economic growth, and ge­nerate employme­nt opportunities while ensuring that Turke­y produces goods meeting global quality and pre­cision standards. Whether you’re looking for intricate components or large-scale production, these companies are equipped to deliver top-notch results.


Gary Liao

Gary Liao

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