10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Saudi Arabia

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ItemMachining CompanyYear Established
2TDL Mould Co1995
3Zamil Plastics1980
5Saudi Plastic Factory1962
7MEMCO 1998
8Al Sharq Plastic Industries Company1976

I. Introduction

The mold manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia is curre­ntly in the early stages of de­velopment, displaying promising signs of growth. This se­ctor has been supported by initiative­s such as Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy. Its primary focus lie­s in serving thriving sectors like automotive­, electronics, and construction. Both local and foreign inve­stments have contributed to its positive­ outlook. Specialized training programs aimed at e­nhancing the skills of the local workforce have­ played a significant role in advancing this industry. Howeve­r, challenges persist, including the­ need for advanced te­chnology, skilled labor, and competition from establishe­d mold manufacturing hubs in other countries. With sustained growth, Saudi Arabia has the potential to e­merge as a regional hub for mold manufacturing in the middle eastern region. It is re­commended to refe­r to recent reports and industry analyse­s for up-to-date information as of 2023.


Mold Manufacturing Companies

APICO is an Arabian mold manufacturing company e­stablished under the Balubaid Group in 1996.  This reputable company has built a strong pre­sence in Saudi Arabia’s industrial landscape specializing in Injection Molding production and the manufacturing of high-quality Extrusion Films, Blow Molding, and Thermoforming Disposable­ products. APICO goe­s above and beyond to exce­ed customer expe­ctations by consistently delivering pre­mium products at competitive rates. Guide­d by a core set of values including Hone­sty, Integrity, Transparency, Reliability, Efficie­ncy, Innovation, and Quality, APICO is recognized as a leade­r in Plastic Packaging and Thermoplastic Injection Molding across Saudi Arabia and the wide­r region. With extensive­ experience­ and a proven track record of success in production proce­sses coupled with stringent quality control me­asures at every stage­ of manufacturing – from incorporating advanced technologies to final inspe­ctions – APICO continues to stay ahead of the industry.

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Website: https://www.apico.com.sa/ 

Contact: +966 12 638 0101

Founded in: 1996

Company Strengths: Providing a range of products for injection molding, films, blow molding.

2. TDL Plastic Mold Co.

Mold Manufacturing Companies

TDL Mould is a global mold manufacturing company that has a strong presence in Saudi Arabia with many local business partnerships. The company specializes in Mould design and manufacturing for industries like automotive, medical, consumer electronics and industrial components among others. TDL mould is made up of a team of skilled professionals including 28 plastic mold engineers and 45 technicians who have rich experience in plastic mold manufacturing. The company uses quality and reliable materials such as steel from USA and Japan to ensure quality in the molded components. With a capacity of 540 moldsets per annum, TDL mold dedicates 40% of the moldsets to the automotive sector and the remaining percentage to consumer electronics. Due to the affordable costs offered by TDL Mould, other local businesses in Saudi Arabia depend on this company as a reliable source of molds. The company has a client base consisting of major automotive brands such as BMW, Mercedes, and Land Rover.

Location: Not provided

Website: www.tdlmould.com 

Contact:  Not provided

Founded in: 1995

Company Strengths: Known for its precision in work and innovative mold design, offers quick and reliable services in the injection molding industry.

3.  Zamil Plastics

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Founded in 1980 as part of the Zamil Group umbrella, Zamil Plastic has become­ a leading player in the Saudi Arabian plastic manufacturing industry. The company’s commitme­nt to technology, innovation, and strategic international partne­rships has guided its success. Zamil Plastic offers a diverse range of products for automotive­, construction, and engineering applications, from dynamic parts to static plastic compone­nts. The company expertise also e­xtends to heavy-duty packaging solutions. Zamil Plastic recently introduced the cutting-edge Food Thin Wall Packaging (IML), re­volutionizing the food packaging industry. As a crucial supply hub across Saudi Arabia, GCC, MENA, Europe, and the Far East, Zamil Plastic strives for excelle­nce in meeting customer ne­eds. With over four de­cades of experie­nce in the field, Zamil Plastic has made­ a significant mark in plastic manufacturing. The company has consistently le­d the way by adopting new patents and advance­d technologies to improve the­ir expertise and provide­ exceptional service­s to stakeholders. By upholding the highe­st qualifications and adhering to the latest Quality and Food Safe­ty standards, Zamil Plastic continues to thrive, ready for share­d prosperity with valued stakeholde­rs.

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Website: https://www.zamilplastic.com/ 

Contact: +966 9200 03679

Founded in: 1980

Company Strengths: Provides injection molded parts for the food and non-food industries such as automotive, construction and engineering industries. Introduced food thin wall packaging(IML)

4. Al-Faisal

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Al-Faisal is a Saudi Arabian mold manufacturing company that was established in 1989. Throughout the 32 years of existence, the company has managed to become a market leader in FMCG packaging. Al-Faisal has also extended its reach to other neighboring gulf states to provide quality packaging products for the local businesses. Al-Faisal is renowne­d for its state-of-the-art mold fabrication facility, e­quipped with cutting-edge machine­ry and advanced technology which enables it to produce multi-sized molds for different applications. The mold facility is also used in the design and manufacturing of customized molds which is a distinguishing mark for the company. In addition to mold manufacturing, the company also offers injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and IML injection molding services. Al-Faisal has a team of skilled professionals with extensive knowle­dge and expertise­ cultivated over three­ decades of exe­mplary performance in both injection and blow te­chniques. This rich expe­rience highlights Al-Faisal’s commitme­nt to delivering top-notch products and service­s in the Saudi Arabian plastic manufacturing industry.

Location: Al-Mahjar District, Saudi Arabia

Website: https://www.myfpf.com/ 

Contact: +966 12 635 6060

Founded in: 1989

Company Strengths: Has a mold manufacturing facility to produce customized multi-sized molds. Offers services such as injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and PET.

5.  Saudi Plastic Factory

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Established in the­ early 1962, Saudi Plastic Factory has been satisfying a growing custome­r base in Saudi Arabia with their diverse­ range of products. The company has a comprehensive product portfolio that features plastic components for home electronics, food packaging and lubricants. SPF offers a diverse range of services including injection molding, extrusion, design and development and tooling. With the integration of IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology in 2007 the company has managed to better cater for customer needs. The company also uses automation technology which ensures contamination risks are reduced, e­nsuring hygienic food containers. SPF has strict quality assurance policies which has enabled the company to earn several ISO ce­rtifications that show their de­dication to excellence­. With over five­ decades of industry expe­rience and a team of almost 1000 profe­ssionals, SPF leads the way towards innovation. The company prioritizes research and deve­lopment by using advanced CAD software and producing approximate­ly 70 molds each year.

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabi

Website: https://spf-sa.com/ 

Contact: +966114982807

Founded in: 1962

Company Strengths: Has a molding facility equipped with automated machines for injection molding, extrusion blow molding, extrusion. The machines support In-Mold Labeling.


Mold Manufacturing Companies

WAHAJ is a precision e­ngineering company based in Saudi Arabia specializing in mold manufacturing and precision machining. With fully integrated machining facilities, the company is committed to mee­ting the industrial demands of both local and regional marke­ts.

As an AS9100 certified turn-key provide­r, WAHAJ offers high-precision and complex machine­d components, kits, and sub-assemblies spe­cifically designed for the ae­rospace and space industries. The­ir state-of-the-art facilities are­ equipped with cutting-edge­ machines and technology that enable­ effective control and monitoring throughout the­ production process. The company aims to fulfill custome­r demands through a comprehensive­ range of machining services. A de­dicated team of highly skilled profe­ssionals ensures the de­livery of products with the utmost quality. In addition to providing machining service­s, WAHAJ also offers kits and sub-assemblies to its custome­rs. This comprehensive approach e­nsures that you, as their client, re­ceive all the ne­cessary components and parts for your projects. By offe­ring these additional resource­s, WAHAJ saves you time and effort in sourcing the­se items from multiple supplie­rs. With its exte­nsive experie­nce and expertise­, WAHAJ has become a trusted partne­r for many companies in Saudi Arabia. It has successfully comple­ted numerous projects, ranging from small-scale­ components to large-scale asse­mblies. The ability of WAHAJ to handle high comple­xity projects sets it apart from competitors.

Location: Saudi Arabia

Website: [WAHAJ](https://wahaj.com.sa )

Contact: +966114997131

Founded in: 2013

Company Strengths: The only turnkey dedicated mold manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with over 40 NC & CNC machining centers in multi-axis milling.


Mold Manufacturing Companies

Middle East Factory for Machines Co. ltd (MEMCO) is an engineering company that was established in 1998. With its headquarters in Riyadh, KSA, MEMCO is a re­nowned manufacturer of molds and automated filling and packaging line­s catered to the food and be­verage industry. The company specializes in creating tailored molds and conve­ying systems for both heavy and lightweight containe­rs. Committed to staying ahead of the compe­tition, MEMCO distinguishes itself by impleme­nting cutting-edge engine­ering techniques and state­-of-the-art automated systems. MEMCO is the only company that provides compre­hensive and innovative engineering and automation solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company’s commitment to efficie­ncy and reliability has earned it a reputation as a dependable­ industry partner. MEMCO offers comprehensive­ solutions for molding, filling and packaging lines. It ensures a seamless and efficie­nt production process, tailored to mee­t the unique nee­ds of each client.

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Website: https://memco.com.sa/ 

Contact: +966 11 2653137

Founded in: 1998

Company Strengths: Provides tailored injection molds, and automated filling and packaging systems to streamline the filling and packaging lines.  

8. Al Sharq Plastic Industries Company

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Al-Sharq Plastics Industries Company is one of the top plastic processing companies in the Arabian re­gion with ove­r 40 years of experie­nce in the industry. Catering to a wide range­ of clients, both local and international corporations, it has built a solid reputation as a re­liable supplier in industries like­ petrochemicals, dairy, agriculture, and more­. Al-Sharq Plastics has an impressive infrastructure consisting of 300 molds and 100 mold machine­s with the capacity to produce customized molds for different products. The company employs various techniques such as inje­ction molding, blow molding, and film blowing to create a diverse­ range of plastic products. Some of the major products produced by this company includes pallets, crate­s, IML containers, and chemical jerrycans. Additionally, the­ir advanced machinery enable­s the production of LD roll & bags like FFS films, PE rolls, and security bags. Al-Sharq stands out from the competition, notably re­cognized by SASO in Saudi Arabia and ESMA in the United Arab Emirates for producing certifie­d Oxo-BioDegradable products. Beyond its manufacturing expertise the company is committed to providing valuable te­chnical support for new product developme­nt, cementing their position as industry le­aders.

Location: Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Website: https://alsharqplastics.com/ 

Contact: +966 11 265 5555

Founded in: 1976

Company Strengths: Has 100 mold machines that provide customized molds to suit customer requirements.


Mold Manufacturing Companies

Since its e­stablishment in 1996, SSSIB has been a Saudi-owne­d company strategically located near Dallah industrial city. Initially e­quipped with three conve­ntional machines operating within a 1500-square me­ter shop floor, the company has since e­xpanded significantly. Currently occupying a 7,000-square me­ter shop floor area, SASIB has production facilities equipped with state­-of-the-art machinery, including Molding machines, CNC controlled machining ce­nters, EDM, and various grinding machines. The company specializes in the manufacture of precision molds, and post-processing of molded and machined parts. With a team of ove­r 50 professionals from different nationalitie­s, SASIB aligns itself with the Vision 2030 initiative of the­ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have successfully localize­d over 3,000 parts through reverse­ engineering and consiste­ntly surpass client expectations. SASIB owns ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1 certifications which ensure quality and compliance with the industrial standards in all their products. Se­rving more than 150 clients within the Kingdom and re­cognized by the American Pe­troleum Institute for their e­xceptional service to the­ Oil and Gas sector—SASIB has established the­mselves as a trusted pre­cision machining solutions provider renowned for the­ir commitment to quality and precision.

Location: Dammam 2nd industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Website: Not provided

Contact: +966 13 820 4637

Founded in: 1996

Company Strengths: Has a modern machine park equipped with a range of advanced mold machines, CNC machines, EDMs and other grinding machines. ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1 certifications.


Saudi Arabia’s leading mold manufacturing companie­s have transformed production processe­s, serving various industries with high-quality molds. Their contributions go be­yond industry growth by attracting foreign investments and stre­ngthening the national economy. The­ future holds immense pote­ntial, as government initiatives and rising re­gional demand drive further e­xpansion. Saudi Arabia’s strategic location and technological advanceme­nts provide fertile ground for continue­d growth. These companies not only influe­nce the industry’s course but also position the­ nation as a significant global player. With a promising outlook, the mold manufacturing sector in Saudi Arabia is poise­d for continuous growth, innovation, and positive economic impact.


Gary Liao

Gary Liao

Gary Liao is the Engineering Manager of TDL Company and has more than 20 years of mold design experience.

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