10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Sweden

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Permanova Laser System AB1985
2Habo Plast1970
3AnVa Polytech AB1965
4AB Skogslunds Metallgjuteri1995
5Rosti AB1944
6Cellcomb AB1973
7Formteknik i Gislaved AB1972
8AMB Industri AB1946
9Mastec Plastema AB1985
10Lego Teknik AB2000
Mold Manufacturing Companies in Sweden

I. Introduction

Mold manufacturing can be described as a production process in which molten raw materials are shaped by inserting them into a mold and then left to solidify. After solidifying, the product is in the form of the mold which is designed by designers according to the preferences of the customers. In most cases, mold manufacturers use metal to make the molds while the raw materials poured into them may be liquified plastics, ceramic, metal, or in some cases glass. Over the years, Sweden has grown in the production sector and most companies have embraced mold manufacturing as the main method of manufacturing. This method is favorable due to the benefits that come with it and serves many kinds of industries such as the automotive, medical, packaging, food and beverages, and aerospace industries among others. Mold manufacturing ensures that products are of high quality as well as saving on production time due to its ability to produce large amounts of similar products within a short period of time. Below are some of the best mold manufacturing companies in Sweden.

II. Permanova Laser System AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:http://www.permanova.se

Permanova Laser System AB was founded in 1985 and specializes in the development, production as well and installation of robotic laser systems used for metalworking in the engineering sector. The company’s activities are purely based on ensuring that the needs of its customers are fully met and that the company is well-informed about technology like 3D printing technology. As a result, it invests in R&D so as to come up with tools and system solutions that are of advanced technology, in collaboration with its customers. This company’s major products include the provision of turnkey systems that have industrial lasers as well as laser process tools and robots that are used for welding, hardening, laser hybrid welding, and marking laser service. It also offers consultation services about the safety of lasers and feasibility studies about lasers. Permanova serves sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, and general industry sectors.

Key Advantages: Expert in laser-based systems for mold manufacturing, well-versed in a variety of industries.

Address: Hisings Backa, Sweden

Website: http://www.permanova.se

Contact: +46 (0)31 748 54 00

Founded: 1985

III. Habo Plast

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://haboplast.se/

Habo Plast is a Swedish company that was founded in 1970 and specializes in the manufacture of plastics. Some of the materials that it works with include PC, PA, PC-ABS, HD, LD, PP, TPU, TPE, and PLA among others. The many years of its existence have enabled it to gain adequate expertise as well as experience in the sector. It focuses on offering services that involve injection molding, casting, overcasting, 2-component, extrusion, assembly work, and delivery services. It has dedicated employees who focus on finding the best solutions for its customers to ensure that they have high-quality products and services and a competitive advantage. The company is also environment sensitive and offers solutions that are environment friendly, such as the use of alternatives like oil-based plastics. Habo Plast also has at least 14 machines with a capacity that ranges between 25 and 500 tons that are used for injection molding and 2 machines for the extrusion process.

Key Advantages: Specialized in injection molding, extrusion, and assembly work for plastics

Address: Habo, Sweden

Website: https://haboplast.se/

Contact: +46 (0)036 430 33

Founded: 1970

IV.  AnVa Polytech AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
 Logo source:https://www.polytech.anva.se/

Anva Polytech AB was founded in 1965 and became part of the AnVa in 2014 with the name Polytech. It specializes in the development and manufacturing of products made of materials such as TPE, rubber as well and silicone. It can also combine rubber with metallic materials and plastic. The company is dedicated to satisfying its clients and walks with them from the idea to the production of the end products and ensures that the materials used are suitable for the conditions under which the products are to be used. Anva Polytech is also very environment-centered as well as its partners and distributors and therefore uses materials that are environment-friendly as much as possible in its manufacturing processes. It ensures that it uses energy as well as raw materials efficiently to make sure that it decreases the amount of waste and remnants. It has certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949.

 Key Advantages: Expertise in rubber technical products, including molding and extrusion.

 Address: Ulricehamn, Sweden

 Website: https:www.polytech.anva.se/

 Contact: +46 (0)321 263 00

 Founded: 1965

V. AB Skogslunds Metallgjuteri

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.skogslunds.se/

AB Skogslunds Metallgjuteri was founded in 1995 and specializes in developing as well as producing full system solutions for casting. It ensures that it offers services and final products according to its customers’ preferences. This is achieved by the company having reliable and dedicated employees who have great expertise in the sector. The company offers solutions to its customers from the initial idea of the product to the production of the final product as well as surface treatment, assembly, packaging, and delivery services. Its machine park is top-notch with advanced and well-organized machines to ensure high-quality products. The company also ensures that it conserves the environment with the materials and processes it uses. In most cases, it uses aluminum which is 100% recyclable and as a result, minimizes waste as well as uses low amounts of energy in the production process. It is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001.

Key Advantages: Experience in casting and mold production, known for quality and efficient manufacturing processes.

Address: Götgatan 5 334 33 Anderstorp, Sweden

Website: https://www.skogslunds.se/

Contact: +46 (0)371 58 86 50

Founded: 1995

VI.   Rosti AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.rosti.com/

Rosti AB was founded in 1944 and specializes in plastic injection molding. It is a global company having branches in other countries across the world such as Germany, Poland, the UK, Turkey, China, Romania, and the USA among others. It offers its customers solutions from the customers’ concept of the product to the production of the end product and delivery. It ensures that the right materials are used hence decreasing waste as well as being efficient in the time and energy used which ensures that the environment is conserved. This is possible due to its expertise and experience gained over the years, its state-of-the-art machinery, and its spirit of innovative technology which also ensures high-quality mold manufacturing. Rosti serves sectors such as the automotive industry, packaging, energy, industrial and technical sectors among others.

 Key Advantages: Offers a wide range of injection molding services

 Address: Gislaved, Sweden

 Website: https://www.rosti.com/

 Contact: +46 (0)371 845 00

 Founded: 1944

VII.   Cellcomb AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
 Logo source: https://www.cellcomb.com/

Cellcomb AB is a Swedish company that specializes in developing as well as producing eco-friendly and disposable laminate products to be used in areas with conditions that require high levels of safety, hygiene, and comfort. It serves sectors such as the food industry and medical industry due to their high demands on hygiene and requires efficient handling of their products. The company insists on the use of reusable materials instead of fossil-based materials. Its efficiency in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry gives it a chance to ensure its customers’ needs are fully satisfied. Some of the products manufactured by Cellcomb include pads, customized bed sets, bed linen, armrest protectors, protective products such as environment-friendly aprons and shoe covers as well as other special products for individual customers.

Key Advantages: Specializes in absorbent materials and molded pulp production.

Address: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Website: https://www.cellcomb.com/

Contact: +46 (0)16 15 30 80

Founded: 1973

VIII.  Formteknik i Gislaved AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.fteknik.se/sv/

Formteknik i Gislaved AB was founded in 1972 and specializes in the distribution of molding tools, tool manufacturing using high-quality CNC machining as well and injection molding for plastic parts. This company serves industries such as the medical industry, automotive industry, and the engineering industry. Its customers are always assured of high-quality products as well as on-time delivery of the products. The company provides solutions to its customers once they present their ideas for the product and throughout the production process. Some of the services include designing the product, tool manufacturing, selection of the materials to be used as well as the process to be used. The company’s injection molding factory has approximately 40 injection molding machines which have clamping forces ranging between 20 and 400 tons. Formteknik is also considerate of the environment and is certified by ISO 14001 among other certificates which include ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Key Advantages: Expert in mold manufacturing for plastic components, offering extensive services in design and manufacturing.

Address: Gislaved, Sweden


Contact: +46 (0)371 58 67 70

Founded: 1972

IX. AMB Industri AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://amb.se/

AMB Industri AB is a Swedish company owned by a family and was founded in 1946. It mainly focuses on injection molding as well as surface treatment for plastics. Some of the surface treatments include EMC, reflection, and automated painting among others. The company focuses on ensuring that its customers’ preferences are met and this is done through offering all-round services to its customers through its reliable and experienced employees. These services include coming up with a design that suits the ideas of the customers, tool making, injection molding process, surface treatment as well and assembly services. The company also has at least 8 cleanrooms that have a fully automatic assembly for the medical disposables. AMB is certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO:14001: 2015, and also ISO 13485:2016 which helps to boost its production activities. It serves markets in sectors such as the medical technology, industrial, functional design, and electronics sectors.

Key Advantages: Specializes in injection molding and surface treatment of plastics

Address: Broakulla, Sweden

Website: https://amb.se/

Contact: +46 (0) 471 485 00

Founded: 1946

X. Mastec Plastema AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://mastec.se/mastec-plastema/

Mastec Plastema AB was founded in 1985 and specializes in injection molding products that have high levels of demand in terms of geographical accuracy as well as finish. It uses raw materials such as PES, PEEK, PA, PC, TPE, ABS, POM, PSU, PBT, and PC/ABS among others. The company has advanced machinery which have advanced robots which enable it to fully satisfy the needs of its customers by offering high-quality products and services at a favorable cost. It is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 which motivates it to keep on advancing its technologies for better production. The machines are used to carry out processes such as single casting and 2-k casting. The company also works with metallization, ultrasonic welding, painting, printing as well as assembly and installation of inserts. Mastec has branches not only in Sweden but also in other countries such as Europe and Asia. It is very efficient in terms of delivery and ensures that its customers get their customized products on time.

Key Advantages: Expert in injection molding of products that have high levels of demand in terms of geographical accuracy, offers broad services including design, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Address:Huskvarna, Sweden

Website: http://mastec.se/mastec-plastema/

Contact: +46 (0)10 218 10 00

Founded: 1985

XI. Lego Teknik AB

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source:https://www.legoteknik.se/

Lego Teknik AB was founded in 2000 and has since then focused on cladding aluminum and steel profiles. These profiles are used in applications such as cladding of glulam beams, and facades, making swing doors used in industries as well as stores and sliding. It also focuses on satisfying its clients by taking full responsibility from the idea to the production of the final product. With its advanced machinery, dedicated employees, and the experience it has gained over the years, the company ensures that the products are of high quality by testing them before the assembly process. Apart from the production and assembling, it also offers services such as polishing and grinding of products made of stainless steel. To reach and satisfy all of its customers the company is well connected in terms of designers and suppliers who are focused on product development as well as cutting production peaks.

Key Advantages: Specializes in cladding of steel and aluminum profiles

Address: Landskrona, Sweden

Website: https://www.legoteknik.se/

Contact: +46 (0)418 28 100

Founded: 2000

XII. Conclusion

In conclusion, it is important to note that each company stated above plays a huge role as an injection mold manufacturer that has helped boost the Swedish mold manufacturing industry in general. Each company has its own specializations that it is well suited for and this ensures that there is production of high-quality products in these sectors. Also, with the continuous innovations in technology, these companies continue to grow and diversify their operations as new companies continue to be formed. This has a positive effect on not only Sweden but also on other places across the world since some of these companies are global. Customers get to have access to high-quality and up-to-date products and services.


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