10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Mexico

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Century Mold1978
2Molded Devices Inc1963
3Revere Plastics Systems,LLC 1957
5XL Tech de Mexico S. A. de C.V2010
6Platinum Tool de Mexico1991
7Mexico MS Mold1971
8Evco Plastics1964
10Providence Plastics1989
Mold Manufacturing Companies in Mexico

I. Introduction

Mold manufacturing is a process that has been adopted by a wide variety of industries in their production processes. It can be described as a process used in manufacturing whereby molten raw materials are inserted in a mold, which is in the shape designed by designers in reference to the preferred end product, and then left to solidify and take the shape of the mold. In most cases, the molds are usually metallic. Mexico is one of the countries in which companies have embraced this method and they have benefited since the process helps to speed up the production process. This helps to increase the amount of total production of the companies. Mold manufacturing also helps to ensure that a wide range of raw materials can be used and that there is no wastage of the materials since the remains can be recycled. This process is commonly used in sectors like the automotive sector, aerospace, medical, electrical, and packaging sectors among others. Below is a list of the top 10 mold manufacturing companies in Mexico.

II.  Century Mold

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.centurymold.com/

Century Mold was founded in 1978 and mainly focuses on high-quality mold manufacturing for the automotive sector. It has branches in the USA, Canada as well and Mexico whereby in Mexico there are two branches, one in Chihuahua and another one in Queretaro. The company is always ready to come up with solutions for its customers regarding all kinds of challenges and this is made possible by its experienced engineers who are at least 50 in number. It also has a well-equipped injection molding factory with advanced injection molding machines that have a clamping force of up to 2,200 tons. Century Mold offers all-around services starting from the customers’ ideas to tool manufacturing as well as the manufacturing of the end product. It also offers other services such as assembling, welding, pad printing, testing, and delivery services which are done on time.

Key Advantages: Specializes in plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing.

Address:El Marques, Queretaro. Mexico

Website: https://www.centurymold.com/

Contact: +52 (442) 7136100

Founded: 1978

III. Molded Devices Inc

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.moldeddevices.com/

Molded Devices Inc. is a company that was founded in 1963 it specializes in plastic injection molding and provides its customers with high-quality customized end products. Over the years, it has gained exceptional knowledge and diversified its operations. Apart from Mexico, it has branches in other countries such as Canada, China, and the US. Each of these countries has manufacturing plants that are equipped with up-to-date machinery as well as employees with great expertise in the sector. This makes it possible for the company to be there for its customers from the initial concept of a product to the actual production of the product as well as offering assembly services. Apart from injection molding, the company provides other molding techniques such as dip molding and custom blow molding. Other services include clean room molding and assembly for medical equipment, ultrasonic welding, laser engraving, and pad printing just to mention a few. This company serves various sectors such as the aerospace industry, medical industry as well as the energy sector.

Key Advantages: Offers precision mold manufacturing and injection molding services.

Address: Piedras Negras Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico

Website: https://www.moldeddevices.com/

Contact: +52 878 782 5144

Founded: 1963

IV.  Revere Plastics Systems, LLC

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.revereplasticssystems.com/

Revere Plastics Systems, LLC was formed in 1957 and has branches in not only Mexico but also Canada and the US. It specializes in offering services in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry including plastic injection molding. With the experience gained over the years of its operation, it ensures that the needs of its clients are fully satisfied with exceptional services and high-quality end products. It offers assembly services, delivery as well as testing of the end products. The provision of all these services is possible because of its reliable employees who are approximately 1,200 in number. The company also invests in machines that are up-to-date with its injection molding machines having capacities of between 25 and 3,300 tons. Revere Plastics is always ready to take up all kinds of challenges and offers top-notch quality with adjustable designs and on-time delivery.

Key Advantages: They offer manufacturing services including mold design and fabrication.

Address: Saltillo, Mexico

Website: https://www.reverrplasticssystems.com/

Contact: +52 833 300 4043

Founded: 1957

V. Hultek

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://hultek.com.mx/

Hultek company was formed in 1981 and has since then been specializing in manufacturing molds for rubber parts. With the help of its dedicated team, it helps its customers throughout the production process, from designing to tool manufacturing and the production of customized end products. This company specializing in rubber production uses materials such as Natural rubber or other rubbers like Neoprene, Silicone, Polyacrylate, Ethylene Propylene Diene, and Hydrogenated Nitrile just to mention a few. Its customers come from a variety of industries such as the construction industry, automotive, electrical as well and petrochemical industries among others. It not only ensures that its customers get excellent products but also that its production processes are well monitored for safety. It is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949. Hultek is a global company and serves different countries across the world which include the whole of America.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the design and manufacture of molds for rubber parts

Address: Garcia, Mexico

Website: https://hultek.com.mx/

Contact: +52 81 8381 0173

Founded: 1981

VI. XL Tech de Mexico S. A. de C.V

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.xltech.com.mx/

XL Tech is a private company in Mexico that mainly focuses on the production of stamping dies for automotive as well as high-value tooling. It has a reliable team with expertise who designs all of the company’s tools by the use of CAD/CAM software. Its injection molding factory has advanced machinery which includes injection molding machines with clamping forces of between 110 and 1000 tons. This has contributed to the diversification of its operations. It offers end-to-end services to its customers which start from the idea of a product to actualizing the idea into an actual product as well as ensuring punctual delivery. It not only has a branch in Mexico but also in Canada and the US. It offers other services such as CNC Machining, wire cutting, and renovations on the dies.

Key Advantages: Specializes in high-value tooling and product stamping

Address: Queretaro, Mexico

Website: https://www.xltech.com.mx/

Contact: +52 44 2412 7265

Founded: 2010

VII.  Platinum Tool de Mexico

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://platinum-tool.com/

Platinum Tool de Mexico is a company that specializes in the designing as well as the production of high-precision molds used mainly in automotive industries and also in industries that are not automotive. With its experienced employees in not only mold manufacturing but also high-quality CNC machining, welding, and buffing, the company ensures that its customers get to have access to all the necessary services in the production process. It helps to bring the concepts of its customers into reality through designing, mold making, and the production of a customized end product. It also offers repair as well as maintenance services to the molds. Apart from the automotive industry, the company also serves the aerospace and consumer industries. It has advanced equipment which helps to ensure that the products are up-to-date and of high quality. Platinum Tool also has a branch in Canada.

Key Advantages: Specializes in designing and production of high precision molds

Address: Coahuila, Mexico

Website: https:www.platinum-tool.com/

Contact: +52 844 454 5700

Founded: 1991

VIII.  Mexico MS Mold

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Logo source:https://msgroup.co.jp/index.html

MS Group was founded in 1971 and has branches in Thailand, China, India, Mexico, and Indonesia. This company specializes in the design and production of molds for weather strip products.  It always works towards proving to its customers that it can be a reliable partner and provide high-quality products and services. The company invests in the growth of its employees because it believes that well-trained employees are able to offer excellent services and keep up with continuous innovations like 3D printing technology and other advancements. It offers all-around services to its customers in the production process and focuses on ensuring quality products at favorable costs and on-time delivery. It involves itself with the production of other products such as Jigs and fixtures as well. This company mostly serves the automotive industry but also produces molds used in rubber products used in various industrial parts.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of rubber-forming molds

Address: Guanajuato, Mexico

Website: https://msgroup.co.jp/index.html

Contact: +52 472 748 9276

Founded: 1971

IX. Evco Plastics

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://www.evcoplastics.com/

Evco Plastics has been in operation since 1964 and since then has been a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer in Mexico. It is always focused on actualizing its clients’ ideas and offering world-class services and products which is made possible by its experienced team of engineers. It also has at least 157 machines for injection molding with a clamping force of between 28 and 3,500 tons and has branches in China, the US, and Mexico. The company strives to keep up with state-of-the-art technology in its production processes. Other molding services provided by Evco Plastics include overmolding, gas-assist molding, multi-shot molding, and stack molding among others. It also offers post-processing services such as assembly, decorating, and packaging as well as improving the quality of molds and products. It provides other technologies such as hot stamping, vacuum metalizing, pad printing, shielding, and ultrasonic welding just to mention a few.

Key Advantages: Offers complete mold manufacturing services from design to manufacturing.

Address: Monterrey, Mexico

Website: https://www.evcoplastics.com/

Contact: +52 800 507 6000

Founded: 1964

X. ConMet

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://conmet.com/

ConMet Company was founded in 1964 and specializes in the production of OEM wheel hubs, casting components made of aluminum, and structural plastics used in commercial vehicles. The company’s Mexican branch was founded in 1999. ConMet has grown to become the number one company that specializes in the development of lightweight products that are of high performance and used in heavy-duty trucks as well as trailers. It has branches in not only Mexico but also other countries such as the US and China. It uses advanced technologies like Solidification Modeling and Finite Element Analysis which help it come up with advanced solutions that fit in today’s world. The company is also certified by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 and has also garnered at least 30 awards.ConMet is eco-friendly and has come up with ConMet eMobility which deals with commercial vehicles with no emissions.

Key Advantages: Specializes in metalworking services, including mold making.

Address: Monterrey, Mexico

Website: https://conmet.com/

Contact: +52 818 154 7703

Founded: 1964

XI. Providence Plastics

Mold Manufacturing Companies
Logo source: https://providenceplastics.com/

Providence Plastics is a family-owned company that was formed in 1989. It specializes in plastic injection molding and has grown to be the number one distributor to some outstanding companies located in North America. It works with a wide range of raw materials which include TPE, PP, PC, ABS, HDPE, and LDPE just to mention a few. With its injection molding factories in Mexico, the company also has centers for sales located in the US. It has reliable management and an experienced team of employees who work towards ensuring that its customers get high-quality services and products as well as on-time delivery of the end products. Also, its manufacturing processes are flexible enough to keep up with the continuous innovations in technology. The company has advanced injection molding machines with a capacity of between 90 and 2,200 tons. It serves a variety of industries which include the automotive industry, healthcare, and packaging industries among others.

Key Advantages: Provides complete mold manufacturing services with a focus on quality and precision.

Address: Guadalupe, Mexico

Website: http://providenceplastics.com/

Contact: +52 81 1599 2635

Founded: 1989

XII. Conclusion

As seen above, each company has sectors that it is well suited to which ensures that customers in that sector get to enjoy high-quality services as well as end products. Customers should ensure that the injection mold manufacturers they decide to work with are reliable partners and that they are able to fully satisfy their needs. These companies continue to adopt new innovations in technology and this helps them to diversify as new companies are formed which helps to boost the Mexican mold manufacturing industry. Some of these companies serve markets from all over the world and their growth is beneficial not only in Mexico but also internationally.


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