Top 10 Mold Manufacturing Companies in Finland

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Finn-Korkki Oy1868
2Muototerää Group1953
3Plastone Oy1980
4MK Trade2010
5Protool Oy1992
6Roplast Oy2011
7Sarlin Oy Ab1932
9Wipak Oy1966
10Oy KWH Pipe Ltd1984
Mold manufacturing companies in Finland

I. Introduction

Mold manufacturing is the manufacturing process in which raw materials of a product are melted and then inserted into a mold where they solidify to form the end product, which usually has the same shape and features as the mold. The mold is created according to the preferred design of the customer. Finland is a well-developed country and most of its companies have embraced the mold manufacturing process in most of their production processes. This process has been widely embraced due to the many advantages it brings to its manufacturers. Some of these advantages include reduced cost of labor since most activities are carried out by machines under minimal supervision, an increase in the rate of production since the manufacturer is able to produce a large volume of similar products within a favorable amount of time and also, the process is able to produce both simple and complex parts of high quality. Below is a compiled list of the top 10 mold manufacturing companies in Finland to help any customer decide on which company to partner with in reference to the mold manufacturing sector.

II. Finn-Korkki Oy

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Finn-Korkki Oy is a family-owned company in Finland that was founded in 1868. Over the years, the company has gained experience and expertise in their area of specialization which is in the designing and production of ring pull closures as well as ring pull capping equipment. The company has always prioritized its customers’ needs and carries out research on technology as well as coming up with new bottle caps and machines to make sure that the customers get high-quality products. It has in-house printing facilities which have offset and prepress printing lines which help to simplify the cap decoration services. Finn-Korkki serves a global market by exporting its products to more than 60 countries across the world. It is certified by ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for the environment, ISO 45001 for safety and health at the place of work as well as ISO 22000 for HACCP standards. Some of the bottle closures include crown cork bottle tops, ring crown caps, rip cap ring pull caps, plastic bottle caps, and LuxTop aluminum closures.

Key Advantages: Specializes in cap and closure manufacturing and injection mold making

Address: Kiertotie 9, 61160 Kauhajoki, Finland


Contact: +358 6 247 7711

Founded: 1868

III. Muototerä Group

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Muototerä Group is a family-owned company founded in 1953. It initially specialized in the production of forged-shaped cutting blades which were used in the shoe industry. Later on, in 1987, it started producing waterjet cutting machines and sold its first machine in 1988. Since then the company has been specializing in the waterjet cutting machines sector and has grown immensely over the years. This company serves a wide variety of industries due to its ability to cut many different materials such as steel, aluminum, glass, stone, rubber, food, plastic, foam, and plywood just to mention a few, and it is environment friendly. The waterjet cutting method can be divided into two – abrasive waterjet cutting and pure water cutting, which are applied according to the type of material being cut. High-quality mold manufacturing can be created through waterjet cutting. Muototerä Group ensures that it keeps up with the technology and comes up with new cutting-edge technology to ensure that its customers get to receive high-quality service and experience a competitive advantage. The company also offers CAD/CAM software to its customers.

Key Advantages: Expertise in manufacturing high-quality molds and tooling

Address: Vihiojantie 4, 33800 Tampere, Finland


Contact: +358 20 793 1300

Founded: 1953

IV. Plastone Oy

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Plastone Oy was founded in 1980 and has since then been a leading plastic injection mold manufacturer in Finland. Today, it is the leading company in the injection molding sector in both Finland and Estonia due to its experience gained over the years. It is also one of the companies under the Saxo Group and has about 190 employees and over 60 injection molding machines to ensure that its customers’ needs are fully met. Plastone helps its customers come up with the right designs of products, mold manufacturing, choosing the right raw materials as well and the production method to be used. The mold manufacturing services offered by the company include mold trimming, changes, and repairs while the actual production of the mold is done by its partners or the company can also produce a small number of molds annually from the beginning to the end. It also offers post-processing services such as assembly work. The company serves industries like the medical industry, electronics, and electrical industries among others. Plastone has also embraced innovative technology to ensure that its customers get high-quality and customized products.

Key Advantages: Offers custom mold manufacturing services and plastic injection molding

Address: Mestarintie 2, 01730 Vantaa, Finland


Contact: +358 9 8565 5900

Founded: 1980

V. MK Trade

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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MK Trade has been in operation for more than 10 years now and it specializes in mold manufacturing, injection molding as well as designing for a variety of companies. The company ensures that in the mold manufacturing process, the right materials are used according to the production method to be used. Once the molds are created, the company tests them to ensure that they suit the role properly and then delivers them to the customers. MK Trade is a plastic injection mold and metal injection mold manufacturer. It provides customized industrial products that satisfy the individual preferences of its customers. The company specializes in other activities such as 3D modeling, prototyping, and 3D printing technology as well as the provision of CNC models. The company has grown over the years and is still growing due to its experience and employees with great expertise to serve its customers.

Key Advantages: Expertise in custom mold manufacturing

Address: Lindroosintie 2C 22, 65280 Vaasa, Finland


Contact: +358 40 678 5755

Founded: 2010

VI. Protool Oy

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Protool Oy is a family-owned Finnish company founded in 1992 and was initially known as Tyokalumarkkinointi T. Vilja Oy till 2009 when it changed its name to Protool Oy. It is one of the companies in the high-quality mold manufacturing industry that are under the family-owned business group known as the Helkone Group Oy, which has been in existence for more than 100 years. Over the years of its operation, it has been specializing in the production of a variety of tools used in a wide range of industries. It provides services in the tool production process, from coming up with the design for the product and mold to mold manufacturing and management of the whole production process. Some of the tools include power tools, air tools, welding tools, machinery, hand tools, measurement tools, preservation tools, blades, grinding tools as well as work clothes and protective appliances. Protool works by its motto which is ‘comprehensive tool service with professionalism’ which ensures that the company is dedicated to coming up with the best solutions to cater to the needs of its customers. The company also has an online store which was founded in 2011 and deals with sales. Protool has good relations and works with a variety of big brands as well as taking part in training to boost its employees’ expertise.

Key Advantages: Offers mold manufacturing, product design, and project management services

Address: Niittykatu 4, 24100 Salo, Finland


Contact: +358 2 775 0630

Founded: 1992

VII.  Roplast Oy

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Roplast was founded in 2011 and is part of the OZER Group of companies. It specializes in the plastic industry and has gained experience as well as still having the expertise and experience of its mother group, OZER Group which has been in operation since 1977. Some of the products it provides include automotive rims, insulation parts used on white goods, foldable smart containers, composite panels, corrugated plastic sheets as well and lightweight sandwich panels. As a result, Roplast serves a wide range of industries such as the automotive industry, packaging industry, food, construction, printing & advertising, construction, medical, and agricultural industries just to mention a few.  It is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2015 as well as 16949:2016. The company also is very considerate of the environment and as it produces its own products, it practices recycling which helps minimize pollution and preserve global resources.

Key Advantages: Expertise in mold manufacturing for packaging and automotive industries

Address: Kalkkitehtaantie 1, 02400 Kirkkonummi, Finland


Contact: +358 9 295 5000

Founded: 2011

VIII.  Sarlin Oy Ab

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Sarlin Oy Ab is a family company that was founded in 1932 by Erik Sarlin. Since then the company has grown to be a pioneer in the sector involving industrial compressed air, energy technology that is friendly to the environment as well as automation and digital solutions for industries. With the experience gained over the years, the company uses innovative technology like high-quality CNC machining to ensure that it offers not just products but high-quality products that meet the needs of its customers. As a result, customers can trust the company to deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. Sarlin serves a variety of filling stations in Finland that specialize in the provision of natural gas and biogas. With the advancements in technology, Sarlin has been able to provide the first liquefied natural gas(LNG) to the Finland filling stations. The company also provides products used in display and control technology among others.

Key Advantages: Offers mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, and automation solutions

Address: Mestarintie 2, 01730 Vantaa, Finland


Contact: +358 10 217 1000

Founded: 1932

IX. Vihtavuori Oy

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Vihtavuori was founded in 1922 as a military facility and specialized in the production of propellants as well as explosive materials for the defense forces sector. Today the company provides the widest variety of small caliber gun propellants in the sector. It also produces both military and industrial loading powder which goes with its consumer products and can also be customized to suit a number of applications. Over the years, these powders have been used to make cartridges of high quality and performance, long durability as well as of different varieties. The company’s propellant grains are usually perforated cylinders, flakes, or even other shapes that are extruded to fit specific applications. Vihtavuori is always ready to take up any kind of challenge and ensure that its customers get to acquire high-quality products.

Key Advantages: Expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality molds for various industries

Address: Ruutitehtaantie 80, 41330 Vihtavuori, Finland


Contact: +358 10 3950

Founded: 1922

X. Wipak Oy

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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Wipak Group, which is part of the Wihuri Group, was founded in 1966 and has grown over the years to become one of the top designers and manufacturers of packaging materials and solutions for the medical and food industries across the world. The company consists of 11 sites of production in both Europe and Asia. It is working tirelessly with a total of approximately 1800 employees so as to become the first company specializing in packaging to decrease its Carbon dioxide footprint to zero. Wipak is widely known for its spirit of innovation as well as its provision of quality and sustainable packaging products. The company currently has a new division known as GreenChoice by Wipak which is responsible for ensuring that the carbon zero strategy is a success. This shows how much the company is mindful of the environment in the process of provision of its services and products. Wipak also has a sister company in North America that goes by the name, Winpak and specializes in the same packaging sector.

Key Advantages: Specializes in the manufacturing of molds for packaging industries

Address: Sinikalliontie 12, 02630 Espoo, Finland


Contact: +358 10 214 300

Founded: 1966

XI. Oy KWH Pipe Ltd

Mold Manufacturing Companies
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The KWH Group is a family-owned Finnish company that was formed as a result of the joining together of two companies, Oy Wiik & Hoglund Ab and Oy Keppo Ab, which were formed in 1929 and 1937 respectively. The company specializes in the production of and marketing of market abrasives, and water traps as well as providing freight forwarding and logistics services. The company has four divisions which include KWH Logistics, KWH Freeze, KWH Invest, and Mirka. Mirka mainly focuses on abrasives as well as machines used for sanding and polishing while KWH Freeze is the leading company in Finland that provides cold storage. KWH Invest on the other hand deals with the production of water traps as well as being in charge of the strategic shareholdings and the industrial properties while KWH Logistics comprises of Backman-Trummer and its subsidiaries which include Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab, Oy Moonway Ab, Stevena Oy, and A. Jalandhar Oy just to mention a few.

Key Advantages: Offers mold manufacturing services for the plastic pipe industry

Address: Vaasa, Finland


Contact: +358 6 326 5511

Founded: 1984

XII. Conclusion

It is crucial to note that the companies listed above have features and areas of specialization that differentiate them from each other. Therefore, when looking for a mold manufacturing company to work with, a customer should have detailed information about the company they decide to settle on. This helps to ensure that the customer gets high-quality products and services. With the continuous innovations in technology, the mold manufacturing industry is growing leading to the growth of the existing companies as well as the formation of new companies. This has greatly boosted Finland’s economy and created more job opportunities in the country. These companies serve not only Finland but also other countries across the world through exports and branches globally.


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