10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Toolcraft Australia1961
2Formrite Group1982
3Romar Engineering1968
4Plastic Machinery Solutions2011
5Sneddon & Kingston Plastics1948
6Form Technologies1997
7Fountain Products 2008
8Rapid Plastics Australia2001
9PM Engineering 1994
10Amec Plastics1987

I. Introduction

Australians have seen an increased demand for environmentally friendly products due to increased pollution of both Indian and Pacific oceans, prompting growth in the mold manufacturing industry. This has contributed to growth of the mold manufacturing industry within Australia. Mold manufacturing is a manufacturing process that is used to make molds or pre-forms of a particular component or part. The mold is then used in the mass production of the particular part. Mold manufacturing is a reliable and efficient method of producing various components from locally available materials such as plastics, metals and composite materials. Many manufacturing industries in Australia have adopted mold manufacturing because it makes the production process faster and minimizes the costs involved in production. With a high quality and accurate mold, you can get standard products that have consistent quality and dimensions. Molds  are manufactured for a wide range of industries such as the commercial and industrial sectors, automotive, aerospace & defense, medical, cosmetics and entertainment sectors. Are you Searching for the best mold manufacturing company in Australia? This post shows some of the top companies offering high quality mold manufacturing.

1: Toolcraft Australia

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

 Toolcraft Australia is a privately owned manufacturing company that was established in 1961 as an automotive and beverage tooling company. Since its establishment, the company has diversified to provide innovative manufacturing solutions to other industries such as aerospace, defense, energy and medical sectors. Toolcraft Australia has over 40 years experience in mold manufacturing, employing cutting edge technologies in all its operations. The company has a team of research and development engineers who are highly knowledgeable in the latest technologies involving next generation energy systems for defense, hypersonic tooling systems and advanced laser systems for inspection and machining various components. The advanced machines in the Toolcraft facility located at Holden Hill makes it the leading mold manufacturing company in Australia, producing high precision mold design and moldings. The company uses controlled CMM cells for progressive manufacturing to deliver dependable molding, fabrication and machining services in all of Australia. The company engineers use a simple model of operation from project design and engineering to project management and mechanical systems integration. Toolcraft is continually researching on the latest innovative methods for creating renewable energy for a better and sustainable environment.

Key advantages:High-quality mold design and manufacturing, extensive experience, and commitment to innovation

Address: 90 Wing St, Wingfield SA 5013, Australia

Website: https://www.toolcraft.com.au/

Contact: +61 8 8347 2488

Founded: 1961

2: Formrite Group

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Formrite Group is an Australian mold manufacturing company that offers affordable molding and molded plastic and composite parts to other manufacturing industries. This company specializes in manufacturing molds used for food packaging, medical packaging, pallet trays, plastic transport trays and custom packaging applications. Their primary goal is providing outstanding customer service and top quality products so as to remain competitive within their industry.  All the operations of Formrite Group are carried out in-house making it a one-stop shop for all your plastic packaging and molding services. The product line of the company is driven by the ever growing need for affordable packaging products such as trays, disposable utensils and storage compartments that we depend on in our daily lives. Formrite provides custom molds that can be used to make customized products for any business or company. The company provides full-service mold manufacturing which starts from the mold design, to rapid prototyping, to visual inspection and decoration until the end stage of final production. With its cutting-edge machinery, this company produces all sorts of molds in any shape or size.

Key advantages: Full-service mold manufacturing, in-house design, and state-of-the-art equipment

Address: 11 Fitzgerald Rd, Laverton North VIC 3026, Australia

Website: https://www.formrite.com.au/

Contact: +61 3 9369 8888

Founded: 1982

3: Romar Engineering

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Romar Engineering is an Australian industry leader in manufacturing innovation and expertise. The company was founded in 1968 as a traditional manufacturer but with the advancement in technology and innovation, it has now developed to become one of the most progressive manufacturing companies in Australia. Romar Engineering has employed some of the most contemporary mold manufacturing methods in the market while using the most advanced mold manufacturing machines in its facilities. The company has sourced the best staff in the industry to operate in its manufacturing activities, to provide the very best end-to-end solutions to all its clients. Romar Engineering has the most robust mold manufacturing capabilities, featuring silicon manufacturing, elastomers manufacturing, plastic manufacturing and fluid & motion control products. The company features advanced mold design and manufacturing technology with 3D printing for prototyping and robotics to achieve the highest levels of precision and quality, offering scalable manufacturing services used across numerous industries including medical, aerospace, industrial, defense and mining. In recognition of this excellence the ISO 13485 quality certification was earned.

Key advantages: Advanced mold design and manufacturing, end-to-end solutions, and ISO 13485 certified

Address: 9 Powells Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia

Website: https://www.romareng.com.au/

Contact: +61 2 9913 8540

Founded: 1968

4: Plastic Machinery Solutions

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Plastic Machinery Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of mold manufacturing machines in Australia and New Zealand. The company was established in 2011 and it has grown to become the biggest agent of mold manufacturing solutions in the Australian market. The main reason for the exponential growth is the company’s attention to detail regarding customer expectations and requirements. Plastic Machinery Solutions has a close relationship with Haitian which enables it to deliver customer orders at very fast turnaround time and at affordable prices. The company sells high quality mold manufacturing machines from Haitian, which is the largest mold manufacturing machine producer and supplier in the world. Apart from mold manufacturing machines, the company also offers reliable and dependable mold manufacturing services such as injection molding, extrusion molding, and mold shredding and granulation. The company has a team of experienced customer support which helps the clients with over-the phone technical and troubleshooting support, calibration and tune-up, machine startup and machine repair.

Key advantages:A wide range of mold manufacturing machines, tooling and mold manufacturing, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Address: F 32 Timor Circuit, 84-100 Pacific Drive, Keysborough VIC 3173, Australia

Website: https://www.plasticmachinerysolutions.com.au/

Contact: +61 4 8877 2151

Founded: 2011

5: Sneddon & Kingston Plastics

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Sneddon & Kingston Plastics is one of the Australian leading companies in injection mold manufacturing since 1948. Since its establishment, the company has diversified to various industries such as automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors. The company has now expanded to offer other additional services including rapid prototyping and decoration in its latest factory that is HACCP accredited. The company uses modern molding techniques and technologies to provide custom molds and molded products of various complexities with high precision to meet the customer and market requirements. Sneddon & Kingston Plastics is your one stop shop for various molding services such as product design, prototyping, injection molding, mold design, mold manufacturing and plastic optimization. The company has a team of engineers and designers with extensive expertise in complex design engineering to ensure that customer requirements and concerns are kept in check throughout the mold manufacturing process.

Key advantages: A wide range of mold manufacturing services, advanced methods of molding, team of expert engineers and product designers

Address: 1 Cope Street Preston, Victoria 3072, Australia

Website: https://www.skplastics.com.au/

Contact: +61 3 9480 2444

Founded: 1948

6: Forme Technologies

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Form Technologies is a precision tooling and plastic mold manufacturing company that was established in 1997. The company is a family owned business that is dedicated to help small business and big companies bring their ideas to life, helping in concept design prototyping, tooling and final production. The company has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications for its high quality injection molding that is carried out in cleanroom facilities equipped with the latest generation injection molding machines.The company has a team of experienced technicians who work with complex models and shape to deliver quality products that meet and satisfy client requirements. Form Technologies provides post processing services such as ultrasonic welding and UV bonding in its modern facilities to ensure clients get added value through the automated post processing cells. The company uses its cleanroom to produce and assemble critical components ensuring high precision and exceptional quality.

Key advantages: Expert mold design and manufacturing, precision plastic injection molding, and exceptional quality

Address: 11 Frankston Gardens Drive, Carrum Downs, Victoria 3201, Australia


Contact: +6 13 9782 3033

Founded: 1997

7: Fountain Products

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Fountain Products is a family owned plastic mold manufacturer that is dedicated to provide high quality products at the most affordable prices. The company offers a full service of mold manufacturing starting from the concept, to product development and prototyping, to tooling, manufacturing and assembly, and finally delivering the finished product. Fountain Products uses modern facilities equipped with cutting edge technology that features automation using robotics for effective mass production of parts and components without compromising on quality. All the mold manufacturing operations are tailor-made to customer or industry requirements. The company offers full technical support throughout the manufacturing process with its manufacturing facilities running 24/7.

Key advantages: Custom mold manufacturing, full technical support, and commitment to quality

Address: 48-50 Yale Dr, Epping VIC 3076, Australia

Website: https://fountainproducts.com.au/

Contact: +61 3 8405 3443

Founded: 2008

8: Rapid Plastics Australia

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Rapid Plastics Australia is a custom injection molding company that is dedicated to provide high quality plastic molds and products to a wide range of plastic industries in the whole of Australia. The company specializes in molding engineered plastics such as Nylon, PAC, PP SAN, PC and POM among others. Today, Rapid Plastics Australia has expanded and diversified into molding HDPC caps for the food and beverage industry. The company has a team of expert plastic engineers who ensure that only high-quality products are produced. The company approaches all the manufacturing and production operations from the customer view to ensure reliable and dependable service delivery. The main services offered by the company include product design, prototyping, injection molding, assembly and packaging.

Key advantages: Custom mold design and manufacturing, experienced team, and advanced technology

Address: 12 Venture Dr, Sunshine West VIC 3020, Australia

Website: https://rapidplasticsaus.com.au/

Contact: +61 3 9314 1222

Founded: 2001

9: PMG Engineering

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

PM Engineering is an end-to-end custom mold manufacturing company that was established in 1994. The company is structured to make the life of manufacturing easy by providing a full service mold manufacturing system that starts from product design to the end product. This system gives customers complete control of the production process as they remain involved throughout. The company offers four stage production, from product design and prototyping through in-house molding, injection molding and finally product packaging – and has some of Australia’s largest manufacturers among its customer portfolio.

Key advantages: Mold design, manufacturing, precision machining, world class quality and competitive pricing

Address: 37-43 Macbeth Street Braeside Victoria, Melbourne  3195, Australia

Website: https://www.pmgeng.com.au/

Contact: +61 3 9580 0455

Founded: 1994

10: Amec Plastics

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia

Amec Plastics, an Australian company, has been producing custom plastic molded products in Australia for more than three decades. The company offers complete mold manufacturing services from concept design through concept 3D modeling, prototyping, injection molding, project management and quality control to CNC machining tooling engineering. The company also provides post processing services on completed products with dedicated engineers who ensure product quality is delivered upon demand by the clients.

Key advantages: Custom mold manufacturing, CNC machining, and high-quality standards

Address: 35 Harrington St, Arundel.  Queensland 4214, Australia

Website: https://www.amecplastics.com.au/

Contact: +61 7 5525 5989

Founded: 1987

XII. Conclusion

Australia boasts many companies providing mold manufacturing services. Thanks to the widespread rise of affordable and sustainable products, this industry has seen substantial growth over recent years. All these mold manufacturing companies provide various technologies and equipment that may suit different projects. To find one for your project, you may wish to check their mold manufacturing homepage to gain more insight.

Staying alert on the latest advances in mold manufacturing will enable you to make more informed decisions regarding which company best meets your project requirements.


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