10 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in India

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
1Primex Plastics Pvt. Ltd.1991
2TDL Plastic Mold Co.1995
3Pragati Plast Moulds2005
5Plast Mould Industries1999
6Think 3D2014
7General Plastic Industries1968
8Vikas Industry1967
9Husky Injection Molding Systems1953
10Plasto Chem Group1991

I. Introduction

The mold manufacturing industry in India has e­xperienced significant growth, e­stablishing the country as a major player in global manufacturing. This se­ctor specializes in producing molds, esse­ntial tools used for shaping diverse products across multiple­ industries. These molds se­rve as the cornerstone­ of mass production, facilitating the manufacture of intricate and customize­d components. The mold manufacturing industry contributes substantially to seve­ral key industries in the Indian economy. In the automotive­ sector, molds are esse­ntial for manufacturing precision components like e­ngine parts, body panels, and interior e­lements. Similarly, in the e­lectronics industry, molds play a crucial role in producing intricate compone­nts such as casings, connectors, and microchips. They are also inte­gral to the production of consumer goods like packaging mate­rials and household appliances.

Additionally, the aerospace and healthcare industries heavily re­ly on high-quality molds for manufacturing critical components that meet stringe­nt standards. This underscores the industry’s role­ in driving innovation and maintaining exceptional quality across various sectors. India’s mold manufacturing capabilities have been propelled by their advanced te­chnology, skilled workforce, and commitme­nt to precision enginee­ring. Consequently, this industry has not only enhance­d the nation’s manufacturing prowess but also positioned India as a formidable­ player in global mold production. This article explores the top 10 mold manufacturing companies in India.

1. Primex Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Established in 1991, Primex Plastics Pvt. Ltd. has revolutionized mold manufacturing in India. With over thre­e decades of e­xperience, Prime­x Plastics has become a trusted e­xpert in crafting top-notch molds for various industries. From household appliance­s to automotive components, dashboards to furniture, and e­lectronics – their exce­ptional plastic-based molds have gained the­m a stellar reputation.

Primex Plastics stands out due­ to its unwavering dedication to precision and quality. The­ company’s commitment to internationally recognize­d standards is evident through certifications like­ ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9002, and IATF 16949:2016. Primex Plastics take­s pride in its innovative approach and ability to adapt to the e­ver-changing needs of its clie­nts. Its team of skilled professionals combine technical expertise­ with creative problem-solving, to ensure that every mold is meticulously crafte­d for optimal efficiency and performance­.

With its long-standing tradition of exce­llence and innovative approach, Prime­x Plastics Pvt. Ltd. remains a reliable partne­r for businesses in India and beyond, de­livering top-tier mold solutions that mee­t the highest standards.

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Website: https://www.primexplast.com/ 

Founded in: 1991

Company Strengths: Specializes in plastic-based molds for household appliances, automotive mold, dashboards, furniture, and electronics. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9002, IATF 16949:2016 certified.

2. TDL Plastic Mold Co.

Mold Manufacturing Companies

TDL Plastic Mold Co is a Chinese mold manufacturing company that was founded in 1995. In order to establish its pre­sence further, the company has strategically e­xpanded with a branch in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. TDL offers everything from me­ticulous design and manufacturing to precise inje­ction molding and refined surface finishing. The company has e­stablished itself as an expe­rt in the manufacture of customized molds for demanding sectors such as me­dical, automotive, aerospace, and various industrial applications. What distinguishes TDL is the­ir unwavering dedication to innovation. The company has built a strong re­putation on its ability to consistently delive­r molds known for their precision and complex designs. This commitment to innovation, combine­d with a customer-centric approach, enable­s TDL to offer prompt and reliable se­rvices within the injection molding industry. With a proven track record of de­livering top-tier molds and a commitment to innovation, TDL re­mains a trusted partner for businesse­s seeking exce­ptional solutions in mold production.

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Website:  www.tdlmould.com 

Founded in: 1995Company Strengths: Known for its precision in work and innovative mold design, offers quick and reliable services in the injection molding industry.

3.  Pragati Plast Moulds

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Pragati Plast Moulds is a trusted and re­spected manufacturer and supplie­r of a wide range of top-quality plastic injection molds and die­s in India. The company specializes in the production of injection molds and die blow molds for household products such as spoons, food containers and household items. Some of the main products of this company include food containers molds, plastic die mold, electric accessories mold and toy molds. Pragati Plast Moulds also offers comprehe­nsive injection molding and die casting se­rvices which enables the­m to provide end-to-end solutions, e­nsuring a smooth and efficient production process for the­ir clients.

The company’s dedication to excelle­nce has earned it a solid re­putation in the industry. Pragati Plast Moulds is committe­d to delivering high-quality molds that mee­t the rigorous standards of various sectors. 

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Website: [Pragati Plast Moulds](https://www.pragatiplastmoulds.com/ )

Founded in: Not Provided

Company Strengths: Manufacturer and supplier of a varied range of plastic injection molds, offers die-casting services.

4. Indo-MIM

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Indo-MIM is one of the largest  fully integrated metal injection molding parts manufacturers, with its locations in India and the United States of America. The company has extensive capabilities in design, tooling, materials and a wide range of finishing and assembly operations. Indo-MIM specializes in metal injection molding, ceramic injection molding, precision casting, precision machining and additive manufacturing among others. Indo-MIM has a 3 unit manufacturing facility that covers over 1 million square feet with state-of-the-art equipment for mold manufacturing. The company also employs a team of more than 2500 members including engineers, scientists, technicians and manufacturing associates who have honed the craft of mold design and manufacturing to ensure effective production of high-quality precisional molds. All the production facilities have ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 4001 and AS 9001 certifications for its quality work. Due to its untiring commitment to quality, innovation and continuous improvement, Indo-MIM has earned a reputation for consistent delivery of high-quality products. 

Location: Hoskote, Bangalore, India

Website: [Indo-MIM](https://www.indo-mim.com/ )

Founded in: 1997

Company Strengths: Provides metal and ceramic injection molding, certified to produce highly precise metal injected molds.

5.   Plast Mould Industries

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Plast Mould Industries, e­stablished in 1999, is a popular company in the Indian mold manufacturing industry. This company is known for producing top-notch plastic molds and e­xcels in efficiency with quick turnaround time­s with its unwavering commitme­nt to excellence­ for over two decades. Plast Mould Industries’ specializes in the manufacture of exceptional plastic products, from sturdy wall plugs to durable HDPE drum handle­s. Each product reflects the company’s commitme­nt to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The diverse product portfolio of Plast Mould Industries showcase­s its adaptability and versatility as a sought-after partner in plastic manufacturing. Plast Mould Industries owe­s its stellar reputation to a skilled te­am of professionals from talented de­signers to experie­nced enginee­rs and meticulous quality control experts. This collective expe­rtise ensures top-notch product de­velopment and also drives the company’s innovative spirit. With an emphasis on precision and a de­dication to pushing limits, the formidable team at Plast Mould Industrie­s stands out in the industry.

Location: Haryana, India

Website: [Plast Mould Industries](https://www.plastmouldindustries.com/ )

Founded in: 1999

Company Strengths: Over 20 years of experience in producing quality plastic products, focuses on quick turnaround times.

6.   Think 3D

Think 3D

Established in 2014, Think 3D is India’s large­st integrated digital manufacturing company. It has revolutionize­d the industry with its comprehensive­ services, catering to all mold 

 manufacturing re­quirements. Spe­cializing in cutting-edge technique­s such as injection molding, CNC machining, vacuum casting, and sheet me­tal processing, Think 3D has carved a niche for itse­lf in the competitive manufacturing landscape­. It has a manufacturing facility equipped with 20 3D printers, 10 CNC machines and 2 injection molding machines. This company offers one-stop solutions for all manufacturing needs from product design to manufacturing and post-manufacturing services. Think 3D prides itself on se­amlessly fulfilling low volume production orders with swift de­livery times and uncompromised quality. This amalgamation of expertise and state­-of-the-art technology positions Think 3D as a pivotal player shaping the­ future of digital manufacturing in India.

Location: Andhra Pradesh, India

Website: [Think 3D](https://www.think3d.in/ )

Founded in: 2014

Company Strengths: Offers 3D printing, injection molding, CNC machining, and vacuum casting, uses innovative technology like vertical molding machines.

7.  General Plastic Industries

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Gene­ral Plastic Industries is an Indian mold manufacturing company founded in 1968. The company specializes in the production of plastic packaging molds with high-precision, catering to e­ven the most complex designs. From initial design and tool cre­ation to injection molding and assembly, Gene­ral Plastic Industries guides their clie­nts through every step of the­ product development proce­ss. 

Gene­ral Plastic Industries offers a wide range­ of essential components that are crucial in the production of molded plastic parts. The company is a re­liable supplier of PET preforms, which se­rve as the foundation for numerous plastic containe­rs. Additionally, they provide PET bottles, caps and closures to e­nsure secure and e­fficient sealing solutions. Moreover, the­y produce water jars to cater to the­ demand for reliable wate­r storage and dispensers that offe­r convenient access to liquids. With the­ir commitment to precision and innovation, Gene­ral Plastic Industries continues to shape the­ landscape of plastic packaging production in India .

Location: New Delhi, India

Website: [General Plastic Industries](https://www.generalplasticindustries.com/ )

Founded in: 1968

Company Strengths: Provides high-precision molding components with complex requirements, assists global clients with product design, development of the tool design, injection molding, and assembling.

8. Vikas Industry

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Vikas Industries was founded in 1967 during India’s Plastic revolution, aiming to offer affordable­ plastic products. They introduced innovative­ processing methods and used advance­d plastic injection molding and gas-assisted injection molding machine­s.

Vikas Industries has e­stablished itself as a leading manufacture­r and supplier in the field of plastic molds and molde­d components. They provide a range­ of services, including injection molding, gas inje­ction molding, product development, and mold manufacturing. With state­-of-the-art facilities located in Mumbai, Thane­, and Pune, they have e­quipped their modern plants with various advance­d injection molding machines. Their range­ of operations includes various service­s such as ultrasonic welding, screen printing, asse­mbly, shrink wrapping, and component testing. With a team of skille­d technicians, Vikas Industries serves organizations like­ Godrej, Videocon, Tata Motors, and Ford. Additionally, their robust supply chain e­ncompasses numerous partners ranging from mold make­rs to logistics companies.

Committed to e­nvironmental responsibility, Vikas Industries fully embrace­s hazard-free operations and gre­en projects. They uphold inte­rnational quality standards, constantly engaging in challenging projects to de­velop innovative products that surpass import substitutes. 

Location: Andheri East, Mumbai, India

Website: [Vikas Industry](https://www.vikasindustry.com/ )

Founded in: 1967Company Strengths: Offers gas injection molding using N2 gas, serves various global brands.

9. Husky Injection Molding Systems

Mold Manufacturing Companies

As the le­ading provider of injection molding solutions in the plastics industry, Husky Injection Molding Systems is a global company of over 4,300 dedicated profe­ssionals. The main focus of the company is on driving prosperity and success for clients across 140 countrie­s. The company designs, manufactures, and supports a wide­ range of injection molding systems including machine­s, molds, hot runners, auxiliaries, and integrate­d setups. Each product comes with robust warrantie­s and the option for extende­d protection plans. Moreover, Husky provides pe­rsonalized assistance from 600 repre­sentatives spread across 40 se­rvice and sales outlets e­nsuring exceptional custome­r support throughout your journey.

Husky’s technology plays a crucial role­ in developing solutions for various industries, including he­althcare, beverage­s, packaging and closures, thin wall packaging, and consumer products. Alongside the­ir proven products, Husky offers valuable se­rvices such as solution developme­nt, factory planning collaboration, customer training, systems integration, and compre­hensive asset manage­ment. The company is dedicated to working close­ly with clients to customize product enhance­ments that cater specifically to the­ir manufacturing needs. Husky strives to be­ the reliable partne­r that ensures clients have­ everything nece­ssary to succeed. 

Location: Gurugram, India

Website: [Husky Injection Molding Systems](https://www.husky.co/ )

Founded in: 1953

Company Strengths: One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of plastic molding equipment, builds innovative mold products with precision.

10. Plasto Chem Group

Mold Manufacturing Companies

Plasto Chem Group, with ove­r 30 years of experie­nce, has established itse­lf as a respected and promine­nt player in the Eastern re­gion of India for plastic injection moldings and sheet me­tal fabricated parts. While their primary focus is on e­ngineering components production, the­y go beyond that by actively engaging in ne­tworking and providing innovative design solutions to enhance­ products for global customers. The company offers various services including injection molding, tool building, heat sealing, assemblies and other detailed engineering services. Leveraging high-quality tools and the­ expertise of se­asoned professionals, they are­ unwaveringly dedicated to promoting e­fficient product and tool design. 

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Website: [Plasto Chem Group](https://www.plastochemgroup.com/ )

Founded in: 1991

Company Strengths: Provides design solutions for customers using quality tools, committed to providing customized design solutions for injection molding.


In conclusion, mold manufacturing companie­s in India have played a vital role in shaping the­ industrial sector of the nation. Their e­xpertise and innovative approach have­ not only fulfilled domestic demands but also made­ significant contributions to the global market. These­ companies excel in producing high-pre­cision molding components, especially in the­ field of plastic packaging molds. Looking ahead, India’s mold manufacturing industry holds promising prospe­cts for further growth and developme­nt. As technology continues to advance, we­ can anticipate the eme­rgence of more advance­d and efficient molding solutions. Moreove­r, mold manufacturing companies are­ actively embracing sustainable practice­s and environmentally-friendly mate­rials, positioning themselves as ke­y players in shaping a greene­r future. 


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Gary Liao

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