In Mold Graining

The In-Mold Graining (IMG) process, a vacuum-forming technique, efficiently textures leather and bonds injection-molded plastic parts at once, making it cost-effective and widely used in crafting automotive and aviation interiors like instrument panels and door trims.

In Mold Graining

TDL:Leading Company of In Mold Graining in China!

Commencing its journey in in-mold graining (IMG) tool creation back in 2008, TDL has since established a robust portfolio of successful IMG initiatives aimed at enhancing automotive interiors. Serving manufacturers within the automotive interior parts sector, we’ve demonstrated our proficiency in delivering meticulously grained pieces where the leather covering can possess a thickness of up to 3.5mm, thus ensuring a soft-touch surface.

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By applying nickel shell mold graining, we’re capable of delivering sophisticated vehicle interior components, including instrument panels and door trims. These products not only possess a pleasant tactile sensation but are also crafted with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and efficiency.

Aligning with TDL for your automotive interior parts production means partnering with a company that’s not just a service provider, but a valuable tool in your manufacturing process, dedicated to one-stop solutions that consistently deliver quality and efficiency.


TDL In-Mold Graining (IMG) Capabilities

Explore the in-mold graining (IMG) technology with TDL: Your trusted partner for automotive applications.

Automotive Low Pressure Injection Molding Manufacturing

The mold cost and equipment investment are less than IMG manufacturing and Lamination wrapping production. While the thickness of the leather cover is thin, around 0.8-1.2mm, the instrument panel’s touch feeling is not very soft.

In-Mold Graining Automobile Interior Manufacturing

IMG is high efficiency, and the thickness of the cover can be 3.5mm or more. The material is TPO, PVC, TPO+ PP FOAM, etc. The soft-touch feeling is better than low-pressure injection molding parts. Most used for IP parts manufacturing.

Hot Pressing (Lamination Wrapping) Automotive Trims Manufacturing

Leather wrapping can be automatic or manual. The thickness of the leather cover is 3.5mm or more, which means the soft touch is better. And materials of the cover are various, PU, TPO, FOAM+PU, PVC, 3D MESH, etc.


Automotive IMG Mold Projects

TDL supports the international automotive company in making plastic molds, injection molding, IMG graining tools, and XYZ points measuring for molded automotive parts. We are the 2nd tier supplier of global automotive manufacturers, like MAGNA and IAC. Also, work directly with Toyota, Honda, and GM automotive interior parts in IMG tooling.

Automotive IMG Mold

Germany mold project

IMG tool making
In Mold Graining

Japan mold project

Automotive interior parts
In Mold Graining

USA mold project

IMG leather sewing line



IMG-S (In Mold Grain-Skin): It is a smooth film material that uses a mold engraved with a grain pattern to create a skin in the shape of an automotive interior with a grain. Before laminating the skin to the injection molded parts, workers can stitch patterns on it.
IMG-L (In Mold Grain-Laminate): It uses a mold engraved with a leather pattern to form textured skin in the shape of an interior part from a smooth film material. Then laminates the skin to the injection molded plastic parts by vacuum adsorption. IMG-L equipment has low investment and high efficiency, and the skin used differs from IMG-S.

In Mold Graining
In Mold Graining


IMG technology is widely used in the car door trim, instrument panels, and IP trims. The injection molded parts in contact with people are covered with soft skin. This flexible design can improve the car’s decorative effect and the sound and heat insulation effect of the vehicle, thereby improving the comfort and safety of the occupants in the car.

TDL is a Nickel Shell Expert!


What are our advantages in the automotive industry?

High-end equipment

TDL's high-end equipment CNC allows to produce large molds with precision and efficiency, ensuring top-quality products for the automotive industry.

Technology accumulation

With years of experience and a strong focus on research and development, TDL has accumulated valuable technological expertise that they apply to each and every project in the automotive industry.

IATF 16949 Certification

As an IATF 16949 certified, TDL meets the highest standards for quality management in the automotive industry, ensuring reliable and consistent products for their clients.

Provide a variety of surface treatment

TDL offers a wide range of surface treatment options to meet the diverse needs of the automotive industry, from high-quality finishes to specialized coatings for improved durability and performance.

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What other services for the automotive industry?

Product Design

Our comprehensive product design services ensure that we work with our clients from the beginning stages to make improvements on all technical drawings, including 2D and 3D files, to ensure the best possible outcome for each project.

Mold Design

Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and innovative strategies to deliver top-quality mold designs that are optimized for efficient and effective production.

Rapid Prototyping

TDL utilizes rapid prototyping technologies such as 3D printing and CNC machining to create fast and accurate concept models, functional prototypes, and production-ready parts. Our team can work with a range of CAD files and produce parts in a variety of materials to suit your project needs.

3D Printing

TDL uses cutting-edge 3D printing technologies to create high-quality, low-volume plastic parts for prototyping and production. Our printers can produce complex geometries, intricate details, and custom textures and finishes. We can work with a variety of 3D file formats and offer a range of materials to choose from.