10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Finland

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ItemMold Manufacturing CompaniesYear Established
23DTech Oy2013
3VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland1942
53DStep Oy2016
7Pixact Ltd2017
93D Formtech Oy2016
10CubiCasa Oy2014
3D printing companies in Finland

I. Introduction

Additive manufacturing has started to gain traction in Finland because of its efficiency in creating prototypes and component models for easier testing and mass production. Additive manufacturing is a process of 3D printing that involves creating physical objects from digital models using a continuous layer-by-layer material addition. Finland has experienced many difficulties when it comes to 3D printing due to a lack of standard materials for use. Since 3D printing is still relatively new compared to the high-quality mold manufacturing industry, sourcing standard materials and accessories can be challenging. 3D printing uses various materials like powdered metals, thermoplastics, titanium alloys, and composite materials. Estimates project that global 3D printing industry revenue will reach $100 billion by 2023 leading to the establishment of many companies in this sector.

3D printing has become an invaluable asset to manufacturing firms looking for rapid prototyping and low-volume production of critical parts and components. This makes it easier to recreate similar parts with great accuracy and consistency. Additive manufacturing also lowers the costs involved in production because it uses locally available materials to create components. Although the initial cost of setting up a 3D printing workstation may be high, the long-term benefits are ultimately worth the while. This post looks at the top 10 3D Printing service providers in Finland and the other services that they offer.

II. miniFactory

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.minifactory.fi/

MiniFactory, an industrial 3D printer manufacturer established in 2012, prides itself on producing high-performance 3D printing solutions with exceptional results.  The company is driven by its passion to offer cost-effective 3D printing services for high-performance polymers and composites. The company uses an advanced miniFactory Ultra 3D printer that has a very high-temperature heated chamber that can handle various materials and different printing processes. Apart from the miniFactory Ultra 3D printing technology, MiniFactory also provides industrial 3D printers for use by companies and small businesses for additive manufacturing needs. This company provides ultra polymer materials which are engineered to be the strongest and most reliable 3D printing materials with properties similar to metals. MiniFactory provides advanced technology for 3D printing such as PEEK 3D printing, carbon fiber 3D printing, and Ultem 3D printing. Applications for the MiniFactory 3D printing solutions include prototyping, piloting, mass customization, spare parts production, composite tooling, and product optimization.

Key Advantages: Offers industrial-grade 3D printers and materials

Address: Kajaani, Finland

Website: https://www.minifactory.fi/

Contact: +358 44 777 3499

Founded: 2012

III. 3DTech Oy

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.3dtech.fi/

3DTech, founded in Finland in 2013, offers cost-effective 3D printing solutions to product designers and high-quality mold manufacturing industries. They specialize in additive manufacturing technology as well as general 3D printing services and the development of 3D technology. 3DTech goals are to help customers bring their ideas to life using dependable 3D printing solutions which include 3D scanning, 3D printing, Contract manufacturing, 3D design and modeling, and offering consultations and training about 3D technology. When working with this company, you avoid the hassle of setting up your own workstation because the company is equipped with modern facilities that have advanced 3D printing equipment. The company has a team of experienced professionals who walk with you through every part of the production process from product design to the end of the product development life cycle.

Key Advantages: Provides 3D printing services and consultancy

Address: Espoo, Finland

Website: https://www.3dtech.fi/

Contact: +358 50 361 6101

Founded: 2013

IV. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.vttresearch.com/

VTT is a leading research and development institution in Finland that specializes in using advanced 3D printing technology to improve manufacturing processes in various industries and maintain a sustainable society. The company integrates people, technology, and business to turn global challenges into viable businesses. VTT has developed many technologies that are used in various industries. These technologies include sustainable manufacturing, quantum technology infrastructure, 3D printed flexible electronics, polymer pilot infrastructure, nano and microelectronics, metrology, and food technology among others. All these technologies use advanced 3D printing to produce critical components which are essential for functionality. The purpose of the VTT Institute is to bring hope to the world through advanced 3D printing solutions that help to turn challenges into opportunities in order to improve the lives of other people and society at large.

Key Advantages: Develops advanced 3D printing technologies for various industries

Address: Espoo, Finland

Website: https://www.vttresearch.com/

Contact: +358 20 722 111

Founded: 1942

V. Maker3D Helsinki

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.maker3d.fi/en/frontpage/

Maker3D is an additive manufacturing company founded in 2012 to provide reliable 3D printing solutions. The Company has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland but it serves global customers with a logistics team that can handle deliveries worldwide. Maker3D cooperates with the customers during projects to ensure that it employs the latest knowledge and technology to deliver exactly what the customer wants. The company has a 3D printing bureau that handles all the customer projects. The bureau operates in a three-phase process that begins with designing. In this phase, the digital product design from the customer is analyzed and examined for changes and optimization to make the production process cheaper and more efficient. The next stage involves actual printing of your model which is done in the company’s in-house workshop. The final stage is the printout delivery which can be as soon as within 24 hours depending on your location and design complexity. Maker3D offers other additional services such as contract manufacturing, product development, and production of tools and digital spare parts using high-quality CNC machining.

Key Advantages: Offers 3D printing services, design, and consultancy

Address: Helsinki, Finland

Website: https://www.maker3d.fi/en/frontpage/

Contact: +358 40 829 3761

Founded: 2012

VI. 3DStep Oy

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.3dstep.fi/

3DStep was established in 2016 by its parent company Ideascout which was an innovative company looking to solve the issue of metal 3D printing for industrial use. After its formation, the company acquired the first metal printing industrial 3D printer called SLM 280 HL. In 2017, the company expanded its operations and started 3D printing of plastic materials by acquiring the HP MultiJet Fusion 3D printer. 3DStep is one of the leading 3D printing suppliers in Finland and Europe, specializing in design, production, training, and material selection services for 3D printing projects of any kind. They offer an expansive selection of material types to suit every kind of printing project while their team of dedicated professionals assist customers through every stage of production – from design through materials selection, and manufacturing process to the final step: packaging. In addition they also provide expert training courses to provide solutions for product development. 3DStep has partnered with other leading 3D printing companies to deliver a series of productions to all its customers. This company is among the founders of the Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem (FAME) which is a research organization leading in 3D printing technology development.

Key Advantages: Provides 3D printing services and materials for various industries

Address: Tampere, Finland

Website: https://www.3dstep.fi/

Contact: +358 40 840 2781

Founded: 2016

VII.  Platonics

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.platonics.fi/

Plantronics, founded in 2016 with its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, is a Finnish 3D printing company dedicated to helping architects develop high-quality 3D models for building sites and structures. Plantronics combines virtual reality and 3D printing technology to produce realistic objects in 3D form. Their goal is to offer affordable and user-friendly 3D printers for household or office projects of small to medium scales. Plantronics printers can be used to create small models ranging from basic construction buildings to intricate parts for more complex structures. All their printers are compatible with Thingiverse software which offers open-source 3D designs. Their 3D printing solutions may also be utilized by hobbyists and novices looking to explore and broaden their understanding of additive manufacturing technology.

Key Advantages: Offers easy-to-use 3D printers for architects

Address: Helsinki, Finland

Website: https://www.platonics.fi/

Contact: +358 50 525 4995

Founded: 2016

VIII.  Pixact Ltd.

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.pixact.fi/

Pixact Ltd is a Finnish additive manufacturing company that provides 3D printing solutions for optimized online measuring technology. Pixact was established in 2017 to serve the manufacturing industries by offering precision measuring tools and solutions for real-time analysis of production processes to optimize and expand capacity. They use 3D printing technology to make measurement tools that measure and record data in an online platform for further analysis of various parameters related to production process parameters. Pixact strives to maximize efficiency in its manufacturing process by providing advanced 3D printing solutions that ensure continuous innovation and improvements throughout all aspects of the manufacturing process. The solutions provided by Pixart are used in the pulp & paper manufacturing and industrial crystallization industries.

Key Advantages: Provides 3D printing services, design, and online measurement technology

Address: Tampere, Finland

Website: https://www.pixact.fi/

Contact: +358 10 439 2400

Founded: 2017

IX. Innofil3D

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.innofil3d.com/

Innofil3D is part of the BASF Forward AM which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of UltraFuse filaments used in FFF 3D printing. The company was established in 2012 when it made its first monofilament for 3D printing, and since then, it has expanded to offer other 3D printing solutions and accessories. Innofil3D was later acquired by BASF in 2017 as a branch of BASF’s additive manufacturing department. The company has a research and development team that has more than 25 years of experience in polymer development and filament extrusion. The development and manufacturing of the filaments is done in Innofil3Ds labs with quality raw materials that are sourced from renowned suppliers. All the filaments produced by this company are designed for faster and reliable printing at affordable prices to minimize the time-to-market of products giving the customers a competitive edge. Innofil3D offers three main categories of standard filaments which are Ultrafuse PLA, Ultrafuse PET, and Ultrafuse ABS. The company also offers cost-effective metal FFF 3D printing solutions. The company can also create customized FFF filaments for various applications upon customer request.

Key Advantages: Offers high-quality 3D printing filaments

Address: Joensuu, Finland

Website: https://www.innofil3d.com/

Contact: +358 50 468 1102

Founded: 2012

X. 3D Formtech Oy

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: http://www.3dformtech.fi/

3D Formtech is a leading industrial and enterprise additive manufacturing company offering quality 3D printing solutions for various industrial applications. Established in 2016, their manufacturing factory can be found in Jyvaskyla, Finland where laser technology creates quality prints from materials such as metals and plastics. 3D Formtech employs seven experienced technicians who work in shifts to guarantee uninterrupted production and delivery of products without compromising on quality or delivery schedule. Equipped with EOS M290 for metal printing and an EOS 3D Printer for plastic printing, 3D Formtech ensures its products reach customers without delay. The company also provides product modeling services from its team of designers that help convert customer ideas to prototype models that can be brought to life through rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing.

Key Advantages: Offers 3D printing services, prototyping, and manufacturing

Address: Tampere, Finland

Website: http://www.3dformtech.fi/

Contact: +358 40 831 9419

Founded: 2016

XI. CubiCasa Oy

3D Printing Companies
Logo source: https://www.cubi.casa/

CubiCasa is a Finnish company that provides 3D printing services focusing on the real estate industry. The company has built a system that helps homeowners create 3D plans and models of their houses by only taking pictures of the floor and the building. The system then creates a 3D model of the building from the photos, with accurate dimensions and plans. This helps architects, agents, and potential clients understand the details of the home for easier decision-making about acquisition or remodeling. CubiCasa is the floorplans leading company in the Finland market which has enabled it to scale its operations to the global market. The 3D rendering system created by CubiCasa helps clients get floor plans easily with no special software required. It also provides fast calculation of the Gross Living Area of the house and the system can be easily integrated with other SDKs and APIs.

Key Advantages: Specializes in 3D printing services for the real estate industry

Address: Oulu, Finland

Website: https://www.cubi.casa/

Contact: +358 40 595 1089

Founded: 2014

XII. Conclusion

Numerous companies have entered the 3D printing industry in Finland to develop more cost-effective and time-efficient methods of producing products at reduced costs and timelines. Although still relatively young in Finland, 3D printing is quickly growing with the mass production of printers from countries such as China. This article details some of the leading providers of reliable 3D printing solutions in Finland. Before choosing a 3D printing service provider you should understand all aspects of 3D printing including accessories used and technologies involved. 3D Printing – TDL has all the information you need to know about additive manufacturing.


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