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Mold Core and Cavity

Mastering Core and Cavity Placement in Injection Molding

Certain technical considerations are involved in deciding the correct mold cavity and core placement. However, the major technicalities to consider in mold design include the ejector systems, gates, runner systems, and sprues. Let’s help you understand the function of these elements.  

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die casting parts

The Complete Guide to Die Casting Mold Design and Manufacturing

Manufacturing components with precision can be daunting, especially for industries like medicine and automotive where part precision is crucial to device functionality, aesthetics, and user safety. Thankfully, innovative manufacturing methods like die casting rank very high on the list of precision-based manufacturing techniques. 

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Injection Mold Family molds

Understanding Guide Pins in Injection Molding

But have you asked yourself how the two halves of a mold are able to align properly when closed? The answer is not far-fetched. Guide pins are the reason for the proper alignment and accurate functionality of these two mold halves. 

Considering that guide pins are designed as a permanent fixture on the stationary half of the mold, this ensures that the moving half of the mold has something to guide it to its normal position when the mold is closed. Hence, the name guide pins.

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